dairyleiteria; fábrica de laticinios = a room, building, or establishment where milk is kept and butter or cheese is made
daisymargarida (Bellis perennis)
damrepresa; barragem
damage / damage (to)prejuízo; dano; estrago; avaria = injury or harm causing a loss / to pay for damages = indenizar // danificar; estragar; causar prejuizo /
damp / dampness / dampen (to)úmido = slightly wet; moist; "the towels were still damp" // umidade = moisture // umedecer
danger / dangerousperigo = risk, hazard, jeopardy, peril / perigoso, arriscado
dare (to) / daring (n) / daring (adj)1) ousar "I daren't do it = não ouso fazê-lo" / 2) desafiar = to challenge // coragem, audácia, ousadia; "a pilot of great daring" / corajoso, ousado, audacioso = courageous, bold, fearless; "a daring reporter who has covered several wars"; "a daring new economic plan"
darlingquerido, querida; pessoa querida = sweetheart
dash (n) / dash (to) / dashed1) correria, movimento rápido; "John's dash for the train wasn't quick enough and he missed it" / 2) traço, hifen, travessão (-) / 3) pitada (cozinha); "a dash of salt" // 1) arremessar, atirar com força = to throw violently / 2) correr, sair correndo // tracejado; dashed line = linha tracejada
data (pl.) (sing. = datum)dados; (obs.: data is or data are? although now often used as a singular noun, data is properly a plural) / to turn data into information // data capture; data cleansing = limpeza de dados; data dictionary; data entry; data extraction; data model; data processing; data search; data security; data structure; data transmission rate; data volume // mobile data = dados móveis
databasebanco de dados
date / date (to)1) data / date of birth = data de nascimento / to date = até agora / up to date = moderno / out of date = fora de moda / date schedule = prazo / due date = data de vencimento // 2) namorado, namorada; "Henry and his date went to the movies" / 3) tâmara (fruto da tamareira) /// 1) datar; "scientists are trying to date the fossils" // 2) namorar; "he is dating a blonde girl" // 3) envelhecer; "those old-fashioned clothes really date her"
datedantiquado, fora de uso = out of date; outmoded; "dated word", "dated clothes"
daughter / daughter-in-law
filha (obs.: son = filho) / nora (obs.: son-in-law = genro)
dawnaurora, amanhecer = the first appearance of light in the morning followed by sunrise; daybreak, sunrise / at dawn = early in the morning = de madrugada
day / dailydia; days of the week: Monday; Tuesday; Wednesday; Thursday; Friday; Saturday; Sunday / the next day = no dia seguinte = on the following day / the day before yesterday = antes de ontem / the day after tomorrow = depois de amanhã / week day = business day; workday = dia útil / day off = dia de folga / all day long = o dia todo / day by day = dia a dia / day in, day out = todos os dias /// diário, diariamente, cotidiano
dead / dead-end1) morto / 2) dormente, adormecido; "my foot is dead" / 3) parado, monótono; "this party is dead" / 4) exausto; "I'm dead" // dead-end = 1) sem saída = lacking an exit "a dead-end street" // 2) sem futuro, sem perspectiva "a dead-end job"
deadlineprazo final = a date or time before which something must be done; target date // to meet deadline = cumprir o prazo # to miss deadline = perder o prazo
deafsurdo = partly or completely without the sense of hearing; hard of hearing = meio surdo = partly deaf
deal / deal (to)1) negócio, negociação, transação comercial / 2) trato, acordo = agreement; "the two sides made a deal" // 1) negociar, fazer negócio, comerciar = to do business; to deal with = lidar com, negociar com, tratar de "he deals with a New York firm" / 2) distribuir (cartas); "it's your turn to deal"
dealer / dealership1) revendedor, comerciante, negociante, representante = trader; merchant; car dealer = revendedor de carro / 2) carteador (baralho) // representação, concessão de revenda; by means of dealership = através de representação
deathmorte, falecimento = demise
debt / debtordívida / foreign debt = dívida externa // devedor
decay (to) / decay1) apodrecer; deteriorar = to rot // 2) cariar (dente) /// 1) decomposição; apodrecimento; deterioração; decadência // 2) cárie
deceive (to) / deceit / deceitfulenganar; tapear; fraudar = to cheat // engano, tapeação = deception, fraud; falsehood / enganador; fraudulento
deck1) convés (navio) / 2) andar (ônibus); "which deck do you like to ride on when you take the bus?" / 3) baralho = deck of cards; "the dealer shuffled the deck"
declare (to) / declarationdeclarar / declaração
decrease (to) / decreasediminuir = to diminish; to lessen ( increase) // diminuição
