1babble (to)balbuciarINTERM
2back (n) / back (adj) / back (to) 1) costas; "he hurt his back playing tennis"/ 2) verso; "please read the text on the back of the paper" // 1) traseiro; parte de trás; back door / 2) atrasado; back number = número atrasado (revista) / 3) vencido, pendente; back order = pedido pendente // (adv) - para trás, de volta; to be back = voltar, regressar // 1) apoiar; suportar; to back up = apoiar / 2) recuar BAS
3backbone coluna vertebral = spine; spinal columnBAS
4backerpatrocinador = a person who supports or aids a cause or activity; sponsorINTERM
5backgammonjogo de gamãoINTERM
6background1) prática; experiência / 2) o que está por trás de qualquer coisa; fundo; segundo plano; música de fundo (obs.: contrário é foreground)BAS
7backlogfila de pendências (IT) = a large number of jobs that are waiting to be finishedINTERM
8backofficeretaguarda, setor administrativo (obs.: contrário é front-office); backoffice staff; backoffice systemINTERM
9backpack mochila = knapsack, rucksackBAS
10backup1) suporte, apoio / 2) reservaBAS
11backwardatrasado; subdesenvolvido (país, pessoa) / backward country = país atrasado (obs.: oposto é advanced country)BAS
12backwoodsroça; campo; zona rural; sertão = a remote or culturally backward areaINTERM
13bacon toucinho BAS
14bad mau, ruim / (obs.: worse =pior / worst = o pior)BAS
15badge1) emblema = a characteristic mark; an emblem awarded for a particular accomplishment; "I read the book - The Red Badge of Courage" / 2) crachá (identificação em empresa, etc)BAS
17baffle (to)deixar desconcertado; deixar perplexo; confundir, desconcertar, desnortear = to puzzle; "the language barrier baffled everyone and discouraged us from attempting another teleconference"ADV
18bagbolsa, sacola = sackBAS
19bagel rosca, rosquinha INTERM
20baggage bagagem = luggage; a baggage includes suitcases, bags, backpacks, etc / to check baggage = despachar bagagemBAS
21bail (n) / bail (to)fiança (justiça) = money given to a court of law to guarantee that a person released from jail will return at an appointed time; "he has been released on bail" / pagar fiança (para liberar); "her father bailed her out"BAS
22baitisca = something, especially food, used as a lure in fishing or huntingBAS
23bake (to) / bakery / bakercozer, assar = to cook; "my wife bakes delicious pies" / padaria = baker's shop / padeiroBAS
24balance (n) / balance (to) 1) equilíbrio; "he lost his balance and fell" // 2) saldo / balance sheet = balanço contábil / balance of payments = balanço de pagamentos / balance of trade = balança comercial // 1) equilibrar / 2) fazer balanço BAS
26bald (adj) / baldycalvo, careca / careca, carequinha (informal; pejorativo)BAS
27balk (n) / balk (to) tropeço, obstáculo, impedimento // 1) empacar, recusar a fazer / 2) impedirADV
29ballot 1) cédula; voto = sheet of paper used for voting / 2) votação = the number of votes cast // ballot box = urna / to vote by ballot = votar com céculasBAS
30ballsycorajoso = tough and courageousADV
31bamboozle (to)enganar, iludir, embromar = to trick or confuse (someone); "Tom Sawyer bamboozled the neighborhood boys into doing it for him"ADV
32ban (to)proibir, interditarINTERM
34band 1) bando, gangue = group of persons; "a band of thieves" // 2) banda = musical group; "there will be three bands playing at the concert" // 3) faixa; fita; tira = a thin strip of material used for binding or tying; strap; "he tied a band of cotton around his arm to stop the bleeding"; elastic band = elástico de prender papéis = rubber band // 4) frequência; faixa (rádio) = range; "what band is that station on?" / bandwidth = largura de banda, amplitude de faixa // 5) listra = stripe; a stripe of contrasting colour or texture / 6) age band = faixa etária = age group; age rangeBAS
35banditbandito = robber, outlawINTERM
36baneruína, perdição, desgraça, maldição; "gambling was the bane of his life"ADV
37bang (n) / bang (to)pancada, estrondo = a strong, violent blow; "Big Bang" // 1) bater, espancar / 2) bater (porta) com violência = to slamBAS
38banistercorrimão, balaústre = a structure like a fence with a bar on top that is built along the side of a set of stairs; handrailADV
39bank / banking1) banco / banknote = nota (dinheiro), cédula = a piece of paper money, bill / bank account = conta bancária, conta corrente = checking account / bank clerk = bancário / bank rate = taxa desconto bancário / bank statement = extrato de conta / bank teller = caixa / bank transfer = transferência bancária / Federal Reserve Bank = Banco Central // 2) margem (rio, lago) = the rising ground bordering a lake, river or sea /// negócios bancários; operações bancáriasBAS
40bankrupt (to) / bankrupt (adj) / bankruptcyfalir = to go bankrupt, to become bankrupt, to go bust // falido // falência; to file for bankruptcy = pedir falência, entrar com processo de falênciaBAS
41banquetbanquete = a ceremonial meal for many people; feastINTERM
42banter (n) / banter (to)gracejo, brincadeira / gracejar, caçoarADV
43bar / bar (to)1) barra; trave = piece of solid matter; bar of soap; chocolate bar; steel bar; behind bars = atrás das grades // 2) bar, botequim = pub, barroom // 3) tribunal, corpo de advogados, advocacia; bar exam = exame ordem advogados // 4) obstáculo, impedimento // 5) bar graph = bar chart = gráfico de barras / code bar = código de barra // barrar; bloquear; obstruir; to block (a way) with a barrier /BAS
44barb / barbedfarpa / farpado; barbed wire = arame farpadoINTERM
46bare / barefootnu, descoberto = unclothed; exposed / descalçoBAS
47barely (adv)apenas, dificilmente, mal, quase não; "she could barely see the road through the thick snow"; "she barely passed the test"BAS
48bargain (n) / bargain (to)1) pechincha; negócio vantajoso / 2) acordo comercial // pechinchar, negociarBAS
49bargebarcaça, chata = a large boat that has a flat bottom and that is used to carry goods in harbors and on rivers and canalsINTERM
50bark (n) / bark (to)1) latido / 2) casca de árvore (obs.: peel = casca de fruta); smooth bark = casca lisa; rough bark = casca áspera, rugosa // latirBAS
51barleycevada (Hordeum vulgare)BAS
52barman (UK); bartender (US)pessoa que prepara e serve drinks BAS
