macabremacabro, lúgubre = ghastly, grim
macaronimacarrão = a kind of pasta; noodle; "my favorite type of pasta is macaroni"
macegás lacrimogêneo
machine / machinerymáquina // automatic teller machine = caixa automático / sewing machine = máquina de costura / vending machine = máquina de vender mercadorias = coin-operated machine for selling beverages, food, cigarettes, etc / washing machine = máquina de lavar /// maquinaria
mad1) louco, doido, maluco = mentally disturbed or mentally ill; insane; "he was mad and had to be sent to a psychiatric hospital"; "a mad dog" / to go mad = enlouquecer // 2) bravo, zangado = angry; "what are you so mad about?"; "he's mad at his brother"
magazinerevista / fashion magazine; news magazine; sports magazine; in-flight magazine = revista de bordo
magic / magicianmágica; "she does magic at children's birthday parties" // mágico
magnet / magneticimã / magnético
magnitude grandeza; magnitude = size; dimension; bulk; largeness / order of magnitude = ordem de grandeza
maidempregada doméstica
maidenmoça solteira / maiden name = nome de solteira / maiden voyage = viagem inaugural
mail / mail (to) / mailmancorrespondência; correio / air mail = correio aéreo / electronic mail (email) = correio eletrônico / mailing list = mala direta / mail box = caixa de correio = letter box / by mail = pelo correio / by return mail = pela volta do correio / snail mail = apelido dado pelos usuários do e-mail ao correio tradiciconal // pôr no correio = to send by mail // carteiro (US) = postman (UK); letter carrier
main (adj) / mainlyprincipal = principal, chief, leading; "main part"; "main reason"// principalmente = chiefly; "our success was due mainly to your efforts"
mainframecomputador de grande porte = large scale computer
mainlandcontinente, terra firme = the principal land of a region, etc., as distinguished from nearby islands / "mainland China = China continental"; "mainland prices are much lower than on the island"; "ferries to the mainland leave every hour"
mainstreamcorrente principal, tendência principal; "in the mainstream of modern literature"
maintain (to) / maintenancemanter = to keep; "to maintain and enhance existing systems"; "to maintain consistency between the code and the model" // manutenção
major (adj) / major (n) / major (to)maior, principal, importante / major corporations = maiores empresas / major shareholder = maior acionista // 1) especialização universitária; "the most popular majors at this university are English, commerce, and economics" / 2) major (patente militar) / 3) maior de idade = a person who has reached his or her majority // especializar = to major in; to specialize in; "she is majoring in Physics"
majoritymaioria / (obs.: minority = minoria)
make (n)marca = brand / computer make; car make
make (to); made; made (1)fazer, fabricar / to make an agreement = fazer um acordo / to make an allowance = dar um desconto / to make an appointment = marcar um compromisso / to make arrangements = tomar providências / to make an attempt = fazer uma tentativa / to make the bed = arrumar a cama / to make a complaint = fazer reclamação / to make a confession = fazer uma confissão / to make a decision = tomar decisão / to make a declaration = fazer uma declaração / to make an effort = fazer um esforço / to make estimates = fazer estimativas / to make faces = fazer caretas / to make a fire = fazer uma fogueira / to make a fool of = fazer de tolo / to make free use of = usar à vontade / to make friends = fazer amigos / to make fun of = caçoar, zombar
make (to); made; made (cont. 2)to make good = ser bem sucedido / to make good time = viajar depressa / to make haste = apressar-se / to make a hit = fazer sucesso / to make a journey = fazer viagem / to make a living = ganhar a vida / to make a mistake = cometer um erro / to make money = to earn money = ganhar dinheiro / to make noise = fazer barulho / to make peace = to make up = fazer as pazes / to make a point of = fazer questão de / to make progress = progredir / to make a proposal = fazer uma proposta / to make a purchase = fazer uma compra / to make a sale = fazer uma venda / to make a speech = to give a speech = fazer um discurso / to make a stop = fazer uma parada / to make a telephone call = dar um telefonema / to make a test = to do a test, to run a test = fazer um teste