dedicate (to) / dedicationdedicar / dedicatória (livro)
deedação; feito; proeza = accomplishment; achievement
deep / depthfundo, profundo // profundidade / in-depth = profundo; completo = thorough; comprehensive; "an in-depth study"
deerveado, cervo; (obs.: stag = cervo macho; doe = cervo fêmea)
default1) falta, ausência = a selection automatically used by a computer program in the absence of a choice made by the user / default value = valor predeterminado // 2) moratória (dívida), inadimplência = a failure to pay financial debts
defeat (to) / defeatderrotar, vencer; "they defeated their opponents 3-2" / derrota; "the defeat saddened the fans"
defect / defectivedefeito; falha; imperfeição = flaw; fault ; "defect-free products" / defect rate = taxa de defeitos // defeituoso; imperfeito = faulty; imperfect
define (to) / definitiondefinir / definição
degree (1)diploma / bachelor's degree = diploma de bacharel = a degree awarded by a college / master's degree = diploma de mestrado / doctor's degree = diploma de doutorado / to get a degree = formar-se
degree (2)grau (temperatura / circunferência / longitude) / degree centigrade = degree Celsius; "minus 40 degrees Celsius" / degree Fahrenheit
delay / delay (to)demora; atraso / atrasar = to stop, to detain; "bad weather delayed our arrival"
delete (to)deletar = to remove somehing written or printed
delight / delightedprazer, alegria, encanto, delícia, deleite = joy, happiness; "the zoo is a delight to visit" / encantado, satisfeito = highly pleased; "she was delighted to see her friend"
deliver (to) / delivery / deliverableentregar // 1) entrega; delivery address = endereço de entrega; delivery schedule = delivery time = prazo de entrega; delivery forecast = previsão de entrega; scheduled delivery = entrega prevista; on-time delivery = pontualidade entrega; special delivery = entrega rápida / 2) parto = childbirth, labor // produto a entregar; saída; resultado
demand / demand (to) / demanding1) demanda, procura; supply and demand = oferta e procura; on demand = sob demanda; pent-up demand = demanda reprimida; to respond a demand = atender uma demanda / 2) exigência = imperative request // exigir; "this project demands many resources" // exigente
demonstrate (to) / demonstrationdemonstrar / demonstração; to attend a demonstration = assistir demonstração
dense / densitydenso; compacto = thick; "a dense forest" // densidade
dentaldental, dentário / dental crown = coroa dentária; dental floss = fio dental; dental health; dental hygiene
dentist / Dentistrydentista / Odontologia
depart (to) / departurepartir; sair // partida / flight departure = take-off = decolagem / on time flight departure = partida no horário
departmentdepartamento human resources department = departamento de recursos humanos / procurement department = departamento de compras / legal department = departamento jurídico
deposit (to) / deposit (n)depositar // depósito (dinheiro) / deposit slip = ficha de depósito / certificate of deposit = certificado de depósito
depressed / depressing; depressivedeprimido = sad; gloomy; " he has been depressed since his wife left him" // deprimente; "I find three successive days of rain a bit depressing"
depressioncrise econômica; The Depression = the worldwide economic depression of the early 1930s, when there was mass unemployment
deputy1) substituto, interino, segunda pessoa, vice = a person appointed to act as a substitute for another; deputy head; deputy principal = vice-diretor; deputy mayor = vice-prefeito; "the boss's deputy"// 2) deputado = congressman, representative
derive (to) / derivingderivar; ser proveniente de = to originate / deriving from = proveniente de = due to
describe (to) / descriptiondescrever / descrição
deserve (to)merecer (obs.: mérito = merit)
design / design (to) / designer1) projeto, desenho; "the car's poor performance was due to faulty design" / 2) estilo, design, modelo; "I like the design of this new mobile phone" /// projetar, desenhar, criar; "she designed a new way of organizing the information" / to be designed to (for) = ser projetado para // projetista
desk1) mesa de trabalho; escrivaninha = an article of furniture having a broad writing surface and drawers or compartments for papers, etc; writing desk // 2) carteira escolar // 3) balcão / front desk; reception desk = recepção hotel / information desk = balcão de informação
destinationdestino = stated end of a journey / country of destination = país de destino
destinydestino = the course of events thought of as being unavoidable, impossible to resist, and decided in advance; fate; doom
