1abbey / abbotabadia / abadeBAS
2abbreviate (to) / abbreviationabreviar; resumir = to abridge / abreviatura, abreviação = short for; "the name "Betty" is sometimes short for "Elizabeth"BAS
3abduct (to) / abductionsequestrar = to kidnap / sequestro = kidnappingINTERM
4abhor (to) detestar, odiar = to hate, to abominate, to detestADV
5abide (to); abode; abidden / abode1) aguentar, suportar = to bear, to tolerate; "to abide such bigots" / 2) seguir, obedecer (lei); "I said I would abide by their decision" / 3) morar, residir (arcaico) = to live, to dwell // moradia, residência (literário) = home, residence; "welcome to my humble abode"INTERM
6abilityhabilidade; capacidade = power or capacity to act; skillBAS
7abjectmiserável; desprezível = extremely bad or sever; "they live in abject misery"ADV
8abjure (to)abjurar, renunciar; "she abjured some long-held beliefs when she converted to another religion"ADV
9abound (to)abundar = to exist in abundance, to be plentiful, to teem withINTERM
10abridge (to)abreviar; resumir = to abbreviateINTERM
11abroadno exterior; no estrangeiro; "a passport to travel abroad" BAS
12abrogate (to)abrogar, abolir, anularADV
13absent / absenceausente = not present; "he was absent from class again" / ausência; "an absence of several weeks"BAS
14absent-minded; absentmindeddistraído, desatento, aéreo; "her absentminded husband forgot their anniversary"BAS
15absolute / absolutelyabsoluto / absolute certainty = certeza absoluta // 1) absolutamente, completamente / 2) sim, com certeza! = used emphatically to express complete agreement: "do you think it will work? absolutely!"BAS
17abstractresumo de alguma obra ou dissertação acadêmica BAS
18abstrusedifícil de entenderADV
20accelerator acelerador (veículo)BAS
21accent1) acento gráfico = a mark used in writing or printing / 2) sotaque BAS
22access1) acesso; "better information access"; "end-users require effortess access to data"; "high-speed Internet access" / 2) aproximação, entrada = a way or means to approachBAS
23accolade prêmio, louvor, elogio = any award, honor, or laudatory notice; "the director won a special accolade for his achievements in film"; "the play received accolades from the press"ADV
24accomplish (to) / accomplishment1) realizar; executar; efetuar = to do, to execute, to perform, to carry out = to accomplish a task, to accomplish a project / 2) alcançar = to achieve; to accomplish a goal; to accomplish corporate objectives // realização; feito = achievementBAS
25account / accountant / accounting1) conta banco = bank account = checking account; account balance = saldo de conta; joint account = conta conjunta; savings account = conta-poupança; statement of account = extrato conta / 2) conta (agência de publicidade) / 3) relatório; relato; declaração = explanatory statement, report; book of accounts = livro-caixa = cash book; chart of accounts = plano de contas; to keep account = contabilizar; accounts payable = contas a pagar; accounts receivable = contas a receber // 2) contador / 3) ContabilidadeBAS
26accountable / accountabilityresponsável por = responsible to someone or for some action; answerable / responsabilidade (para com resultado) = responsabilityBAS
27accrue (to)aumentar, acumular = to accumulate; accrued interests = juros acumulados; "interest accrues on a daily basis"INTERM
28accurate / accuracypreciso, exato, correto = precise, exact, correct; "accurate calculations" / exatidão, precisão = correctness, precisionBAS
29ache (n) / ache (to)dor = pain / doerBAS
30achieve (to) / achievementalcançar; obter = to bring to a succesful end by effort / to achieve a goal; to achieve an objective; to achieve an ideal; to achieve success // realização = accomplishmentBAS
31acknowledge (to) / acknowledgmentreconhecer, admitir; "I acknowledge that I could have made better decisions" / reconhecimentoBAS
32acolyteassistente, ajudante, coroinha ADV
