sacksaco, saca, sacola = bag
sad / sadnesstriste = sorrowful, depressing // tristeza = sorrow
saddle1) sela = a seat for a rider on the back of a horse or other animal / 2) selim = seat on a bicycle
safe (n) / safe (adj) / safetycofre = strong box // seguro, salvo, ileso = secure, free from danger/ safe and sound = são e salvo // segurança = the state of being safe; the quality of averting or not causing injury, dangeror loss / safety belt = cinto de segurança / safety margin = margem de segurança / safety valve = válvula de segurança
sage1) sábio = wise // 2) sálvia (planta) (Salvia officinalis)
sail / sail (to) / sailingvela (barco) // navegar = to navigate // navegação = shipping / sailing boat = barco a vela = sailboat / sailing ship = navio a vela / sailing match = regata
sakecausa; motivo; fim; propósito; objetivo = end, purpose / for whose sake? por causa de quem? / for God's sake = pelo amor de Deus / for my sake = por minha causa
salarysalário; remuneração = wages; compensation
sale / sales1) venda / sales clerk = vendedor; balconista = salesman, saleswoman / sales margin = difference between the cost and the selling price // 2) liquidação (venda) = a special offering of goods at reduced prices; "the department stores usually have sales in August" /// vendas, faturamento = total receipts from selling / gross sales = faturamento bruto # net sales = faturamento líquido /
salesman; saleswoman
vendedor, vendedora = salesperson; sales clerk; seller / traveling salesman = caixeiro-viajante
salt / saltysal / salgado
samemesmo / the same = o mesmo / all the same = a mesma coisa, indiferent / at the same time = ao mesmo tempo / the same to you = igualmente / it's all the same to me = tanto faz
sample / samplingamostra = example / book of sample = mostruário / free sample = amostra grátis // amostragem / market sampling = amostragem de mercado
satellite satélite
satisfy (to)satisfazer = to please (a taste), to meet, to fulfill (a demand, a desire, etc)
saucemolho (obs.: gravy = molho de carne)
saucerpires / flying saucer = disco voador
savageselvagem = wild, fierce; "the jungle was full of savage animals"
save (to) / savingspoupar; economizar = to save up, to put aside, to lay aside, to economize // economias; poupança / savings account = caderneta de poupança / savings bank = caixa econômica
saw / sawmillserra (instrumento) = a hand or power tool or a machine used to cut hard material // serraria
say (to); said; saiddizer /to say yes, to say no = dizer (que) sim, dizer (que) não / "could you say that again ? poderia repetir ?" / that goes without saying = é óbvio; to say grace = orar /that is to say = ou seja, isto é / let's say = digamos, suponhamos
sayingditado, provérbio = proverb / as the saying is (goes) = como diz o ditado
scale1) escala (mapa, etc) = ratio between the size of something real and that of a model or representation of it / map scale = escala de mapa / musical scale = escala musical // 2) escama (peixe); "most fish are covered in scales"
scalesbalança = a device for weighing; weighing machine
scan (to) / scanner1) examinar = to examine (something) carefully / 2) passar vista d'olhos (revista, jornal) = to read quickly or hastily; "I scanned the paper while waiting for the train" / 3) escanear, digitalizar // scanner = a device that scans images and documents and converts them into digital data; a medical device for scanning a living body to collect diagnostic information; X-ray scanner; airport scanner
scarcicatriz; "his wound healed, but it left a scar"
scarce / scarcely / scarcity1) escasso = not enough to meet a demand, scanty / 2) raro = rare; seldom seen // apenas; mal; quase não; dificilmente = barely; hardly; by a narrow margin; "Tim was a brilliant entrepreneur; he was scarcely twenty when he made his first million" // 1) falta, escassez = lack; shortage; insufficiency / 2) raridade = rarity
scare (to) / scare (n) / scaryassustar, amedrontar = to frighten especially suddenly; "you scared me = you frigtened me"; "stop that, you're scaring the children"; "the sudden appearance of a face at the window scared him"; // medo, susto = a sudden fright or alarm / to give a scare = dar um susto = to give a fright; "you gave me a scare = you gave me a fright " // assustador, amedrontador = causing fright or alarm; frightful, frightening, creepy; "scary movie = filme assustador = creepy movie; spooky movie"; "that trip through the jungle was scary"; "a scary roller-coaster ride"; "the old hotel was scary and probably haunted"
scatter (to)espalhar, esparramar= to cause (things or people) to separate and go in different directions; "the bowling ball scattered the pins"; "the boy's toys were scattered on the floor"
scenario1) roteiro de filme, teatro = a written description of a play, movie, opera, etc. // 2) cenário = an outline of a expected course of events; a description of what could possibly happen / likely scenario = cenário provável
scene1) cena (teatro, filme) = a division of a play, etc., that represents a single episode; "the love scene" // 2) cenário (acidente, crime) = the place where some action occurs or has occurred; accident scene; crime scene
scenerypaisagem, cenário = landscape
scentaroma; perfume = agreable odor; "she left a delightful scent" (obs.: odor, cheiro = smell, odor)
sceptical; skeptical; sceptic; skeptic
cético, indrédulo, descrente; "a sceptical approach to the nature of miracles"; "he is a sceptical when it comes to stories about aliens"
schedule / scheduling / schedule (to)horário, cronograma / appointment schedule, daily schedule, appointment book, schedule book = agenda / schedule delay = atraso de cronograma / date schedule, time frame, time limit, schedule time = prazo / delivery schedule = prazo de entrega / to be on schedule = estar no prazo / to be ahead of schedule = estar adiantado / to be behind schedule = estar atrasado / to meet schedule = cumprir cronograma / to follow schedule = seguir cronograma // determinação de prazos // marcar, programar, agendar / to schedule an interview / to be scheduled to = estar marcado (hora, data) para ... ; "the arrival of the train is scheduled to 5 o'clock"
scheme1) esquema, plano, estratégia / fallback scheme = plano alternativo, plano B // 2) diagrama = chart, diagram, outline
scholaracadêmico, erudito = a person of great learning
scholarshipbolsa de estudos = money awarded to a student to help pursue his studies
schoolescola, colégio / elementary school = escola primária / high-school = escola secundária, ginásio / boarding school = internato / school room = sala de aula = classroom / school year = ano letivo;
Sciences / scientistCiências / cientista
scold (to)ralhar, censurar = to find fault with; to reproach
scoopconcha de medida = a utensil made of a small bowl and a handle, for dishing out ice cream, etc; "two scoops of ice-cream"
scootermotoneta, lambreta
scope1) alcance; extensão; abrangência = reach; range; extent / 2) escopo = the area covered by an activity, topic, etc; range; "romance questions are beyond the scope of the language forum"; "the manager did not understand the scope of the problem at first"; out of scope = fora do escopo
score (n) / score (to)1) escore, placar, marcador, resultado; "what was the score of the game?" / 2) nota (escolar); "students with low test scores" / credit score = análise de crédito / score card = boletim escolar / on that score = por esta razão // 1) marcar pontos (jogo); "he scored 3 goals" / 2) tirar nota (escola)
scorn (n) / scorn (to)desprezo, desdém = contempt, disdain / desprezar, desdenhar = to despise
scramble (to) / scramble (n)1) cozinhar ovos, mexer ovos "I'll scramble some eggs for breakfast"; scrambled eggs = ovos mexidos; / 2) disputar, lutar por; to scramble out, to scramble through = conseguir sair com dificuldade = to climb or crawl, esp by using the hands to aid movement; to scramble for = lutar por = to struggle "scramble for front seats" // correria; "when the bell rang, there was a scramble to get out of the classroom"