make (to); made; made (cont. 3)to be made of = ser feito de / to be made up of = ser composto de / to make out (1) = decifrar / to make out (2) = preencher (cheque) / to make out (3) = entender / to make out (4) = sair-se, conseguir; "he made out very well from the sale of his house!" / to make up a room = arrumar quarto / to make room for = arranjar lugar para / to make believe = fingir, fazer de conta / to make certain = to make sure = certificar-se, assegurar / to make clear = esclarecer / to make sense = fazer sentido / to make round = arredondar / to make use of = usar / to make oneself at home = fazer-se em casa / to make up one's mind = decidir-se / to make up (1) = constituir, formar / to make up (2) = inventar / to make up (3) = fazer as pazes / to make up (4) = maquiar
makeshiftprovisório, temporário, paliativo
malice / maliciousmalícia / malicioso; mal-intencionado
mallcentro de compras, "shopping center" = an urban shopping area featuring a variety of shops surrounding a usually open-air concourse reserved for pedestrian traffic
man (pl. men)homem
manage (to) / management / manageable / manager1) administrar; gerenciar / 2) conseguir = to manage to; to succeed in being able (to do something) despite obstacles; "he managed to get to work on time = ele conseguiu chegar ao trabalho na hora" // administração, gerência / management level = nível gerencial / top management = alta administração // gerenciável, administrável // gerente, administrador
mandatory obrigatório = obligatory (obs.: oposto é optional)
manecrina (cavalo), juba (leão)
mange / mangysarna (doença de pele) / 1) sarnento (com o pelo caindo) / 2) esfarrapado, sujo, esquálido
mangomanga (fruta) (Mangifera indica)
mangrove mangue = a tropical tree that has roots which grow from its branches and that grows in swamps or shallow salt water
manhuntperseguição, caçada
maniocmandioca, aipim = cassava (Manihot esculenta)
manipulate (to)manipular, manejar = to operate, to handle, to work or manage skillfully
manormansão, solar = an estate owned by a king or nobleman
manpowermão-de-obra = the number of people working or available for work or service; labor / manpower estimate = estimativa de mão-de-obra
mantlemanto, capote = a cloak without sleeves
manualmanual = handbook, guidebook, book of directions / reference manual
manufacture (to) / manufacturerfabricar / fabricante / manufacturer's warranty = garantia de fábrica
manure (n) / manure (to)esterco, estrume = dung; material that fertilizes land / adubar (terra), fertilizar
map1) mapa; "do you have a map of Spain?" / road map = mapa rodoviário // 2) mapa de cidade; "I have a map of New York that shows every street"
maplebordo, ácer (Acer spp.)
mar (to)estragar, danificar = to cause harm to; to spoil, to impair
marble1) mármore; "columns of beautiful marble" // 2) bola de gude = a small ball of coloured glass or similar material used as a toy; "they laid their marbles on the floor and played for an hour"
margarine margarina; "spread some margarine on his toast"
margin1) margem (página, livro) = the blank space around the printed matter on a page // 2) margem, beira = an edge or rim, and the area immediately adjacent to it; "the margin of the woods" // 3) margem (segurança) = an amount allowed beyond what is necessary; safety margin // 4) margem de venda = the difference between the cost and the selling price = sales margin
maritime marítimo = of or relating to the sea / maritime law / maritime museum / maritime provinces
mark (n) / mark (to)1) marca; símbolo / trade mark = marca registrada / exclamation mark = ponto de exclamação / book mark = marcador de livro // 2) nota (escolar) = grade /// marcar, assinalar, ticar / to mark up = aumentar o preço; to mark down = abaixar o preço
market (n) / market (to)mercado = marketplace / market crash = queda violenta mercado / market sampling = amostragem de mercado / market segment / market share = participação de mercado / stock market = Bolsa de Valores = stock exchange / market survey = pesquisa de mercado / to be on the market = estar no mercado / to have a small base on the market = ter uma pequena base no mercado // comercializar, anunciar, lançar no mercado
