fabrictecido = cloth
face (n) / face (to)face; rosto, cara / face to face = frente a frente / to make faces = fazer caretas // 1) enfrentar, defrontar, encarar = to cope; to face a problem / 2) dar para (vista) "it faces the street = dá para a rua" = to look out on
faced (with)1) frente a, diante de / 2) revestido de
facilities1) instalações; "port facilities" / 2) ferramentas; recursos
factorfator = circumstance which produces a result // critical success factor = fator crítico de sucesso
factoryfábrica, usina = plant
fade (to)1) desbotar, esmaecer, desvanecer (cor; roupas); "the colors faded a little bit in the wash" / 2) apagar-se, desaparecer (luz; som); "she sat and watched the light fade at dusk"; "the sound of the train faded into the distance" / 3) murchar (flor) = to wither, to wilt, to droop; "when the flowers have faded, discard the bulbs" / to fade away = desaparecer = to vanish
fail (to) / failure1) falhar; fracassar; ser reprovado / 2) fail to + (verbo) = deixar de; "fail to state = deixar de declarar"; "don't fail to bring = não deixe de trazer" / to fail (in) an examination = sair-se mal, ser reprovado; to fail a student = reprovar; without fail = sem falta / fracasso = flop; "it was a failure = foi um fracasso" // falha (mecânica); engine failure = mechanical failure
faint (to) / faint (n)desmaiar / desmaio
fair (n) / fair (adj) / fairly / fairnessfeira, exposição; book fair; country fair // 1) justo, honesto, limpo (jogo); fair decision = decisão justa; fair play = jogo limpo; fair price = preço justo; "they don't play fair = eles não jogam limpo" / 2) moderado, razoável; in a fair way = de certo modo / 3) claro, louro; fair skin = pele clara // moderadamente, razoavelmente; fairly well // imparcialidade, equidade, justiça; "his role role is to ensure fairness to all parties"
fake (n) / fake (to) / fake (adj)1) fraude; falsificação = fraud, counterfeit; "it was no antique, but a modern fake" / 2) impostor (pessoa), charlatão; "he was a fake who claimed to be a duke" // falsificar; fingir // falso, falsificado, de mentira "the boy was playing with a fake computer"
fall (n) / fall (to); fell; fallen 1) queda / 2) outono (US) // cair; to fall asleep = adormecer; to fall back on = recorrer a; to fall behind = ficar para trás; to fall down = cair; to fall due = to be due = vencer (conta,dívida); to fall in love with = apaixonar-se por; to fall into a trap = cair numa armadilha; to fall on = cair (data); to fall short = não alcançar, não corresponder; to fall sick = adoecer
familyfamília / family gathering = reunião de família / family tree = árvore genealógica
fancy (n) / fancy (adj)
1) fantasia, imaginação / 2) capricho, veneta = whim // 1) fantasioso; "fancy ideas" / 2) chique, sofisticado; "fancy restaurant"
farepreço da passagem = sum paid for a journey
farm / farmerfazenda / fazendeiro
fascinate (to) / fascination
fascinar = to attract and hold the attention of; to bewitch, to charm = "the magician fascinated the children with his tricks" / fascinação; "the fascination of foreign travel"
fashion / fashionablemoda; in fashion = na moda; out of fashion = fora de moda / fashion designer = estlista; fashion model = modelo; fashion magazine; latest fashion = última moda; vintage fashion = moda antiga // moderno, elegante; "a store that sold fashionable men's clothing" / to become fashionable = entrar na moda
fast (adj)1) rápido = quick, rapid / 2) adiantado (relógio) "the clock is fast = o relógio está adiantado"; (obs.: the clock is slow = o relógio está atrasado)
fast (n) / fast (to)jejum / jejuar
fat (n) / fat (adj)
gordura // 1) gordo = having too much fat; "a fat person" / 2) gorduroso = made up of or containing fat; "fat meat"
fatedestino = destiny, doom; "do you believe in fate?"
