1pack (to) / pack (n) / packing1) empacotar, embalar, embrulhar / 2) fazer a mala = to pack up; "I need to pack for the trip to the beach" / 3) compactar // 1) pacote, embalagem, fardo = a bag or bundle of objects; "the beer comes in packs of six" // 2) maço; "a pack of cigarettes" // embalagem (processo); empacotamento / packing list = relação de embarqueBAS
2package 1) pacote; embrulho = parcel, a small or moderate-sized pack / 2) embalagemBAS
3packet maço = a small bundle or parcel; "a packet of cigarettes" (UK)BAS
4padbloco de papel = a number of sheets of paper fastened together along one edge / writing pad = bloco de escrever = tablet / note pad = bloco de anotações / stamp pad = almofada de carimboBAS
5paddingenchimento de texto, discurso = unnecessary matter added to speech or writingINTERM
6paddle (n) / paddle (to)1) remo = a short light oar with a flat blade used to propel a canoe or small boat // 2) pá de roda propulsora = a paddle wheel used to propel a boat / paddle steamer = vapor com roda propulsora // remar; "he paddled the canoe across the lake"INTERM
7pagan pagão = heathen; "pagan rituals have always taken place around the solstices"INTERM
8pagepágina; folha (livro, caderno) / top of the page = alto da página; bottom or foot of the page = pé da página / title page = cover sheet = folha de rostoBAS
9pageantcortejo, desfile = parade, processionINTERM
10pailbalde = bucketINTERM
11pain / painful dor = ache / to be in pain = sentir dor, sofrer // 1) dolorido = causing or characterized by pain, sore; "painful wound" / 2) doloroso; "a painful experience"BAS
13paint (to) / paint (n) / painting / painterpintar // tinta (para pintar) = a liquid that dries to form a thin colored layer when it is spread on a surface // pintura, quadro // pintorBAS
15pairpar = two things that are the same or similar, that correspond to each other, or that are matched together / a pair of shoesBAS
16palamigo, companheiro = a close friend; comradeBAS
18palepálido = lacking strong or natural color; "pale complexion" / to turn pale = empalidecerBAS
19palm1) palma (mão); "hold out your hands, palm up" / 2) palmeira = palm-tree; "the road was lined with palms"BAS
20paltrydesprezível, irrisório; "a paltry wage"ADV
21pan panela / frying pan = frigideira / saucepan = caçarolaBAS
23pangdor aguda e repentina; pontada = a sudden, brief, and sharp painADV
24pansyamor-perfeito (Viola spp.)INTERM
25pantiescalcinha (US) = underpants BAS
26pantrydespensa = a small room near a kitchen, in which food, dishes, etc., are keptBAS
27pantscalça (US) = trousers; "his pants were too short" BAS
28papayamamão (Carica papaya)BAS
29paperpapel, documento / paper mill = fábrica de papel / paper roll = rolo de papel / printing paper = papel de impressão / ruled paper = papel pautado / squared paper = papel quadriculado / tissue paper = papel de seda / toilet paper = papel higiênico / wrapping paper = papel de embrulho / writing paper = papel para escrever / white paper = relatório oficial sobre determinado assunto / to issue a paper = emitir um documentoBAS
30paperbackbrochura, livro de bolso de capa mole (obs.: hard cover book = livro de capa dura)INTERM
31parparidade, igualdade / to be on a par with = estar em pé de igualdade comBAS
32paradigmparadigma, modelo, padrão = an example serving as a model; "her course is a paradigm for how history should be taught" / paradigm shift = mudança de paradigma; INTERM
34parallelparalelo / parallel line = linha paralela / to run parallel = rodar em paraleloBAS
35parameter parâmetro = standard or determining factorINTERM
36paramountsupremo, superior = superior to all others, supreme, dominant; "of paramount importance = de suma importância"BAS
37parapetparapeito = any low protective wall at the edge of a balcony, roof, ADV
38parcel embrulho; pacote = packageBAS
39parch / parchedressecar = to make (something) too dry, as heat, sun, and wind do / ressecadoINTERM
40parchmentpergaminho = the skin of sheep, goats, etc., prepared so as to be written on; "scrolls of parchment"INTERM
41parenthesis (pl.: parentheses)parêntese / in parentheses = entre parêntesesINTERM
43parishparóquia = an area that has its own local church and priest or ministerINTERM
44park (n) / park (to) / parkingparque // estacionar // estacionamento = parking lot; carpark / free parking = estacionamento grátis / valet parking = estacionamento com manobristaBAS
45parlor; parloursalão / beauty parlor = salão de beleza / massage parlor = casa de massagemBAS
46paroleliberdade condicional; on parole = em liberdade condicinalINTERM
47parrot papagaio (ave)BAS
48parse (to)examinar, analisar palavras numa frase ADV
49parsleysalsa (Petroselinum crispum)BAS
50parsnipchirívia, pastinaca (Pastinaca sativa)INTERM
51part / partly1) parte / in part = em parte / for my part = de minha parte / for the most part // 2) peça (carro); "he sells car parts" /// parcialmente; "they are partly responsible for this"BAS
52participate (to) / participation participar = to take part // participação = attendanceBAS
53particularparticular, específico, especial / to be particular to = ser especial paraBAS
54partisan1) partidário = follower / 2) guerrilheiro = member of a guerrilla groupINTERM
55partition1) partição (seção; divisão) // 2) partição (ato de partir)BAS
56partner (n) / partner (to) / partnershipsócio, parceiro / to become a partner; "he bought the part of his partner" // associar-se com = to become partner // parceria, sociedade, associação; "companies will form more partnerships"BAS
57partridgeperdiz INTERM
58part-timemeio-expediente; tempo parcial = working or attending school on less than a full-time schedule; "to offer service on a part-time basis = oferecer serviço em regime de tempo parcial"BAS
59party1) festa = a social gathering for conversation, refreshments, etc // 2) partido político; "the two main parties in American politics, the Democrats and the Republicans" // 3) parte interessada (lei) = a person, especially one who participates in some activity such as entering into a contract / third-party = terceiro, terceira-parte; "we're designing the building ourselves, but a third party will build it"BAS
61pass (to)passar, ultrapassar // to pass an exam; to pass a test = passar em, ser aprovado / to pass away = morrer, falecer / to pass a law = aprovar uma lei / to pass by = passar por. Ignorar, passar despercebidoBAS
