1wackydoido, malucoADV
2wade (to)andar dentro d'água, vadear, atravessar a vau; to wade through = avançar com dificuldade INTERM
3wafflewaffle = tipo de panqueca assada e comida com geleia ou caldaBAS
4wag (to)abanar, balançar; "the dog wagged its tail"ADV
5wage (n) ; wages / wage (to)salário, ordenado = salary; minimum wage = salário minimo; "minimum wage will be raised" // to wage war = fazer guerra, travar guerra; "they waged a guerrilla war against the government"; "England and France waged war for most of the Middle Ages"BAS
6wagon 1) carroça = a vehicle with four wheels that is used for carrying heavy loads or passengers and that is usually pulled by animals (such as horses); a cart; "pioneers crossed the American Midwest in wagons" // 2) carrinho de brinquedo = child's toy vehicle; "the children took turns pulling each other in a wagon" // 3) vagão de carga (trem) (UK) = a railway freight car; "the engine pulled 20 wagons" // 4) perua (carro) = station wagon BAS
7waifcriança abandonada = a homeless child; "caring for orphans and waifs"ADV
8wail (to)lamentar, chorar depressivamente / Wailing Wall = Muro das LamentaçõesINTERM
9wait (to) / waitingesperar / to wait for somebody, something = esperar por alguém, por alguma coisa / to wait on = atender, servir em loja / to wait at a table = servir à mesa; // espera = a period of waiting / waiting line = lista de espera; "to be on the waiting list" / waiting room = sala de espera / waiting period = carênciaBAS
10waiter; waitressgarçom; garçoneteBAS
11waive (to) / waiverrenunciar a, desistir de, abrir mão de = to yield, to surrender; to waive one's right to something / desistência, renúncia, isenção; fee waiver = isenção de taxaINTERM
12wake (to); woke; waken / wake (n)acordar, despertar; "will you wake me before you go to work?" / to wake up = despertar / wake-up call = chamada para despertar alguém // esteira (barco , navio) = trail of a boat in water; "the boat left a large wake behind it as it moved"BAS
13walk (to) / walkingcaminhar, andar; passear / to walk in = entrar / to walk out = sair / to walk upstairs = subir / to walk downstairs = descer escadas / to walk up = subir a pé // caminhada, passeio a pé = hikink, trekking / walking stick = bengala = caneBAS
14wall1) muro = a structure of brick, stone, etc., that surrounds an area or separates one area from another // 2) parede = the structure that forms the side of a room or buildingBAS
15walletcarteira (dinheiro); "was your wallet lost or stolen?"BAS
16walnutnoz (Juglans regia)BAS
18wanpálido, descorado, lívido = looking sick or pale; unnaturally pale, esp. on account of ill health or fatigue; "she looks a little wan after all that tiring work"ADV
19wandvarinha de condão = a slender rod, especially one used by a magician; magic wandINTERM
20wander (to) 1) vagar, vaguear, perambular, andar sem rumo = to go from place to place without purpose or direction; to ramble, to roam, to rove, to stroll; "I wandered through the narrow streets"; "he wandered away from the trail and got lost" / 2) divagar = to stray in though; "his mind wandered"BAS
21wane (to)diminuir, minguar (lua); waning moon = lua minguante (obs.: lua crescente = waxing moon)INTERM
22wank (to)masturbar-se = to jerk offADV
23want (to)querer, desejar = to desire, to wishBAS
24war (n) / war (to)guerra; "they fought a war over the disputed territory" / act of war = ato de guerra / art of war = arte da guerra, estratégia militar / at war = em guerra / civil war / declaration of war / to declare war / to go to war = ir para a guerra / war games = exercícios militares / war of nerves = guerra de nervos / war of words = guerra de palavras /// guerrearBAS
25ward (n) / ward (to)1) ala de hospital ou de prisão; pavilhão, setor, enfermaria / cancer ward = ala de oncologia / maternity ward = maternidade // 2) distrito, divisão administrativa = an administrative division of a city or town /// to ward off = evitar, prevenir, repelir "this spray will help to ward off the mosquitoes"INTERM
