1rabbit coelho; (obs.: bunny = coelhinho)BAS
2rabbleralé, povinho, plebe, turba = mobADV
4race (n) / race (to)1) corrida = competitive contest of speed / race car = carro de corrida; race car driver = piloto de corrida / race track = pista de corrida / race court = hipódromo / horse race = corrida de cavalo / 2) raça = any group, class, or kind of creatures; "human race" // correrBAS
5rackprateleira, estante = shelf; a framework for holding, carrying, or displaying a specific load or object; coat rack = cabideiro, chapeleiraBAS
9radio rádio; radio set = aparelho de rádioBAS
10radishrabanete (Raphanus sativus)BAS
11radius (pl. radii)raio (círculo) BAS
12raftbalsa, jangadaINTERM
13ragtrapo, farrapo = a piece of cloth, especially one that is torn or worn / in rags = em farraposINTERM
14rage (n) / rage (to) / ragingraiva, ira, fúria = anger, fury, wrath // enfurecer // furiosoBAS
15rail / railingtrilho / rail gauge = bitola / to run off the rails = descarrilhar; "the train went off the rails" // grade protetora; corrimão, parapeito BAS
16railwayestrada de ferro // railway engine = locomotiva = locomotive / railway station = estação de trem = depot (US)BAS
17rain (n) / rain (to)chuva / chover BAS
19raise (to) / raised / raise (n)1) aumentar, elevar; to raise productivity = to boost; "when they raise prices, our salaries should raise"; "raised floor" / 2) levantar (mão, cabeça); "raise your hand if you have a question"; "to raise a point in a session" / 3) angariar, levantar; "we raised 5,000 dollars for the charity"; to raise fund; to raise money / 4) criar, educar; to raise a family / 5) plantar, cultivar; "many farmers in Ohio raise corn" // levantado, erguido, elevado; "raised floor = piso elevado" // aumento, elevação; "raise in prices"BAS
20raisinpassa (uva) = dried grapeINTERM
22rally (n) / rally (to)1) rali (corrida de carros) = a long-distance automobile race / 2) comício, manifestação = a large gathering of people for a common purpose, especially for some political cause; "supporters held a rally for the candidate" // reunir, ajuntarBAS
23ram (n) / ram (to) 1) carneiro = a male sheep / 2) bate-estacas // cravar, bater, golpear; "to ram a post into the ground" INTERM
24ramble (to) / rambler / ramblingvagar, perambular, errar = to stroll, to wander, to roam // andarilho, caminhante = rover // 1) tortuoso; "a long, rambling answer" / 2) desconexo, incoerente (discurso)INTERM
25ramp (n) / ramp (to)rampa, ladeira = a sloping floor, walk, or roadway leading from one level to another // to ramp up = aumentar = to speed up, expand, or increase especially quickly or at a constant rate / to ramp down = diminuir; encerrar, finalizarINTERM
26rampage (n) / rampage (to)alvoroço, agitação, fúria = state of excitement; "the elephant's rampage left a trail of destruction in its wake" / alvoroçar-se; comportar-se agressivamente; "the wild boar rampaged through the forest" / on the rampage = comportando-se violentamente; arrasando tudoADV
27rampantdescontrolado, desenfreado, galopante = growing or spreading steadily and without stopping; widespreadADV
28ranchfazenda de criação de gado = a large farm for raising horses, beef cattle, or sheepBAS
29randomaleatório, randômico = aimless, casual; random shot = tiro a esmo / at random = ao acasoBAS
30range (n) / range (to) 1) intervalo, faixa de atuação, variação = a sequence between limits / age range = faixa de idade = age bracket // 2) alcance, abrangência = reach, scope / long-range = longo alcance; longo prazo / long-range forecast = previsão de longo alcance; long-range planning = planejamento de longo prazo; long-range growth = crescimento de longo-prazo / wide range = ampla variedade / flying range = autonomia vôo /// variar = to vary within certain limits; "temperature ranges little here" BAS
31rank (n) / rank (to) / ranking1) ordem; classificação; posição / 2) fila; fileira = row / 3) posto; graduação; hierarquia (milit.) // ordenar, classificar / to rank the priority = estabelecer a prioridade / to rank among = figurar entre; "he's ranked among the greatest architects"; "that company ranks as America's fourth largest" // ordem; classificação; posiçãoBAS
32ransack (to) saquear, pilhar, despojar = to search through so as to rob; to plunder; to loot; "the burglars ransacked the house"INTERM
33ransomresgate = the release of a prisoner, kidnapped person, etc., for a demanded priceINTERM
34rant (n) / rant (to)discurso inflamado; reclamação, arenga = a bombastic extravagant speech; "she was furious and her rant went on for several minutes" / reclamar, vociferar = to talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory mannerADV
35rape (to) / rape (n)estuprar / estupro BAS
36rapidrápido, veloz, ligeiro = fast, quick, speedy, swift; "rapid changes"; "rapid service"BAS
37rapt / raptureabsorto, extasiado, arrebatado, enlevado / arroubo, entusiasmo, êxtase, enlevoADV
38rare / rarely / rarity1) raro, incomum / 2) mal-passado (carne) // raramente // raridadeBAS