scrappedacinho, fragmento, restos, sobras, sucata = a small piece of something larger; fragment / scrapbook = álbum de recortes = a book in which pictures, etc., may be pasted / scrap iron = ferro velho /scrap paper = papel de rascunho = scratch paper
scrape (to)raspar / sky-scraper = arranha-céu
scratch (to) / scratch (n)1) arranhar = to mark or cut (the surface of something) with a rough or sharp instrument / 2) coçar = to scrape (the surface of the skin) with the nails, as to relieve itching / 3) rabiscar = to scribble // 1) arranhão; unhada / 2) rascunho = rough draft; rough copy / scratch pad = bloco de rascunhos / scratch paper = papel de rascunho = scrap paper / scratch tape = fita rascunho / to start from scratch = to start from beginning
scream (to) / scream (n)gritar = to cry, to shout, to yell // grito = cry, shout, yell
screen / screen (to) / screening1) tela (computador, TV, etc) / tiltable screen = tela inclinável // 2) biombo; "there was a screen dividing the parlour" /// 1) examinar, fazer triagem (pessoas, candidatos, pacientes, passageiros, etc) = to examine (people or things) in order to decide if they are suitable for a particular purpose; "federal agents handle passenger and luggage screening at the airport"; "a committee will screen candidates for the job" / 2) proteger com biombo = to give shelter or protection to with or as if with a screen /// exame, triagem; airport screening; "doctors recommend regular screening for this disease "
screw / screw (to)1) parafuso / screwdriver = chave de fenda // 2) transa, foda /// 1) parafusar / 2) foder
scribble (to) / scribble (n)rabiscar, escrevinhar, garatujar = to scratch, to scrawl // rabisco, garrancho (n)
scriptenredo (para atores); film script = roteiro (filme)
scroll / scroll (to)rolo de papiro ou pergaminho = an ancient book in the form of a roll of papyrus or parchment // 1) rolar, enrolar = to roll up like a scroll / 2) rolar tela (computador) = to move (text) from right to left or up and down on a screen in order to view text that cannot be contained within a single display image
scrub (to)esfregar, polir (esfregando) = to rub
sculptor / sculptureescultor / escultura
seamar / at sea = no mar, longe da terra / by sea = por mar / by the sea = na praia, na costa = at the seaside / seafront = beira-mar / seaside = seashore = na praia, na costa; "a seaside town"
seal / seal (to)1) selo, sinete, lacre / under seal = lacrado // 2) foca (animal) /// selar, lacrar
seamcostura = the line formed by sewing together pieces of cloth
search (to) / search (n)procurar, buscar, pesquisar / to search into = pesquisar / to search passengers = revistar passageiros; "the passengers were searched" // busca, procura, pesquisa / search engine = mecanismo de busca / word search = caça-palavras // in search of = em busca de
seasick / seasicknessenjoado, mareado / to be seasick = enjoar // enjôo (no mar)
season1) estação do ano / the seasons of the year are Spring; Summer; Autumn = Fall (US) and Winter // 2) temporada, período do ano / rainy season = estação chuvosa / holiday season = temporada de férias / in season = na época / out of season = fora do tempo
seasoningcondimento, tempero = something, such as salt or a spice, for improving or adding to the flavor of food; spice, condiment, flavoring, relish
seat (to) / seat (n)sentar = to take a seat; "the mother seated her children at table" // assento, lugar / to keep one's seat = manter-se em seu lugar //
second1) segundo (tempo); "a minute lasts sixty seconds" / 2) segundo (numeral) = next after the first in place; "the second person in command" / to be second to none = não ser inferior a ninguém
secret (n) / secret (adj)segredo / in secret = em segredo / to keep a secret = manter um segredo // secreto, sigiloso = classified; "the message was written in secret code
secure (to) / secure (adj) / security1) segurar; proteger = to make safe / 2) assegurar; garantir = to assure; to guarantee // seguro = safe; free from danger; "a secure mechanism" // segurança = something that protects; defense; precautions against crime, sabotage, etc / security procedures; security checkpoint (airport)
securitiestítulos públicos; valores = stocks and bonds
see (to); saw; seen
ver, enxergar // I see = entendo, sei / as far as I can see = tanto quanto eu saiba / as I see it = in my opinion / to see about = vamos ver; ver isso; "you want to go out tonight? Well, we'll see about that when you've finished all your homework" / to see after = tomar conta = to look after; to take care of / see you later! = até mais tarde! / see you soon! = see you! = até breve!; até logo! / see you tomorrow! = até amanhã! / to see someone off = despedir-se de alguém; 'll drive you to the station and see you off" / to see someone to the door = acompanhar alguém até a porta / must-see (adj) = obrigatório, imperdível
seed / seedysemente; "I dislike grapes with seeds in them" (obs.: caroço de fruta = stone, pit, kernel, core) // cheio de sementes = containing or full of seed;s "a seedy fruit"
seek (to); sought; soughtprocurar = to look for; to seek a solution
seem (to) parecer, aparentar; "It seems to me that it's going to rain"; "everything seems difficult" / there seems to be = parece que há
seeminglyaparentemente, à primeira vista = apparently
seize (to)1) agarrar; pegar = to catch, to take hold of, to grab, to grasp / 2) tomar; apoderar-se
self-employedtrabalhador autônomo = working for oneself; being one's own employer; freelance, freelancer
sell (to); sold; sold vender; "they sell everything at cheap prices" / to sell at = to sell for = vender a, ser vendido por / to sell off = liquidar, vender a preços reduzidos / to sell out = vender tudo / sold-out = esgotado (livro, revista) / to sell retail = vender a varejo / to sell wholesale = vender no atacado // vendedor = salesperson, salesman, saleswoman; sales clerk
seller / bestseller; best-seller
1) vendedor = salesperson, salesman, saleswoman; sales clerk / 2) bem vendido = bought by many people // sucesso de vendas = a product, as a book, that sells very well at a given time; "this novel is a bestseller"
seminarseminário = group study / to conduct seminar = conduzir seminário /"to attend a 5-day seminar"; "indicate your overall evaluation of the seminar"
send (to), sent, sent / sendermandar, enviar, remeter / 1) to send away (letter, goods) = expedir, enviar pelo correio / 2) to send away = demitir, despedir / to send back = devolver, mandar de volta / to send for = mandar buscar, mandar chamar // remetente
seniorsenior; mais velho, superior em categoria
sensationalsensacional = extraordinarily good; "sensational performer = artista sensacional"
sense1) sentido, sensação (feeling), impressão = any of the powers such as sight, hearing, smell, taste or touch, by which humans and animals see or feel anything outside or inside the body; the five senses / sense of security = sensação de segurança // 2) senso; "he has no sense of humor" / common sense = senso comum, juízo / to be out of one's sense = estar fora de juízo / to make sense = fazer sentido; "this explanation doesn't make sense"
sensitive / sensitivinesssensível; suscetível = susceptible / sensibilidade = sensibility
sentencesentença, frase = a word, clause, or phrase or a group of clauses or phrases forming a syntactic unit; "these sentences will help you develop your vocabulary"
separate (to) / separationseparar, apartar; "the referee separated the two fighting players"; "can you put the bread in a separate bag?" ; "they are not divorced, but they separated a year ago" // separação legal ; divórcio
sequencesequência = series
seriessérie; sucessão = sequence /time series = série temporal
