hair / hairdressercabelo; straight hair = cabelo liso // cabelereiro
hallhall, entrada, vestíbulo = lobby
halt (to) / haltparar; deter; (interj.) "Halt = Alto!, Pare!" // parada; to call a halt = parar, dar um basta, pôr um fim
hammer / hammer (to)martelo / martelar
hand / handbagmão / bolsa
handbookmanual; guia
handicap / handicappedincapacidade, deficiência, desvantagem = something that hampers or hinders; disability // deficiente = having a physical or mental disability, disabled; "handicapped parking space"
handicraft (handcraft); handiworkartesanato, trabalho manual = craftwork, workmanship = skill or dexterity in working with the hands
handle (to) / handle (n) / handlingmanusear; manipular = to manipulate, to operate // maçaneta (door); alça (bag); asa (cup) = part of a tool intended to be grasped by hand // manuseio; manipulação
handwritingletra, caligrafia
handy1) hábil, habilidoso = skillful with the hands; "he's handy with most tools"; "handy with a hammer as well as with a paintbrush" / 2) à mão = within easy reach; "keep a telephone handy"; "he kept supplies handy for an emergency";
handsomebelo, bonito (geralm. sexo masculino) = having an attractive appearance; good-looking "a handsome boy; a handsome man; a handsome couple"
hang (to); hanged; hangedenforcar (legal execution); "In the nineteenth century it was common to hang criminals"
hang (to); hung; hung1) pendurar; dependurar; "let's hang that plant from a hook in the ceiling"; "hung ceiling = teto rebaixado" / 2) enforcar-se (suicídio) "; "the prisoner hung himself in his cell" / to hang on = esperar ao telefone / to hang out = sair para passear (hangout = lugar muito frequentado, point) / to hang up = desligar telefone / to hang by a thread = estar pendurado por um fio
hangoutlugar muito frequentado, "point" / hangout place; hangout spot = lugar frequentado; ponto de encontro
happen (to) / happeningacontecer / as it happens = acontece que --- / to happen to do something = fazer algo por acaso; "do you happen to know where she is?"= você, por acaso, sabe onde ela está? / "I happened to see her = eu a vi, por acaso" // acontecimento
harbor; harbourporto = place or port of shelter for ships
hard / hardly1) duro, forte, firme / hard mattress, hard knot, hard surface, hard steak = tough steak // 2) difícil, árduo = tough / hard examination, hard life, hard task /// raramente; apenas; mal; dificilmente = scarcely / hardly ever = quase nunca / it's hardly worthwhile = quase não vale a pena
hardshipdificuldade, necessidade, privação; "he suffered hardships"
hardware1) equipamento (parte física do computador) // 2) ferragens
harm (to) / harm / harmful / harmlessprejudicar; fazer mal; lesar // dano; mal; prejuízo = damage; injury // prejudicial, nocivo, daninho // inofensivo, inocente
harsh1) severo, rigoroso = hard, severe, stern; "harsh climate"; "very harsh winters"; "harsh realities of the situation"; "he received a harsh treatment"; "harsh manners" // 2) duro, áspero, grosseiro, rude = not kind, rude, severe; "harsh words"; "she was quite harsh with the kids"
harvest / harvest (to)1) colheita = crop; "grape harvest" / to reap the harvest = fazer a colheita // 2) quantidade colhida = yield /// colher = to gather, to reap / to harvest trees = cortar árvores
hatch / hatch (to)1) ninhada = a group of newly hatched animals; brood / 2) escotilha = an opening in the deck of a ship (hatchway) or in the floor or roof of a building // 1) chocar ovo; "the bird hatched its eggs" / 2) sair do ovo; "ten little chicks hatched out" // escotilha
hate / hate (to) / hatefulódio = intense dislike; hatred // odiar = to abhor, to abominate, to detest // odioso, detestável; "hateful oppression"; "hateful chores"; "hateful speech"
hatredódio, aversão = hate
have (to); had; hadter; had better = seria melhor, seria aconselhável; to have a gift for = ter talento para; to have a night off (out) = passar a noite fora; to have got to = to have to = dever, ter de; to have in mind = ter em mente, planejar; to have on = estar vestido, usar (roupa); to have skill in = ter prática em; to have something to do with = ter algo a ver; to have to do with = ter a ver com; to have nothing to do with = não ter nada a ver com; to have time off = ter folga, ter dispensa; to have the day off = ter o dia de folga; to have the occasion to = to take the occasion = ter oportunidade para; to have charge of = to be in charge of = ser responsável por
havenporto, abrigo, refúgio = port, harbor
hazard / hazardousperigo, risco = danger, risk, jeopardy, peril; "there is always a bit of hazard when you're trying to start a business" // perigoso, arriscado = dangerous, risky; "a hazardous journey"
head / head (to)1) cabeça / 2) chefe = chief, boss; "he is the head of technology research for IBM"; head clerk = chefe de escritório; "he is the head clerk of the company" / 3) calma; to keep one's head = manter a calma # to lose one's head = perder a calma // encabeçar, liderar, guiar; to head for = dirigir-se a, rumar para; "where are we heading for?