41rate (n) / rate (to) / rating1) taxa; índice; razão; relação "it has grown at a rate 5 times faster" / bank rate = taxa de desconto bancário / birth rate; death rate; exchange rate; growth rate; inflation rate; interest rate; unemployment rate // 2) preço, valor / room rate = diária hotel; "what is your rate for this service?" / day rate; night rate = bandeira 1, bandeira 2 (táxi) // 3) modo, maneira / at any rate = de qualquer jeito / at this rate = deste jeito, desta maneira // 4) classe / first rate = primeira classe /// 1) avaliar, classificar = to evaluate, to estimate, to appraise, to assess; "how would you rate? = como você avaliaria?"; "the boss will rate your performance" / 2) considerar, merecer / 3) cotar, tarifar /// classificação, avaliaçãoBAS
42ratiorazão; proporção; índice; relação = the relationship in quantity, amount, or size between two or more things; proportion BAS
43rattle (n) / rattle (to) / rattlesnakechocalho / chocalhar // cascavelINTERM
44raucousáspero, rouco, estridente = hoarse; "raucous voices"ADV
45ravage (to)assolar, devastar, saquear = to destroy, to plunder, to ransack, to lootINTERM
46ravencorvo = crowINTERM
47ravineravina, garganta (geografia) = a narrow, steep-sided valleyADV
48ravish (to) / ravishingarrebatar, encantar, cativar = to charm, to enchant / arrebator, encantador = extremely beautiful or attractive; "a ravishing woman"INTERM
49rawcru = crude / raw material = matéria prima = stapleBAS
50ray raio (luz, sol) = narrow beam of light / x-ray = raio-x; radiografia / chest x-ray = radiografia do tóraxBAS
51razornavalha, barbeador / electric razor = barbeador elétrico / razor blade = navalha; lâmina de barbear / safety razor = gileteBAS
52reach (to) / reach (n)1) alcançar, atingir, chegar a = to attain, to arrive at / to reach a conclusion = chegar a uma conclusão = to come to a conclusion / 2) estender, esticar = to stretch // alcance; extensão = scope; range; extent; spanBAS
53read (to); read; read / reading / readerler / to read over = ler do começo ao fim / to read aloud = ler em voz alta = to read out loud // leitura // leitor, aBAS
54real / realityreal; verdadeiro = actual / realidade / in reality = na realidade = actuallyBAS
55realize (to)1) perceber, constatar = to become conscious or aware of (something), to notice; "she realized her mistake" / 2) realizar = to bring into concrete existence, to accomplish "she finally realized her goal"BAS
56realm 1) reino = kingdom / 2) domínio, campo = a field of interest, study, etc; domainBAS
57ream; reamsresma; grande quantidade = a number of sheets of paper (normally, 500); "to go through reams of reports"INTERM
58reap (to)colher, ceifar, segar / to reap the harvest = fazer a colheitaBAS
59rear (n) / rear (to)traseira, fundo, retaguarda / rear door = porta traseira / rear light = luz traseira (carro) / rear view mirror = espelho retrovisor // criar, educar = to take care of (a young person or animal); to care for and educate (children) until maturity; to bring up; to raise "she reared five children"BAS
60reason / reasoningrazão; "the underlying reasons = as razões subjacentes" / for that reason = por esta razão / it stands to reason = é claro, é lógico // raciocínio, pensamento; power of reasoningBAS
61reasonablerazoável, justo; reasonable prices = preços razoáveis = affordable pricesBAS
62rebatedesconto, abatimento = a refund of a fraction of the amount payable or paid, as for goods purchased in quantity; discount / devolução (on tax) = return of a part of a paymentINTERM
63rebel (n) / rebel (to) / rebellionrebelde; "the rebels carried out an attack against government forces" // rebelar-se // rebelião = uprising, upheaval; "the army is trying to put down a rebellion in the mountains"BAS
64rebuke (n) / rebuke (to)reprimenda, censura / repreender, censurar = to reprove sharply, to scoldINTERM
65recall (n) / recall (to) 1) recordação, lembrança / 2) chamada para conserto de produto // 1) chamar de volta / 2) relembrar; recordar; "I tried to recall her name, but I just couldn't remember" BAS
66recede (to)retroceder, desistir, abandonarADV
67receiptrecibo; quitação = written acknowledgment of anything / on receipt = no ato de receber = upon receiptBAS
68reception / receptionist1) recepção, festa formal = a function, party, or occasion when persons are formally received; "wedding reception" / reception desk = balcão de recepção / reception room = salão de recepção // 2) recepção (sinais de rádio ou TV); "poor TV reception" /// recepcionistaBAS
69recipereceita (culinária)BAS
70recklessimprudente, descuidado = carelessINTERM
71reckon (to) / reckoning1) calcular, contar = to count, to calculate, to compute, to tally / 2) pensar, achar = to think, to suppose; "I reckon that = acho que" / to reckon on = contar com = to rely on, to count on // cálculo, conta = count, calculation, computation, tallyBAS