33acornfruto do carvalho; bolota = the nut of an oak treeINTERM
34acquaint (to) / acquaintedconhecer, inteirar-se // conhecido / to be acquainted with = conhecer (alguém) / to become acquainted with = to get acquianted with = familiarizar-se; "you'd better get acquainted with new computers if you want to keep your job"BAS
35acrobat acrobata = tumblerADV
36active / activityativo = engaged in action or activity; "an active life"; "active sports" / atividade = something that is done as work or for a particular purposeBAS
37actor; actressator; atriz = performerBAS
38actual / actuallyverdadeiro, real = existing, real; "actual costs"; "the movie is based on actual events" / realmente = reallyBAS
39actuaryatuário = a person trained in the technical aspects of pensions and insuranceINTERM
40acumensagacidade, perspicácia = sharp or keen insightADV
41adamant (n) / adamant (adj) pedra, diamante ou qualquer coisa de extrema dureza = a legendary stone of impenetrable hardness, formerly sometimes identified with the diamond / duro, inflexível, determinado; "I tried to change her mind, but she was adamant"INTERM
42adapt (to) / adaptation / adapteradaptar; ajustar = to adjust // adaptação // adaptador = a device for connecting pieces of equipment that cannot be connected directly; "electrical adapter"BAS
43addition / add (to)soma, adição = the result of adding numbers; sum // somar, adicionarBAS
44address / address (to) / addressee1) endereço / home address; business address // 2) discurso = speech // 1) dirigir-se a; falar a, endereçar; "you must address the package correctly if you expect it to be delivered"; "the president will address the nation on Tuesday"/ 2) tratar de; enfocar = to deal with, to focus; "to address particular problems" // destinatário (obs.: sender = remetente)BAS
45adhesiveadesivo, aderente / adhesive plaster = esparadrapo, band-aid = sticking plaster BAS
47adjourn (to) / adjournment1) adiar = to postpone, to put off / 2) suspender (sessão / reunião) // adiamento = postponementINTERM
48adjust (to) / adjustment / adjustable ajustar = to fit, to adapt = to make necessary changes / ajuste / ajustável BAS
49adjuster; adjustoravaliador, vistoriador, regulador ADV
50administration / administrative / administratoradministração = management; business administration // administrativo; "growing trend toward outsourcing administrative functions" // administradorBAS
51admit (to) / admission1) admitir, permitir acesso = to allow to enter;to let in; "the theater admits adults only" / 2) admitir, reconhecer = to acknowledge; "he admitted his guilt" // / admissão, entrada, ingresso = permission to enter or the right, authority, etc, to enter / admission test = teste de admissão; vestibular / admission ticket = ingresso / free admission = entrada francaBAS
52admonish, toadvertir, admoestarADV
53adoestardalhaço, confusão, barulho = fuss "much ado for nothing"INTERM
54adriftà deriva; sem rumo; desorientado = without aim, direction, or stability:INTERM
55advance (to) / advance, advancement adiantar; to advance cash; to advance money = adiantar dinheiro / adiantamento; cash advance = money advance = adiantamento de dinheiro, sinalBAS
56advantage / advantageousvantagem / comparative advantage; competitive advantage = vantagem comparativa; vantagem competitiva // vantajoso; proveitoso = worthwhile; profitableBAS
57advertise (to) / advertisement (ad) / advertiseranunciar, fazer propaganda // anúncio, publicidade; classified ads = classificados; real estate ads = classificados de imóveis // anunciante, publicitário = publicistBAS
58advertisingpublicidade; propaganda /advertising agency = agência de publicidade / advertising campaign = campanha publicitária / advertising matter = folhetos, material de propagandaBAS
59advice conselho = a practical recommendation as to action or conduct; counsel; "her parents are always trying to give her advice" / to give advice = dar conselho; aconselhar / to take advice = receber conselho; "she refuses to take advice from anyone"BAS