54barracks quartel / (obs.: headquarters = quartel-general)BAS
55barrelbarril = large wooden kegBAS
56barren árido, inculto (terra), estéril = having very few plants / barren land = região deserta / barren soil = solo árido INTERM
57barrierbarreira; obstáculo = obstacle, hurdle, hindrance, anything to bar passage; "a language barrier" / to break the barriers = quebrar as barreirasBAS
58barristeradvogado = a lawyer who may speak in the higher courtsINTERM
59barrow1) carrinho de mão = wheelbarrow; " use a barrow to haul that pile of bricks over here" // 2) morro, monte, colina (UK) // 3) túmuloINTERM
60barter (n) / barter (to) troca, permuta / trocar, permutar, negociar através de trocas = to trade, to swap INTERM
61base / based / baselessbase; fundamento; "to have a small base on the market place" // baseado, localizado; "he is an independent consultant based in London" // sem base; infundadoBAS
62basement porão, subsolo = floor or story of a building that is partly or completely undergroundBAS
63bash (to)golpear, bater com força; "the car bashed into a tree"ADV
64bashfultímido = shyADV
65basilmanjericão (Ocimum basilicum)BAS
66basis (pl. = bases)base, fundamento = something that underlies, supports or is essential to something else, especially an abstract idea; foundation / daily basis = diariamente; "I do an hour of exercise on a daily basis" / part-time basis = regime de meio-expediente / on the basis of = com base emBAS
67bask (to)1) tomar sol, deitar-se ao sol = to lie or relax happily in a bright and warm place; "we sat basking in the sun" / 2) deleitar-se, regozijar-se = to enjoy the attention and good feelings expressed by others; "he stood before the audience, basking in their applause"ADV
68basketcesto, cestaBAS
70bat (n) / bat (to)1) morcego / 2) bastão // bater, golpearBAS
71batch1) fornada, lote = an amount of something that is made at one time; "we baked two batches of cookies" // 2) em lotes / batch processing = processamento em lotesBAS
72bath / bathe (to)banho // tomar banho = to take a bath, to have a bathBAS
73bathroom banheiro (casa) = a room containing a bathtub or shower and usually a sink and toilet (obs.: vaso sanitário, privada = toilet, water closet)BAS
74bathtubbanheira = tubBAS
75batter (to)bater, espancar = to hit (someone or something) repeatedly; to beat heavily; to smash; "the waves battered against the shoreline"INTERM
76batterybateria; pilhaBAS
77battle (n) / battle (to)batalha, combate, disputa / batalhar, combaterBAS
78bawdyindecente, imoral, desbocado, obsceno = lewd, nasty, indecentADV
80be (to); was; been (1)ser, estar; to be a matter of = ser uma questão de; to be able = ser capaz, poder = can; to be acquainted with = conhecer, estar familiarizado com "he is acquainted with the new computers"; to be addicted to = ser viciado em; to be attached = to be enclosed = estar anexo; to be ahead of schedule = estar adiantado (prazo, cronograma); to be aimed at = objetivar, visar, ter como objetivo = to aim; to be amazed at = to be astonished at = estar espantado de; to be assured of = ter certeza de; to be at one's disposal = estar à sua disposição "I'm at your disposal" ; to be at stake = estar em jogo, estar em risco, estar em perigo; to be awake = estar acordado; to be aware of = estar ciente de, estar a par de; to be back = voltar, regressar "to be back later"; to be behind of schedule = estar atrazaso (prazo, cronograma); to be bound for = ter como destino, em direção a, com destino a; "the train is bound for London"; to be bound to = ser obrigado a, estar sujeito a / it's on me! = eu pago!BAS
81be (to); was; been (2)to be charged of, to be charged with = ser acusado de; "to be charged of (with) a crime"; "to be charged of having committed these crimes"; to be cold = estar com frio; to be composed of, to be comprised of = ser composto de; to be concerned for = estar preocupado com = to be worried about; to be concerned with = estar relacionado com "this book is concerned with Philosophy"; to be doomed to = estar destinado a, estar fadado a; "to be doomed to failure "; to be down = estar triste; estar fora do ar (sistema); to be due (1) = ser esperado (horário) "the train is due at 5:30"; to be due (2) = a vencer, a pagar; "this electric bill is due by the end of the month"; to be engaged to = estar engajado com, estar comprometido com; to be fond of = gostar muito de; to be grateful to (a person) for (something) = estar agradecido por, ser grato por = to appreciate; to be held = ser realizado; "the meeting was held = a reunião foi realizada" ;"the auction will be held = o leilão será realizado"BAS
83beacon (n) / beacon (to)farol = lighthouse / iluminarINTERM
84bead conta de colar, rosário, etcINTERM
85beakbico (pássaro) = he hard, curved, horny part of a bird's mouth; bill; "an eagle's beak"BAS
86beam1) viga; trave = a long piece of wood or metal // 2) raio de luz; feixe de luz = a ray or stream of light / sun beam = raio de solBAS
88bear (n)ursoBAS
89bear (to); bore; borne suportar, tolerar = to stand, to endure BAS
91bearerportador; mensageiro = carrierBAS
92bearing1) conduta, atitude, comportamento = the way in which a person moves, stands, or behaves / 2) rolamento de esfera / 3) época de frutificação / bearing point = ponto de apoio BAS
93beastbesta, animalBAS
94beautiful / beautybonito, belo, lindo // beleza / beauty parlor = salão de belezaBAS
96beckon (to)1) acenar, fazer gestos, chamar por sinais / 2) atrairINTERM
97become (to); became; become1) ficar, tornar-se, transformar; "that client is becoming quite a problem"; "the caterpillar became a moth" / 2) ficar doido, ficar velho, ficar zangado, etc = to become crazy; to become old; to become angry // to become of = acontecer, ser o destino de = to happen to; "what has become of him? = que é feito dele?" / to become aware of = reparar em, saber de / to become outdated = ficar ultrapassadoBAS
98bedcama / single bed = cama de solteiro / double bed = cama de casalBAS
99bedazzle (to)deslumbrar, ofuscarADV
100bedriddenacamado = confined to bed by sickness or old ageADV
101bedrockalicerce, fundamento; "he said that democracy was the bedrock of the country"INTERM