serve (to)1) atender, servir = to work for / 2) servir (comida); "to serve the food"
service (n) / service (to)serviço; service station = posto de gasolina = gas station; petrol station / at your service = ao seu dispor / to render service = prestar serviço // atender, prestar serviço = to serve; to service client = atender cliente = to serve client
session1) sessão = a period of time that is used to do a particular activity / to be in session = estar reunido em sessão / to conduct a session = conduzir uma sessão // 2) período letivo = a period of time during the year in which a school, college, or university has classes; "I'm going to take classes during the summer session"
set (to); set; set / set (n) / set (adj)1) pôr; colocar = to put, to place // 2) deitar (sol); "when the sun sets" / to set the table (obs.: oposto é to clear the table); "the maid set the table / to set one's mind on = dedicar-se a / to set aside = to put aside, to lay aside, to save = pôr de lado, economizar / to set free = libertar / to set up = instalar, implantar; montar, armar = to put (a machine) in readiness or adjustment for an operation / to set up = fundar, estabelecer-se, erigir / to set up shop = abrir um negócio / to set forth = expor, manifestar / to set fire to = to set on fire = pôr fogo em /// conjunto, jogo, coleção; "a set of china = conjunto de porcelana"; TV set = aparelho de televisão /// fixo, imóvel / set price = preço fixo
settingcenário (filme, peça) = scenery used in a theatrical or film production; "this is the perfect setting for a film"
settle (to) / settlement / settler1) estabelecer-se = to settle down; "many norwegian immigrants settled in Minnesota" / 2) resolver, chegar a um acordo; "the matter is settled; we'll buy the house" / 3) saldar, liquidar; "he settled his college debt by paying every month for two years" /// 1) acordo, arranjo = agreement; "I'm sorry to say that there was no settlement" / 2) estabelecimento, colônia; "this was the island's first colonial settlement" / 3) pagamento = payment or adjustment of an account // colonizador, colono; "the original settlers in the area were mainly Scandinavians"
setuparranjo, organização, preparo = arrangement, organization / setup time = tempo de preparo
severe1) severo, austero = stern, harsh; "severe criticism"; "severe laws" / 2) grave, intenso, forte; "severe depression"; "severe illness"; "severe wound"; "severe winters"
sew (to) / sewingcosturar // costura; "sewing is her hobby" / sewing machine = máquina de costura
sewage / sewer esgoto = waste matter from domestic or industrial establishments; "sewage has to be properly treated to ensure it doesn't pollute the environment" // cano de esgoto; "a sewer takes waste away to be treated"
sex1) sexo / 2) cópula, relação sexual; "they have sex twice a week" / 3) gênero; "it is very hard to determine the sex of some birds"
shade / shades / shady1) sombra = an area of slight darkness that is produced when something blocks the light of the sun; shelter (as by foliage) from the heat and glare of sunlight; "we sat in the shade of a tree"; "these plants go well in the shade" / window shade = persiana / 2) espírito, fantasma = the spirit of a dead person // without a shade of doubt = sem sombra de dúvida /// 1) óculos escuros = sunglasses / 2) cortinas // sombrio, escuro; "it was a lovely, shady garden, surrounded by tall trees"
shadow / shadowy1) sombra = a dark image cast on a surface by a body that blocks light; "the tree cast a long shadow across the lawn"; "part of the valley was in shadow" / 2) imagem vaga; coisa irreal; "he's afraid of his own shadow" /// sombrio,escuro = full of shade or shadows; "a shadowy lane"
shaft1) haste, poste / 2) poço, duto (ventilação, elevador, mina) / 3) raio de luz = ray, beam; "a shaft of light broke through the clouds"
shake (to); shook; shaken1) sacudir, agitar, balançar; "shake the bottle before using"; "to shake one's head = abanar a cabeça" / 2) tremer = to temble; "she was shaking with cold" // to shake hands with somebody = cumprimentar, apertar a mão de alguém / to shake up = sacudir, agitar; "you must shake up the medicine before drinking it"
shamevergonha; For shame! = Shame on you! = Que vergonha! / What a shame! = Que pena! Que lástima!
shape / shape (to)forma, formato = the appearance of an object; form; "he's in good physical shape" / to be in good shape = estar em boa forma / to be in bad shape = estar mal, fora de forma // formar; dar forma
share (to) / share (n) / shareholdercompartilhar, partilhar, dividir; "small children must learn how to share" // 1) parte, porção, participação, cota / profit share = participação lucros / equity share = participação no patrimônio / market share = participação no mercado // 2) ação (empresa) = stock / bonus share = bonificação // acionista = stockholder
sharp (adj) / sharp (n) / sharpen (to)1) afiado; cortante; penetrante;sharp knife = faca afiada; sharp wind = vento cortante // 2) duro, áspero; sharp words // 3) repentino; abrupto = keen; "a sharp drop in temperature" // 4) em ponto, pontualmente = on the dot; "4 o'clock sharp" /// sustenido (música) /// apontar; afiar "that pencil must be sharpened"
shed (n) // shed (to); shed; shed / 1) galpão, barracão; "put the garden tools in the shed" / 2) hangar; "park the airplane in the shed" // derramar, verter = to pour, to spill; to shed tears, to shed blood
sheepcarneiro; (obs.: lamb = cordeiro)
sheer1) completo, total, absoluto = used to emphasize the large amount, size, or degree of something; "sheer folly = loucura total" // 2) íngreme, escarpado = steep; "a sheer cliff" // 3) fino, transparente (tecido) = transparent; "sheer curtains"
sheet1) lençol; "we change the sheets on the bed every week" // 2) folha; "a ream includes 500 sheets of paper" / cover sheet = folha de rosto = title page
shelf (pl.: shelves)prateleira = rack
shell1) casca = the hard outer covering of an egg, seed, fruit, etc / egg shell; nut shell; coconut shell // 2) concha, casco, carapaça (molusco, tartaruga, etc) / clam shell = casca de marisco / turtle shell = casco de tartaruga
shelter / shelter (to)abrigo; refúgio / air raid shelter = abrigo antiaéreo / under shelter of = ao abrigo de // 1) abrigar = to provide with a shelter / 2) encontrar abrigo = to find a safe place
shepherdpastor de ovelhas = a person who tends and rears sheep / shepherd's pie = empadão de carne e batata; "the shepherd's pie was served in a warm bowl"
shield (n) / shield (to)escudo / proteger
shift (to) / shift (n)1) mudar, transferir / 2) to shift gear = mudar (marcha de carro) // 1) troca; deslocamento; mudança = change, alteration / paradigm shift = mudança de paradigma / 2) turno; expediente = scheduled period of work / day shift = turno do dia; night shift = turno da noite
ship / shippingnavio / cargo ship = cargueiro / ship load = carga de navio / ship building = ship construction = construção naval / ship owner = ship operator = armador // navegação / shipping line = companhia de navegação
shipmentembarque, despacho, remessa / date of shipment = data de embarque / shipping charges = frete marítmo
shipwrecknaufrágio, restos de navio naufragado
shiver (to)tremer, tiritar, ter calafrios = to tremble (as from cold or fright), to quiver; to quake
shock / shocking1) choque, impacto / shock absorber = amortecedor / shock resistant = resistente a choque // 2) choque (eletricidade) // 3) choque emocional; abalo, trauma; "the shock of her father's death really hurt her" / culture shock = choque cultural /// chocante, surpreendente = causing intense surprise; extremely startling; "the shocking news of her death"; "shocking behaviour"; "a shocking waste of money"
shoesapato / shoe brush = escova de sapato / shoe lace = shoe string = cadarço / shoe polish = graxa de sapato / shoe shop = sapataria / to give one's shoes a shine = engraxar os sapatos / sport shoes = tennis shoes; sneakers