60advise (to) / adviser; advisoraconselhar = to give advice; "we did as she advised" // conselheiro, assessor = a person who gives advice; counselor; "my adviser suggested I take your course" / advisor to = assessor deBAS
61advocate (n) / advocate (to)defensor, advogado; "she is an advocate of animal rights" // advogar, defender; "they have advocated reduction of the role of government"BAS
62aerial (n) / aerial (adj) antena = radio or television antenna; "put up the car's aerial" // aéreo = done in the air; inhabiting the air; aerial combat; aerial creatures; aerial navigation; aerial photography; aerial transportation BAS
63affair / affairs1) assunto / 2) caso, romance; "he had an affair with his secretary" // negócio = business; commercial affairs; state affairs = negócio de estadoBAS
64affidavit declaração juramentada, depoimento juramentado = a written declaration upon oath made before an authorized official; "the judge questioned the validity of the affidavit"ADV
65afford (to) / affordablearcar, poder, ter recursos (meios; condições) para; dar-se ao luxo de; "how much can you afford? = quanto você pode pagar?"; "I can't afford that = não tenho meios para isto"; "we can't afford a large house" // acessível; affordable prices = preços acessiveis = reasonable pricesBAS
66Africa, africanÁfrica, africanoBAS
67afterdepois; depois de; "a quarter after two = duas e quinze" BAS
68aftermathconsequência, resultado, sequela = something that follows from an event; "in the aftermath of the war"; "food prices soared in the aftermath of the drought"BAS
69ageidade; age group = faixa etária = age band; age range / envelhecer = to grow older; "as people age, they develop wrinkles"BAS
70agency / agentagência / advertising agency = agência de publicidade / travel agency = ticket agency = agência de viagens / government agency = órgão do governo // 1) agente / airline reservation agent / 2) corretor (seguros) = broker BAS
71agenda1) agenda = list of things to be done = appointment schedule; daily schedule; appointment book / 2) agenda de reunião "what is on the agenda?"BAS
72aglowincandescente, inflamado, em brasa; avermelhadoADV
73agree (to) / agreement1) concordar / 2) combinar (preço / data) // acordo; contrato = contract / to reach an agreement = chegar a um acordo / to be in agreement = estar de acordo, estar em conformidade = to be in compliance / non-disclosure agreement = acordo de não-divulgação / under the terms of the agreement = sob os termos do acordo BAS
74ail (to) / ailing afligir, doer = to cause pain or trouble; "this medicine is good for what ails you" // 1) enfermo, doente = unhealthy; "ailing Pope" / 2) em dificuldades; "ailing company"; "ailing business"INTERM
75aim (to) / aim (n) / aimless1) objetivar, visar, ter como objetivo = to be aimed at / 2) mirar (arma) // alvo; mira; objetivo = purpose; goal; objective = the end toward which effort is directed // aleatório; sem destino; a esmo; sem objetivo = at randomBAS
76air / air (to)ar / air conditioning = ar condicionado; air hostess = aeromoça = flight atendant; stewardess; air pocket = bolsa de ar; air taxi = táxi aéreo // transmitir, expor = to bring to public notice; to broadcast or televiseBAS
77airborneno ar; em vôo; aerotransportadoINTERM
78aircraftaeronave = any machine capable of flying, such as a glider, helicopter, or aeroplaneBAS
79airline companhia de aviação = air carrierBAS
80airplane; planeavião / jet plane, jet aircraft = avião a jato / turbo-prop aircraft, turbo-propeller aircraft = avião turbo-héliceBAS
82aisle1) corredor (avião, teatro) / 2) aleia (jardim) / 3) nave (igreja) BAS
84akinsemelhante, parecido = similarINTERM
