paddingenchimento de texto, discurso = unnecessary matter added to speech or writing
paltrydesprezível, irrisório; "a paltry wage"
peddle (to)1) vender, mascatear / 2) espalhar boatos
pensivepensativo = thoughtful, meditative, dreamy; "rainy days often put her in a pensive mood"
penumbrapenumbra = half-light
perk (to) / perky1) erguer a cabeça; empertigar-se / 2) animar-se, recuperar-se = to gain in vigor or cheerfulness especially after a period of weakness or depression // animado, alegre = lively
perksprivilégio, benefícios, mordomias, regalias = a privilege, gain or profit incidental to regular salary or wages (especially one expected or promised) / (obs.: short for perquisite)
perquisitemordomia, regalia = perks; an incidental benefit gained from a certain type of employment, such as the use of a company car; "use of the company's jet is a perquisite of the job"
peruse (to)examinar, ler atentamente = to read or examine with care; study
pitcherjarro, cântaro = a large container, typically earthenware, glass, or plastic, with a handle and a lip, used for holding and pouring liquids; jug; "he fills the pitcher with water"
placate (to)acalmar, pacificar = to soothe, to appease
platter1) travessa = a large flat dish or plate, typically oval or circular in shape, used for serving food / 2) prato (comida) = the food that is served on a platter; "cheese platter"; "he ordered the seafood platter"
plod (to)andar vagarosamente, caminhar vagarosamente; arrastar-se; "the old horse plodded slowly down the road"
plunder (to)devastar, pilhar, saquear = to rob, to loot, to ravage, to ransack
poignantcomovente, pungente = affecting the emotions; "a poignant scene in the movie"
poise (to)equilibrar-se
poshelegante, luxuoso = elegant, fashionable; "they live in a posh neighborhood"
pout / pout (to)
beiço, beicinho / fazer beicinho; amuar
preclude (to)excluir, impedir, evitar
preoccupationpreocupação = worry, concern
presuppose (to)pressupor
proneinclinado, propenso; prone to = propenso a, predisposto a; error prone = propenso a erros
puffyinchado = swollen
pummel (to)esmurrar, socar
purport / purport (to)objetivo aparente, intenção; "the purport of the book" / pretender = to claim (to be a certain thing, etc) by manner or appearance; to purport to be = dar a entender que é; "a man purporting to be the manager is calling = um homem alegando ser o gerente está chamando" ; to purport to do = dar a entender que faz
purvey (to) / purveyorfornecer = to provide, furnish, or supply (especially food or provisions) usually as a business or service; "they purvey food to ships in the harbor" / fornecedor; "a purveyor of large luxury vehicles"