26warden1) guarda = one having care or charge of something / 2) diretor de presídio / 3) administrador de parques e reservas florestais; "the warden patrolled the park, checking everything was in order"INTERM
27wardrobe guarda-roupa, roupeiro (obs.: closet = armário embutido, armário de roupas)BAS
28waremercadorias, gêneros = manufactured articles, products of art or craft, or farm produce; goods (obs.: frequentemente usado em combinação; exemplos: chinaware, glassware, hardware, tinware, etc)BAS
29warehouse (n) / warehouse (to) / warehousingarmazém, depósito, almoxarifado = a structure or room for the storage of merchandise or commodities; storehouse; depot // armazenar // armazenagem, armazenamentoBAS
30warm / warmth 1) quente = fairly or comfortably high temperature; "nice and warm"; "warm climate"; "a warm September evening" // calor = heat; "the warmth of the fire"BAS
31warn (to) / warningadvertir; avisar = to make aware of possible danger // advertência, aviso; "a red flag is a warning of danger"BAS
32warp (to)empenar, entortarINTERM
33warrant (n) / warrant (to)mandado (busca; prisão) = a document that gives authority to an officer to make an arrest or to search or seize property / arrest warrant = mandado de prisão / search warrant = mandado de busca // garantir, afiançar = to guaranteeINTERM
34warrantygarantia de um produto = written guarantee given to the purchaserINTERM
35warren1) coelheira, viveiro de coelhos, toca = a series of underground tunnels where rabbits live / 2) labirinto, lugar confuso; "we got lost in the warren of interconnected side streets"; "the old town is a warren of narrow streets"ADV
36wary [uéri]cauteloso, cuidadoso, precavido = careful, cautious, prudent / to be wary of = ser cuidadoso com, ser precavido com; "she had learned too early in life to be wary and watchful"BAS
37wash (to) / wash (n)lavar // roupa lavada; "she hung the wash on the line"// washing machine = máquina de lavarBAS
38waste (n) / waste (to) 1) perda, desperdício; waste of time = desperdício de tempo / 2) lixo, refugo = waste matter; waste product = refugo / wastepaper = papel usado / wastepaper basket = cesta de lixo / to cut wastes = eliminar desperdicios // desperdiçar; gastar; "I don't like to waste paper"BAS
39wastelandterra inculta; terreno baldio = barren land INTERM
40watch (to) / watch (n) / watchful1) observar, olhar = to look (at) with attention; "the children watched carefully as the magician removed a rabbit from his hat" // 2) assistir (jogo, TV); "to watch TV" // 3) vigiar, tomar conta "watch it! = tenha cuidado"; "the nurses are watching the children" / to watch out for = tomar cuidado com / to watch over = vigiar, cuidar de /// 1) relógio (pulso) / digital watch / pocket watch = relógio de bolso / watch bracelet = pulseira de relógio // 2) observação, vigília, vigilância; "the doctors want to keep the patient under watch" / watch tower = torre de observação / to be on the watch = estar alerta / to keep watch = observar, vigiar /// alerta; atento; vigilante = alertBAS
41water (n) / water (to)água / mineral water = água mineral / gas water = água gasosa = sparkling water / water closet = vaso sanitário = toilet // regar, aguarBAS
42waterfallcachoeira = cascade BAS
43waterfrontdocas, zona portuáriaINTERM
45watersidebeira-mar; beira-d'água = the bank or shore of a river, lake, or oceanBAS
46wave (n) / wave (to) / wavy1) onda (mar) / 2) onda (elétrica, rádio, tempo) / cold wave = onda de frio; heat wave = onda de calor / short wave = onda curta (rádio) / sound wave = onda sonora // 1) acenar (lenço); "he was waving at her from the end of the pier" // 2) tremular (bandeira); "three flags were waving in the wind" // 3) ondular (cabelo); "she waved her hair" // ondulado; wavy hairBAS
47wax (n) / wax (to)cera; "a candle made of wax" // 1) encerar; "to wax the wooden floors" / 2) aumentar, crescer = to grow; to increase in phase or intensity (moon); waxing moon = lua crescente (obs.: waning moon = lua minguante) / 3) depilar = to depilate, to shaveBAS