62passage / passageway1) passagem; caminho físico; "there's a passage leading from the car park to the main shopping street" / 2) parte de um texto; "read this passage, then tell me what you think about it" / 3) passagem do tempo; "passage of the years" / 4) ato de passar; "she was watching the passage of people along the street" // passagem, corredor, passadiço = a way that provides passage through, as a corridor or an alleyBAS
64passion paixão = strong feeling of love; strong sexual desire // passion fruit = maracujá (Passiflora edulis)BAS
65PassoverPáscoa (judaica)INTERM
67passwordsenha, palavra de acessoBAS
69pasta massa (em geral; ex.: gnocchi, talharim, ravioli, etc); noodleBAS
70paste (n) / paste (to)pasta, cola = a mixture of flour and water, used for causing material to stick to something: / colar = to fasten or stick with paste; to glue, to stickBAS
71pastime passatempo, diversão = hobby; diversion BAS
72pastorpastor (religioso) = clergyman BAS
73pastry massas (bolo, folhado), doces, pasteis BAS
74patch (n) / patch (to)1) remendo; patchwork = colcha de retalhos // 2) terreno pequeno; horta; canteiro = a plot of land, lot; "a cabbage patch" // remendar BAS
75patchworkcolcha de retalhos; trabalho feito de retalhosBAS
76path caminho, trilha, vereda = way, pathway, track, trailBAS
77patientpaciente; (obs.: inpatient = a hospital patient who receives treatment, lodging and food / outpatient = a patient who is not hospitalized overnight - ambulatório)BAS
78patron 1) cliente, freguês = customer, especially a regular one, of a store, etc.; "patrons must leave the hotel by 3:00 p.m." // 2) patrono = one who supports an artist, charity, etc., with money, etc. "a patron of the arts"INTERM
79patternpadrão; modelo = standardBAS
80paunchybarrigudo, pançudoADV
81pave (to) / pavement pavimentar = to cover with bricks, asphalt or concrete // calçada (US) = sidewalk (UK) BAS
82pawn (n) / pawn (to) 1) peão (xadrez) // 2) penhor = something given or deposited as security, as for money borrowed / pawnshop = loja de penhores / pawn broker; pawnshop broker = dono de loja de penhor; penhorista // penhorar, empenhar, dar como garantia de empréstimoINTERM
83pay (to), paid, paid / pay (n) / payable / prepaidpagar; "I must pay the phone bill" / to pay back = devolver, restituir / to pay down = pagar de entrada / to pay (in) cash = pagar à vista / to pay for damages = indenizar // pagamento (salário) = salary, wages; "the pay at this company is pretty good" / pay day = dia de pagamento / pay roll = folha de pagamento // pagável // pago antecipadamenteBAS
84paybackretorno de investimento = payback return; return of investment (ROI) / payback period = tempo de retorno investimento INTERM
85payeebeneficiário, pessoa que será pagaINTERM
86paymentpagamento (ato de pagar ou dinheiro pago) / advance payment = pagamento antecipado / cash payment = pagamento à vista / down payment = entrada, pagamento inicial / monthly payment = pagamento mensal, prestaçãoBAS
87payoffrecompensa; lucro = profit, rewardINTERM
88peaervilha (Pisum sativum)BAS
89peace / peacefulpaz / to make peace with = fazer as pazes com // pacífico, tranquilo = quiet, restful, calmBAS
90peachpêssego (Prunus persica)BAS
91peak1) pico; cume = the pointed top of a mountain or ridge; summit // 2) período de volume ou carga máxima = the maximum point or volume of anything; "at peak hours, traffic speeds are reduced considerably"BAS
92peanut1) amendoim (Arachis hypogaea) // 2) quantia irrisória = a very small amount of moneyBAS
93pearpera (Pyrus spp.)BAS
94pebbleseixo, calhau, cascalho = a small, rounded stone, especially one worn down by the action of water; gravel; "pebble beach"INTERM
95peck (to) 1) bicar, dar bicadas (pássaro) / 2) dar beijinho / 3) beliscar (comida)INTERM
96pedalpedal (piano, carro, etc) / accelerator pedal = gas pedal = accelerator / brake pedalINTERM
97peddle (to) / peddler1) vender, mascatear / 2) espalhar boatos // mascate, vendedor ambulante = a person who sells from door to door or in the street; hawker ADV
98pee (n) / pee (to)xixi, urina / urinar, mijarINTERM
99peek (to)espiar, espreitar, dar uma olhada = to peep, to peerINTERM
100peel (n) / peel (to) casca de fruta = the skin or rind of a fruit or vegetable / descascar; "to peel an orange" BAS
101peep (to)espiar, espreitar, dar uma olhada = to peek, to peerINTERM
102peer (n) / peer (to)colega, par = equal in rank or ability; "his peers voted him best actor" // 1) olhar com atenção, perscrutar = to look closely with or as if with difficulty; "to peer into the distance" / 2) espiar, espreitar; "a frightened child in the cinema sometimes peers between her fingers" / to peer at = examinar, observar / to peer out = olhar para foraINTERM
103peg (n) / peg (to)pregador de roupa; "she uses pegs to hang his washing on the line" / coat peg = cabideiro de parede // prender (roupa no varal)INTERM
105pelt (to)atirar, arremesar, bombardear = to attack (someone) with repeated blowsADV
106pen (n) / pen (to)1) caneta // 2) curral, galinheiro, cercado para animais domésticos = an enclosure in which domestic animals are kept; "sheepdogs help a shepherd to get his sheep into a pen" // 3) penitenciária /// escrever; "to pen a letter"BAS
107pen (to); pent; pentconfinar, manter preso, manter em galinheiro; "at night the farmer pens the sheep in a small enclosure" / pent-up = reprimido = restrained / pent-up demand = demanda reprimida / pent-up emotions = emoções reprimidasINTERM
108penaltypena, penalidade, penalização, punição BAS
109penancepenitência = a punishment to show sorrow for one's sins:ADV
110pencillápis / pencil-case = lapiseira = mechanical pencil / pencil-sharpener = apontador (lápis) / to sharpen a pencil = apontar um lápisBAS
111pendingpendente; suspenso = awaiting decision; not yet decided; unresolved = outstandingBAS
113pension / pensionerpensão, aposentadoria / pension fund, pension plan = fundo de aposentadoria // pensionista, aposentado = retired personBAS
114pensive / pensivelypensativo = thoughtful, meditative, dreamy; "rainy days often put her in a pensive mood" / pensativamenteADV
115penthouseapartamento do último andar; cobertura = an apartment on the roof of a building.INTERM