85alarmalarme = a device that makes a loud sound as a warning or signal; alarm-bell = campainha de alarme; alarm-clock = despertador; alarm system = sistema de alarme; "the whole town heard the alarm"; "she set the alarm for six o'clock"; "the alarm went off when he opened the door = o alarme disparou quando ele abriu a porta"BAS
87albeitembora, mesmo assim = although, even if; even though; "he was making progress, albeit rather slowly"INTERM
89alecerveja de alta fermentaçãoBAS
91alien (n) [eilian] / alien (adj)1) alienígena, extraterrestre = a being or creature from outer space; an extraterrestrial; "the film opens with aliens landing on a beach" / 2) estrangeiro, forasteiro = a foreign-born person who is living in a country and has not been legally naturalized or been granted citizenship; "aliens must register any change of address with the police" // estrangeiro; extratesrrestre, alienígena = foreign; extraterrestrial; "a people accustomed to alien rulers"; "alien life form"BAS
92align (to) / alignmentalinhar; "to align IT with business processes is the biggest issue on the CEO agenda" // alinhamentoINTERM
93alivevivo = living, existing; "he was still alive after being buried in the snow for five days"BAS
94allege (to) / allegedlyalegar / segundo dizemBAS
95allegiancelealdade; fidelidade = loyalty; fidelityBAS
96alley; alleywaybeco, viela, ruela, passagem = a narrow lane or passage, especially one between or behind buildingsBAS
98allocate (to) / allocationalocar; distribuir = to set apart for a purpose; to allot; to assign / alocação; distribuição = assignmentBAS
99allot (to) / allotment1) distribuir; repartir / 2) alocar = to allocate; to assign // distribuição, alocaçãoINTERM
100allow (to)permitir, deixar; "smoking is allowed, but only on the balcony" BAS
101allowancepensão; mesada = an amount of money, given or allotted usually at regular intervals / monthly allowance = mesada / daily allowance = diáriaBAS
102alloyliga de metalINTERM
103allude (to)fazer referência a; aludir, mencionar = to make an allusion; refer; "who are you alluding to?"ADV
104allure (n) / allure (to) / alluringatração, sedução // atrair, seduzir // atraente, sedutor, tentadorINTERM
105ally [alai]aliadoBAS
106almond amêndoa [Prunus dulcis]BAS
107alms / almshouseesmola / asilo, albergueINTERM
108alphabet / alphabeticalalfabeto / alfabéticoBAS
109alter (to) / alterationalterar, modificar; "to alter a will" / alteração, modificação; "can we make alterations to the contract?"BAS
110alternativealternativa = optionBAS
112amaze (to) / amazement / amazing impressionar, maravilhar, espantar, assombrar = to astonish / to be amazed at = estar espantado de // admiração, assombro, espanto = astonishment // espantoso, incrível, inacreditável, estupendo, surpreendente = causing astonishment, wonder, or admiration; astonishing; "amazing feats = proezas incríveis"; "amazing experience"; "amazing story"; "amazing thing"; "amazing view"; "magician's amazing trick"; "he has an amazing ability to learn new languages" BAS
115ameliorate (to) melhorar = to improveADV
116amend (to) / amendmentcorrigir; emendar; reformar = to correct; to mend; to revise / correção; emenda = correctionBAS
117amiableamigável, amável, afávelINTERM
118amount / amount (to) quantia, soma, total / to amount to = somar BAS
119ampersand& (E comercial)ADV
120amuse (to) / amusingdivertir, entreter // divertido / amusing park; amusing storyBAS
121analogy / analogousanalogia = partial similarity between things / análogo = similar; corresponding in certain waysBAS
122analyze (to); analyse (to) / analysis (pl. analyses) / analystanalisar / análise / analista; sytem analystBAS
123anchorâncora / to cast anchor = lançar âncora / to weigh anchor = levantar âncoras; zarparBAS
125ancillary (adj)auxiliar, subordinado = auxiliary, subordinateADV
126angelanjo (ser espiritual); "heaven is filled with angels" / anjo (pessoa boa); "she is an angel for the poor" / anjo da guarda = guardian angelBAS
