macabremacabro, lúgubre = ghastly, grim
macaronimacarrão = a kind of pasta; noodle; "my favorite type of pasta is macaroni"
manecrina (cavalo), juba (leão)
mangrovemangue = a tropical tree that has roots which grow from its branches and that grows in swamps or shallow salt water
manormansão, solar
mantlemanto, capote = a cloak without sleeves
manure / to manureesterco, estrume = dung; material that fertilizes land / adubar (terra), fertilizar
maplebordo, ácer (Acer spp.)
mar (to)estragar, danificar = to cause harm to; to spoil, to impair
maverickdissidente, rebelde, inconformista = one who thinks and acts independently; "a maverick politician"
measlessarampo; german measles = rubéola
meddle (to)to meddle in = intrometer-se em / to meddle with = mexer em
meekhumilde, manso = humble
mellow1) doce, maduro (fruta) = tender and sweet because of ripeness / 2) suave (clima, cor, som, vinho; "mellow light of a summer evening"; "this wine is very mellow"; "mellow sound"
mementolembrança = souvenir, keepsake
memoirsmemórias = a narrative composed from personal experience; autobiography
menace / menace (to)ameaça = threat / ameaçar = to threat
mirepântano, brejo, atoleiro = marsh, bog, swamp
mirth / mirthfulalegria = joy, glee, gaiety, cheerfulness, gladness // alegre = glad, cheerful, jolly, merry, joyful, joyous, gleeful
mischievoustravesso = naughty / mischievous kid = criança travessa
miser [maizar]avarento, sovina, mesquinho, pão-duro = stingy
misfortuneazar, infortúnio = bad luck, mishap
mishapcontratempo, desgraça, azar = an unfortunate accident; bad luck, misfortune
mittenmitene; meia luva = a hand covering that surrounds the four fingers together and the thumb separately
mogulmagnata, manda-chuva = tycoon
moor (to) / moor (n)
atracar, ancorar, fundear (navio) = to hold and attach (a ship, etc.) in a particular place, as by ropes or anchors; to berth; "the crew moored the ship to the dock" // 1) pântano, charneca = swamp, marsh, bog / 2) mouro; "Spain does not deny its occupation by the Muslim Moors"
moosealce (A. Norte) (obs.: elk na Europa e Ásia)
morondébil mental = stupid
mothmariposa; (obs.: clothes-moth = traça)
mourning / mourn (to) / mournfulluto; in mourning = de luto / chorar, lamentar / desolado, triste
muffinpequeno bolo semelhante ao sonho
mulemula = an animal produced by a female horse and a male donkey; "a mule is sterile and cannot produce offspring"
mumble (to)resmungar, murmurar = to mutter; to grumble
mutter (to)murmurar, resmungar = to grumble, to mumble