1table 1) mesa / round table = mesa redonda, conferência / round table discussion = discussão em mesa-redonda / table-cloth = toalha de mesa // 2) tabela / table of contents = índice (livro) / decision table = tabela de decisão / lookup table = tabela de consulta BAS
2tablet1) pastilha, drágea, comprimido; "an aspirin tablet"; "cold tablet = comprimido contra gripe" // 2) tablet computer = tablet PC // 3) placa para inscrição; "clay tablets with hieroglyphics" / 4) bloco de papel = writing pad BAS
3tablewareserviço de mesa; utensílios de mesa; talheres = cutleryBAS
4tackle (n) / tackle (to) apetrechos = a set of the equipment used in a particular activity / fishing tackle = apetrechos de pesca // atacar, abordar; to tackle a problem BAS
5tad1) quantia insignificante = a little, a bit, small amount / 2) um pouco = somewhat, rather "looked a tad bigger than me" / 3) menininho = small boy; "grandfather never tires of telling us about the days when he was just a tad"ADV
6tag (n) / tag (to) etiqueta (que se amarra) = attached identifying card or label; bag tag = etiqueta de mala; price tag = etiqueta de preço // etiquetar BAS
8tailor (n) / tailor (to) / tailoredalfaiate // fazer sob medida; customizar = to customize, to make to order / to tailor product = customizar produto, adequar produto / tailor-made = feito sob medida; personalizado = custom-made // adaptado; adequado = customized; "tailored to customer needs"BAS
9taint (to) / taint (n)1) estragar = to spoil; "this meat is tainted" / 2) contaminar, poluir; "tainted air" / 3) manchar // mancha, nódoa = stainADV
10take (to); took; takentomar, levar / to take a break = descansar / to take a breath = respirar / to take a drink = beber / to take a look at = olhar / to take advantage of = aproveitar / to take apart = desmontar (obs.: oposto é to put together = montar) / to take a vacation = tirar férias / to take by surprise = tomar de surpresa / to take care of = tomar conta de / to take charge of = encarregar-se de / to take down = to write down = anotar, tomar nota / to take for granted = aceitar como certo, supor / to take hold of = agarrar, segurar; "take hold! = segure!" / to take into account = levar em consideração / to take it easy = acalmar-se "take it easy! = calma!" / to take measures = to take steps = tomar providência / to take note of = to take notice = notar, prestar atenção / to take notes = tomar nota / to take off = decolar / to take off = despirBAS
11take (to); took; taken (2)to take on = to hire = empregar / to take out = extrair / to take over = assumir o comando / to take part in = tomar parte em / to take photo of = tirar foto de / to take place = acontecer, realizar, ter lugar / to take a seat, seats = sentar / to take steps = to take measures = tomar providências / to take the occasion = to take the opportunity = aproveitar o ensejo / to take the temperature = medir a temperatura / to take time off = folgar, ausentar-se do trabalho / to take turns = revezar / to take up (1) = estudar / to take up (2) = ocupar / to take up with = conversar com, debater idéias com / to take up space = ocupar espaço / to take a trip = fazer uma viagem / to take one's degree = diplomar-se / to take aim at = visar, almejar / to take a nap = tirar uma soneca BAS
12take-off (n) / take-off (to)decolagem = flight departure / decolarBAS
13taleconto, estória = storyBAS
14talk (to) / talk (n)conversar, falar / to talk over = conversar sobre, discutir / to talk to = to talk with = conversar com / talk over = conversar sobre // 1) conversa, conversação / lively talk = conversa animada / idle talk = conversa fútil, conversa fiada / cross talk = conversa cruzada (telefone) // 2) palestra, apresentação = the act of talking formally about something before a group of people; speech; lecture, presentation / to give a talk = dar uma palestra BAS
15tally (n) / tally (to) contagem, conta, registro de conta, cálculo = reckoning, account, score; "to keep a daily tally of accidents" // contar, registrar = to count, to record, to reckon; to tally with = conferir com INTERM
16tame (to) / tame (adj)domesticar, domar (animal); "they are trying to tame a fox" // 1) domesticado (animal) / 2) dócil, manso, inofensivo BAS
17tamper (to)1) interferir, mexer em = to interfere, to meddle with; "he did not want to tamper with tradition" / 2) alterar, adulterar, falsificarADV
18tan (n) / tan (to) / tannedbronzeado; "Erika had a tan from all the time she had spent outdoors over the summer" // bronzear; "some people tan easily" // moreno, bronzeado; "she wore shorts to show off her tanned legs"BAS
20tangle (to) / tangled / tangle (n)emaranhar, enredar (obs.: oposto é disentangle = desembaraçar) // emaranhado, enredado; "a tangled knot" // problema ou situação dificil; enrascada, emaranhado; "she got herself in a tangle"INTERM
21tantalize (to) (tantalise) / tantalizingtentar, atormentar, provocar = to torment (someone) with, or as if with, the sight of something desirable but out of reach; "tantalized her with dreams of a promotion" / tentadorADV
22tantamount equivalente a = equivalent to, the same asADV
23tantrumbirra, pirraçaADV