104beechfaia (Fagus spp.)INTERM
105beef / beefsteak carne de vaca / corned beef = carne enlatada / roast beef = rosbife, carne assada // bife / rare = mal-passado; medium = ao ponto; well-done = bem passadoBAS
106beer cerveja (genérica); (obs.: ale, porter, stout = tipos de cerveja) / beer on tap; draft beer; draught beer = cerveja de barril, chopeBAS
107beet; beetrootbeterrabaBAS
109beg (to) / beggarsuplicar, implorar, mendigar, pedir esmola / mendigoBAS
110beget (to)gerar = to become the father of; to procreate; "in the Bible, Isaac begat Jacob"ADV
111begin (to); began; begun / beginning / beginnercomeçar, iniciar = to start, to commence / começo, início, princípio / principianteBAS
112beguile (to)1) encantar, seduzir = to charm; "there are numerous small shops to beguile the tourist" / 2) iludir, enganar = to cheat, to deceiveADV
113behalfon behalf of = em nome deBAS
114behave (to) / behavior; behaviourcomportar-se / comportamento, condutaBAS
115behestordem, comando; "at the king's behest"ADV
116behold (to); beheld; beheld (lit.)ver, contemplar, observarINTERM
117bejeweledcheio de jóias = adorned with jewelsADV
118belatedatrasado, tardio; "a belated birthday card"ADV
119belay (n) / belay (to)ponto de amarração, segurança // amarrar = to attach (a rope) to something so that it is secure; "the climber belayed the rope" ADV
120belch (to) / belch (n)arrotar = burp (to) / arroto = burp INTERM
121belfrycampanário = steeple, church towerINTERM
122belie (to)desmentir, contradizerADV
123believe (to) / beliefcrer, acreditar, confiar = to trust / crençaBAS
124belittle (to) diminuir, depreciar = to underrate, underestimate, to disparageINTERM
125bellsino; campainhaBAS
126bellow, toberrar, bramir, mugirADV
127belly barriga, abdômen BAS
128belong (to) / belongingspertencer, ser membro de // pertences; "he packed up all his belongings"BAS
129belt1) cinto // 2) cinturão, zona; corn = cinturão, zona = an area suited to a particular crop; corn belt, cotton belt, wheat beltBAS
130bemoan (to)1) lamentar, deplorar / 2) queixar, reclamarADV
131bemuse (to) / bemusedconfundir, tontear / confuso, perplexoADV
132benchbanco (móvel para se sentar)BAS
133benchmark; benchmarkingtécnica de comparação e avaliação de empresas, sistemas, produtos ou equipamentosINTERM
134bend (to); bent; bent / bend (n)dobrar, curvar, fazer uma curva / curva = curve; "a bend in the road"; "dangerous bend"; "sharp bend = curva fechada" BAS
135benefactor benfeitor = helperINTERM
136benefit / benefit (to) / beneficiary1) benefício; vantagem / fringe benefits = benefícios extras // 2) capital segurado = amount paid by the insurance company to a claimant // beneficiar-se // beneficiárioBAS
137bequeath (to)deixar (em testamento), legar, transmitir (herança); "the king bequeathed the throne to his son"INTERM
138berate, tocensurar, repreenderADV
139bereftdesprovido, despojado = deprived; "his latest idea is utterly bereft of common sense"ADV
140berry (pl.: berries)frutinha, baga // ex.: blackberry = amora silvestre / blueberry = mirtilo / cranberry = oxicoco / gooseberry = groselha = currant / mulberry = amora / raspberry = framboesa / strawberry = morangoBAS
141berth (n) / berth (to)1) beliche = a fixed bed or bunk on a ship, train, or other means of transport / 2) ancoradouro = a ship's allotted place at a wharf or dock; "this port does not provide berths for commercial vessels" // atracar = to moor (a ship) in its allotted place; "the captain berthed the ship"INTERM
142beseech, toimplorar, suplicarADV
143bestmelhor / best man = padrinho de casamentoBAS
144bestow (to)dar, conceder = to give, to grantINTERM
145bestride (to)montar, cavalgar = to stand or sit with one leg on each side of (something):ADV
146bet (to); bet; bet / bet (n)apostar em = to bet on / to place a bet; to lay a bet; to make a bet = fazer uma aposta // aposta BAS
147betray (to) / betrayal trair // traição = treason, treacheryBAS
148betrothal / betroth (to) noivado, contrato de casamento / contratar casamento ADV
149beverage beverage = bebida (qualquer tipo) = a drinkable liquid; (obs.: drink; liquor = alcoholic beverage)BAS
150bevyvários, bando, rebanho = a large group or collection "a bevy of scientists"; "a bevy of girls"ADV
151beware (to) oftomar cuidado, acautelar-se = to be careful; "beware of the dog"BAS
152bewilder (to) / bewildered confundir, desorientar = to puzzle, to maze // confuso, atordoado, desnorteado = confused, puzzled; "he saw the bewildered look on my face"; "the bewildered child looked for his mother"BAS
153bewitch (to) / bewitched1) enfeitiçar, encantar = to put a spell on; to cast spell on; to affect by witchcraft or magic; "Morgaine bewitched Arthur" / 2) seduzir, cativar = to charm, to fascinate; "she bewitched me with her smile" // enfeitiçado, encantado; "people say he was bewitched"; "bewitched by her smile"BAS
154bias / biased1) linha oblíqua, viés = diagonal line // 2) parcialidade, tendenciosidade, preconceito, propensão, inclinação, tendência = bent, tendency // tendencioso, parcialBAS
155Bible / bibleBíblia / referência confiável = a book regarded as authoritativeBAS
156bicycle; bikebicicleta BAS
157bid (to); bade; bidden / bid / bidding / bidder1) mandar; ordenar / 2) fazer uma oferta, fazer uma proposta, licitar // 1) oferta; proposta = proposal / 2) lance (leilão) = offer of a price, amount offered / to make a bid = fazer uma oferta // licitação / bidding system = sistema de licitação // licitante; ofertante (leilão) BAS
158biggrande = large in size, height, width, or amount; large / big shot = manda-chuva; chefão = bossBAS
159bight [bait]baía, golfo = curve in a coastlineINTERM
160bigot / bigotryfanático, preconceituoso = a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices // fanatismo, intolerânciaINTERM