shoot (to); shot; shot / shoot (n)
1) tirar foto; fotografar; filmar = to take a photo; to photograph; to film / 2) atirar, disparar = to fire a gun; "the soldiers shot at the enemy" / 3) chutar = to kick the ball
shoot (n)broto (planta), rebento = sprout; "from the eight seeds we got five shoots growing"
shoploja = store /antique shop = loja de antiguidades, antiquário / bookshop = bookstore = livraria / coffee shop = lanchonete snack bar / duty-free shop = loja duty-free / flower shop = loja de flores / gift shop = loja de presentes / shoe shop = sapataria / shop window = vitrine
shorebeira-mar, litoral, costa = the land bordering a usually large body of water; coast; "a mile off shore = a uma milha da costa" / off shore = situated at sea some distance from the shore
short (adj) / shorten (to)1) curto / 2) baixo (pessoa) / 3) breve, de curta duração / 4) escasso / in short = em resumo = in summary / within a short time = em breve / for short = abreviadamente; abreviatura de; "the name Betty is sometimes short for Elizabeth" / to stop short = parar de repente / short of breath = com falta de ar / short sighted = míope / short supply = em falta; "this product is in short supply" / short term = curto prazo // encurtar
short, shorts (n)short (roupa) / bermuda shorts = bermuda
shortagefalta, escassez = lack; scarcity; insufficiency
shortcutatalho = shorter way; a route more direct than the one ordinarily taken; "I can tell you a shortcut for getting back to the highway"
shortlybreve, logo / shortly after = logo depois
shot1) foto; instantâneo; "the photographer took five shots of the couple" / 2) tiro, disparo; "I watched the movie - A shot in the dark" / random shot = bala perdida = stray bullet / 3) chute (futebol) = kick; shot at the goal = chute ao gol
shoulddever (devesse; deveria); "maybe you should go to the meeting tonight = talvez você devesse ir à reunião esta noite" / "I should take out the trash, but I am not going to = eu deveria tirar o lixo, mas não vou"
shoulder / shoulder (to)1) ombro // 2) acostamento = the part of a roadway outside of the traveled way // 1) carregar nos ombros, levantar nos ombros; "the farmer shouldered the sack of grain" / 2) arcar com, assumir responsabilidade = to assume the burden or responsibility of ; "we shouldered the expense"
shout (to) / shout (n)
gritar = to cry, to scream, to yell // grito = cry, shout, yell
shovelshovel pá (para retirar lixo) / (obs.: pá para cavar = spade)
show (to) / show (n)mostrar, exibir / to show off = exibir-se, mostrar-se, alardear / to show up = aparecer // exibição, exposição / trade show = feira de comércio / computer trade show = feira de informática / show-room = sala de exposição / to be on show = estar em exposição /
shower 1) chuveiro, ducha = a bath in which water is showered on the body; the apparatus that provides a shower // 2) pancada de chuva, aguaceiro = a fall of rain of short duration
shrimpcamarão = prawn
shrink (to); shrank; shrunk / shrink (n) / shrinkageencolher; diminuir; retrair (mercado) / (obs.: oposto é to grow, to expand); "worldwide economy is shrinking" // psicólogo // encolhimento, retração
shrubarbusto = bush
shuffle (to)1) embaralhar (baralho) / 2) revolver (papéis) / 3) arrastar os pés
shut (to); shut; shut / shut (n)fechar = to close / to shut off = desligar, cortar (fornecimento de gás, água, luz) / to shut up = calar a boca // encerramento, termo
shuttletransporte rápido entre pontos próximos = a vehicle that travels back and forth between places / shuttle service = serviço rápido de transporte (ônibus, trem, avião) entre dois pontos próximos
sick / sickness1) doente; enfermo = ill / sick leave = licença de saúde / sick pay = auxílio-doença / to be sick of = estar cheio de // 2) enjoado; com vontade de vomitar /// 1) doença = illness; disease / 2) enjôo, náusea / motion sickness = travel sickness = enjôo (carro, ônibus, etc) / sea sickness = enjôo (navio, barco)
side1) lado / side by side = lado a lado / on all sides = por todos os lados / wrong side = avesso // 2) secundário, suplementar / side job = trabalho extra, trabalho paralelo / side-effect = efeito colateral
sidewalkcalçada (US) = pavement (UK)
siegecerco, sítio, assédio = the act or process of surrounding and attacking a fortified place in such a way as to force the surrender of the defenders
sightvista; visão = the process, power, or function of seeing; eyesight; view; vision / at sight = in sight = on sight = à vista / to know by sight = conhecer de vista / out of sight = longe dos olhos
sightseeingturismo; visita a pontos de interesse = tourism / sightseeing bus = ônibus de turismo; sightseeing trip = viagem de turismo = tourist trip
sign (n) / signboard1) placa, aviso // 2) sinal (estático), símbolo, signo / equals sign = sinal de igua / plus sign = sinal de adição / minus sign = sinal negativo, sinal de subtração / multiplication sign = sinal de multiplicação / division sign = sinal de divisão / danger sign = sinal de perigo / road sign = placa de trânsito, placa rodoviária /// tabuleta; placa comercial
sign (to) / signature [sígnatchar]assinar / assinatura
signal sinal (dinâmico) / alarm signal = sinal sonoro de alarme / radio signal = sinal de rádio / warning signal = sinal de alerta // fazer sinais, acenar
sillytolo, bobo = lacking good sense; foolish
similarsimilar; semelhante = alike / to be similar to = to resemble
sin / sinnerpecado // pecador
single1) único = only, unique / 2) individual / single room = quarto individual (obs.: double room = quarto de casal) / 3) solteiro // single-minded = dedicado, focado, centrado, determinado = having only one purpose, goal or interest; "she is very single-minded and determined to succeed"
sink (to); sank; sunk / sink (n)afundar, naufragar; "the ship sank after hitting an iceberg" // pia (cozinha; banheiro); "just put the dirty dishes in the sink and I will clean them later"
sister / sister-in-lawirmã // cunhada
sit (to); sat; sat
sentar / to sit down = sentar-se (estando em pé); "she asked me to sit down beside her" / to sit down at the table = sentar-se à mesa / to sit up =sentar-se (estando deitado) ; "the patient sat up for his meal = o paciente se sentou para sua refeição"
site1) local, lugar, sítio; "an archeological site"; "this site was used as a camp by many climbers" / construction site = canteiro de obras / on site = no local // 2) site Internet = web site; "this site has been online for six years"
situationsituação = position, condition, state
skate / skate (to)patim / patinar
skeptical (adj) cético
sketchesboço, rascunho = outline, draft, rough draft / sketch book = caderno de rascunho
ski (to) / skiesquiar // esqui
skid (to) / skid (n)derrapar // derrapagem
skill / skilled / skillful1) habilidade; perícia / 2) capacitação, qualificação = ability; craft / professional skill = perfil profissional / skill level = nível capacitação / skill set = pré-requisitos // 1) hábil; habilidoso / 2) qualificado, capacitado = skillful, experienced, expert / skilled work force = força de trabalho qualificada / to be skilled in = ter habilidade em, ser capacitado para // hábil, experiente = handy, proficient, experienced
skin / skinny
pele / magricela
skip (to) / skip (n)pular; saltar = to leap, to jump, to spring, to bound / to skip over = passar por cima, omitir; "he skipped over a line when he read" // salto, pulo / line skip = salto de linha
skullcrânio, caveira
skycéu // skydiving = paraquedismo / skyjacker = sequestrador de avião / skylight = clarabóia / skyline = linha do horizonte / skyscraper = arranha-céu
slack1) frouxo; bambo = loose; lax / slack period = período de folga // 2) negligente = neglectful
slam (to)bater (porta, telefone) = to set or slap down violently or noisily, to bang; "don't slam the door!"