24tap (n) / tap (to) 1) torneira (UK) = faucet (US), water faucet / beer on tap = cerveja de barril, chope / 2) batidinha, palmadinha = a light, soft blow / 3) grampo (telefone) /// 1) dar palmadinha, bater de leve, tamborilar = to strike (something) lightly and usually repeatedly; "she tapped the door before going in" / 2) grampear (telefone) BAS
25tapefita = a long thin strip used for binding, fastening, etc / adhesive tape = fita adesiva, esparadrapo; "his eyeglasses are held together with tape" / insulating tape = fita isolante / magnetic tape "the show was recorded on tape" / red tape = burocracia, papelada / tape measure = fita métrica / tape recorder = gravadorBAS
26tardy1) vagaroso, moroso = slow, sluggish / 2) atrasado, tardio = lateINTERM
27target alvo = goal / target date = deadline = prazo final / target group = grupo alvo / target market = mercado alvo / target population = público-alvo / target practice = tiro ao alvoBAS
28tarifftarifa = duties or taxes especially on imported goodsBAS
29tarnish (to)embaçar; perder o brilho = to cause a metal surface to be dull; "silver tarnishes easily in salty air" / manchar (reputação) = to destroy the good name of; "the charge of fraud tarnished the company's reputation"ADV
30tasktarefa; trabalho = duty, job, assignment / task force = força tarefa / temporary task force = força-tarefa temporária / task group = grupo de trabalho / to accomplish a task = realizar uma tarefaBAS
31taste / tastygosto, paladar // saboroso, deliciosoBAS
32taunt (n) / taunt (to) insulto, troça, gracinha, motejo / zombar, escarnecer, tratar com sarcasmo, ridicularizar = to mockADV
33tavernbar, taberna = a place where alcoholic drinks are sold INTERM
34tawdry1) de mau gosto, espalhafatoso, berrante / 2) barato, vulgar, de má qualidadeADV
35tax (n) / tax (to) imposto / tax collector = cobrador de impostos / tax payer = contribuinte / tax return = formulário de imposto / tax law = legislação fiscal / tax heaven = paraíso fiscal / income tax = imposto de renda / value-added tax = imposto de valor agregado (ex.: ICM) // taxar, tributarBAS
36taxation / taxabletributação / tributávelBAS
37taxi táxi = cab; (obs.: day rate; night rate = bandeira 1, 2 - táxi)BAS
38tea / teapotchá / bule de chá = a container with a lid, spout, and handle, in which tea is madeBAS
39teach (to); taught; taught / teaching / teachingsensinar / to teach class = dar aula = to give class // ensino = education; instruction; training / teaching staff = corpo docente // ensinamentosBAS
40teacher professor, professoraBAS
41team (n) / team (to)equipe / team spirit = espírito equipe / team leader = líder de equipe / teammate = colega equipe / team member = membro da equipe / teamwork = trabalho de equipe / development team; programming team; project team; research team // juntar, juntar-se / to team up with = unir-se, trabalhar em conjuntoBAS
42teamstercaminhoneiro = truck driverINTERM
43tear (to), tore, torn1) rasgar; "he tore his shorts climbing a tree" / to tear down = demolir / (obs.: to put up = erguer) // 2) lacrimejar, verter lágrimasBAS
44tear [tiar]lágrimaBAS
45tease (to) / tease (n)1) caçoar, gozar, zoar; "the other children teased her because she was wearing braces" / 2) provocar, implicar, importunar; "stop teasing your little sister!" // provocação; "she's such a tease, wearing clothes like that"INTERM
46technique / technical / technician técnica = a practical method, skill, or art applied to a particular task // técnico (adj) // técnico = a person skilled in a particular technical fieldBAS
47technologytecnologia / leading-edge technology = tecnologia de ponta / mobile technolog / wireless technologyBAS
48teem (to) (with)abundar, estar cheio de = to abound; to be present in large quantityADV
49telecommunicationstelecomunicações BAS
50telephone; phonetelefone / cell phone = telefone celular = mobile phone / pay phone = telefone público / phone call = chamada telefônica, telefonema / phone number = número telefone / collect phone call = chamada a cobrar / long-distance phone call = interurbano / telephone booth = cabine telefone / telephone directory = lista telefônica / telephone operator = telefonistaBAS
51television; TVTV /TV broadcasting = transmissão de TV / TV set = aparelho de TV / TV station = estação de TV / cable TV = TV a caboBAS
52tell (to); told; tolddizer / to tell apart = to tell one thing from the other = distinguir / to tell the time = dizer as horasBAS
53teller1) contador, narrador = one that relates or communicates "a teller of stories" // 2) caixa (banco) = bank tellerINTERM
54tempesttempestade = stormINTERM
55templategabarito, padrão, modelo, molde = pattern, guide, model BAS
56temporary / temporarilytemporário = transitory; (obs.: lasting, enduring = duradouro) // temporariamenteBAS
57temptingtentador, atraente, sedutor, convidativo = enticing; "tempting offer"; "the desserts look very tempting" // to be tempting to = estar tentado aBAS
58tenant / tenancyinquilino; locatário; "his tenant never pays the rent on time" // locação; arrendamentoINTERM
59tend (to)1) tender, ter tendência para; ter costume de = to be disposed or inclined to do something / to tend to = tender a, ter costume de; "I tend to do my homework before dinner"; "children tend to prefer sweets to fruits" // 2) cuidar de; vigiar = to care for; to watch over; to pay attention to; "she tended her sick father"; "the shepherd tends his flocks"BAS
