Vocabulário Básico

airar ; air pocket = bolsa de ar
bankmargem (rio, lago) = the rising ground bordering a lake, river, or sea
canalcanal = an artificial waterway for navigation or for draining or irrigating land; navigation canal; irrigation canal; the Panama Canal
cardinal pointponto cardeal
channelcanal (rio; mar ) = the bottom or deeper part of a waterway; a narrow body of water between a continent and an island; "the English Channel"
coastcosta, litoral, beira-mar = shore
country1) país = nation / 2) campo = rural districts, as opposed to cities or towns; "they grew up in the country"
dawnaurora, amanhecer = the first appearance of light in the morning followed by sunrise; daybreak; at dawn = early in the morning = de madrugada
fieldcampo = a piece of open or cleared land, esp. one suitable for pasture or growing things; "the cows were grazing in the fields"; corn field = milharal; rice field = arrozal; wheat field = campo de trigo
firefogo, incêndio
floodinundação = overflow; inundation
fogneblina = mist, haze
forestfloresta; rainforest = floresta tropical
groundsolo; terreno = soil
heatcalor = warmth
hillcolina; morro
hurricanefuracão = tornado
ice / ice (to)gelo / formar gelo, cobrir de gelo, congelar; "the airport runway iced over"
landterra; strip of land = faixa de terra; a tract of land = extensão de terra; a plot of land = lot = terreno
lightningrelâmpago = a flash of lightning
minemina; gold mine
moonlua; full moon = lua cheia; new moon = lua nova; waning moon = lua minguante; waxing moon = lua crescente; moonlit = enluarado; moonlight = luar
mudlodo, lama = soft wet earth
north / northernnorte / setentrional, do norte
pathcaminho, trilha, vereda = way, pathway, track, trail
peakpico; cume = top, summit
polepolo geográfico; North Pole, South Pole
puddlepoça = a very small pool of usually dirty or muddy water
quarterfase (quarto) da lua = a fourth part of the moon's period; moon at the first quarter = quarto crescente
rain / rain (to)chuva / chover
rayraio (luz, sol) = narrow beam of light
riverrio; "the river rises = o rio sobe"; up the river = rio acima; down the river = rio abaixo
scenevista, panorama = view; panorama; outlook; sights / "the lovely view from the balcony"
scenerypaisagem, cenário = landscape
seamar; at sea = no mar, longe da terra; by sea = por mar ; by the sea = na praia, na costa = at the seaside / seaside = seashore = na praia, na costa
shorebeira-mar, litoral, costa = the land bordering a usually large body of water; coas; "a mile off shore = a uma milha da costa"
slopeladeira; declive; rampa = slant; inclined surface, ground; "there are too many slopes there"
soilsolo; terra = ground; earth
sourcefonte, nascente (rio) = spring // energy source
south / southernsul / meridional, do sul; Southern Cross = Cruzeiro do Sul
spaceespaço; outer space = espaço sideral; space flight = vôo espacial; space station = estação espacial; spacecraft, spaceship = espaçonave, nave espacial
springfonte, nascente = source
storm / stormytempestade = tempest / tempestuoso
sunsol; sunrise = nascer do sol, aurora; sunset = p}or do sol, crepúsculo; sun spot = mancha solar; solar disk = o disco solar
swamppântano, brejo, atoleiro, lamaçal = bog, marsh, mire
thunderboltraio (tempestade) = a lightning stroke
tidemaré; high tide = maré alta = full tide; low tide = maré baixa = ebb tide
topcume = summit
tornadotornado, furacão = hurricane
tracktrilha, rastro = trail; path
twilightcrepúsculo = dusk
viewvista, panorama = scene; panorama; outlook; sights "the sights of the city"
warmthcalor = heat
wastelandterra inculta; terreno baldio = barren land
waterfallcachoeira = cascade
wave1) onda (mar) / 2) onda (elétrica, rádio, tempo); cold wave = onda de frio; heat wave = onda de calor; short wave = onda curta (rádio); sound wave = onda sonora / (obs.: surge = onda grande)
weathertempo (atmosférico); fine weather = tempo bom; weather forecast = previsão do tempo; weather bureau = serviço de meteorologia
wellpoço, nascente; "they used a pump to take water from the well"; well drilling = perfuração de poço

Vocabulário Complementar

backwoodsroça; campo; zona rural = a remote or culturally backward area
beltcinturão, zona = an area suited to a particular crop; corn belt, cotton belt, wheat belt
blizzardnevasca = a severe snowstorm that goes on for a long time
bogpântano, brejo, atoleiro, lamaçal = swamp, marsh, mire
boltraio (tempestade) = thunderbolt; a lightning stroke
bonfirefogueira = a large fire built in the open air
boulderpedregulho = a rounded piece of rock
brookriacho = creek, stream
cascadecascata, cachoeira = waterfall
creekriacho = brook, stream
drizzle / drizzle (to)garoa, chuvisco / garoar, chuviscar
duskcrepúsculo, anoitecer = twilight
ebbmaré baixa = ebb tide (obs.: high tide = maré alta)
ford / ford (to)vau = a place where a river can be crossed by wading / vadear, atravessar a vau
gravelcascalho = pebble
grovebosque = woods
hazeneblina = fog, mist
hillockmorrinho, pequena elevação, outeiro = a small hill
islepequena ilha
jungleselva = an impenetrable thicket or tangled mass of tropical vegetation
landmarkponto de referência = an object (as a stone or tree) that marks the boundary of land
mainlandcontinente, terra firme = the principal land of a region, etc., as distinguished from nearby islands; mainland China = China continental
mangrovemangue = a tropical tree that has roots which grow from its branches and that grows in swamps or shallow salt water
marshpântano = swamp, bog
meadowprado, campina
Milky WayVia Láctea
mirebrejo, atoleiro = thick and deep mud; bog
mistnevoeiro = fog, haze
notchpassagem entre montanhas = a narrow passage between mountains
offshorea pouca distância da praia; na plataforma continental = at a distance from the shore; offshore platform = plataforma marítima
outbackárea distante e não povoada = isolated rural country especially of Australia; wilderness
outlookvista, panorama = a place offering a view; view; scene; panorama; sights
overflowinundação; alagamento = flood, inundation
pebbleseixo, calhau, cascalho = gravel
pit1) buraco, cova = hole in the earth / 2) mina = mine; coal pit = mina de carvão
ridgecume, crista, cordilheira = a raised part or area on the surface of something; a range of hills or mountains
shoalbanco de areia = a stretch of shallow water
shortcutatalho = shorter way; a route more direct than the one ordinarily taken
showerpancada de chuva, aguaceiro = a fall of rain of short duration
sleetchuva com neve = frozen or partly frozen rain
slushneve derretida = partly melted snow
streamcórrego; riacho = brook; creek
summitcume, pico = peak; "the summit of the mountain"
tempesttempestade = storm
thicketmoita; mato cerrado; bosque cerrado
tractregião, área geográfica, área de terra = an area of land
whirlpoolredemoinho = an area of water in a river, stream, etc., that moves very fast in a circle; vortex
wildernesssertão; região desabitada = outback (Australia)