slash (n) / slash (to)
barra "/" / backwards slash = contra-barra "\" // "1) cortar; reduzir; (preços, empregos) / 2) baixar; "to slash price by more than 50%"
slaughter / slaughter (to) 1) abate de animais = the killing of cattle, sheep, etc., especially for food / 2) matança, carnificina, massacre = a brutal or violent killing / matar, massacrar
sleep (to); slept; slept / sleep (n)dormir // sono / to lose sleep = perder o sono
sleevemanga (roupa) = the part of a garment that covers the arm
slender1) esguio; delgado; esbelto = thin; lean; slim; "a slender building"; "a slender woman" // 2) escasso, limitado; "slender means"; "slender hope"
slicefatia = a thin, flat piece cut from something; "slice of bread"
slide (to); slid; slid / slide (n)deslizar = to glide // 1) deslizamento / 2) escorregador (brinquedo infantil) / 3) "slides"; slide projector; slide presentation / 4) lâmina (microscópio)
slightligeiro, leve = small in amount, degree, etc; "there's a slight difference between the two"; "I heard a slight noise"
slim / slim (to)1) esbelto; delgado; esguio; magro = slender, lean, thin; "slim figure" / 2) remoto, pequeno; "slim chance"; "slim possibility" // emagrecer, perder peso
slip (to) / slip (n) / slipperyescorregar // 1) escorregão / 2) erro, lapso = mistake, lapse; "a slip in attention" / 3) tira; "a slip of paper" / 4) combinação (vestuário feminino); "she was wearing a slip under her dress" // escorregadio
slopeladeira; declive; rampa = inclined surface; slant; "there are too many slopes there"
slotabertura, fenda, brecha / coin slot = abertura para colocar moedas / time slot = intervalo de tempo
slow / slow (to)1) vagaroso; lento / slow motion = câmara lenta / slow fire = fogo brando // 2) atrasado (relógio) "the clock is slow = o relógio está atrasado" (obs.: the clock is fast = o relógio está adiantado) / to be slow = estar atrasado; (obs.: to be fast = estar adiantado) /// diminuir (velocidade), retardar / to slow a bit = diminuir um pouco a velocidade / to slow down = diminuir a marcha
sluglesma, caracol = snail
slyastuto, esperto, malandro = tricky; cunning; crafty; wily; artful
smallpequeno = little; "small box"; "small elephant"; "small salary"
smart1) inteligente, esperto = bright, clever; "she is a smart girl" // 2) elegante = elegant; fashionable; "he always wears smart clothes"
smash (to) / smash (n)bater, escangalhar, despedaçar = to hit violently, to batter / smashed car = carro batido // 1) colisão, choque / 2) sucesso / smash hit = sensação do momento
smell (to) / smell (n)cheirar // 1) olfato / 2) cheiro
smile (to) / smile (n)sorrir // sorriso
smoke (to) / smoke (n)fumar // fumaça
smokeddefumado; "smoked fish"
smooth1) liso, plano (not rough); smooth surface = superfície lisa // 2) macio; smooth material // 3) tranquilo, calmo, suave; smooth flight = vôo tranquilo
smuggle (to) / smuggling / smugglercontrabandear / contrabando / contrabandista
snacklanche / snack bar = lanchonete = coffee shop, eatery
snailcaracol, caramujo, lesma = slug
snap (to) / snap (n)
1) estalar, quebrar com barulho = to break suddenly with a sharp sound; "suddenly a twig snapped" // 1) estalo, estalido, clique; "the snap of the whip scared the horse" / 2) foto instantânea = an informal photograph, especially one taken by a simple hand-held camera = snapshot; "he showed us his holiday snaps"
foto instantânea; foto amadora =  a casual photograph made typically by an amateur with a small handheld camera
armadilha; arapuca = trap
sneeze (to) / sneeze (n)
espirrar / espirro
sniff (to) / sniff (n)
fungar / fungada
snooze (to) / snooze (n)
tirar uma soneca = to take a nap; to slumber, to doze // soneca, cochilo = nap
snore (to) / snore (n)
roncar / ronco
soassim, tão, por isso, apoximadamente / so-called = chamado; "her so-called friends are the ones who tempted her to use drugs"
soak (to)
ensopar, embeber, empapar = to drench
soapsabão, sabonete / bathsoap = sabonete para banho / handsoap = sabonete para mãos / bar of soap = barra de sabão // soap opera = novela (rádio, TV) = a television or radio program that has continuing stories about the daily lives and problems of a group of people
sob (to) / sobbing
soluçar = to weep with a catching of the breath or in sudden, short gasps; "she sobbed at the news" // soluço, pranto, choro; "she tried to stop her sobbing and calm down" (obs.: hiccup = soluço provocado por espasmo do diafragma)
soccerfutebol; (obs.: football = futebol americano)
sock; socksmeia curta (vestuário)
sockettomada (eletricidade) (fêmea) (UK) = a receptacle for the plug of an electrical device; outlet (US)
sodarefrigerante = soda pop; soft drink
sofasofá (obs.: armchair = poltrona; couch = divã, canapé)
softmacio, suave / soft chair; soft pillow; soft steak = tender steak; soft music
softwaresoftware / software maker; software house
soilsolo; terra = ground; earth
sole1) único; só; exclusivo = only; unique; single; "money was the sole reason" // 2) linguado (peixe)
solve (to) / solutionresolver / to solve a problem / solução
somewhatum pouco; um tanto = rather; "I'm somewhat tired now"
somewhereem algum lugar; "they hid the treasure somewhere "
son / son-in-law
filho (obs.: daughter = filha) / genro (obs.: daughter-in-law = nora)
soonlogo, brevemente / soon afterwards = pouco depois / how soon = quando / as soon as = logo que / sooner or later = mais cedo ou mais tarde
soredolorido, inflamado = painful; "my throat is sore"
sorrow / sorrowfulpesar, tristeza = extreme sadness; grief / pesaroso, triste; "sorrowful person"; "sorrowful violin tune"
sort (n) / sort (to)espécie; tipo = kind, class, species / of the sort = disso // classificar, ordenar, arranjar = to classify, to arrange according to class / to sort out = classificar (papers)
soulalma = the spirit or immaterial part of man
sound (n) / sound (to)som, ruído / sound system = aparelho de som = stereo system / sound track = trilha sonora (filme) = theme song / sound wave = onda sonora // soar, tocar / to sound like = parecer, ter som de
sourazedo; "lemons taste sour"
source1) fonte, origem = origin, beginning; "what is the source of this information?"; "to find the source of the trouble"; "to gather information from many sources" / source of problems // 2) fonte, nascente (rio) = spring; "the source of that river is in the mountains"
south / southern (adj)sul / do sul; meridional, austral; Southern Cross = Cruzeiro do Sul
sow; sowed; sowed (ou sown)
semear; "to sow seeds on the farm"; "she sowed some carrot seeds in her garden"; "she sowed the seed of doubt in his mind"
soy; soybeansoja
space (n) / space (to)espaço; "can you see the stars out there in space?" / outer space = espaço sideral / space flight = vôo espacial / space station = estação espacial // espacejar, espaçar
spacecraft; spaceship / spaceman espaçonave, nave espacial / astronauta = astronaut
pá (para cavar); "the gardener thrust the spade into the soil" / (obs.: pá de lixo = shovel)
span (to) / span (n)estender-se, atravessar, cobrir; "a bridge spans the river"; "they need information spanning various areas"; "their empire once spanned several continents" // 1) extensão (distância); período (tempo) = an extent, stretch, reach, or spread between two limits / time span = período de tempo, intervalo de tempo; "over a span of days, the house was erected" / 2) espaço, envergadura, vão (ponte) / 3) palmo (9 polegadas)
spare (to) / spare (adj)1) economizar "try to spare your money, or you will be totally broke" / 2) poupar, perdoar (não matar) "no one knows why the gunman shot some people and spared others" / 3) dispensar, passar sem // sobressalente, reserva / spare cash = dinheiro de reserva, dinheiro disponível / spare part = peça sobressalente / spare time = tempo livre / spare tire = pneu sobressalente, estepe / "can you spare the time? = você tem tempo?"
