ultimate1) final, derradeiro = happening or coming at the end of a process, series of events, etc; last, final, "his ultimate destination was Paris = seu destino final era Paris" / ultimate goal = objetivo final, objetivo principal; "our ultimate aim is to increase production" // 2) máximo, supremo = the highest or most significant; greatest or most extreme; "the ultimate in luxury = o máximo em luxo" / 3) fundamental, básico; "the ultimate nature of things = natureza fundamental das coisas"
unbelievableinacreditável = too unlikely to be believed; incredible, amazing, astonishing; "your story is unbelievable"
uncle tio (obs.: tia = aunt)
uncover (to)descobrir, revelar = to discover, to disclose, to reveal
underestimate (to)subestimar, menosprezar = to underrate, to belittle, to disparage
undergroundmetrô (UK) = subway (US)
underline (to)sublinhar
underpants 1) cueca (US) = briefs, boxer (cueca samba-canção) // 2) calcinha (UK) = pants
underrate (to)subestimar, menosprezar = to underestimate, to belittle, to disparage
understand (to); understood; understood / understandingentender, compreender / hard to understand = difícil de entender // entendimento, compreensão = comprehension
undertake (to) / undertakingempreender / empreendimento, tarefa
undertakeragente funerário = funeral director; mortician
underwearroupa de baixo; roupa íntima = clothing worn next to the skin under outer clothes
underwriting1) subscrição, lançamento ações / 2) aceitação (seguro)
undue1) não vencido = not yet due; not yet payable / 2) injusto, indevido = unjust, improper, or illegal
unemploymentdesemprego / unemployment rate = taxa de desemprego
unflinchingcorajoso, impávido = staying strong and determined even when things are difficult; not shrinking from danger, difficulty, etc
union1) união // 2) sindicato / labor union = trade union = sindicato
unique único, exclusivo, sem igual, incomparável, excepcional = the only one of its kind; very special or unusual; without equal; "unique to each object = específico para cada objeto"; "humans are unique among mammals in several respects"
unitunidade = fixed amount taken as standard / unit price / monetary unit / business unit = unidade de negócios
universityuniversidade // president of university = reitor de universidade
unleash (to)desencadear, soltar, liberar
unravel (to)desembaraçar, desemaranhar, desenredar
untenableinsustentável = not able to be defended; not able to be occupied
unwind (to) 1) desenrolar-se / 2) relaxar = to relax
update (to) / updatingatualizar / atualização
upheavaltranstorno; convulsão = a strong, sudden, or violent disturbance, as in politics, social conditions, etc; political upheaval = revolta política, golpe de estado
uphold (to)apoiar, defender, sustentar = to support or defend (something, such as a law); to give support to
uppersuperior; "he thinks he belongs to an upper class" / upper case = letra maiúscula (obs.: lower case = letra minúscula)
uprightvertical, ereto = vertical / upright position = posição vertical
uprisinginsurreição, revolta, levante = an act of rising up against authority
uproartumulto, alvoroço, algazarra = turmoil
upset (adj) / upset (to) / upset (n)1) chateado, aborrecido, contrariado; "they were upset by her absence"; "she was upset about her friend's actions" / 2) indisposto (estômago); "she had an upset stomach" // 1) chatear, irritar, perturbar, afligir = to trouble mentally or emotionally; "the accusation upset her" / 2) indispor; "I think that pizza upset my stomach" // resultado inesperado; zebra; "the upset of the top ranked team stunned the basketball world"
upstartnouveau-riche (pejorativo)
urgenturgente = pressing; "the urgent sound of the alarm"
use (to)usar, utilizar
user usuário / end-user = usuário-final / user representative = representante do usuário / user-friendly = amigável (aos usuários) / user-friendliness = amigabilidade
usher (n) / usher (to)1) porteiro = doorkeeper / 2) lanterninha (cinema, teatro) = a person who escorts people to seats in a theater, church, etc. // conduzir, escoltar
utensilutensílio = an implement, instrument, or vessel used in a household and especially a kitchen; a useful tool or implement
utmost (adj) / utmost (n)máximo, extremo, maior, mais distante; "utmost importance" ; "the utmost reef of the island" // o máximo; o extremo; todo o possível; "he did his utmost"
utter (adj) / utter (to) / utterancecompleto, total; "it was an utter confusion"; "we got in an utter darkness" // emitir (sons), proferir, pronunciar, dizer, declarar, exclamar = to pronounce, to speak, to express in words // declaração, discurso