detourdesvio = a roundabout way to travel, especially one used temporarily when the main route is closed; bypass; "the highway is closed, so we'll have to take a detour"
develop (to) / development1) desenvolver "to develop a system" / 2) revelar (filme) // 1) desenvolvimento / system development; development time; systems development manager / 2) revelação (filme)
deviate (to) / deviation1) desviar = to turn aside, as from a route, way, course, etc. // 2) divagar = to digress, as from a line of thought or reasoning /// desvio, afastamento, desvio de rota, de conduta, de linha de ação = behavior that differs or departs from what is considered and accepted as normal or standard / standard deviation = desvio padrão
deviceaparelho, dispositivo = a piece of equipment or a mechanism designed to serve a special purpose or perform a special function; apparatus, equipment
devise (to)inventar = to invent
devote (to) / devoteddedicar, devotar / devotado; consagrado = dedicated
diagnosis (pl. = diagnoses) diagnóstico
diagramdiagrama = a sketch, outline, or plan demonstrating the form or workings of something
dial (n) / dial (to)mostrador (relógio, rádio, etc) = the face of a watch, clock, chronometer, sundial, etc, marked with divisions representing units of time / sundial = relógio do sol // discar
diamond1) diamante / 2) losango = lozenge
diaperfralda (US) = nappy (UK) / disposable diaper = fralda descartável
diary1) diário (livro) / 2) agenda = appointment book
dictate (to) / dictationditar / ditado
die (to)morrer / to die of = morrer de = to die from
difficult / difficultydifícil = requiring special effort, skill, or planning; hard to understand or solve; hard, tough; "a difficult job"; "difficult problem" / dificuldade
dig (to); dug; dugcavar; escavar / to dig ore = extrair minério / to dig out = desenterrar / to dig up = 1) arrancar (planta) / 2) trazer à tona (informação)
digestsumário; resumo; condensação = summary
digest (to) / digestiondigerir, assimilar / digestão
digitaldigital / digital certificate; digital signature
dine (to) / dinerjantar (v); "we normally dine at eight" // lanchonete = snack bar; eatery, cafeteria // sala de jantar // dining-room = sala de jantar
dip (n) / dip (to)mergulho = a brief swim; "it's nice to go for a dip on a hot day"; "she took a dip in the ocean and then sat on the beach for an hour" / mergulhar = to plunge, to dive
diplomadiploma; certificado = certificate
diplomacy / diplomatdiplomacia / diplomata = ambassador
directiondireção = the course or path on which something is moving or pointing
directionsinstruções de uso, bula de remédio = directions for use
director diretor; board of directors = diretoria; director's meeting = reunião de diretoria; director of product marketing for (company name)
directorycatálogo; lista de nomes e endereços; diretório = wall board listing the occupants of a building; / telephone directory = lista telefônica
dirt / dirty1) sujeira, terra, solo; "I couldn't get the dirt off my clothes"; "dirt road = estrada de terra" / 2) obscenidade, fofoca maldosa; "listening to the latest dirt" // 1) sujo = not clean / 2) obsceno; "dirty jokes"
disability / disableddeficiência, incapacidade, invalidez = physical or mental weakness or incapacity // deficiente, incapacitado, inválido, cadeirante = handicapped
disappear (to) / disappearancedesaparecer = to cease to be seen; to vanish from sight / desaparecimento
disappoint (to) / disappointment / dissapointingdecepcionar, desapontar / decepção, desapontamento / decepcionante
disasterdesastre / disaster recovery plan= plano de recuperação / disaster zone
discipline 1) disciplina = training to act in accordance with rules;"military discipline"// 2) disciplina, matéria = a branch of instruction or learning; a field of study; "the discipline of economics"
discount (to) / discountdescontar, abater / desconto, abatimento = rebate
discourage (to) / discourageddesanimar, desencorajar; "every job rejection discouraged him more" / "try not to let losing discourage you" // desanimado; "don't feel discouraged; try again"
discover (to) / discoverydescobrir / descoberta
discuss (to) / discussiondiscutir = to debate / discussão; debate; healthy discussion = discussão saudável / panel discussion = mesa-redonda / discussion group = grupo de discussão / round table discussion = discussão em mesa-redonda
diseasedoença = illness, sickness
disguisedisfarce / in disguise = disfarçado
disgust / disgustingnojo / nojento; "that's disgusting!" = que coisa nojenta!