60tendencytendência = trendBAS
61tender (adj) / tender (n)1) macio, tenro, delicado = soft, not tough; tender steak = soft steak / 2) delicado, sensível, gentil; "she is kind and tender" // tênder (locomotiva) = a car attached to a steam locomotive for carrying a supply of fuel and waterBAS
62tenetprincípio, crença, dogma, doutrinaADV
63tennistênis / tennis court = quadra de tênis / tennis game; tennis ball; tennis netBAS
64tenuremandato, posse, estabilidade = the holding of anything, as of property, a political job, etc; "the tenure of an office"; "tenure means having job security for life" / tenure of job = estabilidade (emprego) = the amount of time that a person holds a job; job tenure / to have tenure = ter estabilidade / to get tenure = obter estabilidade ADV
65term 1) termo, vocábulo = word used for some particular thing; "a medical term" // 2) período, prazo = the time or period through which something lasts; short term = curto prazo; long term = longo prazo // 3) trimestre ou semestre = part of the school year; "she enrolled in five classes for the spring term" // 4) mandato = tenure; "the president serves a four-year term" // 5) termo, parte de uma equação (matemática) = mathematics: part of an equation; "the first term is unknown and denoted by an X" ;BAS
66terminalterminal (computador) = display terminal; "to work at a terminal"BAS
67termscondições, cláusula; "it all depends on the terms of the contract" / term sheet = contrato comercial, termo de compromisso / terms of payment = condições de pagamento // in terms of = with respect to; in relation to = em termos de BAS
68terrainterreno = tract of land; ground; "the terrain was uneven and the walkers had some difficulty crossing it"BAS
69terribleterrível, horrível = extremely bad; awful; "terrible movie"; "terrible experience"; "terrible weather"; "terrible job"; "terrible pain"; "terrible smell"BAS
70terrific1) enorme, tremendo = of great size, amount, or intensity; "there was a terrific bang as the house exploded" // 2) formidável, fantástico, espetacular, magnífico, sensacional, legal (coloq) = great; excellent, extremely good; "it's been such a terrific day"; "we had a terrific vacation"; "your test scores were terrific = os resultados de seus testes foram ótimos"BAS
71terrify (to) / terrifyingapavorar, aterrorizar; "the horror movie terrified the child" / apavorante, aterrorizante = causing or bringing terror; "terrifying nightmare"; "terrifying experience"; "terrifying murder"BAS
72terrorterror, pavor = a state of intense fearBAS
73tersebreve, conciso, sucinto = concise, briefADV
74testprova; teste; exame = examination, exam / entrance test = exame de admissão, vestibular = admission test / to do a test = to take a test = fazer teste / to pass a test = to pass an examination = passar (exame) / to fail in a test = to fail in an examination; to flunk = ser reprovado / to fail a student = reprovar um aluno / test drive = teste de direção (carro) / test tube = proveta / field test = teste de campoBAS
75texttexto / text book = livro-textoBAS
76Thanksgiving DayDia de Ação de Graças (fourth Thursday in November)INTERM
77thatchpalha (teto) = a plant material (as straw) used as a sheltering cover especially of a houseINTERM
78thaw (to) 1) derreter = to melt / 2) degelar, descongelar (comida)INTERM
79theater; theatreteatroBAS
80themetema = subject, topic / theme song = tema musical (filme)BAS
82theory / theoreticalteoria; (obs.: practice = prática) // teórico = academic (obs.: practical = prático); "based upon a solid theoretical foundation" BAS
83therapyterapia / group therapy = terapia de grupoBAS
84thermosgarrafa térmica = vacuum bottle, flask (UK)INTERM
85thesis (pl. theses)tese = essay, dissertationBAS
86thick / thicknessgrosso; espesso; "seven inches thick = 7 polegas de espessura" // espessuraBAS
87thicketmoita; mato cerrado; bosque cerradoADV
88thigh coxaBAS
90thingcoisa = an object not specifically named or designated; "how are things going?"; "I'm not sure what this thing is"; "the thing is = o negócio é o seguinte"BAS
91think (to); thought; thought / thought (n)pensar / I think so = acho que sim / to think about = pensar sobre / to think ahead = pensar à frente / to think of = achar, ter opinião sobre / to think (highly / much) of = ter grande consideração por / to think over = refletir sobre, meditar sobre / to think up = inventar, bolar "to think up an excuse = inventar uma desculpa" / to think better of = pensar, refletir melhor /// pensamento; "I just had a thought"BAS
92thinking (n) / thinking (adj)pensamento, opinião, consideração, ponderação; "what's your thinking on the government's foreign policy?"; "I don't understand the logic of her thinking" // inteligente, pensante BAS
93third1) terceiro / third rate = third class = ordinário / third-party = terceiro; pessoa ou grupo adicional; "we're designing the building ourselves, but a third party will build it" // 2) terço, terceira parte (1/3); "she only ate a third of the sandwich"BAS
