cabtáxi = taxi; cab stand = ponto de táxi
cabbagerepolho (Brassica oleracea)
cabin1) cabana = a small cottage, usually simply designed and built // 2) cabine; camarote (navio) = a private room on a ship or boat // 3) cabine (avião) = the area for passengers in an aircraft
cabinet1) gabinete = a piece of furniture with shelves, etc., for holding or displaying items // 2) gabinete (governo), ministério = a group of persons who officially advises a sovereign or a chief executive
cablecabo, corda = rope / cable TV = TV a cabo / submarine cable = cabo submarino / cable-car = 1) teleférico / 2) bonde (São Francisco - US)
cafecafé (restaurante) = a small restaurant selling light meals and drinks
cagegaiola; jaula
cakebolo // cakewalk = coisa fácil; moleza = something easy or certain; "winning the prize will be a real cakewalk"
calculate / calculationcalcular = to compute; to figure up; to reckon / cálculo = reckoning / rough calculation = cálculo aproximado
calendarcalendário / calendar year = ano civil
call / call (to)chamada, ligação, telefonema / long-distance call = ligação interurbana = toll call / call girl = garota de programa, prostituta, puta = a female prostitute who makes appointments by telephone // chamar, ligar, telefonar / to call a meeting = convocar reunião = to hold a meeting / to call back = retornar, ligar de volta / to call down = chamar atenção, repreender / to call for = exigir, pedir = to demand; "to call for details" / to call for = ir buscar = to fetch / to call forth = fazer surgir, trazer à tona / to call off = cancelar = to cancel / to call on = visitar / to call out = gritar / to call the roll = fazer a chamada / to call to mind = recordar = to bring to mind / to call up = telefonar
calm / calm (to)calma / acalmar = to calm down
cameracâmera fotográfica; camera case = estojo para câmera; movie camera = filmadora
camp / camperacampamento = a place where a group of people sleeps in tents or other temporary shelters / campista; "campers should leave the campsite as untouched as possible"
campaigncampanha (comercial, marketing)
campuscampus = the grounds and buildings of a university, college, or school
can (verb) / could1) poder; "I can carry those suitcases for you" / 2) saber; "She can play the piano" / 3) ter permissão para; "Can I borrow your car tonight?" / 4) poder (ser possível); "Such things can happen if you're not careful" // podia, poderia; "when she was a girl, she could climb tall trees"; "could you hold this for me, please?"
can (n)
1) lata (US) = tin (UK); beer can = lata de cerveja / garbage can = trash can = lata de lixo / watering can = regador
canalcanal = an artificial waterway for navigation or for draining or irrigating land; navigation canal; irrigation canal; the Panama Canal
cancel (to) / cancellationcancelar = to call off / cancelamento
candle / candlestickvela; "don't forget to buy candles for his birthday" / castiçal, candelabro
candybala (doce) = sweet
cane1) bengala = walking stick // 2) sugarcane = cana de açúcar (Saccharum officinarum)
cannoncanhão = a large heavy gun usually mounted on a carriage
canvaslona = heavy cloth used for tents, sails, etc
capacitycapacidade; excess capacity = capacidade excedente
cape1) capa (roupa); "he needs a cape for his Halloween costume" / 2) cabo (geografia) = promontório; "she watched the sun rise at the cape this morning"
capital1) capital = the city that is the official center of government // 2) capital (dinheiro); "the bank lent him the capital to expand his business" / floating capital = capital circulante / working capital = capital de giro / capital goods = bens de capital // 3) capital letter = letra maiúscula = upper case
captionlegenda = subtitle
capture (to)capturar, coletar; to capture information = to gather information
carcarro, automóvel = automobile / car make = marca de carro / car park = estacionamento = parking lot // armored car = carro blindado
caravan1) caravana = group of travelers on a journey through desert or hostile regions / 2) trailer, reboque = mobile home; house trailer
cardcartão / business card = cartão de visita = calling card / credit card = cartão de crédito / greetings card = cartão de felicitações / identity card = carteira de identidade / playing card = carta de baralho / postcard = cartão postal / report card = boletim escolar / reply card = cartão resposta / cardholder = possuidor de cartão de crédito
cardboardpapelão = paperboard / fine cardboard = cartolina / cardboard box = caixa de papelão
cardinal1) cardinal; cardinal number / 2) cardeal / cardinal point = ponto cardeal
care (n) / care (to)cuidado, atenção, preocupação; "he has received a lot of medical care"; "old houses look wonderful but they require a lot of care" // ligar, importar-se; preocupar-se; "she cares a lot for her brother"; "I don't care which T-shirt you buy"; "why should I care what he does? "
careercarreira = a profession or occupation chosen as one's life's work
caretakerzelador = a person in charge of the maintenance of a building; janitor
cargo (pl.: cargoes)carga = load carried by a ship, plane, etc / cargo boat = barco de carga / cargo ship = navio cargueiro
carolcântico de Natal = a Christmas song
carpettapete (obs.: rug = tapete pequeno; mat = capacho, esteira)
carriage1) carruagem = a horse-drawn vehicle designed for private use and comfort; coach // 2) vagão de passageiros (trem) = a railway passenger coach (UK)
carrier1) portador, mensageiro, transportador, carregador // 2) empresa de transportes; air carrier = companhia de aviação = airline // 3) aircraft carrier = porta-aviões
carrotcenoura (Daucus carota)
cart1) carroça = a heavy usually horse-drawn 2-wheeled vehicle used for farming or transporting freight; wagon // 2) carrinho (smercado, aeroporto, etc) = any small vehicle pushed or pulled by hand = trolley / shopping cart / luggage cart = baggage cart = trolley
cartoondesenho animado (cinema) = a film produced by photographing a series of gradually changing drawings