127anger / anger (to) / angryraiva, ira = rage, fury, wrath // irritar // bravo, zangado; "I am angry with my sister for taking my book"; "angry words" / to be angry with = estar zangado com; "she was angry with her husband"BAS
128angle ângulo / straight angle = right angle = ângulo retoBAS
131anniversaryaniversário = yearly return of the date of an event; "that date was the anniversary of the invasion" / aniversário de casamento = wedding anniversary; "every year, my parents go on a cruise for their anniversary"BAS
132announce (to) / announcementanunciar; declarar = to reveal; to make known // anúncio; aviso; declaraçãoBAS
133annoy (to) / annoying / annoyanceincomodar, aborrecer, chatear = to bother / irritante / incômodo, aborrecimento = botherBAS
134annualanual = yearlyBAS
135annuityprevidência; renda vitalícia = a contract that provides an income for a specified number of yearsINTERM
136answer (to) / answer (n)responder / answering machine = secretária eletrônica; "he left a message on my answering machine" // respostaBAS
137antformiga / ant hill = formigueiroBAS
138antenna1) antena = a device (such as a wire or a metal rod) for sending or receiving radio or television signals; aerial; "we took the antenna off our house and put up a satellite dish" / 2) antena (inseto)BAS
139anthem hino = a song of loyalty or devotion / national anthem = hino nacional (obs.: hymn = hino religioso = religious chant)BAS
140anticipate (to) / anticipated / anticipationprever, antecipar = to foresee, to forecast, to predict, to look forward to; "anticipating an early reply = na expectativa de uma breve resposta" // previsto = expected, foreseen, predicted / anticipated profit = lucro previsto // previsão = forecast, predictionBAS
141anticspalhaçadas, travessuras, comportamento tolo = a playful or silly trick; "his antics make the whole family laugh"; "the antics of our political parties"ADV
142antiqueantiguidade; coisa antiga = a relic or object of ancient times / antique store = loja de antiguidadesBAS
143apartment apartamento (US) = flat (UK) BAS
144apemacaco primata, macaco (hominídeo) INTERM
145apologize (to); apologise (to)pedir desculpas; desculpar-seBAS
146apothecary (arc.)botica = pharmacy / boticário = pharmacistADV
147appal (to) / appallingapavorar, assustar, aterrorizar, espantar, consternar / apavorante, assustador, aterrador, terrívelADV
148apparatus (pl.: apparatuses) aparelho; mecanismo = an instrument or appliance designed for a specific operation; device, mechanismBAS
149apparelvestuário, roupa = dress, attire, garbINTERM
150appeal (n) / appeal (to)1) petição; recurso, apelação (jur.); "the appeal against his conviction failed, and he was sent back to prison" / 2) atrativo, encanto; sex appeal // 1) apelar, recorrer (jur.); " / 2) agradar, atrair; "that house really appeals to me"BAS
151appear (to)1) aparecer, surgir = to come into sight; "at last, they appeared at the far end of the beach" / 2) parecer = to seem. "she appears to be sleeping"BAS
154applianceaparelho doméstico, utensílio = device or apparatus for use in the home, instrument, device; house appliance = eletrodoméstico = household applianceBAS
155apply (to) / application / applicant 1) aplicar = to put in practice // 2) requerer, pedir, solicitar / to apply for = inscrever-se, candidatar-se "to apply for a job" /// 1) aplicação = relevance or value; "the practical applications of space technology" // 2) pedido, solicitação, requerimento; inscrição / application form = formulário de requisição ou inscrição; "our loan application has been approved" // 3) aplicação, software (IT) / application package; application software; application system // 4) proposta (seguro) /// candidato; pretendente = a person who applies for a positionBAS
156appoint (to) / appointmentnomear; designar, indicar pessoas = to nominate; to assign // 1) nomeação; designação; alocação, indicação = assignment / 2) compromisso, hora marcada / appointment book = appointment schedule = agendaBAS