116penumbra [pinâmbra]penumbra = half-lightADV
117pepper (Capsicum spp.)pimenta / black pepper = pimenta do reino / chili pepper = pimenta malagueta // bell pepper = red pepper = sweet pepper = capsicum = pimentão (Capsicum annuum)BAS
118perceive (to)perceber = to become aware through the senses; to realizeINTERM
119percent / percentagepor cento; "five percent interest a year" // porcentagemBAS
120perch n) / perch (to)poleiro = a pole or rod for birds to rest upon; roost / empoleirarINTERM
121percolate (to) / percolatorfiltrar, coar (ex. café) / cafeteira elétricaADV
122perform (to) / performance / performerrealizar, desempenhar, efetuar, levar a cabo = to do, to carry out, to accomplish // desempenho; atuação / performance of duties = desempenho de tarefa / price-performance ratio = índice preço-desempenho // ator = actor; player / music performer = músicoBAS
123peril / perilousperigo, risco = danger, jeopardy, risk, hazard, peril / perigoso, arriscadoINTERM
124period1) período (tempo); period of time // 2) ponto final (US) = full stop (UK)BAS
125perish (to)1) morrer = to die; "two people perished in the fire" / 2) deteriorar, apodrecerINTERM
126perk (to) / perky1) erguer a cabeça; empertigar-se / 2) animar-se, recuperar-se = to gain in vigor or cheerfulness especially after a period of weakness or depression // animado, alegre = livelyADV
127perksprivilégio, benefícios, mordomias, regalias = a privilege, gain or profit incidental to regular salary or wages (especially one expected or promised) / (obs.: short for perquisite)INTERM
128permanentpermanente = lasting, enduringBAS
129permit (to) / permissionpermitir = to allow // permissão = allowanceBAS
130perpendicularperpendicular; perpendicular lineINTERM
131perquisitemordomia, regalia = perks; an incidental benefit gained from a certain type of employment, such as the use of a company car; "use of the company's jet is a perquisite of the job"ADV
132persimmoncaqui (Diospyros kaki)INTERM
133personnelpessoal, conjunto de empregados = the people employed in an organization or for a service or undertaking / assignment of personnel = alocação de pessoalBAS
134perspective1) ponto de vista = a way of regarding situations, facts, etc, and judging their relative importance; "from my perspective = do meu ponto de vista" // 2) perspectiva (técnica de representar objetos tridimensionais sobre uma superfície plana) BAS
135persuade (to) / persuasionpersuadir = to convince / persuasãoBAS
136peruse (to)examinar, ler atentamente = to read or examine with care; studyADV
137pervade (to) / pervasiveimpregnar, penetrar / penetrante, que se infiltra, dominante, pervasivo, que se espalha por toda parte; all-pervasive = onipresenteINTERM
138petanimal de estimaçãoBAS
140petrol / petroleumgasolina (UK) = gasoline (US) / petrol station = posto de gasolina = gas station; service station // petróleo = oilBAS
141petticoatcombinação, anágua = slip worn under skirtINTERM
142petty insignificante, pequeno = small, insignificant; / petty cash = caixa pequena (reserva de dinheiro para pequenas despesas)BAS
143petuniapetunia (Petunia axillaris)INTERM
144pewbanco de igrejaINTERM
145pewter1) liga de estanho = a kind of metal in which tin is the chief constituent / 2) objetos de estanho = utensils and vessels made of pewter.INTERM
146phantomfantasma = ghostINTERM
147phasefase = stage / to phase in = introduzir por etapasBAS
148pheasant faisãoINTERM
149Philosophy / philosopherfilosofia / filósofoBAS
150photo / photography / photographerfoto, retrato = picture / to take photos = tirar fotos // fotografia = art of taking photos // fotógrafoBAS
151phrasefrase; expressãoBAS
152Physics / physicistFísica / físico; "he was a great physicist"BAS
153piano / pianistpiano / pianistBAS
154pick (to)1) apanhar; pegar / to pick up = apanhar (do chão) // 2) escolher, selecionar = to choose, to select / to pick out = escolher BAS
155picketpiquete = a person or group of people standing outside a place of work protesting something or trying to persuade others not to enter during a strike.INTERM
157picture1) foto, retrato // 2) quadro, pintura / motion pictures = fita; filme = movies / picture frame = porta-retratos. moldura de quadroBAS
158pietorta / apple pie = torta de maçã / meat pie = torta de carne / shepherd's pie = empadão de carne e batata; "the shepherd's pie was served in a warm bowl"BAS
159piece 1) pedaço; parte de alguma coisa; peça = fragment; chunk; piece of bread; piece of land; piece of paper // 2) peça artística = a literary, journalistic, artistic, dramatic, or musical compositionBAS
160pier pier, cais, doca, ancoradouro = dock, quay, wharfINTERM
161pierce (to) / piercingfurar; penetrar = to bore, to drill, to make a hole with a drill / penetrante, perfurante INTERM
162pigporco = hog, swineBAS
163pigeonpombo, pomba = doveINTERM
164piggyback (n) / piggyback (adj, adv)ato de carregar nos ombros = a ride on the back and shoulders of another person / carregado nos ombros, sobre os ombros = on the back and shoulders of another person; "a piggyback ride"ADV
165pile (n) / pile (to) pilha, monte = heap, stack // empilhar, amontoar; "his table was piled with books" BAS
166pillpílula; comprimido / bitter pill = coisa desagradávelINTERM
168pillowtravesseiro / pillow case = fronhaBAS
169pilotpiloto, aviadorBAS
171pinch (to) / pinch beliscar, dar beliscão // beliscão INTERM
172pine; pine-treepinheiro (Pinus spp.)BAS
173pineappleabacaxi (Ananas comosus)INTERM
174ping (to)1) zunir / 2) testar remotamente = to send a test message to (a computer or server) in order to check whether it is responding or how long it takes it to respondINTERM
175pinpoint (to)localizar com precisão = to locate preciselyINTERM
176pint [paint]1) pinta (unid. medida de capacidade anglo-saxã para líquidos e sólidos) / 2) caneca de cerveja (0,568 litro)BAS
177piouspio, devoto; "a pious Catholic who attended Mass every day"INTERM
178pipe / pipeline / piping1) cano, tubo / 2) cachimbo // oleoduto // tubulação, encanamentoBAS
179piquedespeito, ressentimento = a feeling of irritation or resentmentADV
180piss (n) / piss (to)xixi, mijo, urina = pee, urine // fazer xixi, mijar, urinar = to pee, to urinateINTERM