father / father-in-lawpai / sogro
faucettorneira (US) = tap (UK)
fault1) culpa = responsibility for failure; "the accident was my fault, as I wasn't looking where I was going" / to find fault with = criticar, censurar, ralhar = to reproach, to scold / 2) defeito, problema = defect, flaw; "there is a fault in this machine"
fear (n) / fear (to) / fearful
medo, receio // temer, recar; "I fear that they were in an accident" // 1) medroso, receoso = afraid; " fearful cat" / 2) medonho, pavoroso, horrível, terrível; "fearful drought"; "fearful blizzard"
feasible / feasibilityviável; possível; factível = capable of being done or accomplished; workable; viable // viabilidade; feasibility study = estudo de viabilidade
feastbanquete = any rich or large meal; banquet
feature (n) / feature (to)1) característica, atributo = striking or characteristic attribute / 2) semblante, feições, traço = face, trait // 1) sobressair, destacar; "the magazine featured her on the front page" / 2) caracterizar-se; "most Norman churches feature a tall steeple" / 3) apresentar, exibir = to have or include (someone or something) as an important part; "the show now features a new singer"
fee1) taxa = charge for public services; "there is a fee for getting your driving licence"; admission fee = entrada, taxa de admissão; tuition fee = taxa matrícula; installation fee = taxa instalação; subscription fee = taxa assinatura; success fee = taxa sucesso de um negócio; fee schedule = cronograma de pagamentos; fee waiver = isenção de taxa // 2) honorários = a charge for professional services;
feeblefraco, frágil, debilitado = weak, frail; "the sick child was still too feeble to walk on her own"
feed (to), fed, fed1) alimentar, dar de comer a, amamentar = to nourish, to foster, to nurture / 2) to feed into = introduzir (data, information) em (computer); to be fed up with = estar cheio de
feedbackrealimentação, retroalimentação
feel (to), felt, feltsentir; to feel hungy (cold; lonely; better; etc)/ to feel at home = sentir-se em casa; to feel like = ter vontade de, querer; to feel flattered by = sentir-se lisonjeado por; to feel sorry for = sentir pena de; to feel small = sentir-se insignificante, mesquinho; "I don't feel well = não estou me sentindo bem"
fencecerca (obs.: hedge = cerca viva)
ferry (n); ferryboat / ferry (to)balsa, catamarã, barco de travessia = a boat used to ferry passengers, vehicles, or goods // atravessar de barco; levar de barco
fetch (to)ir buscar, trazer = to call for; "she went to fetch the mail"; "he trained the dog to fetch a ball.
few / fewerpoucos = not many persons or things; "few were present"; "few of his stories are true" / a few = alguns; "I've got a few questions to ask you" // menos (coisas no plural) = "fewer words and more action"; "fewer have come than we hoped" (obs.: para coisas no singular, deve-se usar less; "less money"; "less time")
fiancé / fiancée
noivo = a man engaged to be married; engaged / noiva = a woman engaged to be married; engaged
fiberfibra = a slender filament; fiber optics = fibra ótica; fiber-optic cable = cabo de fibra ótica
fictionficção = literary works invented by the imagination, such as novels or short stories; crime fiction = romance policial; science fiction = ficção científica
field1) campo = a piece of open or cleared land, especially one suitable for pasture or growing things; "the cows were grazing in the fields"; corn field = milharal; rice field = arrozal; wheat field = campo de trigo // 2) campo (esporte); "football field" // 3) área de especialidade; "she's an expert in her field" // 4) campo (arquivo computador) = slot for data / protected fields = campos protegidos
fierce1) feroz; "some of the zoo animals were very fierce and needed to be restrained" / 2) violento; "the general launched a fierce assault" / 3) acirrado; "fierce competition"
fiftycinquenta; fifty-fifty = meio a meio; in the fifties = nos anos 50