48way (1)caminho / one way = mão única; two way = mão dupla / on one's way back = na volta; on one's way out = na saída / which way? = qual caminho? / this way = por onde? por aqui / on the way to = a caminho / under way = em andamento (projeto) / in the way = atrapalhando, no caminho; to be in the way = atrapalhar / to give way = dar lugar a / to lead the way = ir na frente / Milky Way = Via LácteaBAS
49way (2)modo, maneira, jeito / by the way = a propósito / in a way = de certo modo / no way = de jeito nenhum = out of the question; there's no way = não tem jeito / just the other way = the other way around = on the contrary = o contrário / any way = de qualquer jeito / to find a way = dar um jeito BAS
50waybillconhecimento de mercadorias; guia de transporteADV
51weak / weakness / weaken (to)fraco = feeble // fraqueza // enfraquecerBAS
52wealth / wealthyriqueza, fortuna, opulência = fortune; "wealth doesn't bring happiness" // rico; opulento; abastado = rich; well-off; well-to-doBAS
53wean (to)desmamar, abandonar (vício)ADV
54weaponarma / nuclear weapons = armas nuclearesBAS
55wear (to); wore; worn usar (roupa), trajar / to wear away = to wear down = to wear out = desgastar, gastar pelo uso / worn-out = used-up = gasto; worn-out clothesBAS
56weary [uíri] / wearisomecansado; fatigado = tired; "the weary children went to bed" / cansativo = tiresomeBAS
58weather (n) / weather (to)tempo (atmosférico); fine weather; good weather # bad weather / weather forecast = previsão do tempo / weather bureau = serviço de meteorologia // resistir, aguentar, suportar (ação do tempo, do clima) = to come safely through; "our boat was able to weather the storm"BAS
59weave (to); wove; woven / weaving / weavertecer; entrançar; urdir; "Indians weave straw baskets" // tecelagem // tecelãoBAS
60web1) teia / spider's web = teia de aranha // 2) Internet; web-based technologyBAS
61weddingcasamento (cerimônia) = a ceremony at which two people are married to each other / wedding anniversary = aniversário de casamento / silver wedding anniversary = bodas de prata / golden wedding anniversary = bodas de ouroBAS
62wedge (n) / wedge (to)cunha, calço; wedge issue = questão polêmica / pôr calço em, calçarINTERM
63wee pequeno, diminuto = tiny, very small; "the wee child had to sit on a pile of cushions to reach the table" / the wee hours of the morning = as primeiras horas da manhã; muito cedoBAS
64weederva-daninha BAS
65week / weeklysemana / week day = dia útil // semanal BAS
66weep (to); wept; wept chorar = to cry; to sobBAS
67weigh (to) / weightpesar; "baggage will be weighed" // peso / gross weight = peso bruto # net weight = peso líquido / excess weight = excesso de peso / over weight = acima do peso / to put on weight = engordar # to reduce weight = emagrecerBAS
68weird1) estranho, esquisito, bizarro = unusual, strange; "we heard some weird sounds outside!" / 2) suggesting something supernatural; uncanny, eerie; "weird creatures from another world"BAS
69welcome (n) / welcome (to)recepção, acolhida / warm welcome = acolhida calorosa // dar as boas-vindas, saudar BAS
70weld (to) / weld (n)soldar, fundir; welded tubes = tubos soldados / solda INTERM
71welfarebem-estar = state of having good health, happiness and prosperity; social welfare = previdência socialBAS
72well (adv)bem / well grounded = bem fundamentado / well-off = rico, próspero / as well = também, igualmente; "I like seafood and pasta as well" / as well as = bem como / well done = muito bem! / get well soon = melhoras! /to do well = ir bem, sair-se bemBAS
73well (n)poço, nascente; "they used a pump to take water from the well" / well drilling = perfuração de poçoBAS
74wend (to)dirigir-se a, ir a = to proceed on (one's way)ADV
77wharf (pl. wharves) [uórf]cais; embarcadouro; docasINTERM
78whatque, o que // what-if = simulação (o que acontecerá se ... )BAS
80wheelroda / rim of wheel = aro de roda / Ferris wheel = roda gigante / spinning wheel = roda de fiar / steering wheel = volanteBAS
81whereaboutspor onde? "whereabouts are you? = por onde você anda?" / 2) paradeiro; "nobody knows his whereabouts"INTERM
82wheysoro (parte líquida do leite)ADV
83whiffsopro, cheiro, odor = a slight smell of something; an odor that is weakADV