181pit 1) buraco, cova = hole in the earth // 2) mina = mine / coal pit = mina de carvão // 3) caroço = the stone of a fruit; kernel, core; "careful, those cherries still have pits" BAS
182pitch (to) / pitch (n) / pitcherarremessar = to throw // 1) arremesso, lançamento / 2) tom (voz, música), entonação, intensidade / 3) papo de vendedor, lábia = a persuasive sales talk; sales pitch / 4) piche, breu = tar // 1) lançador (baseball) / 2) jarro, cântaro = jugBAS
183pitcherjarro, cântaro = a large container, typically earthenware, glass, or plastic, with a handle and a lip, used for holding and pouring liquids; jug; "he fills the pitcher with water"INTERM
184pitfall armadilha, arapuca, perigo = trap, snareINTERM
185pity (n) / pity (to) piedade; pena/ what a pity! = que pena! // ter pena de = to feel pity for; to feel sorry for BAS
186pizza pizza / pizza shop = pizzariaBAS
187placate (to)acalmar, pacificar = to soothe, to appeaseADV
188place (n) / place (to) / placementlugar; local; "to be in the right place"/ to take place = acontecer // colocar = to put, to set; "who placed my glasses here?" / to place an order = fazer pedido // colocação = the process or business of finding employmentBAS
189plague praga, peste = a widespread disease that causes a great number of deathsINTERM
190plain 1) planicie = a large, flat area of land; "a green plain" / 2) simples; claro; fácil = simple; clear; easily understood / plain truth = verdade pura / in plain English = em linguagem clara / plain coffee = café simplesBAS
191plaintiffdemandante, pleiteante, requerente = a person who brings a legal action # defendant; "the plaintiff accused his neighbour of assaulting him"INTERM
192plaintivequeixoso, lamurioso = expressing sorrow or sadnessINTERM
193plan (n) / plan (to) / planning1) plano, projeto; career plan; strategic plan / 2) desenho; planta (casa; máquina) // planejar; to plan on = contar com // planejamentoBAS
194plane treeplátano (Platanus spp.)INTERM
196plank tábua = board; long flat piece of timber thicker than a boardINTERM
197plant / plant (to)1) planta (vegetal) // 2) fábrica, usina = factory / plant floor = chão da fábrica; piso da fábrica / steel plant = siderúrgica /// plantarBAS
198plantationplantação = large area of land especially in a hot part of the world where crops are grown / banana plantation = bananal / coffee plantation = cafezal / cotton plantation = algodoal / rubber plantation = seringal / sugar cane plantation = canavial INTERM
199plaster 1) reboco, argamassa, emboço, gesso; "he is putting plaster on the walls" / 2) esparadrapo, band-aid = sticking plaster; "he has cut his knee, so his dad puts a plaster on it"BAS
201plate1) prato raso = a shallow dish from which food is eaten // 2) placa (automóvel) / plate number = número da placaBAS
202platformplataforma = a horizontal surface, usually raised above the level of the surrounding area; "railway platform"; "computer platform"; "political platform"BAS
203platoonpelotão = military unit; squad; "the platoon entered enemy territory on foot"INTERM
204platter1) travessa = a large flat dish or plate, typically oval or circular in shape, used for serving food / 2) prato (comida) = the food that is served on a platter; "cheese platter"; "he ordered the seafood platter"INTERM
205play / play (to) / player1) jogo, divertimento, brincadeira // 2) peça (teatro) /// 1) jogar; "to play soccer" // 2) brincar; "children like to play with toys"/ / 3) tocar (inst.musical); "to play the piano" // to play the fool = bancar o bobo / to play the (a) role = desempenhar o (um) papel /// 1) jogador // 2) intérprete; ator = actor; performer // 3) protagonista, contendor; empresa participante mercado; "a global player on the market" // 4) tocador; CD player; DVD playerBAS
206playgroundárea de recreação = an outdoor area for children's playBAS
207playing cardcarta de jogar; deck of cards = baralho de cartas = pack of cards; (obs.: suit = naipe) BAS
208plea / plead (to)apelo, petição, defesa (lei) = request // 1) advogar, defender (lei) = to argue a cause in a court of law; "he pleaded his own cause" / 2) alegar = to give as excuse / 3) pleitear; to plead guilty = declarar culpadoBAS
209pleasant agradável = agreeable; pleasant company; pleasant time; pleasant surroundings; pleasant journeyBAS
210please (to) / pleasedagradar; satisfazer / do as you please = do as you wish = faça como quiser // contente, satisfeito; "pleased to meet you!" / pleased with = satisfeito com; "she was very pleased with herself " / to be pleased = ter o prazerBAS
211pledge / pledge (to) / pledged1) promessa, compromisso, acordo = a serious promise or agreement; solemn promise / 2) fiança, penhor, caução, garantia = anything given as a guarantee; something that you leave with another person as a way to show that you will keep your promise // 1) prometer = to promise formally or solemnly / 2) empenhar, pôr no prego, dar como garantia = to give as security to pawn // empenhado; engajado = engagedBAS
212plenty / plentifulabundante, de sobra / plenty of = muito; "there's plenty of room = há muito lugar" // abundante, farto = abundant, bountifulBAS
213plethora excesso, grande quantidade, ampla gama = excess, profusion, abundanceINTERM
214pliableflexível = flexibleADV
215pliers alicateINTERM
216plight situação difícil, apuros, dificuldade = unfavorable situation; "sorry plight"INTERM
218plod (to)andar vagarosamente, caminhar vagarosamente; arrastar-se; "the old horse plodded slowly down the road"ADV
219plot (n) / plot (to)1) enredo (romance, filme); "the plot of this film is predictable" / 2) conspiração, trama = a secret plan to accomplish some purpose; "he fears that he is the victim of a plot" / 3) terreno, lote, pedaço de terra; "they are buying a plot for their new house" // 1) tramar, conspirar; "the opposition plots to takeover = a oposição trama uma tomada de poder" / 2) marcar, assinalar, marcar num gráfico ou mapa / 3) localizar, mostrar num mapa = to locate or show on a map or chartBAS
220plow (US); plough (UK) / plow (to)arado / ararBAS
221ployestratégia, estratagema, recurso, manobra = a maneuver, usually a trick, to gain an advantage;INTERM
222plugtomada (macho) / sparking plug = vela de ignição (carro)BAS
223plum ameixa BAS