spark / sparklingfaísca, centelha / spark of life = centelha de vida // spark plug = vela (ignição motor) /// brilhante, cintilante
speak (to); spoke; spoken1) falar, discursar / to speak well of = falar bem de / to speak for = falar em nome de alguém, a favor de / so to speak = por assim dizer / nothing to speak of = nada que mereça atenção / to speak out = falar em voz alta
speakerpalestrante = lecturer
specialize (to) / specialist / specializedespecializar = to concentrate and be expert in a particular line of study / to specialize in; "he is a lecturer specializing in IT" // especialista = expert // especializado
specify (to) / specification / specificespecificar // especificação // específico
speech1) fala, palavra = the ability to speak / freedom of speech = liberdade de expressão / loss of speech = perda da fala / to lose one's speech = perder a fala / speech recognition = sistema de reconhecimento de voz // 2) discurso = address / to give a speech = fazer discurso (falar) = to make a speech; "at the birthday party everyone asked Grandpa to make a speech" / keynote speech = discurso de abertura // 3) linguagem (estilo de expressão) = a person's characteristic manner of speaking; part of speech = categoria gramatical / figure of speech = figura de linguagem
speed / speed (to) / speedyvelocidade / top speed = velocidade máxima / at full speed = a toda velocidade / speed bump = quebra-molas, lombada = a ridge set in a road surface, typically at intervals, to control the speed of vehicles; road hump // acelerar = to speed up (obs.: oposto é to slow down) ; "inflation will speed up" // veloz, rápido = fast, rapid, quick, swift
spell (to) / spelling / spell (n)soletrar, grafar; "please; spell your name" // grafia; "differences in spelling exist between American and British English" // 1) feitiço, magia, encantamento / to put a spell on = pôr feitiço em = to cast a spell on; "she put a spell on him" // 2) período de tempo, período curto, temporada = period of time, period of work; "I'm going to read for a spell"
spend (to); spent; spent1) gastar (dinheiro, esforço, etc); "you shouldn't spend so much effort on his projects" / 2) passar (tempo); "I'm going to spend the day with my family"
spice / spicytempero = seasoning; flavouring, relish // 1) picante, temperado, condimentado (comida); "spicy food"; "spicy pepper" / 2) picante, impróprio (conotação sexual); "spicy jokes"; "spicy stories"; "spicy gossip"
spideraranha / spider's web = teia de aranha
spill (to); spilt (spilled); spilt (spilled)derramar, entornar = to pour, to shed
spin (to); spun; spun / spinning 1) girar, rodar / 2) fiar, tecer; "to spin a rug" // fiação / spinning wheel = roca, roda de fiar / spinning top = pião
spinecoluna vertebral; espinha dorsal = spinal column; spinal cord; backbone / "I have a very strong deviation in my spine"
spirit1) espírito / 2) ardor; ânimo; disposição / in good spirits = alegre, de bom humor / high spirits = alegria; bom humor / low spirits = abatimento
spit (to); spat; spatcuspir
splash (to)salpicar, borrifar, espirrar (água, líquido)
splendidesplêndido = very good; excellent, beautiful, gorgeous; "a splendid cup of tea"; "we had a splendid time"
split (to); split; splitdividir, abrir ao meio / to split in two "the thunderbolt struck the tree spliting it in two" / to split up = separar (casal), acabar (banda)
spoil (to) / spoiledestragar; deteriorar = to damage // 1) estragado. deteriorado / 2) mimado (criança)
sponsor (n) / sponsor (to) / sponsorship1) patrocinador / 2) fiador // patrocinar; promover // patrocínio
spoolcarretel, rolo, bobina = reel
spot (n) / spot (to)1) mancha = blot, stain; "I noticed some red spots on my arms" / sun spot = mancha solar / // 2) ponto, lugar = place / trouble spots = pontos problemas // 1) manchar / 2) localizar, identificar, detectar = to locate; to identify; "the doctors spotted signs of"; "investors spotted early-warning signals"
spread (to); spread; spread / spread (n)1) espalhar; "the news soon spread" / 2) difundir, divulgar, propagar = to be or make known / to spread the table = to set the table = pôr a mesa / to spread butter = passar manteiga // 1) expansão, extensão, propagação = extent / 2) diferença entre preço de custo e de venda
spring (to); sprang; sprung / spring (n)1) saltar; pular = to leap, to bound, to jump; "he sprang out of bed" / spring-board = trampolim / 2) nascer, brotar; "water sprang from the fountain" // 1) salto, pulo / 2) primavera / 3) mola / 4) fonte, nascente; "they brought water from the spring"
spur / spur (to)1) espora / 2) estímulo; incentivo = stimulus, incentive // estimular, incentivar = to motivate, to stimulate
spy (to) / spy (n) / spyingespionar // espião // espionagem = espionage
squad1) pelotão (polícia), esquadra = platoon / 2) time (futebol)
square (n) / square (to) / squared
1) quadrado; square number = número quadrado; square root = raiz quadrada / 2) praça; "Trafalgar Square" // ajustar, adaptar, endireitar; "square our actions by the opinions of others" // quadriculado; squared paper
squeeze (to)apertar, comprimir, espremer = to crush
stab (to)apunhalar
stability / stabilize (to) estabilidade / estabilizar; equilibrar
stableestável; constante = steady; "a stable inflation rate"
stack (n) / stack (to)pilha; montão = heap, pile / smoke stack = chaminé // empilhar = to pile up
stadiumestádio (obs.: grand stand = arquibancada)
staff (n) / staff (to) / staffing1) quadro de pessoal / 2) grupo de assistentes / 3) estado-maior (exército) / IT staff = pessoal de sistemas; programming staff / to cut staff = reduzir pessoal // prover de pessoal, compor quadro de pessoal; "people with the right skill to staff our team" // alocação de pessoal / staffing constraint = limitação de pessoal / staffing requirements = requisitos de pessoal
stage1) palco // 2) estágio, fase = phase; step / early stages = primeiras etapas, primeiros estágios / stage of progression = estágio evolutivo
stain (n) / stain (to) / stained / stainless
mancha = spot, blot; blood stain = mancha de sangue // manchar // manchado; stained glass = vitral; "tourists visit the cathedral to see its beautiful stained glass windows" // sem mancha; inoxidável; stainless steel = aço inoxidável
stairs; staircaseescada(s) / spiral staircase, winding stairs = escada em caracol / a flight of stairs = lance de escada (obs.: ladder = escada de mão)
stake (n) / stake (to)1) estaca, poste; "tie your horse to that metal stake"; "the witch was burned at the stake" / 2) aposta (valor apostado); "this is a high-stakes game with bets starting at ten dollars" / 3) participação = an interest or share in an undertaking or enterprise; "they have a small stake at the business" // apostar, arriscar
stakeholderinvestidor; pessoa envolvida em um projeto, em um empreendimento
stale1) rançoso; "stale butter" // 2) velho, dormido (pão); "stale bread"
stall (to) / stall (n)morrer (motor), enguiçar carro (afogar motor); parar de funcionar; "the car started but then immediately stalled" // 1) barraca; stand; quiosque = booth, stand / 2) enguiço, pane = breakdown / 3) lavabo, cubículo onde está a privada
stammer (to) / stammer (n) / stammerergaguejar = to stutter // gagueira // gago = stutterer
stamp (n) / stamp (to)1) selo / 2) carimbo = rubber stamp // 1) selar / 2) carimbar
stand (to); stood; stood / stand (n)1) estar em pé, ficar de pé // 2) resistir, aguentar, suportar, tolerar = to bear, to endure / to stand by = apoiar, estar ao lado de, estar a postos / to stand for = significar, representar / to stand good = to hold good = ser válido / to stand out = destacar-se, sobressair, distinguir / to stand in line = ficar na fila / It stands to reason! = é claro!, é lógico! / "I can't stand it! = não aguento!" /// barraca; estande; quiosque = a partially enclosed structure where things are sold or displayed; booth, stall
standard / standardize (to) / standardizationnorma; padrão / standard time = hora oficial / technical standards = padrões técnicos / standard deviation = desvio padrão / standard of living = padrão de vida / to set standards = estabelecer padrões // padronizar; normalizar = to make standard // padronização
de reserva, substituto = a thing that is ready for use or can be relied on in an emergency; stand-by equipment = equipamento de reserva / to be on standby = estar de sobreaviso, de prontidão
staple / staple (to) / stapler1) alimento básico = staple foods; "the staple food for the Japanese is rice"; "she bought flour, sugar, salt and other staples"; "staple crops like wheat, rice or sugarcane" / 2) grampo para papeis // grampear // grampeador = stapling machine
stare (to)olhar fixamente para = to gaze
start (to) / start (n)começar, iniciar = to begin, to commence / to start from scratch = começar do zero // começo, princípio / from start to finish = do começo ao fim
startle (to) / startlingassustar, alarmar / assustador, alarmante, surpreendente = frightening, disturbing; "a startling noise"; "a startling discovery"; "what are the startling news today?"