marketingmarketing / mass marketing = marketing de massa / niche marketing = marketing de nicho
marmaladegeléia de laranja
marquemarca, modelo = a product model or type, as of a luxury or racing car
marry (to) / marriage casar // casamento (instituição) = the state or relationship of being married; "the institution of marriage has changed little over the centuries" / civil marriage; religious marriage / (obs.: wedding é a cerimônia do casamento)
marsh / marshypântano, brejo, lamaçal = bog, swamp, mire // pantanoso
marshal (n) / marshal (to)marechal // 1) organizar, colocar em ordem; "to marshal facts; to marshal one's arguments" / 2) posicionar, reunir = to array, as for battle
marvel (n) / marvel (to) / marvelous; marvellousmaravilha, algo impressionante = wonder; "The Rocky Mountains are full of natural marvels" / maravilhar-se, admirar-se; "I marvel that you were able to succeed in spite of all the difficulties" / maravilhoso, magnífico, esplêndido = wonderful, excellent, great; "marvelous show"; "a marvelous view of the ruins"
mash (to)amassar; "mashed banana"; "mashed potatoes"
mason pedreiro = bricklayer
mass1) massa = a body of matter, usually of indefinite shape / 2) grande quantidade = a large number; a great deal of / 3) missa (católica)
massacre massacre, carnificina = slaughter
massagemassagem / massage parlor = casa de massagem
master (n) / master (to) mestre / master's degree = diploma de mestrado / mastermind = mentor, cabeça / masterpiece = obra-prima // 1) dominar, controlar / 2) dominar um assunto; saber a fundo
matcapacho (porta); esteira / bath mat; floor mat; gymnastics mat; prayer mat; welcome mat; yoga mat
match (n) / match (to) / matchless1) jogo = a contest between two or more parties; game; "a soccer match" // 2) fósforo / match box = caixa de fósforo // 1) combinar com, igualar, encaixar = to fit together, to be equal to; "in this game, you need to match each card with another card with the same design"; "his story doesn't match the facts" / 2) combinar (roupa); "do my shoes match my shirt?" // incomparável; sem igual = unique
mate (n) / mate (to)1) amigo, companheiro, colega (UK, Aust) = friend, buddy / 2) parceiro animal; macho-fêmea = a sexual partner of an animal // acasalar = to have sexual relation; "the two squirrels mated in the tree"
materialmaterial; substância = substance; raw material = matéria prima
matrix matriz / matrix notation = notação matricial
matter (n) / matter (to) matéria, assunto, questão = a subject under consideration / subject matter = assunto, tema / to be a matter of = ser uma questão de / as a matter of fact = em verdade, de fato / something the matter = alguma dificuldade / / importar; ter importância; "it doesn't matter = não importa" / no matter = não importa; "no matter what happens = não importa o que acontecer" / for that matter = quanto a isso / what's the matter? = qual o problema?
mature / maturitymaduro = having or showing the mental and emotional qualities of an adult // 1) maturidade; "the teenagers hadn't really reached maturity yet" / 2) vencimento / date of maturity = due date = data de vencimento / at maturity = no vencimento
maudlinsentimental, piegas = overly emotional; "he became maudlin and started crying like a child"
maverickdissidente, rebelde, inconformista = one who thinks and acts independently; "a maverick politician"
maximum / maximize (to)máximo / maximizar
maypoder, ter permissão / 1) (used to express possibility): "It may rain" / 2) (used to express opportunity or permission): "You may enter" / 3) (used to express contingency, esp. in clauses indicating condition, concession, purpose, result, etc.): "I may be wrong but I think you would be wise to go" / 4) (used to express wish or prayer): "May you live to an old age"
mayhem1) caos, violência = actions that hurt people and destroy things; a scene or situation that involves a lot of violence / 2) mutilação = the crime of deliberately injuring another so as to cripple or mutilate
mayonnaisemaionese / mayo = abrev. mayonnaise
maze (n) / maze (to)labirinto = labyrinth // desorientar, confundir = to bewilder
meadowprado, campina = land that is covered or mostly covered with grass; "wildflowers booming in the meadow"
meal refeição; "enjoy your meal = bom apetite!"
