ice (n) / ice (to)gelo // formar gelo, cobrir de gelo, congelar; "the airport runway iced over"
identityidentidade / identity card = carteira de idntidade / identity crisis = crise de identidade
idiomsexpressões idiomáticas
ill (adj) / ill (adv) / illness1) doente (adj) = sick; not in good health; "an ill person"; "he had been ill for several years"; "what's wrong? you look ill" // 2) mau (adj) = not kind or friendly; "he held an ill opinion of his neighbors"; ill-will = má vontade, animosidade, antipatia = grudge, resentment // mal (adv) = in a bad or imperfect way; "please don't think ill of me" // doença = sickness, disease
illiterateanalfabeto = unable to read or write
immaterial irrelevante, pouco importante = unimportant
imp1) menino travesso, diabinho, pestinha / 2) demônio, espírito mau = a small demon or devil; mischievous sprite
impactimpacto; "the greatest impact on customer satisfaction"; "the impact of IT on decision-making'"
impair (to) / impairedprejudicar, enfraquecer, debilitar = to make (something) weaker or worse; to damage, to injure, to mar, to spoil; "his hearing was impaired by an accident"; "smoking can impair your health" / deficiente, debilitado = handicapped
impart (to)partilhar, transmitir (segredo, conhecimento)
impassionedardoroso, apaixonado, fervoroso; "she is an impassioned lover of math"
impendingiminente = about to happen; "the impending crisis"
impersonate (to) / impersonatorpersonificar / personificação
implement (to) / implementationimplementar = to perform, to accomplish, to put into effect / implementação
import (n) / import (to) 1) importação = the act of importing = importation; "the import of cars" / 2) produto importado = goods that are bought from foreign countries // importar (comprar de outro país)
importance / importantimportância / of no importance = sem importância / of utmost importance = de máxima importância / of little importance = de pouca importância // importante; "she is very important to him"; "diet and exercise are important for health"
impress (to) / impressiveimpressionar / to be impressed with = estar impressionado com // impressionante = causing admiration because of size, conduct, manner, etc.; "impressive performance"; "the impressive old castles of Ireland"; "an impressive display of skill"; "he has an impressive vocabulary"
improve (to) / improvementmelhorar = to make better, to ameliorate; "to improve decision making and problem solution"; "to improve communication" // aperfeiçoamento; melhoramento
incarcerate (to)encarcerar = to put (someone) in prison
incentiveincentivo, estímulo = stimulus, spur
inceptioncomeço, origem = beginning ; "since its inception, the business has expanded"
inch (n) / inch (to)polegada = unit of linear measure equal to one twelfth of a foot (2.54 cm) / avançar devagar; "she inched over the ice carefully to avoid falling"
include (to)incluir; "does the silverware set include teaspoons?"
incomereceita; renda = revenue / per capita income = income per head = renda per-capita / statement of income = declaração de renda / operating income = receita operacional / expected income = receita esperada / income tax = imposto de renda; personal income tax = IR pessoa física; corporate income tax = IR pessoa jurídica / estimated income tax = IR estimado / income before income taxes = receita antes IR / income tax evasion = sonegação IR / withholding tax = IR retido na fonte
incorporate (to)incorporar = to embody
increase (to) / increase (n)aumentar (# decrease); "house prices have increased by 5%" // aumento = growth in size, strength, or quality
incredibleincrível, inacreditável = impossible or hard to believe; unbelievable, amazing, astonishing; "incredible skill"; "incredible speed"; "incredible appetite"
incumbent1) ocupante, titular = a person who holds a particular office or position / 2) to be incumbent on = ser obrigatório, caber a ...; competir a ... ; "it's incumbent on him ... = cabe a ele ..."; "it's incumbent on us to take action = cabe a nós tomar uma ação"
incur (to)incorrer, ficar sujeito a = to bring (something unpleasant or onerous) upon oneself
indecentindecente, obsceno, sujo = nasty, filthy, obscene, lewd
indemnityindenização = compensation for loss or damage; reimbursement
independence / independentindependência; Independence Day // independente
index (n) / index (to) índice; index book = classificador; index card = ficha de arquivo // indexar
indicator indicador = measure / business indicators = indicadores do negócio; "key indicators of the health of the business"