72recognize (to) / recognition reconhecer = to acknoledge / reconhecimento = acknowledgementBAS
73recoil (to)recuarADV
74recommend (to) / recommendationrecomendar = to speak in favor of; to advise; to suggest / recomendaçãoBAS
75recommit (to)voltar a emprenhar; reiterar o compromisso = to commit againADV
76reconcile (to)reconciliarINTERM
77record / record (to) 1) registro, ficha, ata // 2) records = arquivos, cadastro, anais / off the record = não-oficial, confidencial // 3) recorde (esporte); "our team holds the record for total points scored" // 4) disco de vinil / record player /// gravar, registrar = to register BAS
78recover (to) / recovery1) recuperar (adquirir novamente); / 2) recuperar saúde / recuperação, restabelecimento / disaster recovery = plano de recuperação / system recovery = recuperação do sistema (computador)BAS
79rectangle / rectangularretângulo / retangularBAS
80redvermelho / redhead = ruivo (n) "my two sisters are brunettes, but I'm a redhead" / red pepper = pimentão = capsicum; bell pepper; sweet pepper / red light district = zona de meretricioBAS
81reduce (to) / reductionreduzir = to decrease, to lessen; "reduce speed now" / to reduce price / to reduce risk / to reduce weight = emagrecer (obs.: to put on weight = engordar) // redução, abatimento (preço)BAS
82redundant / redundancy redundante / redundânciaBAS
83reedbambu, juncoBAS
84reek (n) / reek (to)fedor, fedentina // federADV
85reel / reel (to)carretel, bobina = a rounded object or cylinder or other device that spins and is used to wind up or let out wire, rope, film, etc; spool // rodar, cambalearBAS
86refer (to) / reference 1) referir-se, mencionar, dizer respeito "the lecturer was referring to Shakespeare" / 2) indicar, recomendar = to refer a friend; " the doctor referred me to a specialist" / 3) consultar, recorrer a = refer to a dictionary; "he referred to his notes" // referência / letter of reference; commercial references / reference card / reference book / reference manual / in (with) reference to = in relation to = com referência aBAS
87refereejuiz, árbitro (esporte)BAS
88referralreferência, indicação; (encaminhamento a especialista); "my doctor gave me a referral to a surgeon"BAS
89refine (to) / refined / refineryrefinar // refinado, educado, culto / to be refined = ser muito culto // refinariaBAS
90refrain (to)abster-se de; evitar / to refrain from doing something; "please refrain from talking in the library"INTERM
91refrigeratorgeladeira = fridgeBAS
92refund (to) / refundrestituir; reembolsar = to reimburse, to return (a payment) = to give back (money), as when an article purchased is unsatisfactory / restituição, reembolsoINTERM
93refuse (to) / refusalrecusar / recusaBAS
94regalreal, régioINTERM
95regard (n) / regarding1) consideração, estima, afeto, respeito "he has great regard to your opinion" / 2) referência; respeito / in this regard = a este respeito; "in regard to the second question, I have no opinion" / in (with) regard to = as regards = quanto a, com respeito a; "we need to have a talk with regard to your future" // quanto a, a respeito de = concerning; "regarding salaries nothing has been decided"BAS
96regard (to) 1) considerar, julgar, achar; "he is regarded as a genius"; "we regard your work very highly" // 2) dizer respeito a, ter relação com // 3) ver, examinar = to look closely or attentively at, to observeBAS
97regardlessapesar de, independente de / regardless of = in spite of = apesar deBAS
98regardslembranças, recomendações, saudações = greetings, good wishes / kind regards = best regards = saudações (final carta); "give him my regards"BAS
99register (to) / register (n)registrar; inscrever; matricular = to enroll (student; voter) / to register for = inscrever-se em // registro; inscrição = official written record BAS
100regret (to) / regret (n) / regretfullamentar, arrepender-se = to feel sorry for; "I regret to say that it is not possible" // pesar, arrependimento, remorso; "he has no regret for ..." // pesaroso, arrependidoBAS
101rehabilitation; rehabreabilitaçãoINTERM
102rehearsal / rehearse (to) ensaio // ensaiar (teatro)BAS
103reignreinado, domínio = kingdom, realmBAS
104reimburse (to) / reimbursementreembolsar = to refund, to return payment // reembolso = refundINTERM
105rein1) rédea (cavalo) / 2) controleINTERM
107reinforce (to) / reinforcementreforçar = to strenghten; reinforced concrete = concreto armado / reforçoBAS
108rejoice (to)alegrar-se, regozijar-se; " we all rejoiced when we heard the good news" INTERM
109relation1) relação, conexão = connection / in (with) relation to = com referência a // 2) parente = relative / near relation, close relation = parente próximo / distant relation = parente distante; "is he a relation of yours? = é seu parente?"BAS
111relative1) relativo = not absolute / relative value / relative to = em relação a; "I have some information relative to your investigation"// 2) parente = relation / near relative, close relative = parente próximo / distant relative = parente distanteBAS