figure (n) / figure (to)1) número; algarismo; quantia em números / financial figures = números financeiros / to be good at figures = ser bom em números // 2) figura, aparência "she had a beautiful figure = ela tinha uma bela aparência" // 1) calcular; fazer cálculos / 2) pensar, imaginar; to figure out = resolver, encontrar uma solução = to solve "figure out a problem"; to figure out = descobrir, determinar = to discover, to determine "try to figure out a way to do it"; to figure up = calcular, totalizar
file (n) / file (to)arquivo, pasta / file-cabinet = arquivo, fichário / file-department = arquivo (seção) / file layout = gabarito de arquivo / on file = arquivado / to be on file = estar arquivado
fill (to) / fillingencher; preencher / to fill a prescription = aviar uma receita / to fill in = to fill out = preencher / to fill up = encher "fill up the tank" // 1) preenchimento / 2) obturação (dente)
filmfilme = movie; motion picture; "we saw an excellent film"; film industry = indústria cinematográfica = movies making industry
filthy1) imundo, sujo = very dirty; "the pig was filthy after rolling around in the mud and manure" / 2) obsceno, indecente = nasty; "filthy language"
finance (n) / finance (to) / financialfinança, finanças // financiar = to fund // financeiro; financial company = financeira; financial consultant = consultor financeiro; financial figures = números financeiros; financial flow = fluxo financeiro; financial statements = demonstrativos financeiros; financial strength = saúde financeira; financial year = exercício financeiro
find (to); found; found / findingachar, encontrar / to find out = descobrir / to find fault with = censurar, criticar = to criticize // 1) achado; descoberta = discovery; "these findings will lead scientists to re-evaluate other fossils" / 2) julgamento; veredito = decision of a jury; "the court issued its finding in the case yesterday"
fine (adj)1) fino; refinado / 2) bom; agradável; fine weather = tempo bom; fine arts = belas-artes
fine (n) / fine (to)multa = a sum of money exacted as a penalty / multar
fingerdedo; finger print = impressão digital; index finger = dedo indicador; thumb = dedo polegar
finish (to) / finishingacabar, terminar // acabamento
firefogo, incêndio / fire department = corpo de bombeiros / fire extinguisher = extintor de incêndio / fire station = quartel de bombeiros
fireplacelareira = hearth
firewoodlenha = wood suitable for fuel
firm (n) / firm (adj)firma comercial = a business company; a market research firm // firme; sólido = not soft, fixed "as firm as a rock"
firstprimeiro / first aid = primeiros socorros
fish (n) / fish (to) / fishingpeixe // pescar // pescaria; pesca / fishing-rod = vara de pescar; fishing tackle = apetrechos de pesca; hook = anzol; bait = isca
fisherman / fishmongerpescador / vendedor de peixes; peixeiro
fit (n) / fit (to) / fit (adj)ataque, acesso; a fit of coughing = ataque de tosse // 1) ajustar; encaixar = to fit together; to fit pieces = encaixar peças / 2) servir (roupa) = to suit "these pants don't fit me" // 1) apto, em boa forma = apt / 2) apropriado; adequado; conveniente, oportuno = appropriate, suitable; fit for = adequado para
fitnessaptidão física, condição física = physical fitness / fitness center = academia, ginásio esportivo; fitness evaluation = avaliação física; physical fitness = aptidão física
fix (to) / fixed1) consertar, reparar = to repair "he fixed his bike" / 2) fixar, estabelecer "they fixed the prices at 19 dollars each" / 3) arranjar, preparar (meal, drink) "she fixed the meal for the children"; to fix up = arranjar, providenciar // fixo = stationary; fixed assets = ativo imobilizado
flag (n) / flag (to)bandeira / assinalar, marcar
flap (n) / flap (to)
aba, borda = an extended part forming the closure (as of an envelope or carton); "he folded down the flap and sealed the envelope" // bater as asas; "the bat flapped its wings"
flash (n) / flash (to)clarão, brilho, flash; a flash of lightning = relâmpago // brilhar, piscar; "warning lights are flashing"
