Vocabulário Básico

aircraftaeronave = any machine capable of flying, such as a glider, helicopter, or aeroplane
airlinecompanhia de aviação = air carrier
airplane; planeavião; jet plane = avião a jato
anchorâncora; to cast anchor = lançar âncora; to weigh anchor = levantar âncoras, zarpar
bendcurva = curve; a bend in the road; "we took the bend very fast"; "the road to the village has lots of curves"
bicyclebicicleta = bike
branchramal (ferrovia)
busônibus; bus stop = parada de ônibus; trollleybus = ônibus elétrico
cabtáxi = taxi; cab stand = ponto de táxi
carcarro, automóvel = automobile; car make = marca de carro; armored car = carro blindado
cargo (pl.: cargoes)carga = load carried by a ship, plane, etc; cargo boat = barco de carga; cargo ship = navio cargueiro
carriage1) carruagem = a horse-drawn vehicle designed for private use and comfort; coach / 2) vagão de passageiros (trem) = a railway passenger coach (UK)
cartcarroça = a heavy usually horse-drawn 2-wheeled vehicle used for farming or transporting freight; wagon
coach1) carruagem = a large usually closed four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage; stage coach = diligência / 2) ônibus de viagem / 3) vagão de passageiros (trem) = a railroad passenger car; carriage
crewtripulação; cabin crew = tripulação de bordo
curvecurva = bend
dashboardpainel de instrumentos
deckconvés (navio)
drive (to); drove; driven / drive / driver1) dirigir, guiar, pilotar; "would you like to drive my new car?" / 2) levar de carro; "could you drive me to the station?" / 3) impulsionar // 1) passeio de carro; "the drive was really tiring" / 2) tração, "4-wheel drive jeep" // motorista; driver's license = carteira de motorista; driving test = exame de motorista
elevatorelevador (US) = lift (UK)
engine1) motor (carro, avião); engine failure = falha no motor / 2) locomotiva = locomotive
farepreço da passagem = sum paid for a journey
ferry; ferryboat / ferry (to)balsa, catamarã, barco de travessia = a boat used to ferry passengers, vehicles, or goods / atravessar de barco; levar de barco
flight / fly (to); flew; flown vôo; flight departure = take-off; on time flight departure = pontualidade da decolagem; in flight = a bordo; flight attendant = stewardess; flight control system; flight information board; non-stop flight = vôo sem escalas; space flight = vôo espacial; smooth flight = vôo tranquilo // voar; flying range = autonomia vôo
gauge1) bitola (trem) = the distance between the rails of a railroad, rail gauge / 2) calado (navio)
gear / gear (to)câmbio (carro), marcha (carro); gear box = caixa de marcha; gear shift = câmbio; to shift gears = mudar marchas (carro); low, middle, high, reverse gear = 1a, 2a, 3a, ré; gear landing = trem aterrisagem (avião) / engrenar
headlightfarol (carro)
helicopterhelicóptero = chopper
hitchhike / hitchhike (to)carona = to travel by securing free rides from passing vehicles / pedir carona = to solicit and obtain (a free ride) especially in a passing vehicle
honk / honk (to)buzina = horn / buzinar = to blow the horn; to sound the horn
hornbuzina = honk; to blow the horn; to sound the horn = buzinar = to honk
hullcasco (navio)
jetavião a jato = jet plane
landing / land (to)aterrisagem; forced landing = aterrisagem forçada / aterrisar
lanepista = a narrow road or way between buildings, hedges, fences, etc
liftelevador (UK, Aust) = elevator (US)
linelinha de transporte = transportation system; bus line = linha de ônibus; trunk line = linha principal
load / load (to)carga, carregamento = cargo; ship load = carga de navio / carregar; "wagons loaded with coal"; "they loaded the truck with ... "
locomotivelocomotiva = a self-propelled vehicle that runs on rails and is used for moving railroad cars; railway engine; railroad engine
motormotor = engine
oarremo = paddle
one-waymão única (tráfego) (obs.: two-way = mão dupla)
overtake (to)ultrapassar = to move past (another vehicle or person) travelling in the same direction
paddle1) remo = oar / 2) pá de roda propulsora = a paddle wheel used to propel a boat; paddle steamer = vapor com roda propulsora
park (to) / parkingestacionar / estacionamento = parking lot ; free parking = estacionamento grátis; valet parking = estacionamento com manobrista
plateplaca (automóvel); plate number = número da placa
platformplataforma (estação ferroviária)
railtrilho; rail gauge = bitola; to run off the rails = descarrilhar; "the train went off the rails"