headachedor de cabeça
header / heading / headlinecabeçalho = heading; headline // título; cabeçalho // cabeçalho (jornal); banner headline = manchete de jornal
headquartersmatriz, sede, escritório central = main office
healthsaúde / health care = assistência de saúde / health examination = exame saúde / health insurance = seguro-saúde
heap / heap (to)1) pilha = a group of things placed, thrown, or lying one on another; pile, stack; "heap of stones" // 2) montão = a great number or large quantity; lot /// amontoar; empilhar
hear (to); heard; heardouvir / to hear about = to hear of = ouvir falar de; "did you hear about the earthquake in Japan?" / to hear from somebody = ter notícias de alguém
hearingaudição = audition / hard of hearing = partly deaf = meio surdo
heart / hearty / heartbreakingcoração; heart attack = ataque do coração // cordial, caloroso, jovial / hale and hearty = saudável e feliz // doloroso, de cortar o coração
heat / heat (to) / heating / heatercalor = warmth // esquentar, aquecer = to heat up // aquecimento / heating system = sistema de aquecimento (obs.: cooling system = sistema de refrigeração) // aquecedor
Hebrewhebreu, hebraico
hedge1) cerca viva = a fence or boundary formed by a dense row of shrubs or low trees // 2) proteção contra perda financeira = the act or a method of reducing the risk of financial loss on an investment, bet, etc
heelsalto; high heels = salto alto
heightaltura; altitude
helicopterhelicóptero = chopper
help / help (to) / helperajuda = aid; assistance / help desk = setor de apoio // ajudar = to aid; to assist / help yourself; help yourself to = sirva-se, sirva-se de; "shall I help you down? = quer que o ajude a descer?" / couldn't help (verbo + ing) = não poder deixar; "I couldn't help laughing = não pude deixar de rir" // ajudante; assistente = assistant
herald / herald (to)arauto, mensageiro / anunciar
herd / herd (to)rebanho, manada = a number of animals feeding, traveling, or kept together; "a herd of zebras" // agrupar, arrebanhar
heritageherança = inheritance (obs.: to inherit = herdar)
hide (to); hid; hidden / hide (n)esconder = to conceal, to hide away // couro, pele; "I started running from the tornado to save my hide"; "the cow's hide will be sold as leather = a pele da vaca será vendida como couro"
highalto / career high = topo da carreira / high beams = farol alto (carro) / high chair = cadeirinha alta para crianças / high court = corte suprema / high fashion = alta costura / high heels = salto alto / high income = alta renda / high jump = salto em altura / high noon = meio-dia / high point = apogeu, ponto culminante / high pressure = alta pressão, alta tensão / high prices = preços altos / high priest = sumo sacerdote / high rank = posto superior / high school = colégio / high season = alta estação / high society = alta sociedade / high tech = alta tecnologia / high time = tarde / high treason = alta traição / high tide = high water = maré alta / high and low = por todos os lugares; "I searched high and low for my glasses but couldn't find them" / high and mighty = presunçoso, arrogante, convencido / to be high = to get high = ficar alto (álcool, drogas)
highlight / highlight (to)atração; ponto ou item importante; destaque, auge = tourist attraction; "the highlight of the trip was the visit to the Eiffel Tower" // realçar, ressaltar, destacar, enfatizar, frisar = to stress, to emphasize; "she highlighted the sentence with her yellow marker"
hillcolina; morro
hint (to) / hint (n)sugerir, insinuar, dar a entende / to hint at = fazer alusão a / to hint that = insinuar que // 1) dica, palpite = a helpful piece of advice or practical suggestion, clue; helpful hints; "he gave a hint to help the child guess the answer" / 2) insinuação = a statement that suggests something that you do not want to say in a direct way
hip1) quadril, bacia / 2) (adj) safo, ligado; "Jim is hip, he knows what's up"