112relax (to) / relaxing1) relaxar, descontrair, aliviar // 2) afrouxar "the state relaxed its laws" /// relaxante, calmanteBAS
113relay (to) / relay (n)transmitir, retransmitir; "the team leader relayed the boss's message to the staff" // 1) turno (trabalho) / 2) revezamento; relay race = corrida de revezamento / relay team = equipe de revezamento INTERM
114release (to) / release (n)soltar, liberar, libertar // 1) soltura; "the release of the young birds into the wild was a success" / 2) liberação (para publicação; venda; etc); lançamento; versão; press release = comunicado à imprensa BAS
115relent (to) / relentlessceder, abrandar = to soften; to become less severe; to slacken; "the hurricane finally relented" // inflexível, rígido, implacável, inexorável; "relentless pressure" "a relentless campaign"INTERM
116reliance / reliableconfiança = confidence // digno de confiança; confiável BAS
117relief / relieve (to) alívio = release from pain, discomfort; "aspirin brings quick relief" / aliviar; "I was relieved to see that they were alive" BAS
118religion1) religião // 2) interesse exagerado = an interest, a belief, or an activity that is very important to a person or group; "hockey is a religion in Canada"BAS
119relinquish (to)abandonar, desistir, renunciar aINTERM
120relish (n) / relish (to) 1) tempero, condimento = spice, seasoning, flavouring / 2) prazer, gosto, satisfação; "eat with great relish" // 1) saborear (comida) / 2) apreciar = to take pleasure in; "I don't relish the long drive home" INTERM
121relive (to)reviverADV
122remain (to) / remains ficar, permanecer // restos, sobras, ruínas; "the remains from last season's clothes are on the discount rack"; "the remains of an ancient civilization" // restos mortais = dead body; corpse // BAS
123remainderresto, restanteBAS
124remark (n) / remark (to)comentário, observação = comment / to make remarks = fazer comentários = to make comments // comentar = to commentBAS
125remedy / remedy (to)remédio; medicamento = medicine / remedy for = remedy against = remédio contra // remediar, curar BAS
126remember (to) / remembrance1) lembrar-se de / 2) mandar lembranças a; "remember me to her = dê lembranças a ela" // lembrança, comemoraçãoBAS
127remind (to) / reminderfazer lembrar = to cause to remember; "you remind me of your father" // 1) lembrete = a note to remind a person of something not done / 2) souvenir, lembrançaBAS
128reminiscence/ reminiscent reminiscência, lembrança // nostálgico "to be reminiscent of"INTERM
129remittanceremessa de dinheiroINTERM
130remnantresto, remanescente = a part left over after use, processing, etcINTERM
131remoteremoto / remote control / remote work = trabalho à distância / remote training / remote education / remote teachingBAS
132remove (to) / removalmudar, remover (de lugar) = to move; to change residence / (obs.: to move = mudar de residência, etc) // mudança (de casa, de cidade)BAS
133rend (to), rent, rentrasgar, fender = to tear apart with force, to split apart, to divideADV
134render (to)1) prestar (serviço; favor) = to give or provide (aid, charity, a service, etc) / to render service = prestar serviço // 2) devolver, restituir, retribuir = to render back = to return (something), to pay back, to give back / 3) traduzir, verter (outra língua) = to translate; "the translator has done a good job of rendering this difficult poem into his native language" BAS
135renderingversão, interpretação, traduçãoINTERM
136renew (to) / renewal1) renovar / 2) prorrogar (contrato; letra) // renovação; prorrogação / renewal of contractBAS
137rent (to) / rent (n)alugar / to rent for =para alugar por // aluguel; "to pay the rent for the house" / for rent = para alugar = on hire, for hire BAS
138repair (to) / repair (n)consertar = to fix; to mend // conserto, obra / repair shop = oficina / under repair = em conserto, em obra BAS
139repeat (to) / repetitionrepetir // repetiçãoBAS
140repent (to)arrepender-se de = to feel remorse forINTERM
141replace (to) / replacement / replaceable1) repor, recolocar, restituir = to put back in place / 2) substituir = to replace by, to replace with = to substitute; "streetcars were replaced by buses" // substituição; reposição = substitution // substituível, renovávelBAS
142replay (to)tocar de novo; repetir = to play again, as a record or tapeBAS
143reply (to) / reply (n)responder = to answer, to response // resposta = answer, response / in reply to = em resposta a / reply card = cartão de resposta BAS
144report (n) / report (to) / reportingrelatório / budget report; progress report; sales report; status report; annual report; quarterly report = relatório trimestral / report card = boletim escolar / report generator = gerador de relatório // relatar, informar, comunicar; "he reported the accident"; "it's reported that = diz-se que" / to report to = reportar-se a, ser subordinado a; "people reporting to a manager" // emissão de relatóriosBAS
