oakcarvalho (Quercus spp.)
oar [ôr]remo = paddle
oathjuramento / to swear an oath = prestar juramento / to take oath = fazer juramento / (obs.: jurar = to swear)
oatsaveia (Avena sativa)
objectobjeto = a thing that you can see and touch and that is not alive
objectiveobjetivo, meta = goal, end, aim, purpose; "to pursue business objectives"
occupy (to) / occupiedto fill up with some activity; spend; "to occupy time reading" / ocupado = taken;"several houses on the street haven't been occupied for years"; "only the first floor is fully occupied"; "a light comes on when the lavatory's occupied"
occupationocupação; profissão = the work that a person does; a person's job or profession
odd1) ímpar (número) (obs.: even = número par) // 2) estranho; esquisito = strange or unusual; different from what is normal or expected, bizarre, quaint; "that's odd that she didn't go directly home after work" / odd manners = maneiras estranhas / odd jobs = biscates, bicos / odd-size baggage = bagagem especial; large, heavy and unusual shape (bikes, skates, musical instruments, etc)
oddsprobabilidade, chance = the chance that one thing will happen instead of a different thing; "the odds of winning the lottery are not good" / at odds = em desacordo = on bad terms / to assess the odds = avaliar as probabilidades
officeescritório / main office = matriz; branch office = filial / office hours = horário de expediente = working hours / office-boy = contínuo; mensageiro / office clerk = auxiliar de escritório / office staff = pessoal de escritório
officer1) oficial (exército) // 2) alto funcionário, executivo; Chief Executive Officer = CEO, executivo-chefe; Chief Information Officer = CIO / top corporate officers = altos executivos
official1) funcionário (principalmente público) / 2) autoridade
offspringprole, descendência = children or young of a particular parent; descendants
oftenfrequentemente / how often = quantas vezes / every so often = de vez em quando
oilóleo, petróleo / oil industry company = companhia petrolífera / oil refinery = refinaria / oil well drilling equipment = equipamento de perfuração de poços de petróleo / oil well tubing = tubulação de poços petrolíferos
oldvelho, antigo; "the Old Man and the Sea" / old-fashioned = antiquado, ultrapassado = out-of-date, outdated
oliveazeitona (Olea europaea) / olive oil = azeite
one-waymão única (tráfego) (obs.: two-way = mão dupla)
ongoingcontínuo; ininterrupto = continuous / ongoing process = processo contínuo / ongoing basis = base contínua
onioncebola (Allium cepa)
opening1) vaga (emprego) = an opportunity or chance, especially for employment or promotion in a business concern; vacancy / job opening = vaga de emprego // 2) estreia = first performance
operate (to) / operation / operational / operatoroperar; funcionar // operação, funcionamento / emergency operation / mathematical operation / surgical operation = operação cirúrgica, cirurgia = surgery / in operation = em funcionamento // operacional / operational level = nível operacional / operational research = operations research = pesquisa operacional // operador
orchardpomar; "beyond the vegetable garden is an orchard with a variety of fruit trees"
orchestraorquestra; to conduct an orchestra = reger uma orquestra
orchidorquídea (fam: Orchidaceae)
order / order (to)1) pedido, encomenda = request of goods or services / back order = pedido pendente to place an order = fazer pedido / made to order = feito sob encomenda / order acknowledgement = confirmação de pedido / order entry = carteira de pedidos / order fulfillment = atendimento de pedido / order point = ponto reposição / purchase order = ordem de compra // 2) ordem (comando); "he gives the orders around here = ele dá as ordens por aqui" // 3) ordem (disposição): "are these books in any particular order? = estes livros estão em alguma ordem específica?" / alphabetical order / out of order = em desordem, estragado / by order of = por ordem de / in order to = a fim de pedir /// pedir, encomendar; "we should order another bottle of wine"; "to order a subscription to a magazine"; "to order back issues"
oreminério / iron ore = minério de ferro / to dig ore = extrair minério
oreganoorégano = marjoram (Origanum vulgare)
organize (to) / organization / organizationalorganizar // organização, empresa; organization chart = organograma // organizacional / organizational issues = questões organizacionais
ounce (abrev.: oz)onça (peso) = aprox. 31 g
outbackárea distante e não povoada = the country far away from cities, towns, or villages especially in Australia; bush (The bush), backwoods, wilderness
outboarddo lado externo = located on the outside of a ship's hull or aircraft / outboard motor = motor de popa
outbreak1) erupção, eclosão, deflagração (guerra) / 2) surto (doença) / 3) explosão (violência) / at the outbreak of war = ao irromper a guerra
outcomeresultado; consequência = result; consequence
outfit / outfit (to)