cartridgecartucho = a case or container that holds a substance, device, or material
carve (to)1) esculpir, entalhar (madeira, pedra) // 2) trinchar (carne) = to cut (meat) into pieces or slices // 3) construir (carreira, posição, etc); " she's succeeded in carving out a nice career for herself in marketing"
cascadecascata, cachoeira = waterfall
case1) caso, exemplo; "this is a clear case of political interference"; case study = estudo de caso // 2) estojo, caixa / jewel case = estojo de jóias / pillow case = fronha
cash / cash (to)dinheiro em espécie = banknotes and coins, especially in hand or readily available / cash book = book of accounts = livro-caixa / cash flow = fluxo de caixa / cash management = gestão de caixa / cash register = caixa registradora / cash payment = pagamento à vista / cash sale = venda à vista / petty cash = caixa pequena = an accessible store of money kept by an organization for expenditure on small items / spare cash = dinheiro disponível // descontar / to cash a check = sacar um cheque, descontar um cheque
cashier caixa (loja) = employee who collects payments from customers (obs.: teller = caixa de banco)
cast (to); cast; cast / cast (n)lançar, atirar, arremessar = to throw, to fling, to hurl / to cast anchor = lançar âncora / to cast dice = lançar dados; "she kept casting glances at me"; "he cast the book down on to the chair angrily"; "she cast a spell on me = ela me enfeitiçou" /// 1) lance, arremesso; "he caught a huge fish with his first cast of the rod" / 2) elenco = "the cast of the play includes some popular actors" / 3) gesso / plaster cast = molde de gesso / to put in a cast = engessar; "the boy's broken arm was put in a cast for six weeks"
castle1) castelo / 2) torre (xadrez)
catgato (obs.: kitten; pussy = gatinho)
catalog; catalogue (UK)catálogo = a complete, usually alphabetical list of items, often with notes giving details
catch (to); caught; caught1) agarrar, pegar / to catch (the ball, an illness, fish, train) / to catch a cold = pegar resfriado / to catch on fire = pegar fogo / to catch hold of = segurar, agarrar / to catch on = entender, perceber; "he didn't catch on to what was going on" / to catch unaware = pegar desprevenido / to catch up with = alcançar; "you go on ahead; I'll catch up with you as soon as I've finished my work here" // 2) entender, compreender = to understand; "I didn't catch what you said"
catchingcontagioso; catching diseases = doenças contagiosas = contagious diseases
category categoria; "tend to fall into 4 categories"; to fit this category = encaixar nesta categoria
cater (to) / catering1) fornecer comida e bebida; fornecer bufê = to provide food and drinks at a party, meeting, etc., especially as a job; to cater for parties = fornecer comida para festas // 2) atender a; satisfazer; to cater needs; to cater consumers // serviço de bufê
cattlegado = livestock
ceilingteto / hung ceiling = teto rebaixado
celebrate (to)celebrar, comemorar
cementcimento / cement mixer = misturador de cimento
cemeterycemitério = graveyard
census (pl. censuses)censo (demográfico, agrícola;etc) = official count of persons, property or things
center; centercentro
centralize (to) / centralizationcentralizar (obs.: to decentralize = decentralizar) // centralização (obs.: decentralization)
certify (to) / certificatecertificar / certificado; certidão
chaincadeia, corrente; "a chain is as strong as its weakest link"
chaircadeira; rocking chair = cadeira de balanço
chairmanpresidente conselho; chairman of the board; "he is a former IBM chairman"
chamberquarto, aposento, câmara = bedroom / chamberlain = camareiro-mor / chambermaid (dated) = camareira = housekeeper / chamber music = musica de câmara / chamber of commerce / chamber-pot = penico
change / change (to)1) mudança, alteração; "the parties made a change to the contract" // 2) troco (dinheiro) = money returned when a payment exceeds the amount due; "do you have change for a fifty-dollar bill?" // mudar, trocar, modificar = to alter
channel1) canal (rio; mar ) = the bottom or deeper part of a waterway; a narrow body of water between a continent and an island; "the English Channel" // 2) canal de TV // 3) canal de contato, canal de venda = point of contact, touch point / sales channel = canal de venda / distribution channel = canal de distribuição
character1) caráter = the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual; "our employees are people of good character" // 2) personagem = a person in a novel, play, or film.; "many of the strongest characters in the novels are women"// 3) caracter, símbolo = a graphic symbol (as a hieroglyph or alphabet letter) used in writing or printing; "in Chinese the symbol for danger also represents the character for opportunity"
charge / charge (to)1) cobrança (ato de cobrar) // 2) taxa, encargo, despesa = price / free of charge = grátis // 3) carga (eletricidade; bateria) = an amount of electricity / electric charge = descarga elétrica /// 1) cobrar (preços) = to fix or ask as fee or payment "he charges $50 for a visit" // 2) cobrar (alguém) = to ask payment of (a person) "charge a client for expenses" // 3) debitar "charge it to my account = ponha na minha conta" // 4) acusar = to accuse; "he is charged with armed robbery"
charm (n) / charm (to)charme, encanto; "the child actress displayed a lot of charm"; "she used all her charms on him" / encantar, fascinar = to fascinate, to enchant
chart / chart (to)1) gráfico, tabela / bar chart = gráfico de barras / pie chart = gráfico de pizza (torta) / flow chart = fluxograma / organization chart = organograma / chart of accounts = plano de contas // 2) mapa (navegação); "the captain looked at the chart" // 3) flip chart = pad of paper on an easel /// traçar (gráfico), tabular = to draw a chart, to chart a course = traçar curso
