label (n) / label (to) etiqueta, rótulo = slip of paper or other material to be attached to an object bearing information; tag ; "do not tear the label off the mattress"; "you should read the warning label before you take any medicine" // rotular
labor; labour1) mão-de-obra; trabalho = man-power/ labor union = trade union = sindicato / labor force = força de trabalho / labor scarcity = escassez de mão-de-obra / Labor Day = Dia do Trabalho // 2) parto = child birth; delivery
labyrinthlabirinto = a complicated combination of paths or passages in which it is difficult to find one's way or to reach the exit; maze
lack (n) / lack (to) falta, necessidade, escassez = deficiency, shortag / lack of room = falta de espaço // faltar, necessitar; to be lacking = estar faltando
lackadaisicalapático, indiferente = lazy; careless; feeling or showing a lack of interest or enthusiasm
lad / lassrapaz, moço / garota, moça
ladderescada de mão
ladysenhora educada = a woman who behaves in a polite way
ladybird (UK) / ladybug (US)joaninha
lag (n) / lag (to) atraso, retardamento / lag time = tempo de atraso, tempo de retardo / jet lag = cansaço devido a fuso horário // demorar, ficar para trás, ir devagar / to lag behind = ficar atrás, retardar-se
lair covil, toca = the resting or living place of a wild animal; den
lamb 1) cordeiro = young sheep // 2) carne de cordeiro = meat of a young sheep; leg of lamb = pernil de cordeiro
lamecoxo, manco = crippled or physically disabled, especially in the foot or leg
lamplâmpada / electric lamp = lâmpada elétrica = light bulb / lamp post = poste de luz / lampshade = abajur
landterra // plot of land = lot = terreno / strip of land = faixa de terra / tract of land = extensão de terra
land (to) / landing aterrisar // aterrisagem / forced landing = aterrisagem forçada
landholder proprietário de terras, latifundiário = landowner
landlord proprietário, senhorio = a person who owns a house, apartment, etc., and rents it to other people (obs.: inquilino = tenant)
landmarkponto de referência = an object (as a stone or tree) that marks the boundary of land
lane1) beco, rua estreita = narrow way / 2) pista, faixa (estrada) = marked-off path on a highway wide enough for one vehicle
language1) língua, idioma / living languages = línguas vivas / dead languages = línguas mortas // 2) linguagem = the specialized vocabulary used by a particular group / medical language // 3) linguagem de computador / computer language; programming language
languish (to)1) enfraquecer, definhar = to be or become feeble, weak, or enervated / 2) ser negligenciado = to suffer neglect; "the bill languished in the Senate for eight months"
lapse (n) / lapse (to) 1) falha, lapso = a minor error; "a lapse of memory" / 2) intervalo de tempo; espaço de tempo = an interval or passage of time; time lapse; "a lapse of only a few seconds"; " // expirar, caducar, prescrever (lei); "my passport has lapsed"
larcenyfurto, roubo = the act of stealing something; "he was arrested and charged with larceny"
larchlarix, lariço (árvore)
lardbanha de porco (obs.: bacon = toucinho)
largegrande = big, great, "large house"; "large shirt"; "large number"; "a large variety of interests" / 2) abrangente = comprehensive; "it is a large dictionary, covering thousands of words"
lariatlaço = a long rope with a knotted loop, used to catch horses, cattle, or other animals;
lash (n) / lash (to)1) chicote, açoite = whip, switch; "he used a lash on the cattle to get them moving" / 2) chicotada = stroke of whip; whiplash; "the slave was sentenced to five lashes" / 3) cilio, pestana = eyelash // chicotear
last (adj) / last (to) / lastingúltimo / last night = ontem à noite / last week = na semana passada / at last = afinal, finalmente // durar // duradouro, permanente, persistente = enduring, permanent (obs.: transitory = transitório)
latch (n) / latch (to)trinco, tranca / fechar com trinco; trancar
late / lately / latest / lattertarde, atrasado / to be late = estar atrasado (pessoa, avião) / to arrive late = chegar com atraso; "I arrived ten minutes late for the meeting" // ultimamente; "he has been feeling better lately" // último; mais recente; "latest issue of the magazine = última edição da revista"; "author's latest book = livro mais recente do autor" // último (de dois); the former ... the latter; "when I must choose between coffee and tea, I prefer the latter"
laud (to)elogiar, enaltecer, loucar
laugh (to) / laughterrir / riso
launch (to)1) lançar, arremessar = to throw, to hurl / to launch a product; to launch a rocket; to launch offensive = lançar ofensiva / launching pad = plataforma de lançamento de foguetes // 2) lançar (produto, campanha, etc); "to launch a product in the marketplace"