157appraise (to) / appraisal / appraiseravaliar; estimar = to evaluate; to rate; to estimate; to assess // avaliação = evaluation // avaliador = assessor, adjusterBAS
158appreciate (to) / appreciation1) apreciar, gostar muito de, estimar = to value or admire highly; "he appreciates our work" / 2) agradecer, estar agradecido por, ser grato por = to be grateful for; to recognize with gratitude; "he certainly appreciates your kindness"; "we would appreciate your analysis on the following itens" / 3) avaliar, estimar // 1) agradecimento = gratitude; to express one's appreciation / 2) valorização; reconhecimento de valorBAS
159apprentice aprendizINTERM
160apprise (to)notificar, informar, avisar = to give information to (someone) / to be apprised of = ser informado de; "to be apprised of the death of an old friend"ADV
161approach / approach (to) enfoque; abordagem = method of solving a problem / to take a new approach // abordar, aproximar-se = to come nearer (to); "the plane approached the runaway"BAS
162apricot damascoBAS
164apseabside = nas basílicas cristãs, cabeceira da igreja onde ficam colocados o altar-mor e a cadeira episcopalADV
165aquamarineazul-esverdeado = a pale blue to light greenish blueADV
166arcarco (geometria) = degree measurement on the circumference of a circle; (obs.: arch = arco em arquitetura)BAS
167arcanearcano, secreto, misterioso, enigmáticoADV
168archarco (construção) = a doorway, gateway, or opening having a curved headBAS
169architecture / architectarquitetura / arquitetoBAS
170archive, archives1) arquivo, coleção de documentos = a collection of records // 2) arquivo público, arquivo com documentos históricos = a place in which public records or historical materials (such as documents) are keptBAS
171arcing / arcing (to)arcos / formar um arco; arquearADV
172areaárea = a part of a space or a surfaceBAS
173Arithmetic / arithmetic; arithmeticalAritmética / aritmética (adj); arithmetic progressionINTERM
176armoirearmário = a large wardrobe or cabinetADV
177armor; armour1) armadura, couraça // 2) blindagem / armoured car = carro blindadoBAS
178armory1) sala de armas = a storage place for weapons / 2) arsenal = a factory where weapons are madeADV
179arouse (to)provocar; despertar = to excite; to awaken; to encourage, to stirBAS
180arrange (to) / arrangement1) arranjar, arrumar, pôr em ordem; "he arranged the books in alphabetical order" / 2) providenciar = to arrange for; to see to; "they arranged for a babysitter to take care of the children" // 1) ordem, arranjo, arrumação; "they changed the arrangement of furniture in the room" / 2) arrangements = preparativos; providênciasBAS
181arrayarranjo, disposição, conjunto = orderly arrangement (facts, figures, etc); "an array of solar panels = um conjunto de paineis solares" BAS
182arrow1) flecha // 2) seta = a mark (such as →) that is shaped like an arrow and that is used to show directionBAS
183art / artistarte / fine arts = belas-artes // artistaBAS
184artfulastuto, habilidoso, engenhoso, esperto, malandro = tricky; sly; cunning; crafty; wilyINTERM
186article1) produto, mercadoria = one of a class of objects; item; articles of value // 2) artigo (imprensa), matéria sobre determinado assunto = a written composition on a subject, often being one of several found in a magazine, newspaper, etc; "I just read an interesting article on the city's early history" // 3) artigo (lei); cada uma das partes numeradas de uma lei, estatuto, etc; "article 3 of the U.S. Constitution"BAS
187arugularúcula = rocketINTERM
188as1) como; "do as I say, not as I do"; "as she said"; "a number of spring flowers, as the tulip"; " / 2) enquanto, à medida que; "as he grows older, he grows more grumpy" / 3) já que; "I made you some coffee, as you don't like tea"; "as you are leaving last, lock the door" // as ... as = tão ... como; "as rich as the president" / as of = a partir de / as well = tambémBAS