dish1) travessa = a more or less concave vessel from which food is served // 2) prato (comida) = the food served in a dish "a dish of strawberries"; food prepared in a particular way; "the restaurant serves some of my favorite dishes"
disk; discdisco = a thin circular object; a phonograph record; optical disk, compact disk, hard disk
dislike / dislike (to)antipatia, ojeriza = grudge, ill will; "my only dislike about the house is the lack of storage space in the kitchen" // não gostar; "David dislikes his job and is looking for another one"
dismiss (to) / dismissal1) dispensar, descartar / 2) demitir (de emprego) = to end the employment or service of (someone); to lay off; to fire // demissão
display (to) / displayvisualizar, exibir na tela // 1) monitor, terminal / 2) visualização
dispose (to) / disposal1) dispor, arranjar, arrumar, organizar; "the general disposed his troops along the northern border" / 2) tornar predisposto a; "his optimistic view of life disposed him towards cheerfulness" // disposição, arranjo; at your disposal = à sua disposição; "I'll leave the computer at your disposal"
dispute / dispute (to)disputa; discussão; debate = argument; debate / disputar; discutir = to argue; to debate
distress / distress (to)aflição, angústia / distress signal = sinal de socorro / distress call = chamada de emergência // afligir, angustiar
distribute (to) / distribution / distributordistribuir = to give out // distribuição // distribuidor = person who distributes and markets goods throughout an area
disturb (to) / disturbance / disturbingperturbar; incomodar, atrapalhar = to annoy; to bother; to trouble // perturbação; distúrbio // inquietante; desagradável "this news is disturbing to us"
ditch (n) / ditch (to)vala, valeta, fosso, rego = a long narrow hole that is dug along a road, field; "there was a ditch running alongside the road" // 1) cavar = to dig a ditch / 2) jogar fora; livrar-se de = t get rid of; " to ditch an old car"
dive (to) / dive (n)mergulhar = to plunge into water, especially headfirst; "he dove straight into the pool" / scuba diving = the sport or pastime of swimming underwater using scuba gear // 1) mergulho = ; "they are organizing a dive tomorrow" / 2) bar vagabundo; botequinm; espelunca (café, bar) = a disreputable entertainment establishment
divide (to) / divisiondividir = to separate or be separated into parts or groups; to split up / divided by; "96 divided by 4 equals 24" / to be divided into = estar dividido em // divisão
divorce / divorce (to) divórcio / divorciar = to separate by divorce
dizzy (adj) / dizzy (to) / dizzinesstonto, zonzo; "the children were dizzy after spinning in circles"; to feel dizzy = sentir-se tonto // deixar tonto; sentir-se tonto; "we drove at speeds that dizzied me" // tontura
do (to); did; done
fazer, realizar, executar / to do over = fazer de novo; refazer = to do gain; "you'll have to do over the work; it's a mess" / to do without = não precisar de; dispensar; "I can probably do without a car when I go to New York on vacation as it is quite easy to get around by simply using the subway"
dockcais, doca, ancoradouro = wharf; pier; quay; floating dock = cais flutuante
doctormédico; doutor / doctor's office = consultório / doctor's degree = doutorado
document / documentationdocumento = paper / to issue a paper = emitir um documento / documentação
dog (n) / dog (to)cachorro // seguir, perseguir = to hunt or track like a hound; "this problem has been dogging me for days"
domaindomínio; área de estudo = field of activity, scope, range
donkeyburro, asno = ass
doorporta / swinging door = porta giratória / doorman = doorkeeper = porteiro
dot / dotted1) ponto = a small round mark used in orthography or punctuation; point; "put a dot over the i" / 2) ponto, pontinho, mancha pequena = speck; "she bought a blue dress with white dots on it" / on the dot = na hora certa = sharp; "she arrived at six on the dot" /// pontilhado; "sign on the dotted line"
double (adj) / double (to)dobro, duplo; / double bed = cama de casal / double room = quarto de casal / to be double what used to be = ser o dobro do que era // dobrar, duplicar
dovepomba, pombo = pigeon
downstairsno andar de baixo
downtowncentro da cidade = the main business section of a city / CBD (Australia)
draft (US); draught (UK) / draft (to) 1) esboço; minuta, rascunho = a preliminary outline of a document, book, speech, etc; / rough draft = rascunho = rough copy, scratch // 2) chope = draft beer; "this is draft beer; it isn't from a bottle" // 3) saque; "a draft for $100 = um saque de $100" // 4) recrutamento (military service) /// 1) esboçar; rascunhar