flat (adj) / flat (n)1) plano; nivelado = even, smooth; flat surface = superfície plana // 2) vazio, murcho; a flat tire // 3) fixo, sem variação = fixed, unvarying, without discount / flat amount = flat rate = flat price = set price = preço fixo; quantia fixa; "prices are flat" // apartamento (UK) = apartment (US)
flavor; flavour / flavouringsabor, gosto = taste; "the shop sells ice cream in eight flavors" // tempero = spice, seasoning, relish
flawdefeito, falha = defect, fault, shortcoming; flawless = sem falha
flee (to); fled; fled
fugir = to run away
fleetesquadra, frota
flesh1) carne = the soft substance of an animal body between the skin and the skeleton, especially muscular tissue // 2) corpo = the body, especially as distinguished from the spirit or soul: "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak"
flight voo / flight attendant = aeromoça = air hostess; stewardess / flight (information) board = painel de voos (aeroporto) / flight departure = take-off / in flight = a bordo / non-stop flight = voo sem escalas / flying range = autonomia voo / on time flight departure = pontualidade da decolagem / space flight = voo espacial / smooth flight = voo tranquilo
float (to) / floatingflutuar / flutuante, variável; floating rate = taxa flutuante
flockrebanho = a group of animals, especially sheep, goats, or birds, that live, travel, or feed together
floodinundação = overflow; inundation
floor1) assoalho / 2) andar, pavimento = story
flourish (to)prosperar, florescer = to thrive, to prosper
flow (n) / flow (to)fluxo; flowchart = fluxograma; cash flow = fluxo de caixa / fluir, escorrer
flowerflor / flower bed = canteiro / flower cart = carrinho de flores
flugripe = influenza; "he stayed home from work because he had the flu"
flunk (to)
1) falhar; ser reprovado (exame); levar bomba = to fail in an examination; "if I flunk this class, I have to take it over again"; to flunk out = ser reprovado, abandonar estudos / 2) reprovar "the teacher had to flunk two students"
flush (n) / flush (to)1) descarga (toalete) / 2) sequência (pôquer) // dar descarga
fly (to); flew; flown / flying voar // voador; flying saucer = disco voador, OVNI
fly (n)mosca (inseto)
focus (n) / focus (to)foco / focar; focalizar; enfocar = to address; to focus on = to concentrate; "this technique focuses on ... "
fognévoa, neblina, nevoeiro, bruma, cerração = mist, haze
fold (n) / fold (to)dobra, vinco, prega / dobrar; to fold down = dobrar; to fold out = abrir uma página dobrável; to fold in = fechar uma página dobrável; to fold up = dobrar (mapa, etc)
folder1) pasta de papéis / 2) folheto; prospecto = leaflet
folkpovo, gente = people in general; "country folk are usually friendly"
foliagefolhagem, vegetação = a cluster of leaves, flowers and branches; "green foliage"; "autumn foliage; fall foliage"
follow (to) / followerseguir, acompanhar / to follow a schedule = cumprir um cronograma / to follow one's advice = seguir o conselho / to follow suit = seguir o exemplo, fazer o mesmo / to follow up = acompanhar, seguir as instruções // follow-up = de acompanhamento; "he had to go to the doctor for a follow-up = teve de ir ao médico para acompanhamento" // adepto, partidário, seguidor = adherent; partisan; supporter
fondamoroso, carinhoso, apaixonado; to be fond of = gostar muito de; "she is fond of cats"
foodalimento, comida / food hall = área de alimentação (loja, shopping)
foot / footingpé / totalização, somatório de uma coluna
force / forcedforça; energia; vigor = strength, power, energy; task force = força tarefa; driving force = força-motriz / forçado; obrigado; forced landing = pouso forçado; forced labor = trabalho forçado; to be forced to = ser forçado a
forecast (n) / forecast (to) / forecastedprevisão = foresight, prediction; long-range forecast; weather forecast = previsão do tempo // prever = to foresee; to predict; to estimate // previsto = anticipated, expected, foreseen, predicted / forecasted value = valor previsto
foreign / foreigner1) estrangeiro; "is this wine foreign or ist it from here?" / 2) exterior "foreign affairs"; "foreign trade" // estrangeiro = a person from a foreign country.