224plummet (to)cair rapidamente (bird, plane); baixar rapidamente (prices, despencar) = to plunge vertically, to drop sharply (obs.: contrário é to soar)INTERM
225plump roliço, gorducho = chubbyBAS
226plunder (to)devastar, pilhar, saquear = to rob, to loot, to ravage, to ransackINTERM
227plunge (to) mergulhar; precipitar = to dive, to dip; "the car plunged from the cliff "; "she plunged into the lake" BAS
229plussinal de mais (+) = plus signBAS
230plush1) luxuoso = expensive and luxurious; "we went to a plush restaurant and ordered caviar" / 2) pelúcia; "a plush red sofa"INTERM
231poach (to) / poacher1) escaldar = to cook (eggs, fish, etc.) in a hot liquid just below the boiling point; poached eggs = ovos poché // 2) caçar ilegalmente = to enter into (someone else's land) in order to hunt animals illegally // caçador ilegal; caçador furtivoINTERM
233pod vagem (leguminosa)BAS
234poempoema = poetryBAS
235poet / poetrypoeta / poesiaBAS
236poignantcomovente, pungente = affecting the emotions; "a poignant scene in the movie"INTERM
237point (n) / point (to) 1) ponto decimal / 2) ponta; "there's a sharp point on this pencil" / 3) lugar / 4) característica; "plot is not the film's strong point" / point of view = ponto de vista = outlook, perpective, standpoint / starting point = ponto de partida / turning point = momento decisivo = critical moment / point of no return = ponto sem retorno, ponto crítico / point of contact = ponto de contato = touch point / entry point = ponto de entrada / on the point of = a ponto de / to make a point of = fazer questão de ///apontar = to show the direction of, to aim / to point out = assinalar, indicar = to direct the attention to BAS
238poise (to) equilibrar-seADV
239poison / poisonousveneno = venom / venenosoBAS
240poke (to) / pokercutucar / to poke something into = enfiar, meter em algo // atiçador de brasas = a metal rod for poking or stirring a fireINTERM
241pole1) polo geográfico; North Pole, South Pole / 2) poste, estaca = a long, rounded, often narrow piece of wood, metal; telephone poles / 3) vara = stick, staff; rod; fishing pole = vara de pescarBAS
242police1) polícia; "the city depends on an independent police" / 2) policial = policeman, cop; "the police arrived on the scene" // police station = delegacia de políciaBAS
243policy 1) política; diretriz = course of conduct / 2) apólice (seguro) = insurance contract / policy application = proposta de seguro / policy holder = segurado / policy issue = emissão de apólice / policy renewal = renovação de apólice / to renew policy = renovar apóliceBAS
244poll (n) / poll (to) / polling1) pesquisa de opinião, enquete = public survey, opinion poll; "a CBS poll found that ..." / poll organization = instituto de pesquisa // 2) eleição, votação /// 1) fazer pesquisa de opinião // 2) receber votos = to receive (a vote or quantity of votes); "he polled 10 000 votes" /// votação, eleição / polling booth = cabine eleitoral / polling place = polling station = zona eleitoralBAS
245pollute (to) / polluted / pollutionpoluir / poluído / poluiçãoBAS
246pomegranateromã (Punica granatum)INTERM
247pondpoça, tanque, lagoa, açude = a body of water smaller than a lake, sometimes artificially formed; small lake; "the cows drink from the pond in the field" / fish pond = viveiro de peixesBAS
248ponder (to)ponderar, meditar, refletir = to think about, to consider carefully, to examine; "she pondered for a while, then came to a decision"INTERM
249pontiffpontífice, papaADV
251pool 1) piscina = swimming pool // 2) poça = puddle // 3) combinação ou associação de empresas; "the exploration pool included two large oil-drilling companies" / 4) recursos compartilhados; "a car pool"BAS
252pop (to)1) estourar, arrebentar; "the soap bubble popped after a few seconds" / 2) desarrolhar, sacar uma rolha; "he knows how to pop the cork of a champagne bottle without spilling any of it" / 3) to pop in = fazer uma rápida visita; dar uma passadinha = to visit briefly; to drop by; "she just popped in, stayed a while, and left" / 4) to pop up = surgir, aparecer de repente; "lots of second-hand shops have suddenly started to pop up in my town"BAS
253poplarálamo (Populus spp.)INTERM
254poppypapoula (Papaver spp.)INTERM
255popular; pop (adj)popular BAS
256porchvaranda, alpendre = verandaBAS
257porkcarne de porcoBAS
259port (n) / port (to)porto = harbor, city with a harbor // portar, converter (aplicações)BAS
260porter1) carregador = one hired to carry baggage, as at a hotel // 2) porteiro (UK) = one who has charge of a door or gate; doorkeeper / 3) estilo de cerveja escuraBAS
261portfolio1) pasta (documentos) = a flat case for carrying documents or drawings; a set of drawings, paintings, or photographs that are presented together in a folder // 2) carteira (ações, investimentos)BAS
262portionporção, parte, quinhão = piece or part of anythingBAS
263portrait / portray (to)retrato // 1) retratar = to depict;"the painting portrays a boy eating his lunch" / 2) interpretar, representar (ator); "he portrayed the professor in the play"BAS
264poshelegante, luxuoso = elegant, fashionable; "they live in a posh neighborhood"INTERM
265position / position (to)1) posição / 2) cargo, emprego, posto / entry position = cargo iniciante / position of trust = cargo de confiança / tenure of a position = posse de um cargo // posicionar BAS
266possess (to) / possessionpossuir = to own // posse, possessão / possessions = pertences; patrimônioBAS
267post (n) / post (to)1) posto de trabalho, posição, cargo; "don't leave your post!" // 2) correio = mail; "can you check today's post for the letter from the bank?" / postcard = cartão postal; / postman = carteiro (UK) = mailman; letter carrier / post-office = agência dos correios / P.O. box = caixa postal = mail-box // 3) poste, mourão = pole, pillar; "the car hit a post" /// afixar = to fasten to a wall, to stick; "the notice was posted on the wall"BAS
268postageporte (correio); tarifa postal = the fee for postal service / air mail postage = tarifa correio aéreoBAS
269posterpainel, cartaz = a bill or placard for posting often in a public place BAS
270post-officecorreio; agência de correio BAS
271postpone (to) / postponement adiar = to put off, to adjourn // adiamento = adjournmentBAS