161bill (n) / bill (to) / billboard1) conta, fatura = a statement of the money owed for goods or services; "don't forget to pay the electricity bill"; due bills = outstanding bills = contas vencidas, contas pendentes; utilities bills = contas de luz, telefone, etc; / 2) conta de restaurante = check; "waiter, could you please bring me the bill?" / 3) nota, cédula "a twenty-dollar bill" / 4) cartaz, aviso = poster; "the circus posted bills announcing its arrival in the town" / 5) projeto de lei; "the Bill was approved by Congress" / 6) bico (ave) = beak; "the duck caught a fish in its bill" // cobrar = to charge; "the lawyer billed him three hundred dollars for the service" // painel publicitário; outdoor, cartaz = a large panel designed to carry outdoor advertising (obs.: roadside bill = painel de outdoor na estrada) BAS
163billow (to)crescer, incharADV
164bindepósito, caixa, compartimento para guardar coisas = a box or enclosed place used for storage / dust bin = lata de lixo = garbage can, trash can, rubbish bin (UK) / compost bin = caixa de compostagem / harvest bin = cesta de colheitaBAS
165bind (to); bound; bound 1) atar, amarrar, ligar = to attach; to fasten; to tie; "she bound her hair with a ribbon" / 2) encadernar, enfaixar; "to bind a book in leather" / 3) vincular, obrigar, comprometer; "we are bound by the terms of the contract"; " BAS
166binder / bindingpasta; encadernador; three-ring binder = pasta 3 furos // encadernaçãoBAS
167binge1) comilança, bebedeira = a time in which one eats or drinks a great deal / 2) farra = a period of time in which an activity is done a great deal or too much; "a shopping binge before Christmas" // binge-watch = maratona na TV = watching one TV show for hoursADV
169birchbétula (Betula spp.)INTERM
170bird pássaro (obs.: fowl = ave doméstica ou selvagem = a bird of any kind; poultry = aves domésticas = domesticated birds kept for eggs or meat)BAS
171birthnascimento / date of birth = data de nascimentoBAS
172birthdayaniversário = the anniversary of a birthBAS
173biscuit biscoito (UK) = cookie (US)BAS
174bishop1) bispo (igreja) / 2) bispo (jogo de xadrez)BAS
175bit1) um pouquinho; um bocadinho = a small piece or quantity; "just a little bit = só um pouquinho"// 2) um momentinho; em pouco tempo = short time = "wait a bit = espere um pouquinho" // pitada; "I added a bit of cinnamon to the recipe"BAS
176bitch1) cadela (fêmea do cachorro) = a female dog, wolf or fox; "our cousin wants to mate his bitch with our dog" / 2) puta = a lewd or immoral woman; "that bitch flirts with every man she meets" / son of bitch! = filho da puta!BAS
177bitteramargo; "bitter herbs"BAS
178bizarre esquisito, estranho, bizarro, excêntrico, fora do comum, extravagante = unusual in appearance, style, or character; strange, weird, odd, quaint; "bizarre clothing"; "bizarre behavior"BAS
179blackberryamora; amora-silvestre (Rubus spp.) / (obs.: existe outro tipo de amora que é a mulberry do gênero Morus)BAS
180blackmail (n) / blackmail (to) / blackmailerchantagem / chantagear / chantagistaBAS
183bladelâmina = the cutting part of an implement BAS
184blame (n) / blame (to)culpa, responsabilidade = responsibility for something that is wrong or deserving censure; fault / "who is to blame? = quem é o culpado?" // culpar, responsabilizar BAS
185blanch1) alvejar, branquear / 2) empalidecerADV
186blandsem sabor; insípido, insossoADV
187blankem branco, vazio, espaço vazio a ser preenchido = not filled in; empty; void / blank sheet = folha em branco / blank page = página em branco / blank check = cheque em brancoBAS
188blanket cobertorBAS
189blare, to / blaringretumbar, retinir / estridente; "blaring traffic"ADV
190blast (n) / blast (to)1) explosão / 2) sopro, jato de ar, jato de vapor = a mass of water, gas, heat, etc., that moves very quickly / at full blast = a velocidade máxima, a todo vapor, a toda altura (som) / blast of wind = rajada de vento // explodir BAS
191blatant / blatantlyóbvio, escancarado, descarado, evidente = very obvious and noticeable in a bad way "a blatant error" // descaradamenteADV
192blaze (n) / blaze (to) / blazingchama, labareda, fogueira, incêndio / blaze of anger = acesso de raiva / blaze of glory = coberto de glória // inflamar, queimar, arder // ardente, resplandecente, flamejante, escaldanteBAS
193blazer blazer, paletó, jaqueta = jacketBAS
194bleak1) ermo, desolado, sem vida // 2) desanimador, sombrio; "a bleak outlook = perspectiva sombria"; "dark and bleak winter day = dia escuro e sombrio de inverno" INTERM
195blemish (to) / blemish (n)manchar; "his reputation was blemished by the scandal" / defeito, mancha = defect, flaw, stain; "it is not unusual for organic fruits to have some blemishes"INTERM
196blend (n) / blend (to)mistura = mixture / misturar = to mix BAS
197bless (to) / blessing abençoar / benção BAS
199blink (n) / blink (to)piscadela / in the blink of an eye = em um piscar de olhos // piscar os olhos involuntariamente / (obs.: to wink = piscar um olho para alguém como sinal, etc)BAS
200bliss / blissfulfelicidade extrema = great happiness / feliz, bem-aventurado = happy, merryINTERM
201blizzardnevasca = a severe snowstorm that goes on for a long timeINTERM
202blobgota, borrão, mancha; "he spilled a blob of paint on the floor"ADV
203block (n) / block (to) / blockage1) quarteirão, quadra; "the post office is three blocks in that direction" / 2) bloco; "they used cement blocks for the foundations of the house" // bloquear, impedir, obstruir // bloqueio, obstrução, obstáculo BAS
205bloom (n) / bloom (to) flor, flores (coletivamente); em flor; "the bloom of the cherry tree"; "the gardens are all in bloom" / in full bloom = em plena floração / the bloom of youth = a flor da idade // florir, vicejar; "flowers blooming in the garden" BAS
206blossomflor de árvore frutífera; "apple blossoms"; "cherry blossom" // florescerBAS
207blot (n) / blot (to)mancha, borrão (de tinta de escrever), nódoa = spot, stain // 1) manchar = to make a blot; "blotted the paper with a spot of ink" / 2) remover (excesso de tinta, etc) = to soak up (excess ink, etc) by using blotting paper or some other absorbent materialINTERM
208blotchmancha na pele; "an allergic reaction left my face covered in pink blotches"ADV
210blow (to); blew; blown 1) soprar, ventar; "the winter wind blows from the west"; to blow away = soprar (vento), ser levado pelo vento; / 2) assoar; "he blew his nose"; to blow a fuse = queimar (fusível); to blow out = estourar (pneu); to blow out = apagar (fogo, vela); "she blew out the candles on her birthday cake"; to blow the horn = buzinar = to sound the horn; to honk BAS