mean (adj)1) mesquinho, sovina, avarento = stingy, miser; "he is a mean man, unlike his generous brother" / 2) inferior (qualidade); "that's a mean imitation of an artwork"
mean (to); meant; meant / meaning / meaningfulsignificar, querer dizer; "what does that word mean?"; "a green light means - GO"; to mean well = ter boas intenções // significado // significativo, sugestivo = significant; "a meaningful silence"
mean, means (n)1) média = middle point between 2 extremes; an average; "the mean score on the test was 70%" / arithmetic mean = média aritmética // 2) meios, recursos, condições / by means of = por meio de / by all means = sem dúvida, certamente / by any means = por qualquer meio / by no means = de modo nenhum / cost-effective means = meios eficientes / means of communication; means of transport
meander (to)1) serpentear "the stream meandered through the valley" / 2) vaguear, vagar = to wander aimlessly.
measlessarampo; german measles = rubéola
measure (n) / measure (to) / measurable / measurement1) medida = a unit or standard of measurement; "a second is a measure of time" / financial performance measures / made to measure = feito sob medida // 2) medida (law; bill); "the measure was approved" // 3) providências / to take measures = tomar providências = to take steps /// medir, mensurar / to measure progress /// mensurável / measurable benefits = benefícios tangíveis /// medição (ato de medir) = act of measuring
meat carne / tipos de carne: beef = carne de vaca; pork = carne de porco; lamb = carne de cordeiro; mutton = carne de carneiro; veal = carne de vitela; venison = carne de veado / minced meat = carne moída // (obs.: to chop up = cortar carne em pedaços) / meat ball = almôndega
mechanicmecânico = one who repairs machinery, or who is skilled in the use of tools and equipment; an auto mechanic
mechanics / mechanical (adj) / mechanism mecânica // mecânico = relating to machinery or tools; "he has no mechanical skills" // mecanismo
meddle (to)to meddle in = intrometer-se em / to meddle with = mexer em
mediamidia = a medium of communication (as newspapers, radio, or television) that is designed to reach the mass of the people (obs.: usually used in plural)
medic1) estudante de medicina = a medical student / 2) membro de corpo médico militar = a military medical corpsman.
medical (adj)médico (adj) / medical assistance = assistência médica / medical consultation = consulta médica = medical consult / medical examination = exame médico = screening
medicine / Medicineremédio, medicamento = treatment which cures sickness; remedy // Medicina (curso)
meditate (to) / meditationmeditar / meditação
medium (pl.: media)médio; meio-termo; meio = something that is the middle size when compared with things that are larger and smaller / medium-sized = de tamanho médio; "he is of medium height"
meek humilde, manso = humble
meet (to); met; met 1) encontrar, reunir // 2) ser apresentado, conhecer; "nice to meet you = prazer em conhecê-lo" // 3) satisfazer, cumprir = to fulfill, to satisfy / to meet demands = atender as demandas / to meet expectations = corresponder às expectativas; "to meet customer's expectations" / to meet needs = satisfazer necessidades / to meet requirements = satisfazer requisitos; "to meet business requirements" / to meet goals = cumprir metas / to meet deadline = cumprir prazos / to meet schedule = to follow schedule = cumprir cronograma / to meet a demand = to respond a demand; "to meet today's economical realities"
meetingreunião; encontro / meeting place = lugar de encontro / meeting room = sala de reunião / board meeting = reunião do conselho / director's meeting = reunião de diretoria / meeting agenda = agenda da reunião / summit meeting = reunião de cúpula
mellow1) doce, maduro (fruta) = tender and sweet because of ripeness / 2) suave (clima, cor, som, vinho; "mellow light of a summer evening"; "this wine is very mellow"; "mellow sound"
melody melodia = tune