84whim / whimsicalcapricho, veneta = a sudden idea, thought, or wish to do something without a good reason / imprevisível, de veneta INTERM
85whip (n) / whip (to) / whiplash chicote = lash, switch // 1) chicotear, açoitar = to switch; "the jockey whipped his horse" / 2) bater (ovos, creme); whipped cream = creme chantilly // chicotada = the lash of a whip BAS
86whirl (to) rodar, rodopiar, girar = to twirl, to spinINTERM
87whirlpoolredemoinho = an area of water in a river, stream, etc., that moves very fast in a circle; vortexINTERM
88whistle (to) / whistle (n) apitar, assoviar // apito BAS
89whittle (to)1) aparar, talhar, esculpir; "he showed me how to whittle a twig into a whistle" / 2) reduzir aos poucos; "to whittle costs"ADV
90whizz-bangexcelente, notável = one that is conspicuous for noise, speed, excellence, or startling effect; excellent; first-rateADV
91wholeinteiro = entire / on the whole = as a whole = no todo, de uma maneira geral / whole number = número inteiroBAS
92wholesalevenda por atacado = sale of goods in large quantities (obs.: retail = varejo) / to sell wholesale = vender por atacadoBAS
93whoppingimenso, colossalADV
94whore prostituta, puta = call-girl, prostitute, bitch, hooker, slut, harlotBAS
95whorlespiral = a circular arrangement of similar parts, as of leavesADV
96wicked1) mau, perverso (man, witch) = morally very bad, evil / 2) malicioso (sorriso)BAS
97wide / widen (to) / width largo; amplo = broad, vast / far and wide = por toda parte // alargar; ampliar; dilatar // largura = breadth; "what's the width of the room?"BAS
98widespreadespalhado, difundido; "this strategy is gaining widespread acceptance"BAS
99widgetobjeto hipotético qualquer, dispositivo = gadgetINTERM
100widow / widower viúva / viúvo BAS
101wield (to)1) exercer = to have and use (power, control, influence, etc.); "he wields a great deal of influence over his students" / 2) manejar, empunhar, brandir = to handle or use (a weapon, tool, etc); "the knight wielded his sword"ADV
102wifeesposa, mulher (obs.: marido = husband)BAS
103wigperuca = fake hairINTERM
104wilderness sertão; região desabitada = outback (Australia) BAS
105wileartimanha, estratagema, esperteza, truque = a trick meant to fool, trap, or lure anotherADV
106will (verbo aux) usado na formação do futuro: it will be good = será bomBAS
107will (n) / willing / willingly1) vontade; "where there's a will, there's a way" / good will = boa vontade # ill will = má vontade / 2) testamento // at will = à vontade // disposto, desejoso, inclinado, propenso / God willing = se Deus quiser / to be willing = estar querendo, consentir // de boa vontade; com gostoBAS
109wilt (to)murchar (flor); morrer (planta), perder o vigor = to fade, to wither, to droop; "insufficient water makes plants wilt"ADV
110wily astuto, malandro, malicioso, esperto = tricky; sly; cunning; crafty; artfulADV
111wimpyfracote, molengão, banana = a feeble ineffective personADV
112win (to); won; won / winner / winningvencer, ganhar / vencedor / vitorioso = victorious; triumphant; "it's a winning organization"BAS
113windvento / windmill = moinho de vento; "the miller ground the wheat into flour in his windmill"BAS
114wind (to); wound; wound / windingenrolar; "he wound the cable tightly and put it in the drawer" / to wind up = dar corda em (relógio) // 1) sinuoso, tortuoso; "winding road"; "winding river" / 2) em caracol, em espiral "winding stairs = escada em caracol"BAS
116windshield (US); windscreen (UK)para-brisa; windshield wiper = limpador de parabrisaBAS
117wine / wineryvinho / vinícola = vinícola, fábrica de vinho = a wine-making establishment (obs.: vineyard = vinhedo, vinha = a planting of grapevines)BAS
119wink (to)piscar o olho como sinal ou brincadeira = to shut one eye briefly as a signal or in teasing (obs.: to blink = piscar os dois olhos involuntariamente) BAS
120winnow (to)separar palha do grão, separar joio do trigo, peneirar, joeirar = to remove (the unwanted coverings of seeds) from grain; to separate (grain) from (chaff); "to winnow fact from fiction"ADV
121wipe (to)enxugar; limpar = to dry or clean by rubbing with a cloth or paperBAS