211blue1) azul / 2) triste, melancólico // blue chip = ação de boa empresa = a stock considered reliable with respect to both dividend income and capital value / blue ribbon = (primeiro prêmio) / blue-collar worker = operário de fábrica (obs.: white-collar worker = empregado de escritório)BAS
213blueprintesquema, planta detalhada = a detailed plan of how to do somethingINTERM
214bluff (n) / bluff (to)blefe / blefarINTERM
215blundererro crasso, gafe, rata, tolice, mancada = stupid mistake; goofINTERM
216bluntsem corte; cego = not sharp; dull; "a blunt knife"BAS
217blur (n) / blur (to) / bluryborrão, mancha // embaçar, borrar, tornar indistinto, obscurecer, manchar, enevoar, turvar = to dim, to make indistinct; "the fog blurred the outline of the car" // embaçado (visão); tremido, desfocado (foto) INTERM
218blurt (to)deixar escapar; falar sem pensar = say (something) suddenly and without careful consideration; "he blurted (out) the secret"ADV
219blush (to)corar, ruborizarBAS
220bluster1) tormenta, violência de tempestade / 2) bravata, fanfarriceADV
222board (n)1) tábua, prancha = plank; "somebody put a board over the mud so people could walk on it" // 2) quadro (escolar), lousa / blackboard; whiteboard // 3) tabuleiro (jogo) / chess board; checkers board // 4) painel / dashboard = display board = painel de instrumentos / switch board = plug board = painel de controle // 5) conselho, junta / board of directors = diretoria / chairman of the board = presidente do conselho / board meeting = reunião do conselho / Board of Trade = Câmara de ComércioBAS
223board (to) / boarding1) embarcar / boarding card = boarding pass = cartão de embarque // 2) fornecer pensão, fornecer refeição / board and lodging = room and board = alojamento e comida; cama e comida // boarding house = pensãoBAS
224boardwalkcalçadão, passadiço; "the boardwalk along the seafront is currently being repaired"INTERM
225boast (to) gabar-se de, vangloriar-se de, jactar-se, contar vantagem, alardear = to brag; "he liked to boast that he was the richest man in town"INTERM
227bob (to)vir à tona; flutuar = to move (something) quickly down and upADV
228body1) corpo // 2) corporação; member of a body = membro de corpo, membro de uma corporaçãoBAS
229bog (n) / bog (to)pântano, brejo, atoleiro, lamaçal = swamp, marsh, mire / atolarINTERM
230boggle (to)espantar, surpreenderADV
231bogusfalso, artificial, ficticio = counterfeit, not genuineADV
232boileraquecedor, caldeiraBAS
233boisterousruidoso, escandaloso, turbulento; "boisterous laughter"INTERM
234bold 1) corajoso, valente= fearless in the face of danger; "bold and daring pilots"; "that was bold of you to go into the burning house to save the cat" / 2) atrevido, insolente = ignoring good manners; "a bold child who always talks back to her parents" / 3) negrito = boldface; in bold = em negrito; "he put the important words in bold"BAS
235bolt1) parafuso // 2) trinco, ferrolho = a wood or metal bar or rod used to fasten a door // 3) raio = flash of lightning BAS
236bomb (m) / bomb (to) bomba (explosive device) / atomic bomb = bomba atômica / bomb shelter = abrigo antiaéreo // bombardear = to drop bombsBAS
237bond1) laço; elo; vínculo / bonds of friendship = laços de amizade // 2) bônus, títulos públicos, obrigações, valores = securities, stock / Bond of Treasury = obrigação do Tesouro BAS
239bonfirefogueira = a large fire built in the open air; campfire INTERM
240bonus (pl.: bonuses)bônus, prêmio; bonus share = bonificação (ações)BAS
241boo (n) / boo (to) vaia = hiss // vaiar = to hiss, to hoot INTERM
242book (n)livro / book mark = marcador de livro / book signing = autógrafo de livro / handbook = manual, livro de referência / pocket book = livro de bolso / text book = livro-texto; "this book is sold-out = este livro está esgotado" BAS
243book (to) / bookingreservar = to reserve in advance / to book a meeting = marcar uma reunião // reserva = reservations; "bookings doubled = reservas dobraram" / booking office = bilheteria / advance booking = reserva com antecedência BAS
244bookcase; bookshelfestante = a set of shelves for booksBAS
245bookish1) estudioso, teórico = greatly enjoying reading or studying; more acquainted with books than with real life; "the bookish life of a university professor" / 2) excessivamente formal = overly formal; "a bookish way of speaking"INTERM
247bookletfolheto; prospecto; brochura = folder; "the booklet on Prague told us which sights to see during the winter"BAS
248bookshop; bookstorelivrariaBAS
249boom / boomingaumento, alta de negócios, alta de ações = rise, increase, period of rapid economic growth / boom and bust cycles = ciclos de crescimento e queda // crescente / booming sales = vendas crescentesBAS
250boost (n) / boost (to) aumento, impulso, estímulo; "a boost in food prices" // aumentar; incrementar; impulsionar, estimular, = to lift, to raise, to increase / to boost prices / to boost profits / to boost productivity / to boost revenues / to boost the number of = aumentar o número deBAS
251boot1) bota / 2) porta-malas (carro) (UK) = trunk (US)BAS
252booth 1) cabine / telephone booth = cabine telefônica / voting booth, polling booth = cabine de votação // 2) barraca de feira = a stall or stand (as at a fair) for the sale or exhibition of goods // 3) estande = stall; stand / to stop by a booth = parar num estandeBAS
253boozebebida alcoolica = alcoholic drinksINTERM
254borderfronteira; "border between two countries"BAS
255bore (to) 1) furar; perfurar = to drill, to pierce, to make a hole with a drill // 2) entediar, chatear = to cause to feel boredom; to tire or make weary by being dull, repetitious, or uninterestingBAS
256boredentediado (refers to a feeling that you have when you are not interested in something); "I'm so bored!'; "I'm so bored by their conversation" (obs.: oposto = interested) / lembrete: If you are yawning, you're bored; if everybody else is yawning, you're boringBAS
257boredomtédio, enfado = the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest; "the boredom of a long car trip"BAS