charter / charter (to)alvará, decreto = a document issued by a state describing the conditions under which a body is organized / charter member = membro, sócio-fundador / royal charter = decreto real // fretar = to hire for use for a specified time; charter flight = voo fretado /// Magna Carta was the charter granted by King John in 1215, recognizing the rights and privileges of the barons, church, and freemen
chase / chase (to)perseguição, caça // perseguir = to pursue
chat (to) / chatconversar; bater-papo = to have a chat / bate-papo
cheat (to) / cheat1) enganar, iludir, trapacear = to lie or behave dishonestly; to deceive; "the store cheats its customers through false advertising" / 2) colar (exame); "I'm sure she was cheating on that test"// 1) fraude, logro, trapaça = deception, fraud / 2) impostor, trapaceiro = a person who cheats; "he's a liar and a cheat"
check (n); cheque (UK)1) cheque (banco) / check book = talão de cheques (obs.: stub = canhoto de talão cheque) / blank check = cheque em branco / crossed check = cheque cruzado /pay check = cheque de pagamento / rubber check = cheque sem fundo = uncovered check / to draw a check = emitir um cheque / to pay by check = pagar em cheque // 2) conta; nota de refeição (US) = the bill in a restaurant // 3) verificação, checagem / check mark = tick; a mark (?) or dash used to check off or indicate the correctness of something / check-list = lista de itens a verificar / check-point = ponto de verificação
check (to)verificar, checar, controlar, inspecionar / to check in = registrar (vôo, hotel, etc); dar entrada, apresentar-se, marcar o ponto (empresa); / to check out = fechar a conta (hotel, etc) / to check with = consultar com, conferir com // registro de entrada (hotel, viagem de avião, etc) // / registro de saída / check-out time = horário de saída (hotel) // check-up = exame completo de saúde
cheer (n) / cheer (to)viva (grito de aplauso); "three cheers for the winner!" // 1) torcer, encorajar / 2) brindar // cheer up! anime-se, alegre-se
cheerful / cheerfulnessalegre = glad, jolly, merry, joyful, joyous, gleeful, mirthful // alegria = joy, glee, mirth, gaiety, gladness
cheesequeijo / cheese spread = requeijão = cream cheese
cherish (to)1) estimar, valorizar, prezar; "a book cherished by many" / 2) proteger, cuidar = protect and care for (someone) lovingly; "she cherished her children"
chessxadrez (jogo); chess pieces = peças do xadrez (king; queen; castle; bishop; knight; pawn)
chest1) peito, tórax / chest pain = dor no peito / chest x-ray = radiografia do tórax // 2) arca, baú = trunk; treasure chest = arca de tesouro // chest of drawers = cômoda = furniture with drawers for storing objects
chew (to)mastigar
chickenfrango (carne)
chief (n) / chief (adj)1) chefe = the head or leader of an organized body; "the chief of our department is in a meeting now" / 2) chefe tribal, cacique = the ruler of a tribe or clan; "indian chief" // principal = most important; main; "chief difficulty"; "the chief concern is how to maximize efficiency"
child (pl.: children)criança = kids
childbirthparto = labor, delivery
childhoodinfância = infancy
chilly / chillfrio (adj) = uncomfortably or unpleasantly cold; "a chilly breeze"; "a chilly day" "the weather is chilly" // frio (subst) = coldness; "the chill of winter had penetrated the little cabin"
chimneychaminé (casa) (obs.: chaminé de fábrica = smokestack, stovepipe; chaminé de navio = funnel)
china; chinawareporcelana
chip1) lasca, cavaco, fragmento = a small, slender piece, such as of wood, separated by chopping or breaking; "wood chips flew everywhere" // 2) batata frita = chips, French fries // 3) pastilha de semicondutor (computador) // blue chips = ação de boas empresas
chocolatechocolate; barra de chocolate = chocolate bar; candy bar
choircoral (igreja) = a group of singers, esp. performing in a church service
choke (to)1) engasgar, sufocar / 2) estrangular = to throttle, to strangle
choose (to), chose, chosen / choice1) escolher; "I think that he will choose the blue sweater" // 2) decidir, resolver; "he chose to become an architect" // escolha / multiple choice = múltipla escolha
chop (to) / chop (n)1) cortar = to cut (something) into pieces with repeated sharp blows of an axe or knife; "to chop down a tree" / 2) cortar em pedaços pequenos, picar = to cut into pieces; "to chop up an onion" // costeleta = cutlet; "they are serving pork chops today"
chopper1) cortador (lenha, carne, etc) = a person or thing that chops / 2) cutelo = a short ax with a large blade, used for cutting up meat / 3) helicóptero / 4) motocicleta = a motorcycle that has a front wheel which is farther forward than the handlebars
ChristmasNatal = Yule, Yuletide
chubbyroliço, gorducho = plump
chunkpedaço, naco = a thick piece of something; "she cut the fruit into large chunks"
churchigreja / church tower = campanário = steeple
cinema1) cinema = a motion-picture theater; movies; movie theater / 2) cinema = the art or technique of making motion pictures
cinnamoncanela (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)
circle / circle (to)círculo, circunferência = a perfectly round shape / circular; circundar
cite (to) / citation citar = to quote, to mention / citação
citycidade = an inhabited place of greater size, population, or importance than a town or village (obs.: town = cidade pequena) // city center = centro da cidade = downtown / city-hall = prefeitura (obs.: town hall = prefeitura cidade pequena)
claim (to) / claim (n)1) reclamar; reivindicar = to demand as a right / 2) afirmar, alegar; "he claims that he has seen aliens"; to claim to be = alegar ser // 1) reclamação, reivindicação; claim department = seção reclamações; claim for compensation = pedido indenização; / 2) afirmação, alegação / 3) sinistro (seguros); claim notice = aviso de sinistro = notice of loss, insurance claim; to notice a claim = to report a claim = to submit a claim = avisar sinistro
clap (n) / clap (to)palma; "the farmer called his dog with a clap" / bater palpas; aplaudir