94thirst / thirstysede; "it was a hot day and Peter's thirst was growing more intense" / to quench the thirst = matar a sede; "I'm going out to the pub to quench my thirst" // com sede; sedento / to be thirsty = ter sede // BAS
95thong1) correia, tira de couro = a narrow strip of leather or other material / 2) sandália de dedo, sandália rasteirinha = a shoe or slipper held on the foot by a strip of leather between the first two toes; flip-flop; "the young woman wore her thongs to the beach"ADV
96thorn / thornyespinho = prickle // espinhento = pricklyBAS
97thorough / thoroughlytotal, completo, inteiro; "the show was a thorough success" // completamente; totalmente; minuciosamente; "they inspected the house thoroughly"BAS
98thoroughfare1) estrada principal = main road / 2) passagem, via pública = a way or place for passage; "one of the city's main thoroughfares"; no thoroughfare = trânsito proibidoINTERM
99thousandmil / tens of thousands = dezenas de milharesBAS
100thrallescravo = slaveADV
101thrash (to)derrotar, bater, surrar (jogo)ADV
102thread (n) / thread (to)1) fio, barbante; "use a thread to tie the pieces together"; "to hang by a thread = estar pendurado por um fio" / 2) linha, fibra; "this cloth was made with blue and red threads" / 3) fio de uma história, pensamento, etc = thread of a story / to lose the thread = perder o fio (história, pensamento); "I lost the thread of the story in all the confusion"/// enfiar (agulha); "I'll need my glasses to thread this needle"BAS
103threat / threaten (to) ameaça = menace // ameaçar = to menaceBAS
104threshold1) começo, inicio, limiar = the starting point; ""we stand at the threshold of a new era" / 2) soleira, umbral = the entrance to a house or building; doorway; "they waved good-bye from the threshold" INTERM
105thrift / thriftyeconomia; poupança; parcimônia = careful use of money so that it is not wasted; "through hard work and thrift they sent all of their children to college" / econômico; frugal = sparing; scantyINTERM
106thrill (to) / thrill / thrilling / thrilleremocionar, vibrar = to excite / to be thrilled = estar emocionado // emoção, sensação, excitação; "the roller coaster ride was a thrill = a volta na montanha-russa foi uma emoção" // excitante, emocionante, eletrizante // romance ou filme de suspenseBAS
107thrive (to); throve; thriven / thrivingprosperar, florescer, crescer = to grow strongly and vigorously, to flourish, to prosper, to succeed; "these plants thrive with relatively little sunlight" // próspero, florescente, bem-sucedido; "thriving business"BAS
109throe1) dor aguda; espasmo, pontada / 2) agoniaADV
110throng (n) / throng (to)multidão = crowd; "a throng of people surrounded the Pope" / aglomerar, apinhar = to crowd together in great numbersADV
111throttle (to) / throttle (n)1) estrangular, sufocar = to choke, to strangle; "he throttled her in a fit of jealous rage" / 2) controlar o fluxo de combustível = to control or restrict (a flow of fluid) by means of a throttle valve // afogador (carro), válvula reguladora de combustível = throttle valveADV
112throw (to); threw; thrown / throw (n)jogar, atirar, arremessar, lançar; "she threw the ball to me"; "he threw her a dirty look"; "he threw a brick through the window" / arremesso, lançamentoBAS
113thrust (to); thrust; thrust / thrust (n)empurrar, impelir, impulsionar = to push forcefully; to shove // empurrão, impulso, empuxoINTERM
114thug1) bandido, assassino / 2) brutamontesADV
115thumb / thumbnailpolegar // 1) unha do polegar / 2) miniatura; "click on any thumbnail to see an enlarged view"BAS
116thump (to)socar, espancar = to strike or beat heavily; to poundADV
118thunderboltraio (seguido de trovão)= a flash of lightning with the accompanying thunderINTERM
119thwart (to)impedir, frustrar = to oppose successfully or prevent; frustrateADV
121tick (to) / tick (n)ticar, assinalar = to mark or check (something, such as a list) with a tick; "tick the box you think contains the correct answer" // 1) tique-taque (relógio); "I could hear the clock tick" / 2) carrapato / 3) crédito; on tick = a créditoINTERM
122ticket bilhete; passagem; ingresso / ticket agency = agência de passagens / ticket office = loja de passagens, guichê de passagens / ticket collector = cobrador de bilhete / admission ticket = ingresso / round trip ticket = return ticket = passagem de ida-e-voltaBAS
123tickle (to) / tickle (n)1) fazer cócegas = to touch a body part lightly so as to excite the surface nerves and cause uneasiness, laughter, or spasmodic movements; "don't touch me there; it tickles"; "her little brother screamed with laughter as she tickled him" / 2) agradar, encantar = to please, to amuse; "we were tickled by the invitation" // cócegas; "he felt a tickle on the back of his neck and brushed away a fly"INTERM
124tide maré / high tide = maré alta = full tide / low tide = maré baixa = ebb tideBAS
125tidingsnotícias, novas (lit; arc); "we bring tidings of the king's abdication!"INTERM
126tidy arrumado, organizado, limpo, asseado = neat and orderly; clearly organized; "a tidy bedroom"; "her desk was always tidy"BAS
127tie (to) / tie (n)1) amarrar; "he tied the horse to the post" / 2) empatar = to draw; "they tied the game with the last score" / to break tie = desempatar // 1) laço; vínculo; "a tie of friendship bind them = um laço de amizade os une" / 2) gravata = necktie / 3) empate; "the game ended in a tie" BAS