melonmelão (Cucumis melo)
melt (to) / meltingderreter, fundir = to thaw // em fusão, fundido / melting point = ponto de fusão / melting pot = cadinho
member1) membro (clube, partido, etc) / cabinet member = membro do gabinete / family member / // 2) membro (corpo) = part or organ of an animal body; a limb (leg, arm, wing, etc)
mementolembrança = souvenir, keepsake
memo; memorandum; (pl.: memoranda)memorando = note to assist one to remember; reminder; informal message sent between people of the same organization
memoirsmemórias = a narrative composed from personal experience; autobiography
memorialcomemorativo / Memorial Day = feriado em memória de soldados americanos mortos nas guerras (last Monday in May)
memory / memorize (to)memória (humana / computador) / to take memory = ocupar memória // aprender de cor, decorar = to learn by heart
menace (n) / menace (to) ameaça = threat / ameaçar = to threat
mention / mention (to) menção = brief reference // mencionar, falar de = to speak briefly of; to refer to by name, to cite / not to mention = sem falar em / don't mention it! = de nada, não há de que! / before mentioned = mencionado anteriormente
menu cardápio
merchandise (n) / merchandise (to)mercadoria = goods; wares // negociar, comprar e vender mercadorias
merchantcomerciante = one whose business is buying and selling goods for profit; retailer, trader, shopkeeper, dealer // Merchant Marine = Marinha Mercante; "he joined the Merchant Marine"
merchantmannavio mercante = trading ship; merchant ship; merchant vessel
mercy / merciful / mercilesspiedade, misericórdia // piedoso // cruel, desumano, inclemente
mere / merelymero; simples // meramente; simplesmente
merge (to) / mergerfundir, unir em um só = to blend; to mix; to unite into one // fusão / a merger of companies
merry feliz = happy, blissful / Merry Christmas
meshmalha, rede, teia
mesmerize (to), mesmerise (to)cativar, fascinar
messbagunça; confusão; desordem = confusion; "what a mess! = que confusão!"
message / messengermensagem, recado / to leave a message = deixar recado // mensageiro
metal / metallurgymetal / metalurgia
method / methodologymétodo / metodologia
metier; métierofício, profissão
mettletemperamento, disposição, índole
mew (to) / mewmiar; "the hungry cat mewed all night" / miado
middle 1) meio (ponto central) = equally distant from the ends or sides; halfway between two points; "he stopped to rest at the middle point of his journey" / 2) médio; intermediário (adj); middle age = meia idade; middle class = classe média; Middle Ages = Idade Média (história)
middleman intermediário = intermediary; go-between; jobber
midgetpessoa muito pequena, anão = a person of unusually small size who is physically well-proportioned; dwarf; "the dwarf in the movie was played by a midget"
mightpoder, dever / 1) (used to express the speaker's uncertainty about the possibility of the occurrence of the main verb): "It might rain". "You might be right" / 2) (used to express an opinion about something that did not happen, but for which there was a strong possibility): "I can't believe he did that; he might have been killed! " (There was a possibility, but in fact he was not killed)
mildsuave, meigo, brando = gentle, soft, not severe; "a mild winter"; "mild fever = febre ligeira"; "a mild food"
mile / mileagemilha // distância em milhas; milhagem
milestone1) marco de estrada = a stone that functions as a milepost; "the hiker took a break at a milestone on the trail" // 2) evento ou data importante = a significant point in development; "graduating from college was an important milestone in her life"
milk / milkyleite / skim milk = leite desnatado // leitoso, lácteo / Milky Way = Via Láctea
mill / miller1) moinho / water mill = moinho d'água / wind mill = moinho de vento // 2) fábrica / paper mill = fábrica de papel / pulp mill = fábrica de celulose / saw mill = serraria / steel mill = aciaria // moleiro; "the miller sells flour in the market"