258boringchato, maçante, entediante (used when you are describing a persons character); "a boring speech (teacher, book, movie, chat, guy)"; "what a boring woman!" (obs.: oposto = interesting)BAS
259borrow (to) / borrowing / borrowerpedir emprestado / pedido de empréstimo / pessoa que pede emprestadoBAS
260boss / bossychefe = big shot; "If you want to take a break, ask the boss" / big boss = chefão, manda-chuva // mandão, autoritárioBAS
262botch / botch (to)estrago, remendo, serviço malfeito / estragar, fazer malfeito = to spoil, to repair badly ADV
263bother (to) / bother (n)aborrecer, incomodar, preocupar // aborrecimento, incômodo, preocupação, chateaçãoBAS
264bottle / bottle (to)garrafa / bottle opener = abridor de garrafa / thermos bottle = vaccuum bottle = garrafa térmica // engarrafar; "the wine is then bottled"BAS
265bottleneckengarrafamento, gargalo = a narrow stretch of road or a junction at which traffic is or may be held up = traffic jam; "the bottleneck on the bridge where tolls are collected"INTERM
266bottom (n) / bottom (adj)1) fundo, parte mais baixa; sea bottom, river bottom; "he found the toy at the bottom of the box" / 2) traseiro, bunda // inferior, mais baixo (adj); bottom drawer = gaveta de baixo // bottom line = resultado final, lucro final (contabilidade) = the last line of a financial statement that shows the net profit or loss of a company or organization; "the bottom line is $120,000"BAS
267boulderpedregulho = a large rock, typically one that has been worn smooth by erosionADV
268bound 1) em direção a; com destino a; "the cruise ship was bound for New York" / outward bound = indo; homeward bound = vindo // 2) certo, destinado a; "it is bound to happen" "he is bound to go"BAS
269bound (to) / bound (n)pular, saltar, dar um salto = to jump, to leap, to spring, to skip; "he bounded out the door" / pulo, salto; "he reached her in a single bound" BAS
270boundarylimite, fronteira = border / boundary line = linha demarcatória / economic boundaries = fronteiras econômicas / legal boundaries; physical boundariesBAS
271bountiful1) abundante, farto, copioso = given or existing in large amounts; "a bountiful supply of water" // 2) generoso, liberal = generousINTERM
272bounty1) generosidade, benevolência, liberalidade // 2) subvenção; subsídio = a reward offered by a governmentINTERM
273bourgeoisburguês; classe média = middle classINTERM
274bow (n) / bow (to) [bau] 1) qualquer objeto curvo; curva, laço; "she tied the ribbon in a bow" / 2) proa = the forward part of a ship (obs.: contrário é popa = stern) / 3) arco / bow and arrow = arco e flecha; "a hunter's bow is often made of flexible wood" // inclinar a cabeça, corpo em reverência, fazer reverênciaBAS
275bowdlerize (to)censurar livros, filmes, etc = to remove passages or words regarded as indecent from (a play, novel, etc); expurgateADV
276bowels intestino, entranhas, víscerasBAS
278bowl tijela / fish bowl = aquário / fruit bowl = fruteira / sugar bowl = açucareiroBAS
279boxcaixa / cardboard box = caixa de papelão /strong box = caixa forte = safe / box office = guichê, bilheteria (teatro) = booking officeBAS
280boy / boyfriendmenino / namoradoBAS
281boycott (n) / boycott (to)boicote // boicotar = to refuse to buy, use, or participate in (something) as a way of protesting INTERM
282bracelet pulseiraBAS
283braces1) aparelho de dente (US) = dental appliances used to exert pressure to straighten misaligned teeth / 2) suspensórios (UK) = suspenders (US)INTERM
284bracket1) colchete = one of two marks, [ or ], used in writing or printing / 2) faixa, intervalo = age bracket = faixa etária = age range; "she is taller than average for her age bracket"INTERM
285brag (to)gabar-se, contar vantagem = to boast; "he bragged that he had shot a lion"INTERM
286braidtrança = plat (obs.: ponytail = rabo de cavalo / pigtail= maria-chiquinha)INTERM
287brain cérebro // brainstorming; sessão de ideias = technique of solving problems and developing ideasBAS
290brambleamora-silvestre (gen. Rubus spp.)ADV
291branch1) galho, ramo / 2) filial / 3) ramal (ferrovia)BAS
292brandmarca = make; "what brand of shoes do you buy?"; brand-new = novo em folhaBAS
293brandyconhaque, aguardenteBAS
294brashatrevido, audacioso, abusadoADV
295bravadobravata, fanfarriceADV
296brave / braverycorajoso, valente = courageous / coragem, bravura BAS
297brawl (n) / brawl (to) briga, pancadaria / brigar ADV
298brazenlydescaradamente, indecentementeADV
299breach / breach (to) quebra (contrato, lei, violação, transgressão, falta de cumprimento = failure to act in a required or promised way / breach of contract = quebra de contrato / breach of trust = abuso de confiança, quebra de confiança / data breach = violação de dados, violação de privacidade / security breaches = violações de segurança // abrir brecha, romper, violar, transgredir BAS
300bread pão (substância); (obs.: loaf = a shaped or molded mass of bread) / loaf of bread = pão de forma; "the bakery offers a nice selection of breads and pastries" / slice of bread = fatia de pão / stick = bisnaga de pãoBAS
301break (to); broke; broken / break (n) / breakable1) quebrar, romper / to break down = a) quebrar, estragar, enguiçar / b) sofrer crise nervosa / c) decompor, dividir em categorias / to break into = arrombar, entrar (por arrombamento) / to break one's heart = magoar / to break tie = desempatar // 2) violar, quebrar (contrato, etc) / to break law, treaty, agreement, promise, contract = to breach / to break one's word = faltar com a palavra /// 1) quebra; fratura; avaria = breakage // 2) intervalo, interrupção / without a break = sem interrupção / coffee break = interrupção para café (reunião, palestra, etc) // 3) recreio (at school) // 4) fenda, vão; " the children slipped through a break in the fence" /// quebrável = easy to break; brittleBAS
302breakdown (n) / breakdown (to)enguiço, avaria // enguiçarBAS
303breakevenequilíbrio (entre receitas e despesas) / breakeven point = ponto de equilíbrioINTERM
304breakfastcafé da manhãBAS
305breakthroughavanço significativo em tecnologia; importante descoberta; grande avanço = a sudden increase in knowledge, understanding, etc / breakthrough event = evento revolucionário; "a major breakthrough occurred = ocorreu um grande avanço"; "researchers say they have made a major breakthrough in cancer treatment"INTERM