clash (n) / clash (to) with1) ruído / 2) choque, conflito, confronto // entrar em conflito com, bater de frente
clasp (to) / clasp1) afivelar, apertar, fechar / 2) abraçar = to embrace, to hug // fecho
class1) classe, turma; "she is the best student in our Chemistry class" / 1988 class = turma de 88 // 2) aula; "she doesn't like Math classes" / to teach class, to give class = dar aula / to cut a class = faltar aula / 3) classe social; middle class = classe média; "many people hope to rise above their class" / 4) categoria, classe; "our product is best in its class" / first class = primeira classe = first rate
classifiedsecreto, confidencial (documento, informação, etc) = not available to people outside a restricted group, especially for reasons of national security; top secret; "classified information"
classroomsala de aula
claw / claw (to)garra / arranhar = to scratch; "cats sometimes claw the furniture"
claybarro, argila = mud
clean / clean (to) / cleanerlimpo // limpar, fazer faxina // faxineiro
cleanse (to)limpar, depurar, sanear, purificar
clear / clear (to)1) claro = free from darkness or cloudiness; "clear day" // 2) transparente; "the water was clear when we went snorkeling"// limpar, remover; "to clear the table of dishes"
clearance1) limpeza, remoção = an act or process of clearing; the removal of buildings from an area (as a city slum) / 2 ) liquidação; clearance sale; "he bought the coat for half price at a clearance" / 3) distância, folga, afastamento = the distance between two objects; "a bridge with a 100-foot clearance above the water"; low clearance cars = carros com pouca distância do solo
clearing1) clareira - a piece of land that contains no trees or bushes // 2) compensaçao bancária / clearing house = câmara de compensação
cleavagedecote (mulher) = neckline
clergy / clergymanclero = people (such as priests) who are the leaders of a religion and who perform religious services // clérigo
clericalrelativo a escritório = clerk / clerical employee = empregado de escritório = white-collar worker / clerical duties = tarefas de escritório = clerk duties / clerical work = trabalho de escritório = clerk work
clerk / clericalauxiliar de escritório; escriturário / bank clerk = bancário / sales clerk = vendedor / head clerk = chief clerk = chefe de escritório //
clever1) inteligente = bright, intelligent; "he was an incredibly clever man" / 2) hábil = skillful with the hands or body; "she was very clever with her hands, especially at woodworking"
click (to)clicar
clientcliente, freguês = customer; prospective client = cliente potencial
climb (to)subir, escalar = to go up; to ascend:
clip (to) / clip (n)1) recortar; cortar com tesoura, aparar = to cut off or out, as with scissors; "to clip a rose from a bush"/ 2) tosquiar, cortar cabelo ou lã / 3) colocar clipes // 1) clipes de papel / 2) taxa = a rate of speed or pace (informal) "the volume of exports should grow at a 5% clip"; "grew at a 20% annual clip"
clipboardprancheta (para segurar papeis)
clippingrecorte de jornal ou de revista = something (such as an article or a picture) that has been cut out of a newspaper or magazine
cloakcapa, manto
clockrelógio (público, de torre) // clockwork = máquina de relógio / like clockwork = com precisão / clockwise = em sentido horário; counter-clockwise = em sentido anti-horário
clog (n) / clog (to)1) tamanco / 2) trambolho, empecilho = something that impedes motion or action // entupir, obstruir; "the sink was clogged by dirt and grease"
closetarmário embutido, armário de roupas (obs.: wardrobe (UK) = guarda-roupa, roupeiro)
closurefechamento, encerramento (fábrica)
clotcoágulo = a coagulated mass produced by clotting of blood
clothtecido = fabric; table-cloth = toalha de mesa
clothes; clothingroupa, traje, vestuário = garment, outfit, attire, apparel
clovecravo-da-índia (Syzygium aromaticum)
club1) clube, boate, discoteca / 2) taco, porrete, clava
clueindício, indicação, pista, dica = sign, trace, hint forming the key to the solution of a problem / to provide clues = fornecer indícios
clumsydesajeitado, desastrado = awkward in movement or use; lacking skill; "a clumsy dancer"; "he is very clumsy and is always breaking things"
cluster / cluster (to)1) grupo, punhado, montão, aglomerado = a number of similar individuals that occur together / 2) cacho, penca = bunch // agrupar, amontoar, formar um cacho = to assemble
clutch (n) / clutch (to)embreagem / agarrar
coach (n) / coach (to)1) carruagem = a large usually closed four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage; stage coach = diligência // 2) ônibus de viagem // 3) vagão de passageiros (trem) = a railroad passenger car; carriage // 4) técnico, treinador, instrutor /// treinar, capacitar = to train, to mentor
coalcarvão / coal oil = querosene / coal pit = mina de carvão
coarse [côrs]grosseiro, inferior, rude = of inferior quality; crude or unrefined in taste, manners, or language / coarse language = palavras de baixo calão
coastcosta, litoral, beira-mar = shore
coasterporta-copos = a small dish or mat, especially for placing under a glass
coatcasaco; raincoat = capa de chuva
cobespiga, sabugo (milho) / corn on the cob = milho na espiga
cock (n) / cock (to)1) galo = rooster / 2) pênis, pau, caralho // engatilhar, armar; "he cocked the gun, aimed, and fired"
cockpitcabine (lugar do piloto) = a space or compartment in a usually small vehicle (as a boat, airplane, or automobile) from which it is steered, piloted, or driven
coconutcoco / coconut-tree = coqueiro (Cocus nucifera)
cod; codfishbacalhau
code (n) / code (to)código / bar code = código de barra / fiscal code = código fiscal (CPF ou CNPJ) / genetic code = código genético / machine code = código de máquina / source code = código fonte zip code = CEP // codificar
coffeecafé / coffee with milk, coffee with cream (US), white coffee (UK) = café com leite / coffee shop = café, lanchonete = snack bar / coffee pot = bule de café; cafeteira / coffee machine; coffee maker; percolator = cafeteira elétrica, máquina de fazer café / coffee pod = café em sachê; saquinho de café / drip coffee = café coado / coffee capsule = cápsula de café