railroadestrada de ferro (US) = railway
railwayestrada de ferro = railroad (US); railway engine = locomotiva = locomotive; railway sation = estação de trem = depot (US)
repair-shopoficina mecânica = garage
ride (to); rode; ridden / ride1) cavalgar; montar a cavalo / 2) andar (ônibus; trem; bicicleta); "he rides the bus" / passeio; viagem; "he takes his family for a ride"; to take a ride = dar um passeio
rocketfoguete, míssil = missile; to launch a rocket = lançar um foguete
safety beltcinto de segurança
sail / sail (to) / sailingvela (barco) / navegar = to navigate / navegação a vela = shipping; sailing boat = barco a vela = sailboat; sailing ship = navio a vela; sailing match = regata
sailingnavegação = navigation; shipping
scootermotoneta, lambreta
shift (to)mudar (marcha de carro) = to shift gear
ship / shippingnavio; cargo ship = cargueiro; ship load = carga de navio; ship building = ship construction = construção naval; ship owner = ship operator = armador / navegação; shipping line = companhia de navegação
shipwrecknaufrágio, restos de navio naufragado
slow (to)diminuir (velocidade); to slow down = diminuir a marcha
speed (to) / speedacelerar = to speed up (obs.: to slow = desacelerar; to slow down = diminuir a marcha) / velocidade; top speed = velocidade máxima; at full speed = a toda velocidade
station wagonperua, caminhonete, station wagon
steering-wheelvolante, direção (carro)
street-carbonde (US) = tram (UK)
subwaymetrô (US) = underground (UK)
take-off / take-off (to)decolagem = flight departure / decolar
taxitáxi = cab; (obs.: day rate; night rate = bandeira 1, 2 - táxi)
tire (US); tyre (UK)pneu; spare tire = pneu sobressalente; flat tire = pneu furado
tollpedágio (taxa); toll booth = cabine pedágio; toll bridge = ponte com pedágio; toll gate = pedágio (local do pedágio)
tow (to) / towrebocar = to tug, to pull or drag by a rope / reboque; towboat = rebocador = tugboat
tracktrilhos de estrada de ferro, metrô, etc = a pair of metal bars that a train, trolley, or subway car rides along off the track; track gauge = bitola de ferrovia; off the rail = descarrilhado
traffictrânsito; traffic jam = engarrafamento = bottleneck; traffic light = sinal de trânsito
trambonde (UK) = street-car (US)
transport / transportationtransporte = the business or system of transporting goods or people / transporte = a system for moving passengers or goods from one place to another; means of transportation = meio de transporte
trolley1) trólei, vagonete (mina) / 2) carrinho de supermercado; carrinho de bagagem (aeroporto) (Australia); trolley-car = bonde = street-car
trolleybustrólebus, ônibus elétrico = a bus that is powered electrically by two overhead wires
truckcaminhão (US) = lorry (UK)
tug (to)puxar ; rebocar = to tow; tugboat = towboat = rebocador; tug truck = caminhão-reboque
two-waymão dupla (tráfego) (obs.: one-way = mão única)
undergroundmetrô (UK) = subway (US)
vanfurgão (van)
wagon1) carroça = a vehicle with four wheels that is used for carrying heavy loads or passengers and that is usually pulled by animals (such as horses); a cart; "pioneers crossed the American Midwest in wagons" / 2) vagão de carga (trem) (UK) = a railway freight car; "the engine pulled 20 wagons" / 3) perua (carro) = station wagon
wheelroda; steering wheel = volante, direção (carro)
windshieldpara-brisa; windshield wiper = limpador de parabrisa

Vocabulário Complementar

acceleratoracelerador (veículo)
aerial transportationtransporte aéreo, navegação aérea = aerial navigation
air taxitáxi aéreo
aislecorredor (avião)
bargebarcaça, chata = a large boat that has a flat bottom and that is used to carry goods in harbors and on rivers and canals
barrowcarrinho de mão = wheelbarrow
bottleneckengarrafamento, gargalo = a narrow stretch of road or a junction at which traffic is or may be held up; traffic jam; "the bottleneck on the bridge where tolls are collected"
bowproa = the forward part of a ship (obs.: stern = popa)
breakdown / break down (to)enguiço, pane, avaria / enguiçar
cabincabine; camarote (navio) = a private room on a ship or boat
cable car1) teleférico / 2) bonde (São Francisco - US)
carriertransportadora, empresa de transportes, companhia aérea; aircraft carrier = porta-aviões
chariotcarruagem, coche = a light four-wheeled pleasure or state carriage
chopper1) helicóptero / 2) motocicleta = a motorcycle that has a front wheel which is farther forward than the handlebars