lavishgeneroso, pródigo
law lei; direito // Law = curso de Direito / tax law = legislação fiscal / law firm = escritório de advocacia / law officer = oficial de justiça
lawyeradvogado = attorney
lax 1) lasso, frouxo, bambo, pouco firme = loose; slack / 2) negligente = neglectful
lay (to); laid; laidpôr,colocar = to put, to set / to lay aside = pôr de lado, guardar / to lay down = depositar / to lay out = dispor, organizar / to lay off = demitir, despedir (empregado) = to fire, to dismiss
layercamada; "to find water, they drilled through many layers of rock"
layoff1) demissão = the act of ending the employment of a worker or group of workers; 2) período de inatividade = a period of time during which there is no activity; "layoff can damage the morale of remaining workers"
layout1) planta de casa / 2) esquema; arranjo / 3) esboço (página jornal, anúncio, etc) / 4) gabarito de arquivos (computador)
lazy / lazinesspreguiçoso; "he is smart, but lazy"/ preguiça
lead (to); led; led / lead (n) [lid]conduzir; liderar; guiar / to lead to = levar a, conduzir a / to lead the way = ir à frente / to lead a session = conduzir uma sessão // liderança, dianteira = leadership; "he took the lead after the first hour of the race"; / to maintain the lead = manter a liderança / in the lead = na liderança; "our team was in the lead"
lead chumbo; "the paint was made with lead"
leaden1) muito pesado; "leaden box" / 2) plúmbeo; "leaden skies"
leader / leadershiplíder; guia / project leader = líder de projeto / team leader = líder de equipe // liderança / market leadership = liderança de mercado
leading principal, mais importante = chief, principal, main, capital, major; "the professor is a leading expert in his field" / at the leading edge = na ponta / leading edge technology = tecnologia de ponta
leaf / leaf (to)folha // folhear / to leaf through (a book) = to browse
leafletfolheto = a small flat or folded sheet of printed matter; folder
leagueliga = an association or union of persons, nations, etc, formed to promote the interests of its members
leak (to) / leakage1) vazar (líquido, gás) = to leak out // 2) vazar informação = to give out information, to disclose, to reveal; "the information was leaked to the enemy" // vazamento; information leakage = vazamento de informação
lean (adj)magro; sem gordura = slim, slender, thin; "I don't like like fat meat; I prefer it lean"; "lean people look healthy"; "the company wants to be leaner"
lean (to) / leaning encostar-se; inclinar-se; apoiar-se = to incline, to tilt; "don't lean against the wall" // inclinado (corpo, torre) "the leaning tower of Pisa"
leap (to) / leap (n)saltar, pular = to jump, to spring, to skip, to bound // salto, pulo = jump, spring / leap year = ano bissexto
learn (to) / learning / learnedaprender / to learn by heart = decorar, memorizar = to memorize // aprendizado, aprendizagem, estudo / learning curve = curva de aprendizado // culto; erudito
lease (to) / lease / leasingarrendar / arrendamento / arrendamento
leashcorrente para segurar cães
leastthe least = o menor, o menos / at least = pelo menos; no mínimo; "you could at least have written" / "the last but not the least" = por último, mas não menos importante
leave (to); left; left / leave (n)deixar, sair, ir embora = to go away from / to leave a message = to leave word = deixar recado / to leave alone = deixar só, não incomodar / to leave behind = deixar para trás / to leave out = omitir / to leave to the option of = deixar à escolha de // licença; permissão para ausentar / leave of absence = afastamento (trabalho) / to give leave to = dar licença para / sick leave = licença de saúde / to be on leave from = estar de licença de / unpaid leave = licença sem vencimento
lechery / lecherouslascívia = unrestrained and promiscuous sexuality / lascivo, lúbrico
lecture / lecture (to) / lecturerconferência, palestra = talk, conference / to attend a lecture = participar de palestra / to make a lecture = to prepare a lecture // fazer conferência = to give a lecture; to give a talk // palestrante, conferencista = speaker
ledgerlivro-razão (contabilidade); general ledger = contabilidade geral
leesotavento (náutico) / in the lee of = ao abrigo de
leekalho-poró (Allium porrum)
leerydesconfiado, cauteloso = feeling or showing a lack of trust in someone or something
legacy legado / legacy systems = sistemas existentes, sistemas legados = heritage systems
legal legal / legal department = departamento jurídico
legend lenda = a story coming down from the past
legitlegítimo = legitimate; "legit theater"