indict (to) / indictmentacusar = to accuse, to charge with a crime / acusação, denúncia
indulge (to) / indulgent1) fazer a vontade; mimar = to yield to the wishes of (someone); "her parents indulge her too much"; "she just wants your attention; don't indulge her" / 2) satisfazer-se; permitir-se = to allow (oneself) to follow one's will, wishes, or desires; "as it was a special occasion, I decided to indulge my desire for a glass of champagne" // indulgente, tolerante, complacente
industry / industrialindústria /aeronautical industry = indústria aeronáutica /automotive industry = indústria automobilística / industry-wide = em toda a indústria, segmento // industrial
infamousinfame = deserving of or causing an evil reputation; "the infamous crime boss was finally sent to prison"
infatuation / infatuatedpaixão desenfreada / infatuated with = apaixonado por
infer (to) / inferenceinferir; deduzir; concluir = to conclude by reasoning from premises or evidence / inferência
inflationinflação "inflation will speed up" /inflation rate = taxa de inflação / stable inflation rate = taxa de inflação estável
influence (n) / influence (to) influência / influenciar
influenzagripe = flu
information informação (ões) / information desk = balcão de informação / information needs; "to pick up the phone for that information"/ FYI = for your information / information system / information technology (IT); IT people / to capture information = coletar informação / "to turn information into knowledge" / inside information = informação privilegiada / information leakage = vazamento de informação / information overload = excesso de informações
infuriate (to)enfurecer, enraivecer
ingeniousengenhoso, inventivo; "an ingenious mechanic"
injury (n) / injure (to) 1) ferimento, lesão, ferida = hurt; "a leg injury"; "she fell and suffered an injury to her arm" / 2) dano; prejuízo = damage, harm; "she's concerned about the risk of injury to her reputation" // ferir; prejudicar
inktinta (escrever, imprimir) // in ink = a tinta / ink blot = borrão de tinta
inklingalusão, insinuação, indireta = slight suggestion; hint
inlaidincrustado = set into the surface of something:
innpousada, estalagem
innovate (to) / innovation / innovative inovar / inovação / inovador; "to develop innovative products tailored to customer needs"; innovative technology
inputentrada = data fed into a computer
inquiry / inquire (to) 1) investigação, inquérito = investigation; "conduct an inquiry = conduzir uma investigação" / 2) consulta = query, a request for information; "she refused to answer inquiries from the media about her marriage" / inquiry screen = tela de consulta / inquiry over the telephone = consulta por telefone // indagar; consultar
insectinseto = bug
insightperspicácia, percepção, discernimento, intuição = discernment, perception, intuition, the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure; an understanding of the true nature of something; "I had a sudden insight"; "his insight into the human mind was fascinating"
inspection vistoria / inspection report = relatório de vistoria
install (to) / installationinstalar; implantar / instalação; implantação / system installation = implantação de sistema
installment; instalmentprestação; parcela / on installment = a prestação; monthly installment
instantinstante = moment
instruct (to) / instructioninstruir; educar = to educate; to teach / instrução
instrumentinstrumento musical = a device for producing musical sounds; stringed instrument = instrumento de cordas; wind instrument = instrumento de sopro
insurance / insure (to) / insuredseguro // insurance company = insurance carrier = seguradora // insurance line = line of insurance = ramo de seguro (automobile insurance; aviation insurance; casualty insurance = seguro de acidentes pessoais; dental insurance; disability insurance = seguro de invalidez; fire insurance; health insurance; household insurance = seguro residencial; liability insurance = seguro de responsabilidade civil; life insurance; marine insurance; mortgage insurance = seguro habitacional; property and casualty insurance = seguros de ramos elementares (RE); theft insurance; transport insurance; travel insurance ) // insurance agency = corretora // insurance claim = aviso de sinistro = notice of loss / insurance quote = cotação seguro /// segurar; fazer seguro = to ensure /// segurado = policy holder
integer número inteiro = whole number, not a fraction
integrate (to) / integrationintegrar; "integrate channels" // integração
intelligence / intelligent inteligente / inteligência