cockpitcabine (lugar do piloto) = a space or compartment in a usually small vehicle (as a boat, airplane, or automobile) from which it is steered, piloted, or driven
cogroda dentada; cog locomotive = locomotiva de cremalheira; cog railway = ferrovia de cremalheira;
collisioncolisão, acidente = crash; car accident; car crash; car wreck
commute (to)viajar diariamente para o trabalho = to travel back and forth regularly (as between a suburb and a city)
conveyor; conveyor beltcorreia transportadora, esteira rolante
craft1) embarcação pequena, barco / 2) avião, aeronave
craneguindaste; bridge crane = ponte rolante
depot1) estação de trem ou de ônibus = railway station or bus station (US) / 2) garagem de ônibus ou locomotivas = a building used for the storage and servicing of buses or railway engines
derail (to) / derailmentdescarrilhar / descarrilhamento
detourdesvio = deviation from a direct course or the usual procedure; roundabout way
drivetração "4-wheel drive jeep"
fabrication yearano de fabricação
finemulta = a sum of money exacted as a penalty
fire extinguisherextintor de incêndio
freightfrete, carga; freight train = trem de carga; freight car = vagão de carga = wagon (UK)
funnelchaminé de navio
galleongaleão (navio)
galley1) galera (navio) / 2) cozinha de navio ou de avião = the kitchen and cooking apparatus especially of a ship or airplane
gliderplanador = aircraft without motor
handlebarguidom (bicicleta, moto)
hatch; hatchwayescotilha = an opening in the deck of a ship
hub / hub (to)1) parte central (roda) = the central part of a circular object (as a wheel or propeller) / 2) entroncamento, ponto de conexão = an airport or city through which an airline routes most of its traffic
hubcapcalota (roda)
lorrycaminhão (UK) = truck (US)
lubricate (to) / lubricationlubrificar / lubrificação
merchant marinemarinha mercante
navigate (to) / navigationnavegar, pilotar (barco, avião) = to plan, direct or plot the path or position of (a ship, an aircraft, etc; ) to sail / navegação
outboard motormotor de popa
overhaul (to) / overhaulrevisar / revisão completa (mecânica) = thorough repair
pedalpedal; accelerator pedal; brake pedal
raftbalsa, jangada
ratebandeira (taxímetro); day rate = bandeira 1; night rate = bandeira 2
rear lightluz traseira (carro)
rear view mirrorespelho retrovisor
rig1) jamanta (caminhão grande) / 2) cordame (barco)
roadside bill; roadside billboardpainel de estrada
shock absorberamortecedor
shuttletransporte rápido entre pontos próximos = a vehicle that travels back and forth between places; shuttle service = serviço rápido de transporte (ônibus, trem, avião) entre dois pontos próximos
skid (to) / skidderrapar, deslizar / derrapagem
smash (to) / smashbater, escangalhar, despedaçar; smashed car = carro batido / colisão, choque
spacecraft; spaceship espaçonave, nave espacial
spark plug; sparking plugvela (ignição motor)
speed bumpquebra-molas, lombada = a ridge set in a road surface, typically at intervals, to control the speed of vehicles
stage coachdiligência
stall / stall (to)enguiço, pane = a condition in which an engine suddenly stops functioning / morrer (motor), enguiçar carro (afogar motor); parar de funcionar; "the car started but then immediately stalled"
steamboatnavio a vapor = steamer; steam engine = máquina a vapor; paddle steamer = vapor com roda de pás
sternpopa = rear part of a vessel (obs.: bow = proa)
test driveteste de direção (carro)
thoroughfare1) estrada principal = main road / 2) passagem, via pública = a way or place for passage; "one of the city's main thoroughfares"; no thoroughfare = trânsito proibido
towboatrebocador = tugboat
transfertransferência, baldeação, conexão para e de aeroporto
truckingtransporte de caminhão; trucking firm = transportadora
tugboatrebocador = towboat
tune (to) / tuningregular (motor) = to tune up / ajuste, regulagem (motor)
waiting listlista de espera "to be on the waiting list"
wakeesteira (navio) = trail left behind some moving object as a vessel "the boat left a large wake behinh it"
wreck (to) / wreck1) destruir; arruinar = to damage (something) so badly that it cannot be repaired; "he wrecked his car against a wall" / 2) fazer naufragar = to destroy (a ship) by crashing it into something // ruína, escombros, destroços (carro, avião); shipwreck = naufrágio, restos de navio naufragado
yacht iate
yield (to)ceder a vez (trânsito) = to give way