145repositoryrepositório = a place where a large amount of something is storedINTERM
146representative1) representante/ sales representative = representante de venda / 2) deputado = deputyBAS
147reprimand (n) / reprimand (to)repreensão, reprimenda // repreender, censurarADV
148reproach / reproach (to) censura, repreensão / censurar, repreender = to censure; to scold; to find fault with; to criticizeINTERM
149reproduce (to) / reproductionreproduzir; copiar // reprodução; cópiaBAS
150request (to) / request (n)solicitar; pedir = to ask for (with politeness); "I request permission to leave now" // pedido; solicitação; requisição = requisition / by request = a pedido BAS
151require (to) / requirementrequerer; exigir = to demand; "a teacher's job requires patience" / to be required to = ser exigido // exigência; requisito; qualidades exigidas / core requirements = requisitos básicos / staffing requirements = qualidades exigidas de pessoalBAS
152requisite (adj) / requisite (n)1) requerido, necessário = required, necessary; "the requisite skills for a job" / 2) requisito = something required; requirement INTERM
153requisitionrequisição, pedido = a formal or official written request for something, such as supplies; request / material requisitionINTERM
154rescue (to) / rescue (n)salvar, resgatar; "the child was rescued from the fire" // salvamento, resgate BAS
155research (n) / research (to)pesquisa / to do a research = fazer pesquisa / market research = pesquisa de mercado / operations research = pesquisa operacional / research team = equipe de pesquisa // pesquisarBAS
156resemble (to) / resemblanceparecer-se com = to look like, to be like or similar to; "she resembles her brother" // semelhança; analogiaBAS
157resentment / resent (to) ressentimento, má-vontade, antipatia = ill will; grudge / ressentir-se, melindrar-se, ofender-se // INTERM
158reserve (to) / reservation reservar, fazer reserva // reserva (passagem, espetáculo) / airline reservation = reserva aérea /airline reservation agent = agente de reservas aéreas BAS
159reservoir [rézevuá]reservatórioBAS
160residence / reside (to)residir = to live; to dwell; "he now resides in London" // residência, moradiaBAS
161resign (to) / resignationrenunciar, demitir-se; "he resigned the presidency"; "he resigned the position" // renúncia, demissãoBAS
162resilient / resilience resistente (pessoa, material), flexível = having or showing power of recovery / elasticidade (material); resistência (pessoa), flexibilidadeINTERM
163resist (to) / resistanceresistir = to offer opposition; to refuse to obey or agree // resistência; "reasons for resistance" "you should anticipate organizational resistance" BAS
164resolve (to) / resolutionresolver = to solve; "privacy and security issues will need to be resolved" // resolução; "to reach a satisfactory resolution" / screen resolution = resolução de telaBAS
165resort 1) recurso / last resort = último recurso // 2) local de descanso e recreação = a place providing recreation and entertainment / summer resort = estância de veraneio / seaside resort = balneário BAS
166resource; resources recurso = a source of supply or support; an available means (usually used in plural) / Human Resources = RH / earth's limited resources / resource consumingBAS
167respect (to) / respect (n)respeitar = to show regard or consideration for; "to respect a person's privacy"; "he respected his wife's desire to live as an artist" / 1) respeito, consideração = an attitude of deference, admiration, or esteem; regard; "he has great respect for your opinion" // 2) in respect of = with respect to / in this respect = in this regard = as regards = com respeito aBAS
168respond (to) / responseresponder, reagir = to reply, to react; "to respond to changing conditions and customer needs" // resposta, reação = the act of responding; reply or reaction / response time = tempo de resposta / in response to = in reply to = em resposta a BAS
169responsible / responsibility responsável = accountable // responsabilidade = accountability / BAS
170responsive / responsivenessque responde, corresponde, responsivo, reativo / capacidade de respostaBAS
171rest (to) / rest (n) descansar, repousar; "rest in peace" // descanso, repouso / at rest = em paz BAS
173restless / restful inquieto, agitado, irrequieto, impaciente, preocupado; "a restless night" / repousante, sossegado, tranqüilo = calm, quiet, peaceful, restful; "a restful place" INTERM
174restore (to)restaurar, restabelecer, reconstituir = to put back into a former or original state; to renew; "an antique car that is being carefully restored"; "the police restored law and order"BAS
175restrain (n) / restrain (to) / restrictiverestrição; repressão = constraint; restriction; to show restrain // 1) restringir, refrear, reprimir, conter; to restrain demand = conter demanda / 2) impedir, coibir // restritivoINTERM
176restroombanheiro público = a room or suite of rooms providing toilets and lavatories BAS