128tier [tiâr]1) fileira, fila / 2) camada, nível = layer, level; "a three-tier cake"INTERM
130tight (adj) / tight (adv)apertado (obs.: oposto = loose; lax) // firme; firmemente; "he squeezed my hand tight" / air tight = hermeticamente fechado BAS
131tildetil (~)INTERM
132tile telha (obs.: roof = telhado)BAS
133till (prep; conj) / till (n)até; "the plumber can't come till tomorrow"; "I lived in Nigeria till I was nine years old" // caixa registradora (UK); till point; "the shop assistant put the money in the till"BAS
134tilt (to) / tiltableinclinar = to lean; to incline // inclinável / tiltable screen = tela inclinávelINTERM
135timber (n) / timber (interj)madeira para construção = the wood of trees used for construction // madeira! (interjeição) = used as a lumberjack's call to warn others that a cut tree is about to fallBAS
136timetempo / full time = tempo integral / part time = half time = tempo parcial / spare time = tempo livre / time clock = relógio de ponto / time frame = prazo = schedule time; date schedule; time limit; deadline / timeline = linha do tempo / timesheet = agenda de horas trabalhadas / time-out = esgotamento de tempo (computador) / time-sharing = compartilhamento de tempo (computador) BAS
137timelyoportuno, oportunamente; "they were saved by the timely arrival of a mechanic"BAS
138timetable 1) horário (trens; ônibus; aviões) = a schedule showing the times at which railroad trains, airplanes, etc., arrive and depart // 2) horário escolar = a student's class schedule or course of study during a school semester; "the students all have their timetables for this term"BAS
139timingmomento propício; escolha do momento; senso de oportunidade = selection of the best time to do somethingBAS
140tin / tinwareestanho / objetos de estanhoBAS
141tinge (n) / tinge (to)tom, coloração, matiz = a slight tint or colouring; "the jam had a strange green tinge, so I didn't eat any" / colorir, tingir; "walls tinged with brown "ADV
142tingle (to)formigar = to have a feeling of slight stingADV
143tintcor, matiz = color, hueADV
144tinypequeno, diminuto = very small, weeBAS
145tip1) ponta; extremidade = end; extremity / on the tip of one's tongue = na ponta da língua /on tiptoe = ponta dos pés // 2) gorjeta = gratuity // 3) sugestão, palpite, dica = useful idea, piece of advice BAS
146tipsyembriagado, tonto = slightly drunkADV
147tire (to) / tired / tiredness cansar; "the journey had tired her" // cansado; "the tired children slept in the car on the way home" // cansaço, fadiga; "tiredness can cause people to overlook small mistakes"BAS
148tire (US); tyre (UK)pneu / spare tire = pneu sobressalente / flat tire = pneu furadoBAS
149tiresome / tiringcansativo, fatigante = wearisome "a long and tiresome meeting"; "tiresome exercises" ; "tiresome job" // cansativo, fatigante; "a tiring day (experience; journey, examination, test, trip, etc)"BAS
150tissue1) tecido (biologia); "body is composed of tissues" // 2) lenço de papel = tissue paperBAS
151title (n) / title (to)1) título, obra, nome / title page = cover sheet = folha de rosto // 2) cargo = a name or epithet signifying rank, office, or function /// intitular, nomear, chamar " they titled her, The Queen of Jazz"BAS
152toad sapo; (obs.: frog = rã)BAS
153toast1) torrada / 2) brinde; "I propose a toast to him" / to make a toast = fazer um brindeBAS
154toddle (to) / toddlerandar com passos vacilantes (como criança iniciando a andar) = to walk with short tottering steps in the manner of a young child / criança pequena que começa a andar INTERM
155toededo do pé / tiptoe = ponta dos pés BAS
156toggle (to)comutar, alternar, chavear (entre dois estados) / to toggle on = ligar / to toggle off = desligar / to toggle back and forth = alternar entre duas opções, apertando uma tecla ou clicando em um botão (computador)INTERM
157toil (n) / toil (to) trabalho; lida; labuta / trabalhar muito, labutar INTERM
158toiletvaso sanitário, privada = water closet / toilet-paper = papel higiênicoBAS
159token1) sinal, símbolo, lembrança "a white flag is a token of surrender" // 2) ficha = a metal or plastic disc, such as a substitute for currency for use in slot machines // 3) chave eletrônica; dispositivo eletrônico gerador de senha = security token; authentication token /// by the same token = além, tambémBAS
160toll (n) / toll (to)1) pedágio, tributo, taxa de utilização / toll call = ligação interurbana / toll booth = cabine de pedágio / toll bridge = ponte com pedágio / toll gate = local do pedágio // 2) número de mortos ou feridos / death toll = número total de mortos /// tanger, dobrar (sino); "for whom the bells toll"BAS
161tomatotomate / tomato sauceBAS
162tomb túmulo = graveBAS
164tonesom (telefone);tom (música); timbre = sound, pitch; "each telephone key has its own tone" / dial tone = tom de discar (telefone) / busy tone = sinal de ocupado (telefone)BAS
166tool1) ferramenta = instrument / tool kit = estojo de ferramentas // 2) ferramenta de software / automated tool, development tool, documentation tool, productivity toolBAS