roupa, traje para uma época ou fim específico = a set of clothes worn together, typically for a particular occasion or purpose; winter outfit; ski outfit; riding outfit = roupa de equitação" / equipar, fornecer = to provide, to supply, to furnish
outlet1) tomada (eletricidade) (fêmea) = socket; "the plug must be inserted fully into the power outlet or the appliance will not work" // 2) loja de varejo; loja de venda de ponta de estoque; posto de venda = retail outlet
outline (to) / outlineesboçar // esboço = draft, sketch
outlook1) perspectiva, visão = prospect for the future, perspective; "a positive outlook on life = uma visão positiva da vida"; "the outlook for steel demand in US" // 2) ponto de vista = a mental attitude or point of view; standpoint
outputprodução; rendimento; saída = quantity produced; yield (obs.: input = entrada)
outsideexterno; de fora; outside consultant = consultor externo
outskirtsvizinhança; cercania; arredores = neighborhood, surroundings
outsource (to) / outsourcingterceirizar // terceirização, trabalho feito por outra empresa, normalmente fora da empresa-cliente; "the company outsources everything except core competencies" / (obs: contractor = empresa que fornece recursos para trabalhar como terceiros na empresa-cliente)
outstanding1) excepcional, extraordinário, notável = striking; remarkable; conspicuous; "outstanding courage"; "an outstanding student who finished at the top of her class" // 2) pendente = unresolved; "we still have three issues outstanding"; "outstanding itens = itens pendentes"; "a long outstanding problem in astronomy" // 3) vencido e não-pago = unpaid / outstanding bills = contas não-pagas; "he left several bills outstanding"
oversobre, acima de, por cima; "their balcony looks out over the city" / to jump over the wall / to leap over the brook = transpor um riacho / all over the country = por todo o país / over the river = do outro lado do rio / over here = por aqui; over there = por ali, lá / over time = durante, ao longo do tempo; "over the next 18 months"; "let's discuss it over dinner" / over and above = além disso / to be over = estar terminado, acabado / over again = outra vez / over and over (again) = repetidamente
overallglobal, total / overall estimate = estimativa global / overall vision = visão global / overall performance = desempenho global; "to set a goal of increasing overall sales by 25% = estabelecer um objetivo de aumentar as vendas globais em 25%"
overcome (to)superar, vencer "to overcome shortcomings"
overduevencido e não pago (conta; título); em atraso = unpaid when due
overflow (to) / overflow (n)inundar, transbordar; "books and papers overflowed his desk" // 1) excesso, abundância // 2) inundação; alagamento = flood, inundation; "the river overflowed its banks"
overhead1) aéreo, suspenso, em cima, por cima, no alto = above head; overhead compartment // 2) indiretos, gerais / overhead expenses = despesas gerais / overhead costs = custos indiretos
overlap (to) / overlap (n)sobrepor // sobreposição
overload (to) / overload (n)sobrecarregar; abarrotar // sobrecarga / information overload = excesso de informações
overlook (to) / overlook (n)1) ver do alto = to look down upon from above // 2) passar por alto, não ver, não fazer caso, ignorar; "the opportunity should not be overlooked"; "the detective overlooked an important clue" // mirante, belvedere = a high place with a good view; "there's a great overlook where you can get a panoramic view of the valley below"
overnightnoturno, durante a noite / overnight train; overnight delivery
overrate (to)exagerar o valor; superestimar = overestimate
override (to)1) cancelar, anular, ignorar = to give a command that cancels the effect of something; "press that button to override the system" // 2) sobrepor // 3) passar por cima = to prevail over
oversea; overseasalém-mar, internacional = beyond the sea, abroad / overseas operations
overtake (to)ultrapassar = to move past (another vehicle or person) travelling in the same direction
overtime (adj) / overtime (adv)fora do horário; extra; horas extras; serão / overtime work = trabalho extra; "how much did you earn last month in overtime?"; "I worked two hours of overtime last week" // ao longo do tempo (adv)
overviewvisão geral, panorama, resumo = overall vision; "a few short sentences can provide the overview of a book's plot"
overwhelm (to) / overwhelming (adj)oprimir, esmagar /// 1) esmagador = very great in number, effect, or force / overwhelming defeat (victory) = derrota (vitória) esmagadora / overwhelming majority = maioria esmagadora / overwhelming desire = desejo irresistível // 2) confuso, difícil; "she found the job overwhelming at first"
owe (to) [âu]dever, ser devedor = to be in debt; "I owe you US$100"; "he still owes for his house"
owing todevido a; por causa de = because of; "they were late, owing to the traffic"
owl [ául]coruja
own (to) / owner / ownershippossuir // proprietário / ship owner = armador // propriedade