122wire / wiring1) fio (elétrico ou metálico) = cable / telephone wire = fio de telefone / wireless = sem fio / wireless phone // 2) arame / barbed wire = arame farpado // fiação BAS
123wise sábio, sensato, prudente = sage; "the 3 Wise Men = os 3 Reis Magos" / in no wise = de nenhum modo / in any wise = de qualquer modo BAS
124wish (n) / wishes / wish (to) desejo; vontade / dying wish = último desejo; "his dying wish was to give all his money to charity" // (pl) = cumprimentos / best wishes = cumprimentos, muitas felicidades // desejar = to desire, to long for / as you wish = como você quiser / if you wish = se você quiser BAS
125wistfulmelancólico, pensativo, saudoso, triste = having or showing sad thoughts and feelings; "he had a wistful look on his face"ADV
126wit / witty1) presença de espírito, astúcia, perspicácia, vivacidade de espírito = an ability to say or write things that are clever and usually funny / 2) pessoa espirituosa // espirituoso; a witty person = uma pessoa espirituosaINTERM
127witch / wizardbruxa, feiticeira / bruxo, feiticeiroBAS
128withdraw (to); withdrew; withdrawn / withdrawal1) retirar; tirar = to remove, to take back / 2) sacar dinheiro (banco) (obs.: oposto é to deposit money) // 1) retirada / 2) saque (dinheiro)BAS
129wither (to)murchar, secar, definhar, mirrar (planta) = to fade, to wilt, to droopINTERM
130withhold (to)1) deter, reter / 2) reter na fonte (imposto); withholding income tax = imposto de renda retido na fonte INTERM
131withstand (to)resistir, aguentar = to resist, to endureINTERM
wobblybambo, vacilante, frouxoADV
133woe dor, mágoa, tristeza, desgosto = sorrow, griefINTERM
135woman (pl. women)mulherBAS
136womb úteroBAS
137wonder (n) / wonderfulmaravilha, prodígio; "seven wonders of the ancient world" / maravilhoso = excellent, marvelous; "a wonderful landscape to behold"; "she is a wonderful cook"BAS
138wonder (to)querer saber / to wonder if = to wonder whether = será que?; "I wonder whether she's married"; "I wonder if it's going to rain " / to wonder why = por que será que ... "I wonder why he left = por que será que ele saiu?" // no wonder = não admira, não é de se admirarBAS
139woo (to)1) cortejar, namorar = to sue for the affection of a, to court / 2) atrair (ex.: audiência) = to seek to gain or bring aboutINTERM
140woodmadeira = the hard substance that makes up the stems and branches of trees and shrubsBAS
142woodsbosque; floresta mais aberta = partially cleared, sparsely populated forestsBAS
144word1) palavra, vocábulo / buzzword = palavra da moda / key word = palavra-chave / in other words = em outras palavras // 2) palavra, promessa; "he gave his word that he would fix the problem by Friday"BAS
145work (n) / work (to) / workingtrabalho / works = obras / off work = de folga (do trabalho) / piece work = trabalho por tarefa / scope of work = área de trabalho, área de atuação / shift work = trabalho por turnos / social work = trabalho social / voluntary work = trabalho voluntário / work agency = agência de emprego / workbook = livro de exercícios / work flow = fluxo de trabalho, processo de trabalho / workforce = força de trabalho, mão de obra / work group = grupo de trabalho / work history = histórico de trabalho / work of art = obra de arte / work placement = emprego temporário / work plan = plano de trabalho / work schedule = cronograma / work sheet = agenda de trabalho // trabalhar, operar, funcionar / to work at = trabalhar em, dedicar esforços para; "he worked 17 years for IBM" / to work for = trabalhar para (alguém); "to work as consultant for IBM" / to work hard = trabalhar muito / to work out = resolver, elaborar, calcular = to solve (as a problem) by a process of reasoning or calculation / to work out = exercitar-se; "he works out regularly at the gym" // de trabalho, operacional / working class = classe trabalhadora / working hours = horas de trabalho, horário de expediente = office hoursBAS
146workable viável = feasible, viable INTERM
147workaholicfanático por trabalhoBAS
