nail (n) / nail (to)1) unha / 2) prego // pregar
naiveingênuo = having or expressing innocence and credulity; ingenuous; "a naive belief that all people are good"; "a naive view of the world"; "the plan seems a little naive"
name / namelessnome / to know by name = conhecer de nome / by the name of = com o nome de / in the name of = em nome de // anônimo, desconhecido
namelyespecificamente, isto é, a saber = that is, that is to say = videlicet, viz
napsoneca, cochilo / to take a nap = tirar um cochilo = to slumber; to doze; to snooze
narrative narração, narrativa
nasty1) desagradável, ruim, maldoso, malvado = unpleasant; "nasty smell of garbage"; "a nasty person"; "nasty job"; "nasty remark"; "nasty words"; "the medicine left a nasty taste in my mouth" // 2) obsceno, indecente = filthy; "nasty language"; "she called him a few nasty names and left" ; "he said lots of nasty things about her"
native nativo = non foreign
natural natural; "it's natural to the users"
nature natureza
naughty1) travesso, levado, desobediente = disobedient; "naughty child"; "naughty kid" // 2) picante (story, film) = connected with sex; improper, indecent; "a naughty joke"; "naughty story"
navelumbigo = belly button
navigate (to) / navigation1) navegar, pilotar (barco, avião) = to plan, direct or plot the path or position of (a ship, an aircraft, etc; ) to sail // 2) navegar (Internet); to navigate on the Web // navegação
NavyMarinha = the warships and supplies used for fighting at sea, belonging to a country
nearperto, próximo / close at hand, near at hand, nearby = por perto, próximo
neat1) limpo; asseado, bem-arrumado = clean, tidy, trim; "a neat room"; "the books had been stacked up in neat piles"
necessary / necessitynecessário; "we had all the necessary ingredients" / to be necessary for // necessidade = need
necklacecolar; (obs.: bead = conta de colar)
need (to) / need (n) / needlessprecisar; necessitar // necessidade = necessity; "there is a great need for change" /customer needs = necessidades do cliente / if need be = se necessário // desnecessário; inútil
neglect (to) / neglect (n) / neglectfulnegligenciar; desprezar; descuidar = to disregard; to despise / (obs.: to regard = considerar, ter consideração) // negligência = negligence; "a house left in total neglect" // negligente
negotiate (to) / negotiationnegociar / negociação = deal; bargain
neighbor; neighbour / neighborhood vizinho = a person or thing that is near or next to another; "we just moved here so haven't met the neighbors yet" // vizinhança; cercania; arredores = outskirts, surroundings
nephew / niecesobrinho / sobrinha
net (n) / net (adj)1) rede de pescar, pegar borboletas, etc; "fishermen mending their nets ; "the fisherman caught a few fish in his net" / fishing net = rede de pescar // 2) rede de tênis, futebol, vôlei, etc // líquido (preço, lucro, peso, etc); net price; net profit; net weight; net sales = faturamento líquido; (obs.: oposto é gross = bruto)
networkrede de comunicações, rede de computadores; local area network (LAN); wide area network (WAN); "network of special radio towers"
new / newlynovo // New Year's Day = Dia de Ano Novo // recém = recently; "newly arrived professor" / newlywed = recém-casado = a person recently married
news / newspapernotícia = new information or a report about something that has happened recently; a report of recent events (obs.: noun plural but singular in construction; ex.: news is good); "no news is good news" / news agency = agencia de notícias / breaking news = últimas notícias; notícias de última hora // jornal
newsletterrelatório técnico especializado = news report to a special group
newsstandbanca de jornal = a stall or other place at which newspapers, often magazines, and sometimes candy and other items are sold
nicebom, bonito, legal, agradável, amável, amigável, gentil, simpático / nice day; nice girl; nice person; nice time; nice trip; nice weather / "nice to meet you"; "nice to see you again"; "have a nice trip"; "we had a very nice dinner"; "it's nice to be back home"
nightnoite / night-club = boate
nightmarepesadelo = a frightening or terrifying dream that produces feelings of great fear and anxiety.
node1) ponto de interseção; nó = a centering point of parts, lines, etc., that come together; "Birmingham is an important node in the UK's transport network" / 2) nódulo = a small lump or mass of tissue in body; "lymph node"
nominate (to) / nomination / nomineenomear, alocar, designarr = to appoint; to assign; to allocate // nomeação, alocação // pessoa nomeada, pessoa alocada
noonmeio-dia = midday
north / northernnorte / setentrional, do norte
notationnotação = system of signs or symbols
note (to) / note (n)1) notar; reparar; "did you note what he said?" / 2) anotar, tomar nota = to take notes, to write down // 1) nota, anotação, apontamento, bilhete, lembrete / note pad = bloco de anotação / to take notes = tomar nota / 2) nota (dinheiro) = bank note = piece of paper money; "a bundle of fifty-dollar notes" / 3) nota musical = musical note
notebook1) caderno / 2) notebook (computador portátil)
nothingnada / for nothing = free of charge = de graça / nothing doing! = nada feito! / nothing new! = nada de novo! / to have nothing to do with = não ter nada a ver com
notice (n) / notice (to) / noticeableaviso; "we read the notice on the wall" / at short notice = em cima da hora, de última hora / notice of loss = claim notice = aviso de sinistro (seguros) / to get a month's notice = receber aviso prévio // notar; perceber = to realize; "his absence wasn't noticed" / to take notice of = to take note of = prestar atenção // perceptível = perceivable
novel (n) / novel (adj) / noveltyromance (literatura); "crime novel"; "detective novel"; "historical novel" // novo, original = new and different from what has been known before; fresh; original; "novel solutions to old problems"; "novel approach"; "novel idea" /// novidade = something new or unusual; "brought novelty to the old way of doing business" / novel itens = novidades (artigos, itens)
nuclearnuclear / nuclear plant = usina nuclear
nucleus núcleo, cerne, âmago = kernel, core, central part
nuisance incômodo, chateação; "ants are a nuisance at a picnic"
nullnulo; inválido
number / numerical1) número, numeral = the symbol used to represent a number; figure, digit / cardinal number; ordinal number / even number = número par; odd number = número ímpar / whole number = número inteiro / telephone number / number of people / in round number = aproximadamente / 2) número (de revista, etc) = one of a series, as of a magazine or periodical / back number of a magazine = número atrasado de uma revista /// numérico
nunfreira; "she decided to devote her life to religion and become a nun"
nurse / nursingenfermeiro, enfermeira // enfermagem / nursing home = clínica de repouso, casa de repouso; asilo = retirement home
nursery1) berçário, creche / nursery school = escola maternal // 2) viveiro de plantas = a place where young trees or other plants are raised
nut1) noz, castanha, amêndoa / brazil nut = castanha-do-pará / cashew nut = castanha de caju // 2) porca, parafuso // to be nuts about = ser doido por; gostar muito; "he's nuts about tennis"; "both of them are nuts about jazz" / to go nuts = enlouquecer = to craze
nutshellcasca de noz = shell of a nut // in a nutshell = briefly, in a few words = em resumo; em poucas palavras; "that, in a nutshell, is our story"