167tooth (pl. teeth)dente, dentes / toothache = dor de dente / toothbrush = escova de dente / toothpaste = dentifrício, pasta de dente / toothpick = palito / false teeth = dentaduraBAS
168top1) topo, cume = the highest point, part, etc., of anything; summit; "the top of mountain" // 2) auge, ápice; "the young lawyer is at the top of his career"BAS
169topictópico, assunto,tema = a subject or theme of a speech, essay, book, etc BAS
170tornadotornado, furacão = hurricaneINTERM
171tortato ilícitoADV
172tortoisetartaruga = turtleINTERM
173toss (to) / toss (n) arremessar, jogar para o alto, tirar cara-ou-coroa // arremesso; cara ou coroaBAS
174totgole, trago = a small portion, as of liquorADV
175total (n) / total (to) total = whole, complete / grand total = total geral // totalizar = to add up; to sumBAS
176totter (to)cambalear, andar com passos cambaleantes, balançarADV
177touch / touchingtoque, tato; " light touch on his shoulder" // tocante, emocionante = causing strong emotion; "touching story"BAS
178tough1) duro = not tender; "tough steak = hard steak" / 2) difícil = hard to solve; "a tough question"; "to be tougher and tougher = ser cada vez mais difícil" / 3) robusto, forte, resistente = hard, strong, firm; "tough soldiers"; "a tough backpacks for climbers"BAS
179tourexcursão, viagem / package tour = excursão organizada (pacote) / city tour = excursão pela cidade / to take a tour = fazer uma excursãoBAS
180tourism / touristturismo = sightseeing // turista / tourist attraction / tourist class / tourist destination / tourist kiosk = tourist office / tourist trap = arapuca para turistas / tourist tripBAS
181tournamenttorneio; certame = series of contestsBAS
182tout (to)agenciar, aliciar, angariar, arranjar clientes; to tout for business = andar à caça de clientesADV
183tow (to) / tow (n)rebocar = to tug, to pull or drag by a rope // reboque; towboat = rebocador = tugboatBAS
184toweltoalha / bath towel = toalha de banho / beach towel = toalha de praia / dish towel = pano de prato / face towel = toalha de rosto / hand towel = toalha de mãoBAS
185towertorre / watch tower = torre de observaçãoBAS
186towncidade pequena; município // town-hall = prefeitura (cidade pequena) / (obs.: city hall = prefeitura cidade grande) // town council = câmara municipalBAS
188trace (n) / trace (to) traço, vestígio, indício / to leave a trace = deixar vestígio / to trace back to = remontar a // rastrear, seguir a pista, ir até a origem BAS
189track (n) / track (to) / tracking1) pista; race track = pista de corrida // 2) trilho, via férrea / off the track = descarrilhado = off the rail / track gauge = bitola de ferrovia // 3) trilha, rastro = trail; beaten path / on the track of = na pista de, no encalço // 4) sound track = trilha sonora // acompanhar; seguir a pista = to track by // to track progress = acompanhar o andamento / to track consumer preferences / to track down = perseguir, ir no encalço de /// acompanhamento / tracking ID number = número para acompanhamentoBAS
190tract1) região, área geográfica, área de terra = an area of land; tract of land // 2) aparelho (anatomia); digestive tract = aparelho digestivoINTERM
192trade (n) / trade (to) / trader1) ofício; emprego; ocupação; "he wants to learn a trade" // 2) comércio = commerce / Board of Trade = Câmara de Comércio / trade deficit; foreign trade; trade company / trade name = razão comercial / trade show = feira de comércio / computer trade show = feira de computador // 3) troca, permuta = exchange of one thing for something else; "I like your coat; do you want to do a trade for my new skirt?" /// comercializar, trocar /// negociante; comerciante = merchant; dealerBAS
193tradeoffcompensação (numa troca) = an exchange, especially as a compromise; "a tradeoff between inflation and unemployment"INTERM
194trading / trademarkcomércio; trading company / marca registrada BAS
195tradition / traditionaltradição = custom / tradicional; "traditional clothing"BAS
196traffic1) tráfego, trânsito / traffic lights = sinais de trânsito / traffic jam = engarrafamento // 2) tráfico (ilegal); "drug traffic"BAS
198traintrem = trem, trem de ferro = a connected line of railroad cars with or without a locomotive / freight train = trem de cargaBAS
199train (to) / training / trainertreinar = to coach, to mentor // treinamento / training course = curso / training program = programa de treinamento / remote training = treinamento à distância / in-house training course = on site training = treinamento na empresa // treinador, instrutor = coachBAS
200trainee / traineeshipestagiário = intern // estágio = a period of training; internshipBAS
201traittraço, característica herdada = feature, characteristic; "honesty is one of her main traits"INTERM
202trambonde (UK) = street-car (US)BAS
203tramp (n) / tramp (to)1) vagabundo, andarilho = a person who travels from place to place and does not have a home or much money / 2) prostituta = a woman who has sex with many different men // caminhar pesadamente = to walk or step heavily; "he tramped loudly on the stairs"INTERM
205transfer / transference / transfer (to) transferência; baldeação; conexão para e de aeroporto // transferência // transferir = to convey from one place to another BAS