coil / coil (to)rolo, bobina, espiral / enrolar, enroscar = to wind into rings or spirals; to coil a rope = enrolar uma corda
coinmoeda (peça) = a small, flat, and usually round piece of metal issued by a government as money
cold (adj) / cold (n)1) frio, gelado; "cold weather"; "it's cold outside"; "cold soda"; "cold beer"; "cold water"; "cold cuts = slices of cold cooked or processed meats; frios" // 2) resfriado / to catch a cold = pegar resfriado
collapse (to)desmoronar, desabar, ruir; "the bridge collapsed"; "USSR collapsed"; "to collapse under its own weight"
colleaguecolega = classmate
collect (to) (1) / collection / collectorcolecionar; "he collects stamps" / coleção; "she has collecion of old records" / colecionador
collect (to) (21) / collect (adj) / collection / collectorcobrar; arrecadar (debts, taxes) = to gather or exact from a number of persons or sources "to collect taxes" // pagável pelo recebedor; a cobrar; collect telephone call = ligação a cobrar // cobrança (ato de arrecadar), arrecadação // coletor, cobrador
collisioncolisão, acidente = crash; car accident; car crash; car wreck
colon / semicolondois pontos ":" // ponto e vírgula ";"
comb (n) / comb (to)pente / pentear
come (to); came; come
vir, chegar / to come about = surgir, aparecer; "his idea to start his own business came about after he lost his job" / to come across = encontrar casualmente; topar com; "I came across an interesting article in the newspaper today" / to come after = perseguir; "the police came after the robbers in a patrol car" / to come along = ir bem; progredir; "my project is coming along nicely" / to come back = voltar, retornar / to come by = fazer visita; "he doesn't come by often" / to come down = descer, vir abaixo / to come from = vir de = to be born; to be raised in; "she comes from India" / to come in = entrar, chegar "come in; the door is open" / Come on! = vamos! vai! / to come out = sair, ser publicado (livro); ser revelado
comediancomediante, humorista
commavírgula / inverted commas = aspas = quotes; quotation marks; "in written English, direct speech is usually enclosed in inverted commas"
command (to) / command (n) / commandercomandar / comando / comandante = captain
comment (n) / comment (to)comentário = remark; to make comments = fazer comentários = to make remarks / comentar = to remark
commerce / commercial (n) / commercial (adj)comércio = trade; business / Chamber of Commerce = Câmara de Comércio // comercial (radio; TV); propaganda em TV ou radio = advertising presentation // comercial (adj); commercial affairs / commercial references = referências comerciais /
commit (to) / commitment1) cometer, perpetrar = to do (something that is illegal or harmful); "the prisoner is likely to commit more crimes if released"; to commit a crime, to commit adultery, to commit murder, to commit a sin, to commit suicide // 2) comprometer-se, engajar-se, empenhar-se; to commit yourself to; "he keeps delaying his decision because he doesn't want to commit himself" /// compromisso; comprometimento; to fulfill commitment = cumprir compromisso; commitment to education = compromisso com educação; statement of commitment = declaração de compromissos
committeecomitê = a group of persons chosen to perform some service, function / steering committee = comitê diretor
commoditiesmercadorias = goods, articles of trade
communicate (to) / communicationcomunicar / comunicação
commute (to)viajar diariamente para o trabalho = to travel back and forth regularly (as between a suburb and a city)
companycompanhia, empresa; holding company = controladora = corporation which controls other corporations; finance company = financeira; state-owned company = companhia estatal
compass / compassesbússola; "he always carries a compass when he walks in the woods" // compasso = an instrument for describing circles (obs.: usually used in plural), a pair of compasses
compatible / compatibilitycompatível = suitable; fully compatible with / compatibilidade
compel (to) / compellingobrigar = to force or drive (someone) to do something // que força; que obriga; persuasivo, convincente
compensation1) remuneração, salário = salary, wages / compensation package = pacote de remuneração; pacote salarial = pay and benefits package / compensation policy = política de remuneração / worker's compensation = remuneração total / unemployment compensation = seguro-desemprego // 2) indenização = indemnity
competence / competentcompetência = fitness; capability; core competency = competência básica (empresa) // competente, capaz = able; capable; efficient; qualified
competition / compete (to) / competitive / competitor1) concorrência / 2) competição = contest; fierce competition = concorrência feroz; intense competition = intensa concorrência; "competition is tougher than ever" // competir; concorrer = to strive to outdo another // competitivo / competitive forces / competitive edge = vantagem competitiva / competitive examination = concurso; "the most competitive industry is in danger of losing its edge" / to stay competitive = permanecer competitivo // concorrente / competitors' actions = ações dos concorrentes
compile (to)compilar, reunir, coligir = to bring together (documents, etc) from different sources
complain (to) / complaintreclamar, apresentar queixa = to say or write that you are unhappy, sick, uncomfortable, etc., or that you do not like something; "he complained about the leak to his landlord = ele reclamou do vazamento para seu senhorio" // reclamação, queixa
complex (n) / complex (adj)1) complexo (psicologia) = psychological problem; "his bad relationships gave him a complex" / 2) condomínio = group of buildings; condominium; "apartment complex"; "housing complex"; "the new housing complex is almost finished" // complexo, complicado = complicated; "a complex system"; "this problem is very complex"