189ash; ashescinza, cinzas; "the city was covered with ash from the eruption"/ ash tray = cinzeiro / ash tree = freixo (árvore - Fraxinus angustifolia) // cinzasBAS
190ask (to)1) perguntar = to ask if; to ask whether; " I forgot to ask whether he could give me a lift to the party" / 2) pedrir = to ask for; "the homeless woman asked me for money"BAS
191askewtorto, de lado, de esguelhaADV
193aspenálamo = poplar (Populus spp.)INTERM
194ass1) burro, asno = donkey // 2) bunda, ânus, cu / ass kisser = ass licker = puxa-sacoBAS
195assail (to) / assailantassaltar, atacar / assaltante, atacanteINTERM
196assassinate (to) / assassination / assassinassassinar = to kill (someone) for hire or from fanaticism / assassinato = murder / assassino = murdererINTERM
197assault / assault (to)ataque = attack / assaltar, atacarBAS
198assemble (to) / assemblyreunir, montar // montagem / assembly line = linha de montagemBAS
199assert (to) / assertion afirmar; declarar = to state; to declare; to affirm // afirmação, declaração = statementBAS
200assess (to) / assessment / assessoravaliar, calcular = to evaluate, to rate, to appraise // avaliação // avaliador, vistoriador, regulador = adjuster, appraiserBAS
201assets1) bens, haveres, ativo (Contabilidade) (obs.: liabilities = passivo) / to sell assets = vender ativos / fixed assets = ativo imobilizado // 2) vantagem, ganho; "It is always an asset to have a flexible approach"BAS
202assign (to) / assignmentalocar; designar; nomear = to appoint; to allocate; to nominate / to appoint to a post or duty; "assigned them to light duty" // 1) alocação; designação; nomeação = apointment / 2) tarefa, obrigação, atribuição, serviço; "his boss gave him three assignments to be completed by the end of the week" / to take assignment = ser alocado a determinada tarefa, assumir uma tarefa / assignment of personnel = alocação de pessoal BAS
203assistantassistente; auxiliar = helper, subordinate; assistant to the chief executiveBAS
204associate (to) / association / associateassociar-se // associação; sociedade // sócio; associado = partnerBAS
206assure (to) / assuranceassegurar; garantir = to ensure; to make sure / to be assured of = ter certeza de // segurança; garantia = certainty; quality assurance = garantia de qualidade BAS
208astonish (to) / astonishing / astonishmentassombrar, espantar = to amaze // surpreendente, assombroso, espantoso, incrível, inacreditável = amazing; "the most astonishing thing they had ever seen"; "an astonishing victory"; "an astonishing discovery" // assombro, espanto = amazementBAS
211atlasatlas = book of mapsINTERM
212atonement1) reparação, compensação, reconciliação / 2) redenção, expiação = the reconciliation of God and humankind through the sacrificial death of Jesus ChristINTERM
213attach (to) / attached / attachmentligar, atar, anexar = to join, to fasten, to link, to connect // anexo = enclosed / to be attached = to be enclosed = estar anexo / "fill out and mail the attached card" / attached form = formulário anexo // 1) conexão, ligação / 2) acessório = an object to be attached, especially a supplementary part; "an attachment for an electric drill" / 3) afeição; fixação = love, strong likingBAS
214attack / attack (to)1) ataque = assault ; 2) ataque (doença) = a sudden violent attack of a disease // atacar; "the robbers attacked him in the street"BAS
215attain (to)alcançar; atingir (com esforço) = to achieve; to accomplish; to reach (especially by effort); "to attain the organization goals"BAS
216attempt / attempt (to)tentativa = an endeavour to achieve something; effort; "she failed her driving test on the first attempt" // tentar, esforçar-se, procurar = to make an effort (to do something) or to achieve (something); to try; to endeavor; to strive; " I will attempt to talk to him on Monday" BAS
