belfrycampanário = a tower for a bell
choircoral = a group of singers, especially performing in a church service
clergyclero = group of appointed or ordained leaders in a religion, as distinguished from the laity
destinydestino = something that unavoidably happens to a person; fate
evangelical (n); (adj)evangélico = belonging to or referring to the Christian churches that emphasize the authority of the Scriptures and personal conversion through faith in Christ.
fast (n) / fast (to) / fastingjejum, abstinência = fasting "the fast lasts for forty days" / jejuar = to abstain from all food // jejum, abstinência = fast
fatedestino = destiny
forgive (to); forgave, forgivenperdoar
gospelevangelho = the teachings of Jesus and the apostles; "the pastor read the Gospel to his congregation during the church service"
heathenpagão = pagan
hymnhino religioso = religious song
jew (n), jewish (adj)judeu (n); "she married a Jew but never converted" / judeu (adj); "jewish food"
mass / missalmissa / missal = a book containing the prayers used in the Roman Catholic mass over the course of the year
mourningluto; "the whole country is still in mourning over her death"
oathjuramento = a solemn declaration to God, a god, or some person or thing that is sacred, that what one says is the truth, or that what one promises will be done / to take na oath = fazer um juramento; "the president took an oath to defend our constitution"
pagan (n) (adj)pagão = heathen; "pagan rituals have always taken place around the solstices"
paradiseparaíso = heaven; "Christians hope they will go to paradise when they die"
pardonperdão = forgiveness for a wrong done to one; forgiveness
pastorpastor = a minister or priest in charge of a church
pewbanco de igreja
pray (to)orar, rezar = to say grace
prayeroração, prece, reza
preach (to) / preacher / preachment; preachingpregar / pregador = one who preaches or gives a sermon. / pregação
priestpadre, sacerdote
redeem (to)redimir, remir = to
ritualritual = an established procedure for a religious or other rite; "Christmas rituals"
rosaryrosário = a string of beads used in counting these prayers; "the old woman held the rosary and prayed"
save (to) / salvationsalvar = to redeem / salvação
sermonsermão = a talk given for religious instruction
sin (n) / sin (to)pecado / pecar
spirit / spiritualespírito / espiritual; spiritual life
swear (to); swore, sworn jurar; "I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth"
synagoguesinagoga = a Jewish house of worship
trust (to)crer, ter fé em = to believe, to have faith in; "In God we trust"
worship (to)1) adorar, venerar; "worship God" / 2) frequentar (igreja); "that's the church where our family worships" // worship service = culto