177resultresultado / end result = resultado final / to monitor current resultsBAS
178resume (to)recomeçar, retomar, prosseguir = to begin again; "they resumed their conversation after the speech"BAS
179résumé currículo = summary; curriculum vitaeBAS
180retailvarejo (obs.: wholesale = atacado) / to sell retail = vender a varejoBAS
181retire (to) / retirement / retireeaposentar-se // aposentadoria / retirement home = asilo, casa de repouso, clínica de repouso = nursing home / retirement plan = plano de aposentadoria = pension plan // aposentado = retired person, pensionerBAS
182retreat (to) / retreat (n)retirar // retirada; "the general planned a strategic retreat" BAS
183retrieve (to) / retrievalbuscar; recuperar (informação) / busca, recuperação (informação); information retrievalBAS
184return (to) / return (n)devolver, retribuir / to return a favor = retribuir um favor / to return a visit = pagar uma visita // 1) volta, retorno, regresso / 2) retribuição / in return = em troca / return ticket = bilhete de retorno / by return mail = pela volta do correio / return on investment = retorno de investimento / rate of return = taxa de retorno / tax return = formulário de imposto BAS
185rev (to)acelerar = to increase in activity or speed:ADV
186revamp (to)reformar, renovar, dar um jeito em = to reconstruct, to renovate, to reviseADV
187reveal (to) / revelation revelar = to disclose, to announce, to uncover, to make (something) known / to reveal a secret; "he revealed the whole truth" // revelação, divulgação = disclosureBAS
188revenantassombração, aparição = a person who returns as spirit after deathADV
189revenge (to) / revenge (n) vingar-se / vingança = vengeanceBAS
190revenuereceita, renda, rendimento = income, yield; "to boost revenues = aumentar receitas" // Internal Revenue Service (IRS) = Secretaria Receita FederalBAS
191reverentreverente, respeitosoADV
192reveriefantasia, devaneio = daydreamADV
193reverseinverso, oposto, reverso, contrário (obs.: oposto é forward) / reverse gear = marcha à ré / reverse engineering = engenharia reversaBAS
194review (to) / review (n)1) rever, examinar / 2) fazer critica // 1) revisão, exame // 2) crítica, resenha (livro, filme, etc) = a critical evaluation (as of a book or play); "the novel received complimentary reviews = o romance recebeu críticas elogiosas" / review points = pontos de revisão / review meeting = reunião de revisão BAS
195revise (to) / revisedrevisar; corrigir = to correct, to improve, to change // revisado; revistoBAS
196revolt (n) / revolt (to)revolta, insurreição, motim; "the army have successfully put down a revolt in the west" / revoltar-seBAS
197reward (n) / reward (to)recompensa, prêmio = something given or received in return for a deed or service rendered // recompensar BAS
200rib / ribbedcostela, costeleta / enrugado, com nervurasINTERM
201ribald / ribaldrygrosseiro, vulgar, indecente, obsceno, = referring to sex in a rude but amusing way; ribald language = linguagem irreverente / irreverência, indecência, obscenidadeADV
202ribbonfita; tira = strip / blue ribbon = primeiro prêmioBAS
204rid (to); rid; ridlivrar-se = to get rid of, to become free fromBAS
205riddle enigma, quebra-cabeça, charada, mistério, adivinhação = puzzle, conundrumINTERM
206ride (to); rode; ridden / ride (n) / rider1) cavalgar; montar a cavalo / 2) pegar, tomar, andar, viajar (ônibus, carro, etc) (como passageiro); "I ride the bus into work every day"; "he rides his bike to school every day" // passeio (carro, cavalo, etc); viagem = a usually short trip on horseback or by vehicle; "we went for a ride in the country"; "he takes his family for a ride" / to take a ride = dar um passeio /// 1) cavaleiro, ciclista, motociclista // 2) adendo de contrato; cláusula complementar = an additional statement added to a documentBAS
207ridge1) cume, crista, cordilheira = a raised part or area on the surface of something; a range of hills or mountains; "the walkers set out along the mountain ridge" / 2) rego, sulco; "the field was covered in ridges from the passage of the plough"BAS
208rifecheio, repleto, abundante, comum, predominante = full of; plentiful; "a land rife with poverty = uma terra cheia de pobreza"; to be rife = ser comumADV
209rifle [raifl]espingarda = shotgunBAS
210riftrenda, fissura, fratura = a narrow crack, hole, or fissureADV
211rig (n) / rig (to)1) equipamento; drill rig = equipamento perfuração poço petróleo / 2) jamanta (caminhão grande) / 3) cordame (barco) // 1) armar (bombas) / 2) equipar (navio, barco) / 3) especular (preços)INTERM
212right1) certo, correto; "right answer" / all right = tudo bem / right away, right now = já, imediatamente / right here = aqui mesmo; " to be in the right place at the right time" / / 2) direito / right side = lado direit /; right lane = pista da direita, faixa da direita // 3) reto = straight / right line = linha reta / right angle = ângulo retoBAS