mimic (to)imitar
mince (to)moer, picar, cortar em pedaços = to grind / minced meat = carne moída = ground meat
mind / mind (to) / mindfulmente = the part of a person that thinks, reasons, feels, and remembers / absence of mind = distração / presence of mind = presença de espírito = wit /sound mind = juízo perfeito / to be out of one's mind = estar fora de si / to bear in mind = to keep in mind = não esquecer, lembrar / to change one's mind = mudar de idéia / to make up one's mind = decidir /// 1) cuidar de / mind! = cuidado! / "mind the step! = cuidado com o degrau!" / 2) importar, incomodar; "do you mind if I smoke?" / to mind one's own business = cuidar da própria vida / never mind! = não importa!, não faz mal! /// atento = attentive
mind-bogglingcomplicado, intrincado
mindsetatitude mental; cultura, conjunto de valores de uma pessoa ou empresa = a particular way of thinking; a set of opinions about something
mine / mining / mine (to) / minermina = an area dug up for mineral / diamond mines / gold mines // mineração // minerar // minerador
mineshaftpoço de mina
mingle (to)misturar = to mix, to blend; to mingle with = misturar
minimum / minimize (to)mínimo / minimizar
minister / ministryministro / ministério
minor / minority menor / minoria
mint1) Casa da Moeda = a place where money is coined by governmental authority / 2) hortelã (Mentha spp.)
minus [mainas]menos / minus sign = sinal de subtração
minute / minutesminuto / up to the minute = atualizado; "up to the minute stock market information" // ata / minutes of a meeting = ata de reunião
mirepântano, brejo, atoleiro = marsh, bog, swamp
mirror (n) / mirror (to)espelho = looking glass / rear view mirror = espelho retrovisor // refletir; "she could see herself mirrored in the water"
mirth / mirthful alegria = joy, glee, gaiety, cheerfulness, gladness // alegre = glad, cheerful, jolly, merry, joyful, joyous, gleeful
miscellaneousdiverso, variado
mischievous travesso = naughty; mischievous kid = criança travessa
miser [maizar] avarento, sovina, mesquinho, pão-duro = stingy, mean
misfortuneazar, infortúnio = bad luck, mishap
mishapcontratempo, desgraça, azar = an unfortunate accident; bad luck, misfortune
miss (to) / missing1) perder (transporte, compromisso, aula) / to miss an opportunity, to miss the train / 2) sentir falta, ter saudade / to miss family = sentir falta da familia / 3) errar; não acertar / to miss target // desaparecido; extraviado / to be missing = estar faltando
mission / missionarymissão / missionário
mistnévoa, neblina, nevoeiro, bruma, cerração = fog, haze
mistake erro; engano; equívoco = error, inaccuracy / to make a mistake = errar
mistakenlyerroneamente; por engano
misunderstand (to); misunderstood; misunderstood / misunderstandingequivocar-se, entender mal // mal-entendido, equívoco = a failure to understand properly
mitre, mitermitra = the official headdress of a bishop
mittenmitene; meia luva = a hand covering that surrounds the four fingers together and the thumb separately
mix (to) / mixturemisturar = to blend, to merge / to mix up = confundir / to be mixed up = estar confuso // mistura
mixerliquidificador; batedeira / cement mixer = misturador de cimento
moatfosso = defensive ditch around a castle or fortress, usually containing water
mob1) turba = a large group or crowd of people who are angry or violent or difficult to control; "the angry mob smashed store windows and attacked people on the streets" / 2) plebe, gentalha, povinho, ralé = the lower classes of a community
mock (to) / mock (n)zombar = to sneer; to scoff; to jest; to jeer / to mock at = zombar de, ridicularizar / to mock at something = zombar de alguma coisa // zombaria, mofa
modify (to) / modificationmodificar, alterar / modificação
mogul magnata, manda-chuva = tycoon
moist / moistureúmido = slightly wet; damp; "a moist rag"; "moist soil" / umidade = dampness
momentmomento / at moment = no momento