starve (to) / starvationpassar fome = to suffer or die from extreme hunger; "I'm starving = estou morrendo de fome" // fome extrema
state / statesman / state (to)1) estado (país) / 2) situação; condição // estadista // declarar = to declare/ fail to state = deixar de declarar
state-of-the-artestado-da-arte, moderno
statement1) declaração / 2) extrato, demonstrativo = a brief record of a financial account / financial statements = demonstrativos financeiros / statement of account = extrato conta-corrente / credit card statement = extrato cartão de crédito / statement of charges = demonstrativo de despesas / statement of earnings = demonstrativo de ganhos / statement of income = declaração de renda
stationestação / bus station; railroad station; subway station / service station = gas station = petrol station / police station = posto policial, delegacia / fire station = quartel bombeiros / station wagon = perua, caminhonete
stationaryestacionário; fixo = fixed; not moving
stationerypapelaria, artigos escritório / stationery supply = material de escritório / continuous stationery = formulário contínuo = continuous form
statussituação, status = the position or rank of someone or something when compared to others in a society, organization, group, etc
stay (to) / stay (n)1) ficar = to remain // 2) hospedar; "in which hotel are you staying?" / to stay in = ficar em casa / to stay the night = to stay overnight = passar a noite / to stay out = ficar fora / to stay up = ficar acordado / to stay behind = ficar atrás / to stay competitive = permanecer competitivo /// estada, estadia, permanência; "enjoy your stay" = "tenha uma boa estada; aproveite sua estadia"
steadyconstante, estável, firme, contínuo, regular, inalterável = firmly placed; stable; "a steady ladder"; " "he checked the chair was steady, before standing on it"; "petrol prices remained steady this month"; "she is making steady progress in learning English" / slow but steady = lento e gradual
steakbife = beefsteak / soft steak = tender steak = bife macio # hard steak = tough steak = bife duro // steakhouse = churrascaria
steamvapor = vapor / by steam = a vapor / steamboat = navio a vapor = steamer / steam engine = máquina a vapor / paddle steamer = vapor com roda de pás
steelaço / stainless steel = aço inoxidável / steel-mill = siderurgia, aciaria = steel-plant, steel-works
steep1) íngreme, escarpado / steep slope = ladeira íngreme / 2) exorbitante (preço); steep price
steer (to) / steeringguiar, dirigir, conduzir, pilotar / to steer of = desviar de, evitar // direção / steering-wheel = volante (carro) / steering-committee = comitê-diretor (empresa)
stern (adj) / stern (n)severo, austero, sério, duro, rígido, inflexível = severe, harsh; "her father was a stern man"; "a stern judge"; "stern discipline"; "he gave me a stern look" // popa = rear part of a vessel (obs.: contrário é bow = proa)
stem (n) / stem (to)1) caule, haste, talo = stalk / 2) pé (taça, cálice) // originar, proceder, derivar; "these problems stem from the terrorist attack a few years ago"
step (n) / step (to)1) passo, etapa, fase; "you need to do this after each step of the process" / step by step = passo a passo / out of step = fora de sintonia // 2) degrau (escada); "mind the step"/ 3) providência; medida = measure / to take steps = to take measures = tomar providências /// pisar; andar = to tread / to step in = entrar / to step on = pisar
stepfather / stepmother / stepson / stepdaughterpadrasto / madrasta / enteado / enteada
steward (fem.: stewardess)1) comissário de bordo = a person who looks after the passengers on a ship, aircraft or train and brings them meals; flight atendant (stewardess = aeromoça) / 2 administrador, gerente = a person employed to manage another's property, especially a large house or estate / 3) camareiro, mordomo = chamberlain, butler
stick / stick (to); stuck; stuck / sticky
1) vara, varinha, graveto, pedaço de pau = twig, rod, wand / control stick = lever = alavanca / walking stick = bengala = cane // 1) espetar, fincar, penetrar, cravar / 2) colar, grudar = to glue / to stick to = perseverar, persistir, não abandonar = to cling // grudento; aderente, pegajoso, viscoso = adhesive
stickeradesivo = gummed label
stiff1) rígido, rijo, duro, teso, inflexível = rigid; hard to bend / 2) difícil, árduo / stiff climb = subida difícil
still (adv) / still (adj)
ainda; "we still haven't been introduced" // imóvel, parado; "still water = água parada" ; "still life = natureza morta (pintura)"
sting (to) / sting (n)ferroar, atormentar // 1) picada, ferrão / 2) fisgada (dor aguda)
stink (to); stank; stunk / stinking; stinky
cheirar mal, feder / fedorento, fedido, fétido = having a very bad smell; "this cheese is stinky"; "stinking animal"; "stinking garbage"
stir (to)mexer, agitar; "stir all of the ingredients together with a spoon" / to stir up = excitar; atiçar
stitch1) ponto (costura) / 2) dor súbita, pontada = a sudden, sharp pain, especially in the side of the body
stock / stockholder1) ação (empresa) = share; "US$ 11 million worth of stocks" / stock prices = preço das ações / IBM's stocks = ações IBM / Stock Market = Stock Exchange = Bolsa de Valores // 2) estoque; inventário; in stock = em estoque (obs.: out of stock = em falta) // acionista = shareholder
stockingmeia comprida de mulher
stone (n) / stone (to) / stoned1) pedra / 2) caroço = the woody central part of such fruits as the peach and plum; pit, core, kernel // 1) apedrejar = to throw rocks at / 2) drogar // 1) bêbado / 2) drogado, doidão
stoolbanquinho, tamborete = simple armless and usually backless seat on legs
stop (to) / stop (n)parar / to stop by = fazer uma visita / to stop over = fazer escala / to stop payment = sustar pagamento / stop short = parar de repente / "stop that! = pare com isto!" // parada, ponto, interrupção; "bus stop"
store (n) / store (to) / storageloja = shop / liquor store = loja de bebidas = bottle shop / storehouse = depósito, almoxarifado = warehouse / department store = loja de departamentos // armazenar; acumular // armazenagem, armazenamento
storm / stormytempestade = tempest / tempestuoso
story (1)1) estória, história = a narration of a chain of events told or written in prose or verse; tale / bedtime story = história de dormir / ghost story = história de fantasma / story book = livro de história / short story = conto // 2) mentira; story teller = contador de história, mentiroso
story (2) (pl. stories) (US) / storey (pl. storeys) (UK)
andar, pavimento = floor; "how many stories are there in that apartment building?"