213rim borda; margem; orla; aro = edge; margin (especially when round) / rim of a wheel = aro da rodaBAS
214rind casca (fruta, queijo, etc) = the tough, outer skin of some fruits; "orange rind"; "watermelon rind"INTERM
215ring (n) / ring (to); rang; rang1) aro; argola // 2) anel / wedding ring = anel nupcial // 3) som, tinido, toque (campainha); ring of a telephone /// soar, tocar (campainha, telefone) / to ring up = telefonar / to ring off = desligar (telefone)BAS
216rinse (to) enxaguar = to wash lightly / to rinse the mouth = bochecharBAS
217riottumulto, motim = turmoil, uproar / race riot = tumulto racialBAS
218rip (to)rasgar, romper, arrancar = to tear apart violently; to remove by cuttingBAS
219ripemaduro = mature; "ripe fruit"; "ripe wheat"BAS
220ripple (n) / ripple (to)ondulação, onda, propagação / ondular, propagar INTERM
221rise (to); rose; risen / rise (n) / risinglevantar-se, erguer-se; "he rises early to see the sun rises"; "the river rises = o rio sobe" / to rise prices = aumentar preços // aumento, elevação; incremento; "a rise in prices should correspond to a rise in wages"; "average annual rise of 4%" // crescente; rising prices = preços crescentes; rising costs = custos crescentesBAS
222risk (n) / risk (to) / riskyrisco = possibility of loss or injury; at one's own risk = em seu próprio risco // arriscar = to run a risk // arriscado; "that plan is too risky"BAS
223riverrio; "the river rises = o rio sobe" / up the river = rio acima / down the river = rio abaixoBAS
224rivet (n) / rivet (to)rebite = a metal pin for passing through holes in plates to hold them together // 1) segurar firmemente / 2) fixar a atenção, fixar o olharADV
225road / roadsideestrada / road hump = quebra-molas = speed bump / road map = mapa rodoviário, roteiro / road works = obras na estrada / trunk road = estrada principal / on the road = na estrada, a caminho / to hit the road = partir // beira de estrada; acostamento = shoulder = the side or border of the road / roadside bill = roadside billboard = painel de estrada; outdoor de estradaBAS
226roam (to)vaguear, andar sem rumo = to ramble, to rove, to wanderINTERM
227roast (to) / roastedassar; "the turkey is still roasting" // assado = meat that has been roastedBAS
228rob (to) / robberyroubar = to steal / roubo, roubo com assalto = holdup; "a bank robbery"BAS
229robe1) robe, roupão = bathrobe / 2) toga, túnica, beca = a long, loose or flowing gown or outer garment:INTERM
230rock (n) / rock (to)rocha, pedra // balançar, oscilar = to swing, to sway; "the mother rocked the baby in her arms"; "the chair began to rock"; "the sea was rough and the ship began to rock" / rocking chair = cadeira de balançoBAS
231rocket1) foguete, míssil = missile / to launch a rocket = lançar um foguete // 2) rúcula = arugulaBAS
232rodvara, varinha; graveto, pedaço de pau = stick, twig, wand / fishing rod = vara de pescar = fishing pole / lightning rod = a metal rod that conducts electricity, installed to attract lightning = para-raiosBAS
233rogue trapaceiro, vigarista, patife, velhaco = trampADV
234roguish1) travesso, brincalhão / 2) desonestoADV
235roil (to)1) turvar (água) / 2) incomodar, irritarADV
236role1) função (pessoa, coisa); "what is his role in the organization?"; "my role is to supervise the project" // 2) papel (artista); "he won the role of Hamlet in the play" / to play a role = desempenhar um papel BAS
237roll (to) / roll (n)1) rolar, rodar, mover-se; "the car rolled away slowly" / 2) enrolar = to roll up (carpet, etc) /// 1) rolo; cilindro = roller; "roll of toilet paper" // 2) lista, rol = list, roster / electoral roll = lista de eleitores = voters list / roll call = chamada (escola); "his name is not on the roll call" / to call the roll = fazer a chamada // 3) pãozinho = bun; "hamburgers usually come on a roll" BAS
238roller1) rolo, cilindro, roldana // 2) patim de rodas / roller-coaster = montanha-russaINTERM
239rolloutintrodução, lançamento (novo produto)INTERM
240rompbrincadeira, travessura, foliaADV
241rooftelhado; (obs.: tile = telha)BAS
242room (1)1) quarto, aposento, sala (casa) / dining-room = sala de jantar / living-room = sala de estar = drawing room / junk room = quarto de despejo // 2) apartamento (hotel); single room = quarto de solteir; double room = quarto de casal / room rate = diária hotel / room and board = cama e comida; pensão completa / conference-room / meeting-room = sala de reunião / show-room = salão de exposição / waiting room = sala de esperaBAS
243room (2) / roomy espaço, lugar; "is there room for all?"; "there's no room for us in the elevator" / lack of room = falta de espaço // espaçoso, amplo = spacious, vast, ampleBAS
244roost / roosterpoleiro = a perch upon which birds rest // galo, ave macho = the male of domestic fowl; cockINTERM
245root1) raíz = the part of a plant that grows underground / 2) origem; causa = the essential, fundamental, or primary part or nature of something; "root of the problem" / square root (matem.) = raiz quadrada / cube root = raiz cúbica BAS