217attend (to) / attendance1) freqüentar, participar, estar presente; assistir = to go to (aula, conferência, evento, demonstração) / to attend a demonstration; to attend a meeting // 2) atender, visitar paciente (médico) // presença; participação; comparecimentoBAS
218attendantatendente / cabin attendant= flight attendant = comissário de bordoBAS
219atticsótão = loft, garretBAS
220attireroupas, vestimenta, vestuário, traje = clothes, clothing, garment, apparelINTERM
221attorneyadvogado; procurador = lawyer / attorney general = procurador público / prosecuting attorney = promotor públicoBAS
222attract (to) / attractive / attractionatrair; "magnets attract iron or steel" / atraente; "she was wearing a very attractive dress" / atração; "I don't understand the attraction of horror movies"BAS
223aubergineberinjela (UK) (obs.: eggplant - US)INTERM
224auctionleilão / to hold an auction = realizar um leilãoBAS
225audienceaudiência, platéia, público = a group of listeners or spectators; a group of persons assembled to listen; people reached by radio or TV broadcast // auditorBAS
226audit (to) / audit; auditing / auditorauditar // auditoria = formal examination of financial records or accounts / audit trail = trilha de auditoria // auditorBAS
227augment (to) aumentar = to increase, to enlargeINTERM
228aunttia (obs.: tio = uncle)BAS
229authorize (to) / authorityautorizar / autoridadeBAS
230automate (to) / automatic / automationautomatizar // automático / automatic teller machine (ATM) // automaçãoBAS
231avail (to)aproveitar = use or take advantage of (an opportunity or available resource); "my daughter did not avail herself of my advice"INTERM
232available / availabilitydisponível; "there are no more tickets available"; "articles available in any drugstore"; "available candidates"; "available water" / to make available = disponibilizar // disponibilidade; "lack of availability"; "availability of application packages"BAS
234average (adj) / average (n)médio (adj); average temperature = temperatura média; "average annual rise of 4.5%" // média (subst) = a single value that summarizes or represents the general significance of a set of unequal values; "per-capita income will grow at an average 1.4% a year" / on the average = na média BAS
235avert (to)desviar, evitarINTERM
237avoid (to)evitarBAS
238award / award (to) prêmio; recompensa = something (such as a prize) that is given to someone or something for being excellent or for doing something that is admired // premiar; recompensar; conceder; "roughly 1000 business degress were awarded" BAS
239aware / awarenessciente; cônscio = informed / to be aware of = estar ciente de, estar a par de / to become aware of = conscientizar de; reparar em, saber de // conscientização, consciênciaBAS
240awetemor (respeitoso), reverência = solemn fear BAS
241awesome1) apavorante, terrível, impressionante = inspiring or displaying awe, frightening; "the awesome sight of an erupting volcano" // 2) excelente, fantástico, muito legal, = extremely good, terrific; "we had an awesome time" // 3) que barato!, que legal! = great! (coloq.) BAS
242awestruckimpressionado, admiradoADV
243awful terrível, horrível = very bad; unpleasant, disagreeable; "the awful smell of gas"; "an awful accident"; "awful paintings"; "an awful job"; "awful noise"BAS
244awkward 1) desajeitado, sem jeito = not having much skill; clumsy; "she is awkward at dancing"; "she is awkward with a needle and thread"; "the machine is very awkward to operate" // 2) embaraçoso = causing embarrassment; "an awkward moment"; "an awkward question"; "an awkward situation"BAS
245awry 1) errado, torto, desarrumado (clothes); despenteado; "his tie was awry = sua gravata estava torta" / 2) incorretamenteINTERM
246ax (US); axe (UK) / axe (to)machado // 1) cortar, reduzir = to cut or remove (something); "to axe expenses, to axe jobs" / 2) demitir = to fire; "the boss will ax anyone who leaks company secrets"BAS
247axis (pl. axes)eixoBAS