leisure / leisurelylazer, tempo livre, ócio = time or opportunity for ease, relaxation, etc / leisure activities = atividades de lazer / leasure time = tempo livre // calmo, vagaroso, lento, sem pressa
lemonlimão (Citrus limon)
lend (to); lent; lent emprestar / (obs.: empréstimo = loan)
length / lengthycomprimento, extensão / at length = em toda extensão // longo, prolongado = long and tiresome; "a lengthy meeting"; "a lengthy journey"; "a lengthy explanation"
lenslente / contact lens = lente de contato
lentillentilha (Lens culinaris)
less / lessen (to)1) menos (adv) = to a smaller length, amount, or degree; "a less-developed country"; "less than three"; "five less two equals three"; "you should drink less"; "less than half the estimated time" // 2) menos (adj); "in less time"; "less money" (obs.: the correct comparative for plural countable nouns is "fewer", with "less" being used for uncountables, although the latter is very commonly and erroneously used with countable nouns; "I've got less coins than you" /// diminuir; reduzir = to decrease, to diminish, to reduce
lessonlição; "he gives private lessons in Mathematics"
lestpara que não (used when you are saying something in order to prevent something from happening) / "lest it happen = para que não aconteça"; "lest we forget = para que não esqueçamos"; "he fled the country lest he be captured = ele fugiu do país para que não fosse capturado"
let (to); let; letpermitir, deixar = to allow / to let go of = soltar, largar / to let know = informar; "let me know = mantenha-me informado " / to let out = deixar sair / to let up = afrouxar, diminuir; "the windmill slowed down as the wind let up"
letter 1) letra / capital letter = letra maiúscula = upper case / mute letter = letra muda // 2) carta / letter of attorney = procuração = proxy, power of attorney / letter of intention = carta de intenção / letter of introduction = carta de apresentação / letter of reference = carta de referência
leveedique, barragem = dam
level / level (to) nível, patamar / skill level = nivel de qualificação / management level = nível gerencial / level of access = nível de acesso // nivelar
lever alavanca = control stick
leverage / leverage (to)1) alavancagem, vantagem, influência; "she took advantage of the situation to gain leverage in the negotiations" / 2) poder de agir; poder de influenciar // 1) alavancar, aproveitar, obter vantagem = to take advantage of / 2) influenciar
levy / levy (to)arrecadação / arrecadar, impor (taxa); "to levy a duty on imports"
lewdobsceno, safado, indecente, lascivo = nasty, bawdy, indecent; "a lewd woman"
liability / liabilities1) responsabilidade; obrigação / liability insurance = responsabilidade civil (seguro) = casualty insurance // 2) passivo (contabilidade) (obs.: assets = ativo)
liableresponsável = legally responsible / to be liable for = ser responsável por; "he is liable for the damage" // liable to = subject to = sujeito a; "we are all liable to make a mistake = todos estamos sujeitos a errar"
liaison1) ligação = connection, relation; "acting as a liaison between ... " / 2) relação amorosa = illicit love affair
library / librarianbiblioteca / bibliotecário
license licença / driver's license = carteira motorista
lick (to)lamber
lid tampa (garrafa) = cap
lie (to) / lie (n) / liarmentir / mentira / mentiroso
lie (to); lay; lain1) jazer; "her body lies in that cemetery" / 2) deitar = to lie down = deitar-se; "she lies on the bed without sleeping" / 3) localizar, estar situado; "the house lies in the valley" / to lie around = estar abandonado, estar jogado;
lifevida / life cycle; life span = ciclo de vida / life time = vida; existência / life saver = salva vidas / still life = natureza morta (pintura)
lift (to) / lift (n)levantar; erguer // elevador (UK, Aust) = elevator (US)
light (adj)leve = not heavy; "light rain"; "light load"
light / light (to) luz / half-light = penumbra = a dim light, as at dawn or dusk; penumbra; "a room in half-light" / headlight = farol (carro) / rear light = luz traseira (carro) / light bulb = lâmpada / light-year  = ano-luz // acender; iluminar / to light a match = acender um fósforo / to light up = iluminar; iluminar-se (face)
lighthousefarol = beacon
lightningrelâmpago = a flash of lightning
like (prep) / like (adj)como; "she talks like her brother does" // igual, parecido, similar; "we have like tastes"
like (to)gostar, amar; "she likes cooking Thai food" / I would like = gostaria
likely / likelihood provável = probable; "it's likely to rain"; "it's likely to happen" // probabilidade
likewiseigualmente; do mesmo modo = in a similar manner
lilylírio (Lilium spp.)