246rope corda = cordBAS
247rosaryrosário; terço = a series of prayers said by Roman Catholics, while moving the hand along beads and meditatingINTERM
249rosemaryalecrim (Rosmarinus officinalis)BAS
250rosterlista, relação, rol = list, rollINTERM
251rot (to) / rottenapodrecer = to decay // podre; "rotten eggs"; "something is rotten in the state of Denmark" BAS
252rotationrotação / rotation basis = rodizioBAS
253rough / roughly1) áspero; irregular; rough surface = superfície áspera; (obs.: smooth = liso) / 2) grosseiro; rude = harsh; rough words / 3) tosco; inacabado; rough copy = rascunho; rough draft = esboço / 4) aproximado; rough calculation = cálculo aproximado / 5 agitado, bravio (mar); rough sea // aproximadamente BAS
254round / rounding 1) redondo = shaped like a circle or ball / round table = mesa redonda, conferência // 2) ida-e-volta / round trip = viagem ida-e-volta; round trip ticket = bilhete de ida-e-volta /// arredondamentoBAS
256roundupresumo; sumário = a summary of information; "a roundup of the news"INTERM
257route rota, percurso, itinerário = itinerary / regular course (ship; plane; bus)BAS
258routine (n) / routine (adj)rotina; hábito = customary procedure // rotineiroBAS
259rove (to) / rovervagar, perambular, errar = to ramble, to roam, to wander / andarilho = ramblerINTERM
260row (n) / row (to)1) fila, fileira = a number of objects arranged in a usually straight line; "a row of bottles" / 2) barulho, balbúrdia; briga, discussão = a noisy disturbance or quarrel // remarBAS
261rub (to) 1) esfregar, friccionar = to scrub // 2) polir (esfregando) BAS
263rubbish1) lixo, refugo, porcaria = things that you throw away because you no longer want or need them / rubbish bin = lata de lixo / rubbish dump = depósito de lixo // 2) tolice, bobagem, besteira = comments, ideas, etc. that you think are stupid or wrong; "I think what he says is absolute rubbish!"BAS
264rubbledestroços, entulhoADV
265rucksackmochila = backpack, knapsackINTERM
266rudderleme, timão = a vertical blade at the rear of a ship or plane that can be turned to control directionBAS
267rude1) rude; grosseiro; descortês = impolite; rough // 2) agreste = rural; rusticBAS
268rue (to) / rueful / ruefullylamentar, lastimar = to feel sorrow over / triste, pesaroso / trsitemente, pesarosamenteADV
269ruffledobra, prega, vincoADV
270rugtapete pequeno; capacho = a piece of thick fabric for covering part of a floor; matBAS
271ruin (n) / ruin (to)ruína / destruir, arruinarBAS
272ruleregra, regulamento / as a rule = em geral, geralmente / a rule of thumb = regra prática BAS
274rumble (n) / rumble (to)1) ronco, rumor, estrondo / 2) briga, pancadaria // roncar, ribombar, ressoarADV
275rumor (US): rumour (UK)rumor, boatoBAS
276rump1) anca, traseira = the hind part of the body of an animal / 2) alcatra = a cut of beef from this part of the animalINTERM
277rumpusconfusão, balbúrdia = a noisy or violent disturbance; "there was a terrible rumpus going on upstairs" // rumpus room = sala destinada a jogos e festasADV
278run (to); ran; run / run (n) / runner1) correr = to go quickly / 2) operar, funcionar; "the train runs on a track" / 3) administrar, dirigir = to manage; "she is the person who really runs the office" / 4) executar, rodar (computador) / to run on (computer make) under (operating system) /// to run a risk = correr risco / to run across = encontrar por acaso = to meet accidentally; "I ran across an old friend" / to run after = perseguir / to run away = fugir / to run into = chocar-se com; encontrar por acaso / to run into debt (s) = endividar-se / to run out of = ficar sem / to run over = atropelar / to run short of = faltar / to run to = alcançar, atingir // 1) corrida, carreira / in the long run = com o tempo / 2) operação, execução (computador) // corredor (atleta) = racerBAS
279runwaypista (aeroporto) = a strip on which planes land and take offBAS
280rush (to) / rush (n)apressar-se; precipitar-se = to hurry up, to make haste, to hasten / to rush to a conclusion = tirar conclusão precipitada // pressa, correria / rush hour = hora de muito movimento, pico // BAS
281ruskrosca (espécie de torrada, biscoito)ADV
282Russia, russianRússia, russoBAS
283rust (n) / rust (to) / rustyferrugem / enferrujar / enferrujadoBAS
284rusticrústico = of or relating to the country; simple, unsophisticatedINTERM
285rustle (to)1) farfalhar; "the trees rustled in the wind"; "her skirt rustled as she walked" / 2) roubar (gado) = to steal (as livestock) especially from a farm or ranchADV
286rut1) cio = an annual period of sexual activity in some male animals; "a moose in rut"; "stags often fight during the rut" / 2) sulco = a long deep track made by the repeated passage of the wheels of vehicles/ 2) rotina, ramerrão = a monotonous routine ; "to fall into a rut with his job"INTERM
287ruthlessimpiedoso, implacável, cruel, desumano = cruel, mercilessINTERM