272pot 1) pote = a usually rounded metal or earthen container used chiefly for domestic purposes (as in cooking or for holding liquids or growing plants) / teapot = bule // 2) vaso = vase / flower pot = vaso de flores / chamber-pot = penico, urinolBAS
273potatobatata // sweet potato = batata doceBAS
275pouchsacola, bolsa = a bag, sack, or small container, especially one for small articles or quantities; "a tobacco pouch"INTERM
276poultry1) aves domésticas = birds raised for their meat and eggs, as chickens, turkeys, ducks, etc; "the poultry were scattered all over the farm" // 2) carne destas aves; "poultry is as expensive as beef"INTERM
277pound (n) / pound (to)1) libra esterlina (moeda do UK) / 2) libra (peso) = 0,45 kg // esmurrar, bater, martelar = to strike heavily and oftenBAS
278pour (to)derramar, servir, verter = to shed, to spill; "she poured me a glass of water"BAS
279pout (n) / pout (to)beiço, beicinho / fazer beicinho; amuarADV
280powderpó = dustBAS
281power / powered1) poder, força, potência / full power = força total, amplos poderes, carta branca / buying power = purchasing power = poder aquisitivo / power of attorney = letter of attorney = procuração // 2) potência (matemática); "ten to the sixth power = 10 elevado à 6a. potência" / to raise to the nth power = elevar à enésima potência // alimentado, movido a; "a gasoline-powered engine"; "the mills of Holland are wind-powered"BAS
282poxdoença com pústulas ou erupções; chicken pox = catapora; small pox = varíolaINTERM
283practical prático; practical guide BAS
284practice (to) / practice (n)praticar; exercer (profissão); clinicar (médico) // prática BAS
285praise (to) / praise (n)elogiar, louvar = to compliment, to pay a compliment to; to speak very highly of // elogio, louvor BAS
286prankpeça, brincadeira, trote, pegadinha = an amusing or playful trick:ADV
287prawncamarão grande = a large shrimp (Australia)INTERM
288preach (to) / preacherpregar; "an angry man was preaching on the street corner" // pregadorBAS
289preamblepreâmbulo = an introductory statement; prefaceINTERM
290precede (to) / preceding preceder // precedente; anterior = previous; priorBAS
291precinct distrito, zona, recinto = a part of a territory with definite bounds or functions often established for administrative purposes , district / election precinct = zona eleitoral / pedestrian precinct = zona de pedestres / police precinct = distrito policial, a division of a city for police control / shopping precinct = zona comercial INTERM
292preclude (to)excluir, impedir, evitarADV
293predicamentapuros, dilema, aperto = an unpleasantly difficult situationINTERM
294predict (to) / prediction / predicted / predictableprever; predizer = to forecast; "he predicts that sales in this segment will reach ..." // previsão; prognóstico = forecast // previsto; predicted cost = projected cost // previsível (obs.: unpredictable = imprevisível)BAS
295preemptiveadiantado, preemptivoADV
296prefer (to) / preference / preferred / preferablypreferir // preferência; to track consumer preferences // preferencial // de preferênciaBAS
298pregnant / pregnancy grávida / gravidez BAS
299prejudicepreconceito; "racial prejudice is a serious problem"BAS
300premisepremissa = a statement that is assumed to be true for the purpose of an argument; "I was operating on the premise that I had your support" INTERM
301premisespropriedade, terreno, edificio = an area of land including its buildings; "the company leases part of the premises to smaller businesses"INTERM
302premium1) prêmio (seguro) / 2) bônus, bonificação, ágio = an amount paid in addition to a standard rate, price, wage, etc; bonusBAS
303preoccupationpreocupação = worry, concernINTERM
304prerequisite pre-requisito = something required beforehandINTERM
305prescientpresciente, que tem conhecimento antecipadoADV
306prescription / prescribe (to)receita (médica) / to fill a prescription = aviar uma receita // receitar; to prescribe for = receitar para alguémBAS
307presence / presentpresença / presence of mind = presença de espírito = wit // presente, atual / at present = presently = no momento, atualmenteBAS
308present (to) / presentation / presenterapresentar, fazer apresentação, fazer palestra = to make a presentation, to do a presentation, to give a presentation // apresentação = talk, lecture, conference // apresentadorBAS
309preserve (to) / preservationpreservar, proteger, manter; to preserve peace // preservação, conservaçãoBAS
310preserves conserva, compota = fruit prepared by cooking with sugar; fruit in syrupINTERM
311president; vice-presidentpresidente; vice-presidenteBAS
312press (n) / press (to)1) imprensa, midia / press agency = assessoria de imprensa; press agent = assessor de imprensa / press clipping = recorte de jornal // 2) prelo, máquina de impressão = printing machine /// 1) apertar; pressionar = to crush / 2) passar roupa = to ironBAS
313pressingurgente = urgent; demanding immediate attentionBAS
314pressurepressão / pressure cooker = panela de pressãoBAS
315presuppose (to)pressuporINTERM
316pretend (to) fingir, fazer de conta = to make believe, to feign; "he pretended to be dead"BAS
318pretermprematuro = occurring earlier in pregnancy than expected;
319prettybelo, bonito; "pretty face"; "a pretty little cabin in the woods"BAS
320prevail (to) / prevailingprevalecer, predominar = to prevail over / predominante, dominante = generally accepted; widespread; "the prevailing opinion"INTERM
321prevalence / prevalentpredominância, predomínio / predominante, comum = widespread, prevailingINTERM
322prevent (to) / preventionimpedir, evitar = to hinder, to obstruct, to impede, to hamper, to block, to bar "to prevent someone from doing something" // prevençãoBAS
323previous prévio; anterior = prior; preceding; foregoingBAS
324preypresa (animal) = an animal hunted for food, esp. by a meat-eating animal:BAS
325price / priceless / pricing preço / half-price = pela metade do preço / at any price = a qualquer preço / affordable prices = reasonable prices = preços razoáveis // inestimável, incalculável, de grande valor = having a value beyond all price; invaluable; priceless artwork (obs.: contrário é worthless = imprestável, sem valor) // estabelecimento de preços, precificaçãoBAS
326pricey; pricycaro = expensive, costly; "those pricey cars"INTERM
327prickle / pricklyespinho = thorn / espinhento = thornyINTERM