limb membro = member (ex.: a leg; an arm)
lime 1) lima / 2) limão-taiti / 3) cal
limit / limit (to) / limitation / limitedlimite // limitar // limitação; restrição = restriction // limitado; restrito = restricted
limp (to) / limp (adj)mancar / mole, flácido
linden treetília = lime-tree, basswood (Tilia spp.)
line 1) linha (desenho); curved line = linha curva; straight line = linha reta; dashed line = linha tracejada; dotted line = linha pontilhada; "he drew a curved line on the paper to show the shape" / 2) varal, corda; "she hung the clothes on the line to dry" / 3) linha (telefone); "line is busy" / 4) linha (transporte); bus line; "this bus line goes to many towns" / trunk line = linha principal / 5) fila = queue; "they stood in line" // 6) assembly line = linha de montagem / 7) bottom line = resultado final, lucro final (contabilidade) = the last line of a financial statement that shows the net profit or loss of a company or organization; "he says his bottom line is $120,000 / 8) bottom line = consideração mais importante, ponto final; "the bottom line is you cannot be late for work anymore" / 9) bottom line (adj) = realista, pragmático; "bottomline strategy"
linen1) linho = thread or fabric made of flax // 2) roupa branca; roupa de cama (linho)
linger (to)demorar, tardar, retardar; to linger on; to linger over = continuar, persistir "the old image still lingers on"
link / link (to) elo, ligação = connection, tie // ligar; unir = to connect; to join; to bind; to fasten; to unite
liquidityliquidez; liquidity ratio = índice de liquidez
liquorbebida alcoólica destilada / liquor store = loja onde se vendem bebidas alcoolicas = bottle shop
list / list (to)lista, relação, rol = an item-by-item record of names or things, usually written or printed one under the other; roster, roll / mailing list = mala direta / price list = lista de preços, tabela preços / priority list = lista de prioridades / waiting list = lista de espera; "to be on the waiting list" // listar, enumerar; "the speaker listed his ideas"
listen (to) / listenerescutar, ouvir / to listen to = escutar // ouvinte
litter (n) / litter (to)lixo na rua = small refuse or waste materials carelessly dropped, especially in public places; "the streets were filled with litter because the garbage collectors were on strike" // jogar lixo na rua
little1) pequeno (small); "this TV is big, but the one in our bedroom is little" ; "I have three little brothers " / 2) pouco (not much); "the child ate little at dinner" // a little = um pouco de; "a little milk" / little by little = pouco a pouco / a little at a time = um pouco de cada vez / a little bit = um pouquinho
live (to)1) viver / 2) morar / to live together = conviver, viver junto / to live on = viver de; "to live on US$ 250 a week / to live by = viver através de; "companies will live by computers"
live / lively vivo = alive, living / live animals; live radio program, live TV program = programa de rádio ou TV ao vivo / live action = ao vivo // vivo; animado = full of life, animated, active, brisk; "lively discussion"
livestock gado = farm animals kept for use and profit; cattle
living1) vivo = alive / living organisms / living languages = linguas vivas (obs.: dead languages = linguas mortas); "after the bombing attack, she was among the living" / / 2) meio de vida; sustento; "what do you do for a living? I am a dentist" / to earn a living = to make a living = ganhar a vida
living-room sala de estar = drawing room
load (to) / load (n)carregar; "wagons loaded with coal"; "they loaded the truck with ... " // carga, carregamento = anything put in or on something to be carried somewhere; cargo; "a truck with a load of watermelons" / ship load = carga de navio
loaf (n) / loaf (to)pão (em formato) = a shaped or molded mass of bread / loaf of bread = pão de forma // vadiar = to pass time idly; "she loafed during the summer"
loanempréstimo; "I need to get a loan from the bank"