306breath / breathe (to)respiração / bad breath = mau hálito = foul breath / short of breath = falta de ar // respirarBAS
307breechescalça curtaINTERM
308breed (to); bred; bred / breed () / breedingcriar (animais), procriar; to cross breed = cruzar raças // raça // criação (animais), cultivo (plantas) = the process of producing animals or plants by sexual reproductionBAS
309breezebrisa, aragem = wind or current of air, especially a light one; "a gentle breeze blew through the curtains"BAS
310brethren (pl. especial de brother)irmãos (sociedade, igreja, etc) = used chiefly in formal or solemn address or in referring to the members of a profession, society, or sect INTERM
311brew (to) / brewery1) fermentar, fazer cerveja / 2) preparar chá = to prepare (tea, etc.) with boiling water "she brewed a pot of tea for us" // cervejaria, fábrica de cerveja // brewpub = pub que fabrica sua própria cervejaBAS
312bribe (n) / bribe (to) / briberysuborno (algo dado como pagamento ilicito) = anything given as illicit payment " to give a bribe to ... " / subornar / ato de subornar; suborno INTERM
313brick / bricklayertijolo / pedreiro = mason; "the bricklayer mixed the mortar and spread it over the bricks"BAS
314bridegroom / bridenoivo (na hora do casamento) = a newly married man or one about to be married / noiva (na hora do casamento) = a newly married woman or one about to be marriedBAS
315bridge (n) / bridge (to) ponte / draw bridge = ponte levadiça / suspension bridge = ponte suspensa / floating bridge = ponte flutuante (Curaçao) // transpor; to bridge the gap = preencher a lacuna, fazer a ponte BAS
316brief (n) / brief (adj)resumo; sinopse = summary, synopsis, abstract / breve, curto, conciso = concise BAS
317briefcasepasta de couro para carregar documentos, papéisBAS
318briefinginstruções, informações = a meeting in which people are given instructions or information; "a press briefing"; "the captain gave his men a full briefing"; "on the basis of this briefing = com base nessas informações!INTERM
319bright1) brilhante = clear, brilliant, reflecting light; "the sun is bright today" // 2) inteligente = intelligent, smart; "he is a very bright student" BAS
320brimbeira, borda (bowl, cup); aba (hat) = edge, rim, brink; to the brim = até a bordaINTERM
321bring (to); brought; broughttrazer / to bring forward = antecipar / to bring about = causar, motivar, provocar = to cause ; "changes in lifestyle brought about by technology" / to bring forth = produzir, dar à luz / to bring to = reanimar pessoa desmaiada = to come to / to bring to mind = recordar = to call to mind / to bring up = educar, criarBAS
322brinkbeira, borda = edge, brim, rim; on the brink of = à beira deINTERM
323brisk / brisklyativo, enérgico, vigoroso, rápido = active, nimble, lively, busy, deft; "she walks with a brisk pace" // rapidamente, abruptamenteINTERM
324bristle (n) / bristle (to)1) cerda (escova) / 2) pelos (barba) // atiçar, eriçarINTERM
325brittlefrágil, quebradiço = fragile, breakableINTERM
326broadcast (to) / broadcastingdifundir; transmitir // difusão; transmissão / TV broadcast = transmissão de TVBAS
327brocadebrocado (tecido de seda com bordados a ouro e/ou prata)ADV
329broil (to)grelhar, assar = to cook directly over a fire; to grillINTERM
330broker / brokeragecorretor // corretagem / brokerage house = corretoraBAS
331brood (n) / brood (to) ninhada, prole = a group of young birds (such as chickens) that were all born at the same time // cismar, matutar = to think a lot about something in an unhappy way INTERM
332broodypensativo, taciturno, melancólicoADV
333brookriacho = creek, streamBAS
334broomvassoura; "witch's broom"BAS
335brothcaldo = liquid in which meat, fish, cereal grains, or vegetables have been cooked; "chicken broth"; "a delicious broth of onion and fish"INTERM
336brother / brother-in-lawirmão / cunhadoBAS
337browse (to) / browser1) navegar (Internet) // 2) folhear (livro, etc) = to skim through a book reading passages that catch the eye // 3) olhar sem comprar; dar uma olhada (loja, etc) = to glance goods // 4) pastar = to graze; "the deer were browsing in the meadows" // navegador (Internet)INTERM
338bruise (to) / bruise (n)machucar, contundir = to wound, to injure / contusão, hematoma, machucadoINTERM
339brunchbrunch = a meal that serves as both breakfast and lunchINTERM
340brush escova; hairbrush = escova de cabelo; toothbrush = escova de denteBAS
341bubblebolha; "the bubble burst"BAS
342buck1) animal macho = a male animal (obs.: doe = fêmea) // 2) dólar; "can't you lend me a few bucks till Saturday?"INTERM
343bucket balde = an open container with a handle that is used especially to hold and carry water and other liquids; pailBAS
344bucklefivela = metal clasp for fastening a belt or strapBAS
345bud / buddingbotão (flor) / em botão; em ascensão = in an early stage of development; "their eldest son is a budding writer"BAS
346buddyamigo, companheiro, camarada = close friend; "all his buddies showed up for the surprise party"BAS
347budge (to)mexer-se; mover-se; sair do lugar; "I can't make the rock budge even a little bit!"ADV
348budget (n) / budget (adj)orçamento; "what's the average weekly budget for a family of five?", "he's been trying to live on a budget of less than $1,500 a month" / / federal budget deficit = déficit orçamentário união // econômico, barato, popular = cheap, economical, low-cost; budget prices = preços populares, pechincha / budget airline = low-cost airlineBAS
349buff1) bege (cor) = a light to moderate yellow / 2) aficcionado, entusiasta = person who is very interested in or enthusiastic about a particular subject; "he's such a film buff that he owns over 3,000 movies"; film buff = cinéfilo; history buff; tennis buffADV
350bufferqualquer coisa que serve para absorver choques; amortecedor; para-choque; área intermediária = any device that serves to absorb shockINTERM
351buffet (n) / buffet (to) bufê / bater, golpear, fustigar (vento); "the rough seas buffeted the coast"; "strong winds buffeted the little boat and it almost capsized"ADV