intend (to) / intended pretender = to plan, to have in mind // pretendido; desejado
intentionalintencional; propositado
inter (to)enterrar, sepultar = to place (a dead body) in a grave or tomb; to bury
interact (to) / interactioninteragir = to act one upon another // interação
interchange / interchangeableintercâmbio / intercambiável; permutável
interest (n) / interest (to) / interesting1) interesse, hobby; "his interests include biking and studying languages" // 2) juros; "his bank account gives 3% interest per year" / interest rate = taxa de juros / compound interest = juros compostos / accrued interest = juros acumulados / to draw interest = render juros /// interessar /// interessante = arousing interest; "interesting subject"; "interesting history"; "I don't find politics very interesting" / to be interesting to
interfaceinterface = a common boundary between systems and user; graphical user interface (GUI)
interlace (to)entrelaçar = intertwine; "they interlaced their hands together"
interloperintruso = a person who intrudes on the field of interest or business of other
interminableinterminável = endless
intern / internshipestagiário = trainee; a student or recent graduate who works for a period of time at a job in order to get experience / estágio = traineeship
internecinemutuamente destrutivo = mutually destructive
InternetInternet, web; to deliver over the Internet; available on (through) the Internet; to access information over the Internet; to search Internet
interpret (to) / interpretation / interpreterinterpretar / interpretação / intérprete
intersperseintercalar, entremear, interpor
intertwine (to)entrelaçar = interlace (to)
intervalintervalo = a period of time coming between two others; "an interval of 50 years of peace then followed"
interview (n) / interview (to) / interviewerentrevista / in interview with = em entrevista com / to conduct an interview = entrevistar (ser o entrevistador) // to carry out an interview = realizar uma entrevista = to undertake an interview // interview schedule = roteiro de entrevista /// entrevistar; "the boss interviewed three candidates for the job"; "the reporter interviewed the president for thirty minutes" /// entrevistador
intoxicatedbêbado, alcoolizado = drunk
invaluable inestimável, incalculável, de grande valor = priceless (obs.: worthless = imprestável, sem valor); to play an invaluable role = desempenha um papel inestimável
invent (to) / inventorinventar / inventor
inventory inventário; estoque / inventory control = controle de estoque / to move inventory = girar estoque / just-in-time inventory control
invest (to) / investment / investorinvestir // investimento / return on investment (ROI) = retorno de investimento / investment bank = banco de investimento // investidor; "he is the major investor in our company"
investigate (to) / investigationinvestigar = to examine, to look into; "the police are still investigating the murder"; "he was investigated for his involvement in the incident" // investigação; "to require further investigation"
invoice (n) / invoice (to) / invoicingfatura, nota fiscal = a document that shows a list of goods or services and the prices to be paid for them; bill; "payment is due within 30 days after receipt of the invoice"; "the invoice stated that we owed $1500" / invoice address = endereço de cobrança // faturar // faturamento (cobrança de faturas) = billing
irisíris (flor)
irk (to) / irksomeirritar, aborrecer = to annoy, to bother, to irritate, to vex / cansativo, aborrecido
iron (n) / iron (to) ferro / cast iron = ferro fundido / electric iron = ferro de passar roupa // passar roupa = to press
irritate (to)irritar, aborrecer = to annoy, to bother, to irk, to vex
island / isleilha / pequena ilha; ilhota
issue (n) / issue (to) / issuing1) edição, número de revista / back issue = número anterior; current issue = número atual; latest issue = último número // 2) questão, problema; political issues; legal issues // emitir, publicar / to issue a bill = emitir uma conta / to issue a paper = emitir um documento / to issue a public offering = emitir oferta pública / to issue a policy = emitir uma apólice /// emissão
itch (n) / itch (to)coceira, comichão; "he had an itch where the mosquito bit him" // 1) coçar = to have or feel a tingling irritation of the skin that causes a desire to scratch the part affected; "my skin itches"; "this shirt itches me" / 2) estar louco para; ansiar; "I'm itching for the summer holidays to start!"
itineraryitinerário; roteiro = travel plan; route