drag (to)arrastar = to draw slowly or heavily; to haul // drag and drop = arrastar e soltar; "hold down the mouse button and drag the object's edge"
drain (to) / drain (n)drenar; escoar // dreno, cano de esgoto = sewer
draw (to); drew; drawn / drawing1) desenhar // 2) puxar, tirar, extrair, sacar // 3) empatar = to tie / to draw a check = emitir um cheque / to draw interest = render juros / to draw a conclusion = tirar uma conclusão / to draw lots = sortear, tirar sorte / to draw near = aproximar-se /// 1) desenho; "drawing is one of my favourite activities" / drawing-board = prancheta / drawing pad = bloco de desenho / drawing room = sala de visitas // 2) sorteio, extração de loteria = the process of deciding something by drawing lots
dream (n) / dream (to)sonho / sonhar
dress1) vestido / nightdress = camisola // 2) vestimenta, traje / casual dress = roupas esportivas
dressing1) molho para salada = a sauce, especially for salad or other cold foods // 2) curativo = material (as ointment or gauze) applied to cover a lesion
drift / drift (to)1) rumo, direção / 2) tendência, intenção = trend, tendency / 3) correnteza // 1) flutuar, vagar, ser levado, passar em brancas nuvens "he's just drifting thru life"
drill (to) / drill / drilling1) furar, perfurar = to bore; to pierce // 2) exercitar, treinar = to instruct; train /// 1) broca, perfuratriz, furadeira = tool for boring holes / drill tool; electric drill = furadeira elétrica // 2) exercício (repetição frequente) /// perfuração
drink (to); drank; drunk / drinkbeber / bebida (normalmente alcoolica) = beverage
drive (to); drove; driven / drive 1) dirigir, guiar, pilotar; "would you like to drive my new car?" // 2) levar de carro; "could you drive me to the station?" // 3) impulsionar / driving force = força motriz, força propulsora /// 1) passeio de carro; volta de carro; "the drive was really tiring" // 2) tração, "4-wheel drive jeep" // 3) drive (computador) = a device for reading or writing on media / flash-drive = USB drive = pen-drive
drivermotorista / driver's license = carteira de motorista; driving test = exame de motorista
drop / drop (to)gota // 1) deixar cair / 2) baixar, reduzir (preço, voz, olhos, etc); "the wind has dropped" / 3) omitir letra (ao escrever, soletrar) / 4) gotejar / 5) deixar (saltar, descer); "where shall I drop you?" / to drop a line = mandar carta / to drop back later = voltar mais tarde / to drop in (by) = visitar informalmente, aparecer / to drop off = deixar pessoas em algum lugar; desembarcar
drought seca
drown (to)afogar; "she drowned in the pond"
drum / drumstambor / bateria (instrumento de percussão); "he plays drums and guitar"
drunkbêbado = intoxicated
duck (n) / duck (to)pato // desviar, esquivar, esconder-se; "when the shooting started, we ducked behind a car"
duevencido (prazo) / due bills = contas vencidas / due date = data de vencimento = date of maturity / to be due (1) = a vencer, a pagar (conta, letra); "this electric bill is due by the end of the month" / to be due (2) = ser esperado (horário); "the train is due at 5:30 p.m. / to fall due = vencer (conta, dívida) = to be due
dull1) chato, monótono, enfadonho, maçante = boring; "the class was so dull that I fell asleep" / 2) sem corte; cego = blunt, not sharp; "a dull knife" / 3) nublado = not bright, intense, or clear; "a dull, cloudy day"
dumb1) estúpido, obtuso = lacking intelligence or good judgment; stupid, silly; "what a dumb idea!" // 2) mudo = lacking the power of speech; mute (obs.: when applied to persons who cannot speak, dumb has come to be considered offensive; the best word is mute)
dump (to) / dump (n) / dumping1) esvaziar, descarregar, jogar fora = to empty; to unload / 2) vender abaixo do custo // 1) depósito de lixo / 2) venda abaixo do custo // liquidação ou venda de mercadorias por preços até abaixo do custo para conquistar o mercado
duplicate / duplicate (to)duplicata; cópia; 2a. via / duplicar; fazer cópias
durationduração = the length of time something exists; "luckily these viruses are of short duration"
dust / dust (to)pó, poeira = a fine powder that consists of very small pieces of sand, earth, etc; "she is allergic to house dust" / dustbin = lata de lixo = garbage can, trash can, rubbish bin // tirar o pó
duty1) dever, obrigação; "it is your duty to vote" / on duty = de plantão / to be on duty = estar de plantão / off duty = de folga / clerical duties = clerk duties = tarefas de escritório // 2) imposto; taxa; direito alfandegário = tax on the import or export of goods; duty-free = isento de taxa; duty-free shop; "there is a 25% duty on imported trucks"
dwarf (pl: dwarfs; dwarves)1) anão (mítico, folclórico); "Snow White and the seven dwarfs" // 2) pessoa anã = an abnormally undersized person; midget