forestfloresta; rainforest = floresta tropical
fork / forkedgarfo // bifurcado
formformulário = document with blank spaces to be filled in; application form = formulário de solicitação, inscrição // forma = shape; external appearance
former / formerlyanterior; precedente = previous, preceding / antigamente = in the old days
fortressforte, fortaleza = stronghold
fortune1) sorte; destino = fate, destiny "she told my fortune = ela leu minha sorte" / 2) fortuna; riqueza = wealth
forward (adj/adv) / forward (to)1) adiantado; dianteiro (adj) / 2) adiante, para a frente (adv); to move forward = avançar // enviar, remeter
foul (n) / foul (adj)falta (esporte) // 1) fedorento, fétido = very unpleasant to taste or smell; foul breath = mau hálito; foul odour = fedor = bad smell; "a foul smell from the river"; "the foul odor of rotten eggs" / 2) horrível (tempo); foul weather/ 3) obsceno (linguagem); foul language = linguagem obscena
fountainchafariz, fonte / drinking fountain = bebedouro
fourthquarto (1/4)
fowl1) ave doméstica = a domestic hen or rooster; chicken, turkey, pheasant; domestic fowl / 2) ave de caça = any other bird, esp any gallinaceous bird, that is used as food or hunted as game
fragile frágil = easily broken or damaged; frail
frameestrutura; armação // picture frame = 1) porta-retrato / 2) moldura de quadro
frameworkarmação; estrutura
franchisefranquia; privilégio = right granted by a company to represent it; use its name
fraudfraude = deception, deceit, trickery
free (adj) / free (to)1) livre / 2) grátis, gratuito = free of charge = for nothing = de graça // libertar
free lance; freelancer
trabalhador autônomo = self-employed
freeze (to); froze; frozen / freeze (n) / freeze (int)congelar // congelamento // "Freeze!"= pare! "the policeman pulled out his gun and shouted, "Freeze!"
freightfrete, carga; freight train = trem de carga; freight car = vagão de carga = wagon (UK)
fridgegeladeira = refrigerator
friendamigo, amiga
fries; French friesbatatas fritas = chips
fright / frighten (to) / frightened
susto = sudden fear; scare; "what a fright! = que susto!"; "he had a look of fright on his face"; to give a fright = dar um susto = to give a scare; "you gave me a fright" = "you scared me" // assustar, aterrorizar, atemorizar, espantar; "you frightened me" // assustado; "she was frightened by the noise"; "the sheep were frightened by the storm"
frightening / frightful
assustador = causing fear or anxiety; scary; "a frightening story about the war" // terrível, horrível, assustador, medonho; "frightful explosion"; "frightful stories"; "frightful scream"; "a frightful howl woke us"
fringemargem, franja, beira, orla = edge, rim, brim, brink, margin; fringe benefits = benefícios extras = an extra benefit supplementing an employee's salary
frogrã; (obs.: toad = sapo)
fruitfruta; fruit salad = salada de frutas
fry (to) / friedfritar / frito
fullcheio, completo // full stop = ponto final (UK) = period (US); "you should always use a capital letter after a full stop"
fulfill (to) / fulfillment
cumprir, satisfazer, atender; to fulfill a promise = cumprir uma promessa; to fulfill a word = cumprir palavra; to fulfill requirements = cumprir requisitos, cumprir exigências = to meet requirements // cumprimento, atendimento; order fulfillment = atendimento de pedido
function / functionalfunção / funcional
fund (n); funds / fund (to) / fundingfundo (dinheiro), fundos públicos, reserva monetária; International Monetary Fund = FMI; mutual fund = fundo de investimento; guarantee fund = fundo de reserva // financiar; custear; subsidiar = to finance // financiamento
fur / furrypelo (animal) // peludo
furnish (to)
1) fornecer = to provide; to supply; to furnish information // 2) mobiliar; furnished house = casa mobiliada
further (adj) / further (to)adicional = additional // promover "she is dedicated to furthering the cause of the homeless"
furthermorealém disso = moreover; besides
furyfúria, raiva, ira = anger, rage, wrath