complicatedcomplicado, complexo = difficult to analyze, understand, or explain; complex; "a complicated problem"; "a complicated apparatus that never worked correctly"
compliment / compliment (to)elogio, cumprimentos, saudações; to pay a compliment = fazer um elogio; "he paid me a compliment"; " he paid her a nice compliment on her dress" // elogiar, congratular; "he complimented the hostess on the dinner"
complimentary1) cortês, lisonjeiro // 2) gratuito = given free, especially as a courtesy or for publicity purposes; "complimentary tickets = ingressos de cortesia"
comply (to) / complianceestar em acordo; em conformidade / to comply with = estar de acordo com // conformidade, concordância = accordance; agreement
composition1) composição, redação = writing / 2) composição musical
comprehension / comprehensive1) compreensão = understanding / 2) abrangência = comprehensiveness // abrangente = of broad scope or content; including all or much "a comprehensive overview of European history"; "concise but comprehensive"
comprise (to) / comprised (of)incluir, comprender, abranger, conter = to contain, to include, to consist of, to encompass, to cover // composto de; constituído de; to be comprised of = to be composed of = ser composto de
compromise / compromise (to)acordo, acerto, meio-termo, solução conciliatória = settlement of a dispute by mutual concessions; something midway // ceder, aceitar, chegar a uma solução de meio-termo; entrar em um acordo fazendo concessões
compute (to) / computer / computingcalcular, computar // computador; computer graphics = computação gráfica; desktop computer = computador de mesa; large-scale computer = computador de grande porte = mainframe ; personal computer = micro-computador // computação
comradecompanheiro, camarada
conceal (to)esconder, ocultar
conceptconceito; idéa geral = general idea
conception1) concepção (ato de conceber) / 2) origem; idéia inicial
concern (n) / concern (to) / concerned1) preocupação; "they have expressed concern about the cost of the project" / 2) assunto, interesse; "it's no concern of yours" / 3) empresa = an organization or establishment for business or manufacture; "a shipping concern" // 1) preocupar = to worry; "I am concerned about his health" / 2) relacionar; dizer respeito a = to relate; to regard // 1) interessado = involved; engaged / 2) preocupado = worried; anxiou; "the concerned parent talked to the teacher" / to be concerned about = preocupar-se com
concerning1) sobre, a respeito de = regarding / 2) preocupante = worrying, troublesome
concertconcerto musical
conciseconciso, sucinto, breve, resumido; "a concise explanation"
concoursesaguão, terminal (aeroporto) = an open space or hall (as in a railroad terminal) where crowds gather
concreteconcreto; argamassa = mortar / reinforced concrete = concreto armado
conduct (to)conduzir, fazer / to conduct studies (research, survey, etc) = conduzir estudos (pesquisa, levantamento, etc) / to conduct a seminar = conduzir um seminário
conferenceconferência = lecture, meeting for discussion / conference room = sala de conferência
confusion / confuse (to) / confused1) confusão (mental) = bewilderment, puzzlement / 2) confusão (desordem) = disorder, chaos // confundir = to cause to make a mistake; to mix up; bewilder; "the flood of questions confused me" // confuso; "the two confused tourists got lost in the mall"
congress / congressmancongresso = the national law-making body of a nation, esp. of a republic; "The Congress won't agree to that plan" // congressista, deputado = deputy
connect (to) / connectionligar; conectar = to link (obs.: to disconnect = desconectar) // ligação; conexão = relation; liaison
conquer (to) / conquestconquistar, vencer, dominar / conquista, vitória; "the conquest of England by the Normans"
consider (to)considerar, levar em consideração - to take into account; "have you considered the long-term consequences of this decision?"
consistent / consistencyconsistente; coerente = not self-contradictory / consistência, coerência; to maintain consistency
conspicuousconspícuo, visível, notável = outstanding; striking; remarkable
conspiracytrama, conspiração
constraint / constrain (to)1) restrição, limitação / staffing constraint = limitação de pessoal // 2) coação, repressão = restraint // restringir = to restrain
consult (to) / consult; consultation1) consultar (pedir opinião profissional) = to go to (someone, such as a doctor or lawyer) for advice; to ask for the professional opinion of (someone); "to consult a doctor" / 2) consultar (livro, mapa, etc) = to look for information in // consulta
consultancy / consulting / consultantconsultoria = consulting firm // consultoria; consulting contract = contrato de consultoria; consulting firm = empresa consultoria; consulting services; consulting work // consultor; outside consultant = consultor externo; financial consultant; systems consultant; to be a consultant at; for; with; "he works as a consultant for IBM"; "consultant with IBM"
consume (to) / consumption / consumerconsumir / consumo / consumidor
contempt / contemptible1) desprezo, desdém = scorn; "she gave me a look of pure contempt" / 2) desacato (autoridade) // desprezivel = deserving or worthy of contempt, despicable
content (n) / content (adj)conteúdo, teor; table of contents = índice (livro) // contente, satisfeito
contest / contestantcompetição (esporte; jogo) = competitive game // competidor = competiror
contract / contractorcontrato = a legal agreement between people, companies, etc; breach of contract = quebra de contrato // 1) pessoa terceirizada, contratada (não funcionário efetivo) = non-employee / 2) contratante, empreiteiro
contribute (to) / contributioncontribuir / contribuição
conventionconvenção = a large formal assembly of a group with common interests, such as a political party or trade union; "at a convention held in Boston"