moneydinheiro = cash / paper-money = papel-moeda / pocket money = dinheiro miúdo / easy money = dinheiro fácil; "the job offer which promised easy money turned out to be fake" / money in hand = dinheiro em espécie = cash / to make money = to earn money = ganhar dinheiro / to save money = economizar dinheiro / for money = por dinheiro; "I'm in this business for money, not because I like it" / to be worth the money = valer o quanto custa, boa relaçao custo-benefício; "flying may be more expensive, but it's worth the money if you want to avoid traffic" / "I've got no money left = não tenho mais dinheiro"
monger (to)vender = to sell
monitor (n) / monitor (to) monitor (computador) / monitorar = to check and keep track / to monitor trends = monitorar tendências / to monitor the project's progress = monitorar andamento do projeto
monkey macaco
monotonous monótono = boring; dull; drab
month / monthlymês; months of the year: January; February; March; April; May; June; July; August; September; October; November; December // mensal
mood / moody1) disposição, estado de espírito, estado d'alma / in a good (bad) mood = estar de bom (mau) humor / to be in the mood for = estar disposto a // 2) modo verbal (gramática) // temperamental, caprichoso, de veneta = changing one's moods; "she's very moody: one minute she's happy, the next minute, sad"
moon / moonlightlua / full moon = lua cheia; new moon = lua nova / waxing moon = lua crescente; waning moon = lua minguante / moonlit = enluarado // luar = the light of the moon; "dancing in the moonlight"
moor (n) moor (to) pântano, brejo / atracar, ancorar = to hold and attach (a ship, etc.) in a particular place, as by ropes or anchors; "the sailor moored the boat to the dock"
moosealce (A. Norte) (obs.: elk na Europa e Ásia)
moot (to) / moot (adj)levantar para discussão = to propose for discussion // discutível = debatable; moot point = ponto discutível
mopedciclomotor, lambreta, moto pequena = a motorized bicycle with pedals, designed for low-speed operation.
moral (adj) / morals (n)conduta correta; ética = right conduct; "moral standards"; "moral behavior" // moral (a), costume, moralidade, ética = principles, standards, or habits with respect to right or wrong conduct; ethica; "he acts without morals" / (obs.: morale = estado de ânimo);
morale moral (o); estado de ânimo = the mental and emotional condition (as of enthusiasm, confidence, or loyalty) of an individual or group; "the morale of the troops was high" / (obs.: morals = costumes, moralidade, ética)
moremais / never more = nunca mais / once more = mais uma vez / more or less = somewhat; approximately / more and more = cada vez mais
morish; moreish (adj - UK)delicioso, gostoso
morningmanhã / early in the morning = at dawn = de madrugada
moron / moronicidiota, retardado / idiota
morph (to)metamorfosear, transformar
morselpedaço, bocado = a small piece or amount of anything, especially food; "to eat a few morsels"
mortarargamassa = a mixture of lime or cement with sand and water, used to hold stones, etc., together
mortgage (n) / mortgage (to) hipoteca = an amount of money loaned to buy a house / mortgage insurance = seguro habitacional // hipotecar = to place (property) under an agreement; "he had to mortgage their house to pay the bill"
morticianagente funerário = undertaker
most / mostlymais, o mais, a maioria, a maior parte; "most major companies" / at most = no máximo // principalmente; a maioria das vezes
mothmariposa; (obs.: clothes-moth = traça)
mother / mother-in-lawmãe / sogra
motionmovimento = movement / motion picture = fita; filme / slow motion = câmara lenta / motion sickness = enjôo
motivate (to) / motivationmotivar; "we need to motivate our staff to generate more profits" / motivação
motleyvariado, heterogêneo
motor motor = engine
motorbike; motorcyclemotocicleta
mottledmanchado, malhado, sarapintado = marked with blotches of different colors