loathrelutante, contrário a / to be loath to do something = relutar em fazer algo
loathe (to)detestar, abominar = to hate, to detest
lobby1) saguão, hall de entrada = a large open area inside and near the entrance of a public building (such as a hotel or theater) // 2) lobby, grupo de pressão = a group of persons who attempt to influence legislators on behalf of a particular interest; "the proposed new law is supported by the oil lobby"
locate (to) / locationlocalizar / localização
lock (to) / lock (n)trancar, fechar à chave / to lock up = fechar, trancar // fechadura //
lockerguarda-volumes; armário individual = a drawer, cupboard, or compartment that may be closed with a lock
locomotivelocomotiva = a self-propelled vehicle that runs on rails and is used for moving railroad cars; railway engine; railroad engine
locustgafanhoto = grasshopper
lodge (to) / lodginghospedar; alojar; "where are you lodging? = onde você está hospedado?" / alojamento
loftsótão = attic, garret (obs.: porão = basement)
lofty1) alto, elevado; "lofty mountains" / 2) altivo, nobre, superior, arrogante; "to treat someone in a lofty manner"
log (n) / log (to) 1) registro; diário / log book = diário de bordo; registro de voo // 2) tronco, lenha, acha; "a fallen log blocked the path" // to log in = to log on = registrar-se, conectar-se / to log out = to log off = desconectar-se, sair de uma sessão
logologotipo; "company logo and name"
lollipop / lollypirulito // doce = a piece of candy (UK, Australia)
lone (adj) / loneliness sozinho, solitário, isolado; "there was one lone house on top of the hill" / solidão = solitude
lonelysolitário = having or suffering from a depressing feeling caused by being alone; "he is a lonely person" / to feel lonely = sentir-se solitário, sentir solidão; "the island was beautiful, but I felt lonely there" // (obs.: alone = not having any company = sozinho / lonely = psychological state = solitário. ex: For my entire life I have been alone, but never lonely)
long1) comprido; longo (road, hair, table, etc); "how long is the street? 6 km long" // 2) muito (tempo) / how long? quanto tempo? / before long = brevemente / long ago = há muito tempo / all day long = o dia todo / all night long = a noite toda // as long as = contanto que // in the long run = no final das contas, a longo prazo // long-range = longo prazo, longo alcance = long run, long term / long-range forecast = previsão de longo alcance / long-range growth = crescimento de longo-prazo
long (to)to long for = to wish, to desire = desejar, ansiar, almejar, suspirar por
loobanheiro = an informal word for lavatory (UK)
look (to) / look (n) / lookingolhar; "she looked out the window" / to look after = cuidar de, tomar conta de / to look around = dar uma olhada / to look at = olhar para / to look for = procura / to look forward to = esperar ansiosamente por; "I' m looking forward to hearing from you" / to look into = to look over = investigar, examinar / to look out (for) = tomar cuidado (... com) / to look like = parecer com; "they look much like" / to look out on, upon = dar para (vista) = to face; "the balcony looks out on the sea" / to look up = procurar, consultar (catálogo, dicionário) / to look bad = ter má aparência /// 1) olhar / to take a look = olhar, dar uma olhada / 2) aparência, aspecto // que tem aspecto, aparência / good looking = de boa aparência / bad looking = de má aparência / looking-glass = espelho = mirror
loom (n)tear = a hand-operated or power-driven device for weaving fabrics /
loom (to)elevar, surgir (de um nevoeiro), aparecer, assomar; "suddenly the mountain loomed over them"
loon1) doido, maluco, lunático / 2) mobelha (espécie de pato)
loop (n) / loop (to)alça, laço, anel, curva, volta = any round or oval-shaped thing that is closed or nearly closed // fazer curva, dar volta; "the road loops around the pond"