207translate (to) / translation / translatortraduzir // tradução // tradutorBAS
208transmit (to) / transmissiontransmitir = to send, to dispatch; to transmit radio or TV signals / transmissãoBAS
209transport / transportationtransporte = the business or system of transporting goods or people // transporte = a system for moving passengers or goods from one place to another / means of transportation = meio de transporteBAS
210traparmadilha = snare / mouse trap = ratoeira / to fall into a trap = cair numa armadilha / to be caught in a trap = ser apanhado em uma armadilhaBAS
211trash1) refugo, escória, lixo = garbage, junk, rubbish / trash can = lata de lixo = garbage can; dustbin; rubbish bin // 2) besteira, tolice = foolish ideas or talk; nonsenseINTERM
212travel (n) / travel (to) / traveler; travellerviagem = a journey especially to a distant or unfamiliar place / travel agency; travel agent = ticket agent / travel book = livro de viagem = guide-book / travel guide = guia turístico (pessoa) // viajar; "they travelled all around France" // viajanteBAS
213trawl (n) / trawl (to)arrastão, rede de pescar // 1) pescar com esta rede / 2) vasculhar, procurar, investigarADV
215treachery / treacheroustraição, deslealdade = treason, betrayal / traiçoeiro, falso = unreliableINTERM
216tread (to); trod; troddenpisar, trilhar = to step; "a place where angels fear to tread"INTERM
217treason traição = betrayal, treachery; high treason = alta traiçãoINTERM
218treasure / treasurytesouro = accumulation of valuables // 1) tesouraria / 2) Fazenda; Tesouro = the department of government that has control over money; Secretary of Treasury = Ministro da FazendaBAS
219treat (to) / treatmenttratar // tratamento / dental treatment; medical treatmentBAS
220treeárvore / family tree = árvore genealógica / hat tree = chapeleiraBAS
221trek (to) / trek (n)1) caminhar, marchar, peregrinar = to walk usually for a long distance / 2) fazer excursões a pé = to travel by walking through an area with many mountains, rivers, etc., for pleasure and adventure // jornada, caminhada, excursão a pé INTERM
222tremble (to)tremer = to shiver; to quiver; to quakeBAS
223trenchtrincheira, vala, fosso = a deep ditch or furrowBAS
224trendtendência = tendency; "trends for the economy as a whole"; "based on current trends"; "future trends = trends to the future"; "population trend"; "growing trend"BAS
225trespass (to)entrar sem autorização = enter the owner's land or property without permission / "no trespassing = entrada proibida"INTERM
226trial1) teste; experiência // 2) tentativa / trial and error = tentativa e erro / trial run = teste // 3) julgamento (júri) / on trial = em julgamento BAS
227triangle triânguloBAS
228trick (n) / trick (to) / tricky brincadeira, peça, truque // enganar, lograr, pregar peça // 1) dificil, complicado "a tricky job" / 2) astuto; malandro; esperto = sly; cunning; crafty; wily; artful BAS
229trickster / trickery trapaceiro, vigarista, caloteiro, charlatão = a person who deceives or plays tricks; conman, crook, swindler / trapaça, velhacaria, ardil; "he obtained the money by trickery" ADV
230trifle bagatela, ninharia, quantia irrisória INTERM
231trigger (n) / trigger (to) gatilho // disparar; acionar "to trigger a rifle"BAS
232trim (adj) / trim (to) 1) em boa forma = in good physical conditions "he keeps trim by jogging"; "swimming is a good way to keep trim" // 2) limpo, arrumado (house); "a trim little villa" / 3) bem cuidado (garden); "trim lawns" / 4) aparado (hair); "a trim beard" /// 1) aparar, podar // 2) decorar, enfeitar "to trim the Christmas tree" BAS
233trinketbijuteria, enfeite, pingente, berloqueADV
234tripviagem (deslocamento e estada) "did you have a good trip? / business trip = viagem de negócio / to be on a business trip / round trip = viagem de ida-e-volta / round trip ticket = bilhete de ida e volta / sightseeing trip = viagem de turismo / wedding trip = viagem de núpcias BAS
235triple (n) / triple (to)triplo = being three times as great or as many // triplicarBAS
236tripod tripé = a support or stand for a camera, telescope, etc., that has three legsINTERM
237trolley1) trólei, vagonete (mina) // 2) carrinho de supermercado = shopping cart // 3) carrinho de bagagem (aeroporto) (Australia) = baggage cart; luggage cart // 4) trolleybus = a bus that is powered electrically by two overhead wires = trolebus, ônibus eletricoBAS
238troubledificuldade, apuros, encrenca / in trouble = em apuros; "it's not worth the trouble = não vale a pena" / trouble maker = criador de caso / trouble shooter = resolvedor de problemasBAS
239trough1) cocho, gamela = a long, narrow open container for animals to eat or drink out of / 2) fundo, depressão = the lowest point, esp. in an economic cycleADV
240trounce (to)derrotar (jogo) = to beat or defeat utterly; to thrashADV
242trovecoleção valiosa; acervo / treasure-trove = tesouro achado cujo dono é ignoradoADV
243truce [trus]trégua, armistícioINTERM
244truck / truckingcaminhão (US) = lorry (UK) / truck driver = caminhoneiro = teamster // transporte de caminhão / trucking firm = transportadoraBAS
245trump (n) / trump (to)trunfo (jogo de cartas) / levar a melhor sobre, ultrapassar, exceder = to get the better of, to outdo INTERM