329primalprimário, primitivo = first, originalINTERM
330primaryprimário; elementar; básico / primary colors = cores básicasBAS
331primesuperior, excelente, principal, de 1a. qualidade / prime beef = carne de primeira / prime-minister = primeiro ministro / prime time = horário nobre (TV)BAS
332primercartilha = a small book for teaching children to readINTERM
333prince / princesspríncipe / princesaBAS
334principal (adj) / principal (n)principal = chief, foremost, main (adj); "the principal reason" // 1) chefe; diretor = the most important or senior person in an organization or group; chief, head / 2) capital, principal = a sum of money lent or invested, on which interest is paidBAS
335principleprincípio; regra de conduta / on principle = por princípioBAS
336print (to) / print (n / printer / printing / printoutimprimir // marca; impressão = mark made by pressure // impressora // impressão / printing office = tipografia // listagem de computadorBAS
337prior prévio; anterior = previous; preceding; foregoingBAS
338priority / prioritize (to)prioridade / priority list = lista de prioridades / to set priority = estabelecer prioridade // priorizarBAS
339prison prisão = jail, penitentiary, penBAS
340pristinepuro, limpo, original, imaculado = not changed by people; left in its natural state; "the pristine beauty of the ancient forest"INTERM
341private / privacy1) particular; privado / private line = linha privada / 2) soldado raso // privacidade, vida particular / in private, in privacy = em particularBAS
342privilege / privilegedprivilégio = advantage; special favor / privilegiadoBAS
343privya par, informadoINTERM
344prizeprêmio = award, reward; "he received the Nobel Prize"BAS
345probable / probability provável = likely // probabilidade = likelyhoodBAS
346probe / probe (to) sonda = any slender device inserted into something in order to explore or examine // sondar, investigar; "the doctor probed the wound carefully before removing the bullet" BAS
347problemproblema / to face a problem = enfrentar um problemaBAS
348procedureprocedimento = process; method; proceedingBAS
349proceed (to) prosseguir, continuar, avançar; " he proceeded with his reading"BAS
350proceeding / proceedingsprocedimento; conduta = action; procedure; conduct // processo (jur), trâmites legais = legal action BAS
351process (n) / process (to) / processing / processorprocesso; ongoing process = processo contínuo // processar // processamento; data processing // processador BAS
352procure (to) / procurementobter, conseguir = to get, to achieve, to obtain, to gain, to earn / obtenção, aquisição; procurement department = departamento de comprasINTERM
353produce (to) / product / productionproduzir = to yield; to create; to generate // produto / end product = produto final / by-product = subproduto // produção; "they have several application systems in production" BAS
354productive / productivityprodutivo // produtividade / productivity gain / to raise productivity = aumentar produtividade = to boost productivity; to increase productivityBAS
355profession / professional (n) / professional (adj)profissão, carreira; "which professions offer the best job security today?" // profissional = a member of a profession // profissional = engaged in an occupation as a means of earning a livelihood; "a professional musician"BAS
356professorprofessor universitário; "professor at the University of Chicago business school"; "London University economics professor" BAS
357proficient / proficiencyproficiente; hábil; habilidoso = skillful; skilled; expert // proficiência; perícia; habilidadeINTERM
358profile1) perfil = side view of a face // 2) contorno = outline, contourBAS
359profit (n) / profit (to) / profitability / profitablelucro / profit share = participação no lucro / net profit = lucro líquido / anticipated profit = lucro previsto // lucrar // lucratividade, rentabilidade // lucrativo, rentável, proveitoso = advantageousBAS
360program (n) / program (to) / programmer1) programa (rádio, TV, etc) / live radio = programa ao vivo (rádio, TV); "what program are you watching now? // 2) programa (lista de eventos, atividades, etc) = information about a concert, play, sports game, etc. // 3) programa de computador /// programar /// programadorBAS
361progress (n) / progress (to)progresso, andamento / to make progress = progredir / in progress = em andamento = under way; "the project is in progress" // progredir, avançar; "as the project progresses = à medida que o projeto evolui" // BAS
362prohibit (to) / prohibitionproibir = to forbid / proibiçãoINTERM
363project (n) / project (to) / projectionprojeto; plano = plan, scheme, undertaking / project leader // projetar; planejar // 1) projeção (filme, desenho, psicologia) / 2) estimativa futura (despesas, custos) = an estimate of future possibilities based on a current trendBAS
364promise / promise (to) promessa; "a promise is a promise = promessa é dívida" / prometer; to promise to = prometer a BAS
365promote (to) / promotion1) promover (produto); "radio commercials promote various products" // 2) promover (estimular); "officials try to promote the use of seat belts" // 3) promover (carreira) = to raise to higher position or rank; to promote to higher position; "the army major was promoted to lieutenant colonel" /// promoção (produto); promoção (carreira)BAS
366prompt (adj) / prompt (to) / promptlyimediato, sem demora = immediate, done without delay / sugerir, instigar, provocar, incitar, inspirar = to move to action / prontamente, logoBAS
367proneinclinado, propenso; prone to = propenso a, predisposto a; error prone = propenso a errosINTERM
368proofprova; comprovação = means by which something is shown to be true / à prova de: fire proof; shock proof; water proofBAS
369prop (to)apoiar, amparar, escorar = to prop up; "she propped up her book to keep her hands free for knitting"INTERM
370propaganda1) propaganda, publicidade // 2) propaganda política, propagação de doutrina; "the report was nothing but lies and propaganda"BAS
371propel (to) / propellerimpelir, impulsionar, propelir = to push; to thrust // hélice = a device for propelling planes, ships, etcBAS