352bug1) inseto, besouro, escaravelho // 2) erro, defeito; falha = an error or fault esp in a computer or computer program // 3) grampo (aparelho de escuta) = a concealed microphone used for recording conversations, as in spyingINTERM
353buggycarrinho de bebê = baby carriage; pram (UK)INTERM
354build (to); built; built / buildingconstruir = to construct / to build up = fortalecer // edificio, construção / building material = material de construçãoBAS
355bulb1) bulbo; lâmpada elétrica; electric light bulb = lâmpada elétrica / 2) bulbo (planta); "tulip bulbs"BAS
356bulge (n) / bulge (to) inchaço, saliência / inchar INTERM
357bulk / bulky1) volume, massa, tamanho = great weight, size, or mass; "a ship of great bulk" / / 2) corpanzil = a large or corpulent human body // 3) a maior parte; "we spent the bulk of the summer at the beach" / in bulk = a granel, em grande quantidade / in the bulk = por atacado /// volumosoBAS
358bulletbala (arma) / stray bullet = bala perdida = random shotBAS
359bulletin1) boletim; comunicado; circular / 2) publicação periódica = periodic journal / bulletin board = quadro de avisos BAS
360bullhornmegafone = a high-powered, electrical loudspeaker; megaphoneADV
361bully (n) / bully (to) / bullyingvalentão // intimidar, ameaçar = to hurt, intimidate, or persecute (a weaker or smaller person) // assédio moral, provocaçãoINTERM
362bump (n) / bump (to) / bumpy1) choque, baque / 2) inchaço, galo (cabeça) / 3) speed bump = quebra-molas = road hump /// 1) bater em, colidir com, chocar; "I have a bruise from where I bumped my head" / 2) topar com, dar de cara com; "you'll never guess who I bumped into today!" /// esburacado, cheio de buracos; "bumpy road" INTERM
364bun 1) pãozinho, pão doce = roll // 2) bunda, nádegas = buttocks, buttINTERM
365bunchcacho; penca = cluster; a number of things of the same kind / bunch of grapes = cacho de uvas / bunch of keys = molho de chavesBAS
366bundlefardo, trouxa, feixe = a group of things fastened together for convenient handling; package / bundle of clothes = trouxa de roupas / bundle of twigs = feixe de lenha = bundle of sticks; bundle of woodBAS
367bungalowbangalô, pequena casa`de campo = a small house or summer cottageINTERM
368bungle (n) / bungle (to) erro, asneira / estragar, escangalharADV
369bunkbeliche = a bed built into the wall, as on a ship, with one on top of another; "there were four bunks in the campers' cabin"ADV
371buoy (n) / buoy (to) / buoyantbóia; "boats must keep between the buoys when leaving harbour" // boiar, flutuar // 1) flutuante / 2) animado, alegre = cheerfulBAS
372burden1) carga; peso; fardo = load; something heavy carried / 2) aflição; responsabilidadeBAS
373bureau1) cômoda, escrivaninha // 2) escritório ou departamento do governo / census bureau = departamento de recenseamento (IBGE) / credit bureau = serviço de proteção ao crédito / information bureau = escritório de informações / weather bureau = serviço de meteorologiaBAS
374bureaucracy / bureaucraticburocracia = red tape // burocrático; formal = formal; stiffINTERM
375burgeon (n) / burgeon (to) / burgeoningbroto, botão, rebento (planta) = bud, sprout // crescer, desenvolver, florescer; "the town was burgeoning into a city" // florescente, em flor, em desenvolvimentoADV
376burglar / burglaryladrão, assaltante, arrombador / assalto, arrombamentoINTERM
377burlyforte, robustoADV
378burp (n) / burp (to)arroto = belch / arrotar = to belchADV
379burrowtoca, buraco, cova = a hole or tunnel in the ground that an animal (such as a rabbit or fox) makes to live in or for safe / rabbit's burrow = toca de coelhoINTERM
380burst (to); burst; burst / burst (n)1) estourar, explodir = to explode, to bust / 2) irromper / to burst out crying = to burst into tears = desatar a chorar / to burst out laughing = cair na gargalhada // estouro; bubble burst = estouro da bolha BAS
381bury (to) / burialenterrar / enterroBAS
382bus ônibus / bus stop = parada de ônibus / trollleybus = ônibus elétricoBAS
383bush1) arbusto, mato = a usually low shrub with many branches; shrub / 2) The Bush (Austrália) = interior (tudo que não está na cidade) = outback // bushfire = incêndio florestal = an uncontrolled fire in the trees and bushes; forest fireBAS
384business / businessmannegócio, ramo de negócio / Business Administration / business case = estudo de caso / business cycles / business day = dia útil = week day / business trip / business address / business school professor / business partner = parceiro de negócio / business organization = empresa / business unit = unidade de negócio / core business = negócio principal de uma empresa / on business = a negócio // homem de negócios, empresário = executive, entrepreneurBAS
385bust (n) / bust (to) 1) explosão / 2) busto (escultura) / 3) boom and bust cycles = altos e baixos; ciclos de crescimento e queda // 1) explodir = to burst / 2) falir = to go bankrupt, to become bankrupt, to ruin financially = to go bustINTERM
386bustleanimação, movimento, correria, azáfama / hustle and bustle = grande movimento; confusão e agitação; azáfama; "the hustle and bustle of the big city"INTERM
387busyocupado, atarefado / busy line = linha ocupada (telefone) / busy as a bee = muito ocupadoBAS
388butcheraçougueiro / butcher's shop = açougueBAS
389butler mordomo = the chief male servant of a household; "the butler met us at the door"INTERM
390butt1) bunda = buttocks, bun / 2) toco de cigarro, guimba / 3) coronha (revólver)INTERM
391buttermanteiga / to spread butter = passar manteiga BAS
393buttocks bunda = buttINTERM
395buy (to); bought; bought / buyercomprar / to buy up = comprar tudo, açambarcar / buying power = poder aquisitivo = purchasing power // comprador = purchaser BAS
396buzz (to) / buzz (n)1) zumbir / 2) sussurrar // 1) zumbido / 2) sussurro INTERM
397buzzwordclichê, jargão, termo em vogaINTERM
398bypass (n) / bypass (to) desvio = detour // 1) desviar, dar a volta = to detour around; "a road that bypasses a city" / 2) ignorar regulamentosINTERM
399byproductsubproduto = spin-offINTERM
400bystanderobservador, espectador = a person who is standing near but not taking part in what is happeningADV