conversation / converse (to)conversa, conversação; "they engaged in a friendly conversation" // conversar = to talk usually informally with someone; to have a conversation; "at home, they converse in Portuguese"
converse / converselyoposto, contrário, inverso / pelo contrário, contrariamente, inversamente
convert (to) / conversionconverter = to transform, to change; converter (sistema / aplicação) // conversão (sistema, programa, etc)
convey (to) / conveyor / conveyancetransportar, conduzir; "these pipes convey water to the boiler" // correia transportadora, esteira rolante = conveyor belt // condução, veículo = the conveyance of a message; vehicle
convict (n) / convict (to)condenado, presidiário / condenar
convince (to)convencer, persuadir = to persuade
cook (to) / cook (n) / cookercozinhar; "cook the fish for fifteen minutes" // cozinheiro, a; "she is an excellent cook" // 1) fogão = stove / 2) panela = an appliance or utensil for cooking / pressure cooker = panela de pressão
cookiebiscoito doce (US) = biscuit (UK)
cool1) fresco, frio = somewhat cold; neither warm nor cold; "I'd like a cool glass of water" / cooling system = sistema de refrigeração (obs.: heating system = sistema de aquecimento) // 2) bacana, legal, ótimo! = great!, excellent! "how cool! that's cool = que bacana!; que legal!"; "a cool movie"; "a cool book" // 3) frio, indiferente; "a cool reception"; "I don't know - she said with cool shrug of her shoulders" // 4) keep cool! = stay cool! = mantenha a calma; fique frio
coppolicial = policeman
cope (to)enfrentar, lutar = to face / to cope with = lutar contra "to cope with mounting debts"
copy (n) / copy (to)cópia, xérox, réplica / hard copy = cópia impressa // copiar, xerocar
cord1) fio = wire / 2) corda = rope
core1) âmago, centro, núcleo, essência = kernel, nucleus / core business = negócio principal de uma empresa / core issues = questões básicas // 2) caroço (fruta) = the central part of certain fleshy fruits; stone, pit, kernel
cork1) rolha / 2) cortiça // / corkscrew = saca-rolha
cornmilho (US) (obs.: maize - UK)
corner1) esquina; "there's a hotel on (at) the corner of my street" // 2) canto = intersection of two walls "there was a chair in the right corner of the room" / 3) quina; corner of the table = quina da mesa;
corporation / corporateempresa; corporação; multinational corporation = empresa multinacional // corporativo = involving or associated with a corporation / corporate culture = cultura corporativa = mindset / corporate data; corporate model
corpsecadáver = a dead body, especially of a human being
corridorcorredor = passageway
cost (n) / cost (to) / costlycusto / cost accounting = contabilidade de custos / cost-effective = eficiente / cost estimate / cost-benefit analysis / cost control / cost of products sold / cost of service and rentals / cost price = preço de custo; "at a cost of US$ per person"; to cut costs = cortar custos / / custar; "how much does it cost?" // dispendioso, custoso = expensive
costumetraje, indumentária, fantasia = style of dress typical of a particular nation, group, or historical period; "Halloween costume"; "peasants in their native costumes"; "the circus clown put on his costume";
cottagecasa de campo = a small house, typically one in the country; "a holiday cottage"
couchdivã, canapé
cough (n) / cough (to)tosse / tossir
council / councilman / councillorconselho, assembleia = a meeting for consultation, discussion, or advice; "a church council" // 1) conselheiro; membro de conselho = a member of a council / 2) vereador = a member of a council, especially the legislative body of a city or town // conselheiro
counsel1) conselho, recomendação = advice; "I sought his counsel"; "the princess ignored the wizard's wise counsel " // 2) opinião, parecer // 3) advogado; "on the advice of counsel, I refuse to answer"
counter1) balcão (loja) // 2) ficha (jogo) = a small flat disc of wood, metal, or plastic, used in various board games; chip; token
country / countryside1) país = nation / 2) campo = rural districts, as opposed to cities or towns; "they grew up in the country" // campo, interior, área rural; he lives in the countryside"; "beautiful countryside three hours north of the city"
couple1) dois, alguns = a small number of, a few, an indefinite small number "a couple of days ago " // 2) casal, par = two people who are married or who have a romantic or sexual relationship; "are they a couple? no, they are just good friends"
couponcupom; coupon book = carnê
courage / courageouscoragem = bravery / corajoso = brave
course (n) / course (to)1) curso; training course = curso; refresher course = curso de reciclagem; to attend a course = participar de um curso; to give a course = to teach a course = to deliver a course = dar um curso / 2) direção, caminho, rumo = route followed by a vessel or aircraft / 3) prato de um cardápio = a part of a meal served at one time; main course = prato principal; "a five-course meal = refeição com cinco pratos" // correr, seguir, prosseguir = to run, race, or move swiftly; "tears were coursing down her cheeks"; "the water coursed through the canals"; "he could feel the blood coursing in his veins"
court (n) / court (to)1) pátio; quadra = yard / golf court = campo de golfe / tennis court = quadra de tênis // 2) corte de justiça // 3) corte (monarquia) // cortejar, galantear, namorar
cousinprimo, prima
cover (to) / cover (n)1) cobrir, proteger; "cover your body so you don't feel the cold air" / 2) abranger = to contain, include, encompass; "does the cost of this ticket cover government fees, too? " // 1) capa (livro, etc); "they put a cover over the piano to protect it" / hard cover = (livro) de capa dura / paperback = brochura / 2) cobertura = amount or extent covered
cozy (US); cosy (UK)aconchegante, confortável = warm and comfortable; snug; "a cozy little house"