372proper / properly1) adequado, apropriado, conveniente = appropriate, convenient, fit, suitable / 2) propriamente dito = strictly limited to a specified thing, place, or idea "the city proper = a cidade propriamente dita" // adequadamente, convenientementeBAS
373propertypropriedade, bens / personal properties = bens móveis / property rights = direitos de propriedadeBAS
374proportion 1) proporção; relação = the relationship that exists between the size, number, or amount of two things; ratio // 2) regra de três (matemática)BAS
375propose (to) / proposed / proposal propor; "I propose an interval now" // proposto; "proposed system" // proposta = bidBAS
376pros and consprós e contras = positive and negative aspectsINTERM
377prospect (to) / prospectionprospectar = to search an area for gold, minerals, oil, etc. / prospecçãoBAS
378prospect, prospects / prospectiveperspectiva, expectativa = the possibility that something will happen in the future; outlook, perspective / prospects for the future; prospects of growth // potencial, em perspectiva, provável; "prospective client = cliente potencial"BAS
379prosper (to)prosperar = to thrive, to flourishINTERM
380protect (to) / protectionproteger // proteção / environmental protection = proteção ambientalBAS
381prototype (to) / prototype / prototypingprototipar / protótipo / prototipaçãoINTERM
382protrude (to)sobressair, aparecer, projetar-seADV
383prove (to) / provenprovar; comprovar = to demonstrate the accuracy of // testado, provado, comprovado / proven approaches = abordagens comprovadasBAS
384provide (to) / providerfornecer, prover = to supply, to furnish // fornecedor, provedor, prestador de servço = service provider / health care providerBAS
385provided (that) contanto que; desde que; com a condição de que = providing; on the condition of; "I'll play, provided that you pay me"BAS
386prowl (n) / prowl (to) espreita / rondar, andar à espreita = to move quietly through an area while hunting; "the police were prowling the streets in their patrol cars"INTERM
387proxy1) procurador // 2) procuração = an authorization granting a person to act for anotherINTERM
388prune (n) / prune (to)ameixa seca // podar (árvores) = to cut or chop off extra or unwanted twigs, branches, or roots from; "to prune trees"INTERM
389pry (to)espiar, espreitar / to pry into = intrometer-se em, bisbilhotar, mexericarINTERM
390Psychology / psychologistPsicologia / psicólogoBAS
391pubbar = bar, tavern, a licensed saloon or bar / (obs.: abrev. de public house) // brewpub = pub that brews its own beer for sale on the premisesBAS
392publicpúblico / public survey = recenseamento, plebiscito, pesquisa de opinião = poll / to go public = abrir capital (empresa)BAS
393publicity / publicist publicidade = advertising // publicitário = advertiserBAS
394publish (to) / publisher / publishingpublicar; editar // editor // publicação / publishing house = editoraBAS
395puddlepoça = a very small pool of usually dirty or muddy waterINTERM
396puff (n) / puff (to)sopro, baforada (cigarro), lufada (ar, fumaça) // soltar baforadas (ex.: cachimbo)INTERM
397puffy inchado = swollenINTERM
398pulppolpa, celulose; pulp mill = fábrica de celuloseBAS
399pummel (to)esmurrar, socarADV
400pump (to) / pump (n)bombear / to pump up = encher de ar (pneu) // bomba (água, gasolina); "we need a pump to take water from a well" BAS
401pumpkinabóbora (obs.: outras espécies: gourd; squash)BAS
403punch (to) / punch (to)1) dar soco / 2) furar, perfurar // socoBAS
404puncture (to) / puncture (n)furar, perfurar = to pierce with or as if with a pointed instrument or object // furo = a hole, wound, or perforation made by puncturing INTERM
405pundit1) conhecedor, sábio, especialista / 2) pessoa sábia; guru; a learned person, expert, or authorityINTERM
406punish (to) / punishmentpunir; castigar // punição; castigoBAS
407pupilaluno, pupiloBAS
408puppetmarionete, fantocheINTERM
410purchase (to) / purchase (n) / purchasercomprar, adquirir = to buy, to obtain (goods, etc) by payment // compra / to make a purchase = comprar / purchase order = ordem de compra / purchasing system = sistema de compra / purchasing power = buying power = poder aquisitivo // comprador = buyerBAS
411purge (to)purificar; purgarINTERM
412purport (n) / purport (to)objetivo aparente, intenção; "the purport of the book" / pretender = to claim (to be a certain thing, etc) by manner or appearance; to purport to be = dar a entender que é; "a man purporting to be the manager is calling = um homem alegando ser o gerente está chamando" ; to purport to do = dar a entender que faz ADV
413purpose propósito, objetivo, finalidade = aim, goal,objective / on purpose = de propósitoBAS
414pursue (to) / pursuit1) buscar, procurar = to seek; to pursue business objectives // 2) perseguir = to chase, to follow in order to overtake, capture or defeat // 3) seguir (carreira); "she wants to pursue a legal career" // 4) dedicar-se a (interest, plan) /// 1) busca, procura = quest, search / in pursuit of = in search of = em busca de / pursuit of happiness = busca da felicidade / 2) profissão, carreira, ocupação = occupation, an activity that one engages in as a vocation or professionINTERM
415purvey (to) / purveyorfornecer = to provide, to furnish, to supply (especially food or provisions) usually as a business or service; "they purvey food to ships in the harbor" / fornecedor; "a purveyor of large luxury vehicles"INTERM
416pussy1) gatinho= kitten (UK) // 2) buceta, xoxotaINTERM
417put (to); put; put pôr, colocar = to set, to place / to put an end to = pôr um fim a / to put down (1) = anotar; "I will put down that information in my notebook" / to put down (2) = humilhar, denegrir, falar mal de; "you shouldn't put him down like that" / to put in a cast = engessar / to put in gear = engrenar / to put on = vestir (obs.: to take off = despir) / to put on weight = engordar (obs.: to reduce weight = emagrecer) / to put together = armar, montar; (obs.: to take apart = desmontar) / to put up = construir, erigir (obs.: to tear down = demolir)BAS
418puzzle (n) / puzzle (to) / puzzled quebra-cabeça; enigma; charada = riddle, conundrum / crossword puzzle = palavras cruzadas / jigsaw puzzle = quebra-cabeça (jogo) / tough puzzle = quebra-cabeça difícil // confundir, desorientar = to bewilder // confuso, desorientado, desnorteado = bewilderedBAS
419pyramid pirâmideINTERM