mound (n) / mound (to)pilha, monte = an elevation of earth / amontoar
mourning / mourn (to) / mournfulluto; in mourning = de luto / chorar, lamentar / desolado, triste
mouse (pl.: mice)camundongo
mouth1) boca / mouth-to-mouth resuscitation = respiração boca-a-boca // 2) entrada (caverna); "the mouth of the cave was small, but the inside was huge" / 3) foz (rio); "at the mouth of the river"
move (to) / move (n) 1) mover, movimentar / 2) mudar-se (residência) = to move away; "they moved to a big house" (obs.: mudança de residência = removal) // 1) movimento = movement; "stood still and didn't make a move"; "with a sudden move, he grabbed the robber" / 2) vez, jogada; "it is my move next" / on the move = em movimento, de viagem
movementmovimento = the act or result of moving; "nervous movements of his hands and arms"; "movement in education toward more computer use"
movie / moviesfilme = film; motion picture // cinema = movie theater, cinema / movies making industry = indústria cinematográfica = film industry
mow (to) / mowercortar grama = to cut grass // cortador de grama = lawnmower
muchmuito / much better = muito melhor / how much = quanto; "how much money do you need?" / so much = tanto / too much = demasiado / as much as = tanto como, tanto quanto
mudlodo, lama = soft wet earth; "his shoes got stuck in the mud"
muddle (n) / muddle (to)confusão, bagunça, trapalhada = a confused or disordered state of affairs / confundir, misturar = to mix up in a confused manner:
muffinpequeno bolo semelhante ao sonho
muffle (to)abafar (som) = to wrap with something to deaden sound; "to muffle drums"
mug / mug (to) caneca; "a coffee mug" / assaltar = to attack or rob (someone) violently; "he was mugged in a dark street"
mulberryamora (Morus spp.) / (obs.: existe outro tipo de amora que é a amora-silvestre - blackberry do gênero Rubus)
mulemula = an animal produced by a female horse and a male donkey; "a mule is sterile and cannot produce offspring"
mull (to) (over)meditar, refletir, matutar = to think about, to meditate, to ponder
multiply (to) / multiplication multiplicar; "4 times 7 equals 28" / multiplicação
mumble (to) resmungar, murmurar = to mutter; to grumble
mundanemundano, banal
murk / murkyescuridão, trevas = darkness, gloom / escuro, obscuro, nublado, sombrio; "murky water"; "murky details of the case"
muse (to)meditar, matutar = to think about or ponder quietly
mushroom (n) / mushroom (to)cogumelo / espalhar-se, crescer como praga
mushy1) mole, pastoso; "the pasta was overcooked and mushy" / 2) sentimental, piegas; "mushy love stories"
music / musical / musicianmúsica // musical; musical instrument = instrumento musical // músico
muskalmíscar = strong-smelling substance obtained from a certain deer and used to make perfumes.
mustdever; ter que; precisar; ser necessário; (used to express that the action of the next verb is something that will have to be done): "I must keep my promise"; "the rules must be obeyed"; "you really must read this book; you'll really like it"
mustache (US); moustache (UK)bigode
muster (to)1) reunir para inspeção = to assemble (troops, etc.), as for battle or inspection / 2) mostrar, exibir; "he mustered his courage"
mustymofado, bolorento = moldy
mute 1) mudo = incapable of speech; dumb; "mute from birth" / 2) mudo, não pronunciado (letra); mute letter = letra muda; "the letter B in the word plumb is mute"
mutinymotim = open rebellion against constituted authority, especially by seamen or soldiers against their officers
mutter (to)murmurar, resmungar = to grumble, to mumble
muttoncarne de carneiro = the flesh of a mature sheep, used as food
muzzle1) focinho = the part of the head of an animal that comprises the jaws, mouth, and nose / 2) focinheira = a device, usually an arrangement of straps or wires, placed over an animal's mouth to prevent the animal from biting, etc.
mystery / mysterious mistério = an unexplained or inexplicable event, phenomenon // misterioso = puzzling, cryptic