loose / loosen (to)solto, frouxo, folgado = free or released from being fastened or attached; "loose rope"; "loose tooth"; "loose clothing"; "loose knot" / afrouxar, ficar folgado = to become less tight; "to loosen a belt"
loot (to) saquear, pilhar = to plunder; to ransack; "the rioters looted several stores = os desordeiros saquearam várias lojas"
lopsidedtorto, desigual, assimétrico
loreconhecimento, erudição, saber, sabedoria popular, tradições, crença = traditional knowledge or belief // folklore = folclore
lorrycaminhão (UK) = truck (US)
lose (to); lost; lost / lossperder; to lose one's balance = perder o equilíbrio; to lose one's head, to lose one's temper = perder a cabeça, perder a calma; to lose one's way = perder o caminho; to lose sight of = perder de vista; to lose time = atrasar-se; to lose track of = perder contato com; to lose the thread = perder o fio (história, pensamento); to lose weight = perder peso, emagrecer; // perda, prejuízo = damage / loss and profit account = conta de lucros e perdas; loss of income = perda de renda
lot1) muito, bastante; a lot = muito; "I read a lot"; a lot of = lots of = muito(s); a lot more = muito mais; a lot less = muito menos / 2) lote, terreno = small piece of land; plot of land; vacant lot = terreno baldio; "he bought the vacant lot across the street"; parking lot = estacionamento = car park
lounge1) salão, sala de espera (aeroporto) = waiting room; "he waited for his flight in the airport lounge" / look-out lounge = mirante, local de observação (aeroporto, etc) = observation deck; // 2) recepção, saguão (hotel) = lobby, reception room
louse (pl.: lice) / lousypiolho / piolhento, nojento, horrível
loutrústico, grosseiro
love (n) / love (to) / lovelyamor / amar / lindo, belo, adorável, encantador; "these flowers are lovely"; "she has lovely eyes"
low / lower (comp.) / lower (to)baixo; "low man"; "low ceiling"; "the plane flew low over the houses" / low profile = comportamento discreto; perfil discreto; "spies tend to keep a low profile to avoid attention" / Low Countries = Países Baixos // mais baixo, inferior; "she comes from a lower caste in India" / lower case = letra minúscula (obs.: upper case = letra maiúscula) // 1) abaixar, descer; "he lowered the box from the shelf" / 2) diminuir; "please, lower the volume on the radio!"
loyal / loyalty leal / lealdade = allegiance
lozengelosango = diamond
lubricate (to) / lubricationlubrificar / lubrificação
ludicrousridículo, cômico, absurdo; "t's ludicrous to think that anyone will agree with you"
lug (to)puxar, arrastar, carregar
luggagebagagem = baggage
lukewarm1) morno, tépido / 2) indiferente = having or expressing little interest or enthusiasm; "lukearm greeting"
lull (to) / lull (n) / lullabyninar, acalentar, acalmar // calma, calmaria // canção de ninar
lumber / lumberman; lumberjackmadeira (serrada em tábuas) = timber sawed into boards ready for market; timber or logs especially when dressed for use // lenhador
lump / lumpy1) caroço no corpo, inchaço, galo (cabeça) // 2) massa, volume, torrão = a piece or mass of indefinite size and shape / lump sum = soma total /// 1) encaroçado / 2) desajeitado = clumsy
lunchalmoço / lunch-box = marmita, lancheira, merendeira
lunge (n) / lunge (to)bote, estocada, investida / atacar, investir, dar um bote
lure (to)atrair, seduzir = to entice, to attract, to allure / to lure buyers = atrair compradores
lurk (to)1) ocultar-se, esconder, estar à espreita, emboscar = to be in a hidden place; to wait in a secret or hidden place especially in order to do something wrong or harmful; "we caught a glimpse of someone lurking around the corner" / 2) (comput.) to read messages written by other people on the Internet in a newsgroup, chat room, etc., without writing any messages yourself
lushluxuriante, exuberante; lush vegetation
lustluxúria, desejo sexual
luxury / luxuriousluxo; "he spent his days living in luxury" / luxuoso, suntuoso; "a luxurious hotel"
lyrics letra de música = the words of a song