crack (to) / crack (n)1) rachar, fender = to break without separation of parts; "the window cracked when a rock hit it" / 2) estalar, crepitar; to make a sudden, sharp sound; "the whip cracked and the lions roared" // 1) fenda, rachadura / 2) estalido
crackerbiscoito d'água
cradle (n) / cradle (to)berço = crib; a bed or cot for a baby usually on rockers or pivots / from cradle to grave = a vida toda // segurar com cuidado; embalar = to hold gently or protectively; "she cradled the little puppy in her arms"
craft (n) / craft (to)1) artesanato, habilidade manual, trabalho manual = handicraft, handiwork, workmanship, craftsmanship / crafts = objetos de artesanato = handicrafts; craft items; handicraft items; handiworks / craft beer = cerveja artesanal; craft show = feira de artesanato // 2) barco = a boat especially of small size; "he took his small craft out to sea" // 3) avião, aeronave = aircraft, spacecraft // fazer artesanato; "he is crafting a new sculpture"
craftsman / craftsmanshipartesão; artífice = artisan, a person skilled in handicraft / artesanato
crane1) guindaste = a large device for lifting and moving very heavy objects; derrick / bridge crane = ponte rolante // 2) grou (ave)
crash (to) / crash (n)1) colidir, bater / 2) falir, quebrar // 1) estrondo / 2) batida (carro) / 3) desastre (avião) / 4) falência, quebra = failure of a business; "Stock Market crash"
crawl (to)1) engatinhar = to move slowly, either by dragging the body along the ground or on the hands and knees / 2) arrastar-se
crazy / craze (n) / craze (to)1) doido, louco, maluco = insane; "there was a crazy man on the metro today" / 2) apaixonado = very fond of; "she's crazy about him" // moda, mania, onda, entusiasmo passageiro = a popular fad; "that singing star was a big craze in Japan for years" // enlouquecer = to go nuts
creamcreme; "she adds cream to her coffee instead of milk"
create (to)
credit (n) / credit (to) / creditorcrédito / credit score = pontuação de crédito, análise de crédito / to buy on credit = comprar a crédito // creditar // credor
creekriacho = brook, stream
creep (to)1) rastejar / 2) trepar (planta) / creeping plant = trepadeira = creeper
crewtripulação / cabin crew = tripulação de bordo
cripple (n) / crippled (adj)aleijado = lame or handicapped person (pejorativo, ofensivo) / aleijado = disabled; "a crippled woman sat alone by the door" (obs.: palavra preferida: disabled = deficiente)
crisp / crispy1) quebradiço, crocante = hard but brittle; crispy; "crisp crackers" / 2) fresco (vegetables, fruits) = firm and fresh; "crisp lettuce" / 3) seco (comportamento, maneira) = unfriendly, cool; "his tone was crisp and formal" // crocante = crunchy
criterion (pl. = criteria)critério (s)
criticize (to) / criticcriticar = to find fault (with) / crítico (cinema, teatro, etc)
crocodilecrocodilo; (obs.: alligator = jacaré)
crook (n) / crook (to) / crookedvigarista, velhaco, malandro, desonesto = conman, trickster // entortar; "the road suddenly crooked to the left" // 1) torto, curvo, tortuoso = twisted / 2) corrupto; desonesto = corrupt
crop / cropscolheita, safra = the amount of a crop that is gathered at one time or in one season; harvest; crop yield = produto ou renda da colheita / plantação "crops were destroyed"
cross (n) / cross (to)cruz // cruzar, atravessar / cross walk = faixa pedestre
crossing; crossroadencruzilhada, cruzamento
crowcorvo = raven
crowdmultidão = throng
cruisecruzeiro maritimo
crush (to)espremer, esmagar = to squeeze
cry (to) / cry (n)1) gritar = to shout, to yell, to scream / 2) chorar = to weep, to shed tears often noisily // 1) grito = shout, yell, scream / 2) choro
cube (n) / cube (to)1) cubo (geométrico) / cube root = raiz cúbica // elevar ao cubo; elevar à 3a. potência; "if you cube the number 4, you get 64"
cucumberpepino (Cucumis sativus)
cuff1) punho de camisa // 2) algema
cuisinegastronomia, cozinha refinada = style or quality of cooking
culturecultura / culture shock = choque cultural
cunningastuto; malandro; esperto = tricky; sly; crafty; wily; artful / "in old fables, foxes are cunning"; "he was a cunning manipulator who lured his adversary into a fatal trap"; "many cunning hints helped us solve the puzzle"
cupboardarmário de cozinha, guarda-comida = a closet with shelves where dishes, utensils or food is kept
currencymoeda corrente, sistema monetário; paper currency = papel-moeda
currentcorrente elétrica = electric charge, a flow of electric charge
curriculumcurrículo / curriculum vitae = a brief résumé of a career
curse (n) / curse (to)
maldição, feitiço / amaldiçoar
curvecurva = bend; "the road to the village has lots of curves" / fazer curva = to make curve; to bend over
custom / custom-madecostume; "the custom is to bring a gift when you are invited to dinner" // feito sob medida; personalizado = tailor-made
customercliente, freguês / corporate customer = cliente PJ / personal customer = cliente PF / customer survey = pesquisa com clientes / customer service = atendimento cliente
customize (to), customise (to) / customizable, customisablecustomizar, adequar, adaptar às necessidades = to tailor; "to customize a product to a buyer's specifications" / adaptável; customizável
customsalfândega; "after passport control, you need to pass through customs" / customs duties = impostos alfandegários / customs officer = funcionário aduaneiro
cut (to); cut; cut / cut (n)cortar, dividir / to cut back = reduzir, diminuir / to cut costs = cortar custos / to cut down = diminuir; derrubar árvore / to cut off = interromper (fornecimento de luz, gás), cortar (ligação telef.) "I was cut off on my call" / to cut off = entrar repentinamente na frente de outro carro, fechar / to cut out = recortar / to cut short = encurtar / to cut staff = reduzir pessoal / to cut waste = cortar desperdicios // corte
cutebonitinho, engraçadinho, fofinho, gracinha = attractive or pretty especially in a childish, youthful, or delicate way; "cute baby"; "a cute kitten; "your girlfriend is cute";
cutlerytalheres = tableware
cycleciclo = a repeating series of events or actions