148workertrabalhador; operário; blue-collar worker = operário de fábrica; white-collar worker = clerical employee = empregado de escritórioBAS
149workmanshipartesanato, trabalho manual = handicraft, handiwork, craftworkINTERM
150workshop1) oficina; atelier / 2) seminário = seminar or study group for exchange of ideas or to explore new methods of accomplishing a result; "they attended a 5-day workshop"BAS
151world / worldwidemundo / mundial, global; "worldwide demand is growing not shrinking"BAS
152wormverme / earthworm = minhocaBAS
153worry (to) / worried / worry (n) / worryingpreocupar = to concern / to worry about = preocupar-se com // preocupado = concerned (for) // preocupação = concern // preocupante = concerning, troublesomeBAS
154worse / worstpior / to get worse = piorar / worse and worse = de mal a pior // o pior / at worst = na pior das hipóteses / (obs.: na melhor das hipóteses = at best)BAS
155worship (to) / worship (n)1) adorar, venerar / 2) frequentar igreja; "that's the church where our family worships" // 1) adoração, veneração, devoção / 2) culto, cerimônia religiosa; worship service = culto protestante BAS
156wort1) mosto / 2) erva (botânica)INTERM
157worthmérito, valor = value / to be worth = to be worthwhile = valer a pena // BAS
158worthwhilecompensador; vantajoso; que vale a pena = advantageous; to be worthwhile = to be worth = valer a penaBAS
159worthy / worthlessdigno, merecedor, "his work is worthy of praise" ; worthy of notice = digno de atenção / sem valor, inútil = useless; "his plans were worthless" BAS
160would (verbo aux) usado na formação do futuro do prtérito: he knew he would be late = ele sabia que se atrasariaBAS
161wound (n) / wound (to)ferida, ferimento, machucado = injury; wound / ferir = to hurt; to injureBAS
162wow (to)impressionar, ganhar admiraçãoADV
163wrangle (n) / wrangle (to) / wranglerbriga, discussão // brigar, discutir // vaqueiro, cowboy = a person who takes care of horses on a ranchINTERM
164wrap (to)embrulhar; envolver; "wrap the tie as a present" / to wrap up = embrulhar // wrap-up = 1) relatório final = a summarizing report / 2) parte final = a concluding part; wrap-up session = sessão final BAS
165wrath ira, indignação = anger; "Steinbeck wrote the roman called The Grapes of Wrath"INTERM
166wreak (to)causar estragos; to wreak havoc on = causar estragos em ADV
167wreathcoroa de flores, guirlanda = garlandADV
168wreck (n) / wreck (to)destroços (carro, avião), escombros, ruína / shipwreck = naufrágio, restos de navio naufragado // 1) destruir; arruinar = to damage (something) so badly that it cannot be repaired; "he wrecked his car against a wall" / 2) fazer naufragar = to destroy (a ship) by crashing it into somethingBAS
169wreckagedestroços, escombros (building), naufrágio (ship); ruínas = wreck BAS
170wrench chave inglesa (US) = spanner (UK)INTERM
171wrestle (to) / wrestling / wrestlerlutar (esporte) = to compete (with) in the sport of wrestling // luta livre (esporte) // lutadorINTERM
172wretch1) pessoa miserável, sem sorte = a very unfortunate or unhappy person / 2) desgraçado, desprezível = a despicable personADV
173wriggle (to) / wriggle (n)torcer, contorcer, retorcer / contorção, zigue-zaque, movimento sinuoso ADV
174wring (to), wrung, wrungtorcer; retorcer para tornar seco, para extrair água; "to wring a towel dry"ADV
175wrinkle (to) / wrinkled / wrinkle (n)franzir, enrugar / enrugado / ruga = creaseINTERM
177write (to); wrote; written / writing / writerescrever / to write down = anotar = to note; to take notes / to write out = escrever por extenso // escrita; caligrafia; escrito, redação / hand writing = caligrafia, letra "it's hard to understand a doctor's hand writing" / in writing = por escrito / writing desk = escrivaninha / writing pad = bloco de papel // escritorBAS
178wrongerrado / to be wrong = estar errado; "what's wrong? = qual é o problema?" / to go wrong = fracassar, ir pelo caminho errado / wrong side = avesso = inside outBAS
179wroughtforjado; wrought iron = ferro forjadoINTERM
180wutheringuivante = blowing strongly with a roaring sound (northern english dialect); "The Wuthering Heights = Morros Uivantes"ADV