hire (to) / hire (n)1) alugar = to rent / 2) empregar, contratar, admitir // 1) aluguel = rent / on hire = de aluguel / for hire = para alugar / 2) contratação, admissão / hire date = data de admissão
hold (to); held; held1) possuir; "she holds the land, but it is used by the entire family" / 2) segurar; "she holds her child's hand when they cross the street" / 3) caber, conter / 4) realizar-se; "the meeting was held" / 5) aguentar, suportar; "can the floor hold this weight?" / 6) aguardar, esperar; "can you hold for a minute while I go to the bathroom?" / 7) esperar (ao telefone); "hold the line! = não desligue!" / 8) possuir diploma = to have as a mark of distinction; "to hold a PhD in Chemistry from Yale" // to have a hold over = ter controle sobre; to hold back = reter (informação, fato, algo); to hold back = suprimir (emoção, sentimento); to hold down = segurar; "hold down the mouse button"; to hold good = ser válido; to hold on = segurar; to hold tight = segurar com força; to hold up = assaltar (obs.: holdup = assalto); to hold over = to postpone, to put off = adiar
holder1) proprietário, possuidor / 2) portador (títulos); account holder = correntista; credit card holder = titular de cartão de crédito; Green Card holder = portador de Greencard; policy holder = segurado
holiday / holidaysferiado // férias (UK) = vacation (US)
holysanto, sagrado, sacro
homage homenagem / to pay homage to = prestar homenagem a
homelar, casa = house
honey / honeymoonmel / lua-de-mel
hoodcapuz; "he put on his hood when it started to rain" // capô (carro); tampa sobre o motor de automóvel
hook / hook (to)gancho; anzol // 1) pescar, fisgar / 2) conectar, ligar = to connect, to link, to attach; "I'm trying to hook into the local area network"; to hook up = conectar
horn1) chifre // 2) buzina = honk / to blow the horn; to sound the horn = buzinar = to honk
horsecavalo (obs.: mare = égua)
host, hostessanfitrião, anfitriã
hourhora; working hours = horas de trabalho; regular business hours = horário de expediente; horário comercial; to stagger working hours = escalonar = to spread time to prevent crowding
house / house (to) / housingcasa, lar = home // abrigar = to provide lodging for, to shelter // habitação, moradia
household (n) / household (adj)família, casa = a house and all the people living in it // doméstico, caseiro, familiar; "a household name" / household appliance = aparelho eletrodoméstico / household insurance = seguro residencial
housekeepergovernanta, camareira = a person, typically a woman, employed to manage a household
hub / hub (to)1) centro de atividade = center of activity; focal point; "the hub of industry" // 2) entroncamento, ponto de conexão = an airport or other transport facility from which many services operate // 3) parte central de uma roda, de uma hélice = the central part of a circular object (as a wheel or propeller) // conectar (linhas aéreas)
hug / hug (to)abraço = embrace // abraçar; "she hugged her brother when he returned"
hugeenorme, imenso, vasto = extraordinarily large in size, weight, quantity, or area; enormous, immense; "a huge ship";
hull1) casco (navio) / 2) casca (fruta) = the outer covering of a fruit or seed; peel, pod, shell
humanhumano / human being = ser humano; human rights = direitos humanos; human resource department = departamento de RH
humblehumilde = modest, meek, unpretentious
hungry / hungercom fome; faminto // fome = famine; "the town was suffering from hunger and contacted the government for help"
hunt (to) / huntingcaçar / caça (ato de caçar)
hurry / hurry (to) / hurriedpressa / to be in a hurry = estar com pressa // apressar-se = to rush, to hasten; to hurry up = to make haste = apressar-se // apressado
hurt (to) / hurtmachucar, ferir = to wound; to injure // machucado, ferida = wound; injury
husbandesposo, marido
hutcabana = a small or humble dwelling of simple construction, especially one made of natural materials, as of logs or grass.
hygiene higiene