246trunk(1) tronco (árvore) // 2) tromba (elefante) // 3) porta-malas (carro) (US) = boot (UK) // 4) arca, baú = chest // 5) linha principal (telecommunications)BAS
247trust (to) / trust (n)confiar = to believe // confiança = confidence BAS
248trustworthyconfiável; fidedigno; digno de confiança = reliableBAS
249try (to)tentar / to try to do something = tentar fazer algo / to try on = provar (roupas); "he wants to try on a new suit" / to try out = experimentarBAS
250trystencontro amoroso, rendez-vous = an appointment for a meeting, especially one made secretly by loversADV
251tub; bathtubbanheira; "he filled the tub with hot water"BAS
252tube / tubing1) tubo; cano = narrow and hollow cylinder; test tube = proveta // 2) metrô (Londres) // 3) TV (coloquial); "what's on the tube tonight?" // 4) válvula eletrônica /// tubulação / oil well tubing = tubulação de poço petrolíferoBAS
253tuck (to)inserir, enfiar, prender, pôr para dentro (roupa) = to push the end of (something, such as a piece of cloth or paper) into or behind something in order to hold it in place, make it look neat, etc.; "she hadn't sealed the envelope, but had simply tucked in the flap" / to tuck away = comer, engolir, devorarINTERM
254tug (to)puxar; rebocar = to tow / tugboat = towboat = rebocador / tug truck = caminhão-reboqueBAS
255tuition1) mensalidade ou anuidade escolar, taxas escolares = the charge or fee for instruction; university tuition, college tuition; "tuition for college has risen far faster than inflation" // 2) ensino = teaching or instruction; "school offering private tuition in languages"BAS
256tuliptulipa (Tulipa spp.)BAS
257tumble (n) / tumble (to) / tumblertombo, queda, cambalhota // 1) cair, tombar / 2) dar saltos acrobáticos, fazer malabarismos // 1) acrobata, malabarista = acrobat / 2) copo = a glass used for drinking that has a flat bottom and no stem or handleINTERM
258tummybarriga = belly / tummy ache = dor de barrigaINTERM
259tuna atum = tuna fish; tunnyBAS
260tune (n) / tune (to) / tuningmelodia, cantiga = a series of musical sounds forming a melody; "she whistled a happy tune" // 1) regular (motor de carro) = to tune up / 2) sintonizar (rádio) = to tune in / 3) afinar (instrumento musical); "he knows how to tune a piano" // 1) regulagem (motor) / 2) sintonia / 3) afinação (orquestra) BAS
262turf1) relva, gramado / 2) prado, local para corrida de cavalos INTERM
263turkeyperu (ave)BAS
264turmoiltumulto, distúrbio = riotINTERM
265turn (n) / turn (to) 1) volta, giro / 90-degree turn = giro de 90 graus // 2) virada; "by the turn of the century = na virada do século" // 3) vez; "it's your turn"; in turn = por sua vez / by turns = alternadamente /// 1) virar; girar; mudar (direção) / 2) virar (páginas) / to turn to the left (right) = virar à esquerda (direita) / to turn one's back on = virar as costas para; "she turned her backs on us" / to turn on = ligar; to turn off = desligar / to turn down = abaixar (som); to turn up = aumentar som / to turn around = mudar de direção / to turn out = tornar-se, vir a ser / to turn down = recusar, rejeitar / to turn over = virar de cabeça para baixo / to turn into = traduzir, converter; "to turn data into information" BAS
266turnaroundvirada, reviravolta, mudança de opiniãoBAS
267turningvolta, retorno / turning point = critical moment = ponto decisivo BAS
268turnipnabo (Brassica rapa)BAS
269turnover1) rotatividade de pessoal; personnel turnover rate = índice de rotatividade do pessoal // 2) giro de estoque = rate at which a stock is replaced // 3) giro do ativo = asset turnover BAS
270turnpikeestrada com pedágioINTERM
271turnstilecatraca, roleta = a mechanical gate or barrier with metal arms that are turned to admit one person at a time, usually in one direction onlyINTERM
272turtletartaruga = tortoiseBAS
273tuskpresa (elefante)INTERM
274tussle (n) / tussle (to) luta, briga, disputa, rixa / lutar, brigar, disputar ADV
275tussocktufo de grama = a small area that is covered with long thick grassADV
276tuxedo smoking (roupa)INTERM
277TVtelevisão, aparelho de TV = television / TV set, television set / cable TV = TV a cabo / pay TV, subscription TV = TV por assinaturaBAS
279twiceduas vezes / twice as much = o dobro, duas vezes maisBAS
280twiddle (to)mexer, brincar comADV
281twigramo, galho pequeno, varinha, gravetoINTERM
282twilightcrepúsculo = sunset, duskBAS
283twin gêmeo, gêmeos = either one of two babies that are born at the same time to the same motherBAS
284twinkle (to)1) cintilar (estrela) // 2) pestanejar (olhos)INTERM
285twirl (to)girar, rodopiar = to whirl, to spinINTERM
286twist (to) / twisted torcer; "he twisted his wrist" // torcido; torto = crooked, bentBAS
287twitter (to)gorjear, chilrear (pássaro); "the birds were twittering in the trees"INTERM
288twodois // two-way = mão dupla (tráfego) (obs.: one-way = mão única)BAS
289twofoldduplo, dobrado, em dobro = having two parts or aspects; doubleBAS
290tycoon magnata = a businessman of exceptional wealth and power; magnate, mogulINTERM
291type (n) / type (to)tipo; classe = kind; class; sort // digitarBAS
292typicaltípico = being a representative example; "a typical day in the life of the village"; "typical suburban houses"; "a typical countryside clothing"BAS