stout (adj) / stout (n)1) forte, corpulento, robusto = overweight, fat; "many people grow stout as they get older"; "she is getting too stout for her dresses" / 2) decidido, resoluto, corajoso = brave, bold, courageous, strong of character; "stout warriors"; "stout resistance"; "stout defense" // cerveja preta corpulenta = a very dark full-bodied ale with a distinctive malty flavor
stovefogão = cooker
straight / straighten (to)1) reto; direto = without a bend, angle, wave, or curve; straight line = straight course = linha reta; straight answer / 2) liso (cabelo); straight hair / 3) heterossexual // endireitar, pôr em ordem / to straighten up = endireitar-se, andar na linha
straightforwarddireto, objetivo, franco, sem rodeios; "a straightforward statement sbout the new politics"
strain / strain (to)1) esforço, tensão = stress; "the strain of working too many hours really affected him" / 2) raça, classe, estirpe = breed // 1) empenhar-se, esforçar-se; "he really strained to make it work" / 2) estirar, distender; "the football player strained a muscle"
strand1) fio, cordão, filamento = one of the fibers, threads, strings, or wires twisted or braided to make a cord, rope, or cable / 2) praia, costa = the land bordering a body of water
strangeestranho, esquisito, bizarro; "strange shape"; "strange behaviour"; "we all felt strange in that city"
strapcorreia; alça (vestido, bolsa) / watch-strap = correia de relógio; "is your watch-strap made of leather?"
straw1) palha / 2) canudinho (beber líquido)
stray (to) / stray (adj)extraviar-se, perder-se // 1) extraviado (animal), "a stray cat" / 2) perdido (bala), "stray bullet = bala perdida = random shot"
stream1) riacho, regato, córrego, ribeirão = a small, narrow river; brook, creek / 2) fluxo, jorro, torrente, corrente = any flow or current of liquid, fluid, or gas; "a stream of gas escaping"
streetrua / street-car = bonde (US) = tram (UK)
strenght / strengthen (to)força = power, force // fortalecer; reforçar = to reinforce
stress (n) / stress (to)1) tensão; pressão = tension, pressure / 2) ênfase / 3) sílaba tônica = emphasis placed upon a syllable by pronouncing it more loudly than those that surround it // 1) estressar = to feel very worried or anxious about something / 2) enfatizar, realçar = to emphasize "they stressed the advantages of the product"
stretch (to)estender; esticar / to stretch out = esticar
strict / strictly1) severo = severe in discipline; "a strict teacher" / 2) rigoroso; exato; preciso = exact; rigid; "in the strict sense of the word" (obs.: oposto é "loose", "lax") // rigorosamente
strike (to); struck; struck / strike (n) / striker1) bater, colidir, acertar = to hit, to attack / 2) to strike hour = bater, dar hora; "the clock strikes" / 3) to strike a match = riscar fósforo // 1) ataque, golpe; "the military strike killed three people" / 2) greve; on strike = de greve // grevista
strikingnotável; surpreendente; impressionante = outstanding; remarkable; conspicuous; striking color = cor chamativa
string barbante, fio, cordel = small cord; "I need a piece of string to tie this package!"
stringsinstrumentos musicais de cordas; cordas; "this piece of music is for strings"
striptira; faixa; fita = long narrow piece (paper, cloth, land); "she wears a strip of cloth around her head" / strip of land = faixa de terra
stripelistra; risca = a band or streak different in color from the rest of a surface; "the stripes of a zebra"
strive (to); strove; striven esforçar-se; empenhar-se = to endeavor; "strive for success"
stroke (n) / stroke (to)1) golpe; pancada; "a stroke of luck"; "a stroke of genius" / 2) derrame cerebral; "my grandfather died of a stroke" / 3) sun stroke = insolação / 4) braçada; "the swimmer had a powerful stroke that propelled him forward" // acariciar, alisar; "he stroked his cat "
stroll (to) / stroll (n)passear, dar uma volta; "I like to stroll along the beach"; "they like to stroll through the old part of the town" // passeio, volta; "the couple went for a stroll after dinner"
strongforte, poderoso, sólido
structure (n) / structure (to) / structuredestrutura / estruturar / estruturado
struggle (n) / struggle (to)luta, esforço, empenho; "the marathon was a struggle for me, but I finished" / class struggle = luta de classes / struggle for life = luta pela vida // lutar, esforçar-se, labutar; "he struggled to break free"
stubbornteimoso; "a stubborn child"
stuck (part. pas. verbo to stick)
preso, emperrado, empacado, entalado; "the car was stuck and couldn't be moved"; "I'm stuck on this question; do you know what the answer is?" / to get stuck = ficar empacado; ficar preso (não progredir); "he was trying to solve a maths problem, but got stuck"; "a piece of fruit got stuck in her throat"
studioateliê , oficina
study (n) / study (to)estudo / case study = estudo de caso / study group = grupo de estudos / to be under study = estar em estudos // estudar
stuffcoisas, objetos, trecos, bugigangas; "this stuff works = esta coisa funciona" / silly stuffs = tolices
stumble (to) / stumble (n)tropeçar; "stumble and fall" // tropeço
stunning1) chocante, atordoante = very surprising; "stunning news" / 2) deslumbrante, formidável = very attractive, astonishing; "stunning view"; "stunning discovery"; "stunning woman"
style // stylishestilo // elegante; na moda = fashionable
subject1) assunto; tópico = topic / subject matter = assunto; tema / subject area = área de interesse // 2) matéria (escola) // 3) sujeito a / to be subject to = estar sujeito a; "the plan is subject to discussion"
submit (to) / submissionsubmeter = to present for approval or decision // submissão
subordinatesubordinado; subalterno
subscribe (to) / subscriber / subscriptionassinar (revista; jornal) / subscribe to a magazine = assinar uma revista // assinante, signatário, titular // assinatura (revista / jornal); "a subscription to Times"
subtitlelegenda (filme, video) = caption
subtle / subtletysutil = delicate; hard to notice by means of the senses; "the subtle smell of her perfume"; "the subtle irony of his jokes" / sutileza
subtraction / subtract (to)subtração / subtrair; "to subtract 4 from 10"
subwaymetrô (US) = underground (UK)
succeed (to)ter êxito; conseguir = to be successful
success / successfulsucesso = hit // bem-sucedido; "her plan was succesful"
suck (to)1) chupar, sorver; "the shake was too thick to suck through a straw" / 2) mamar; "the baby was sucking at his mother's breast"
sue (to)abrir processo judicial; processar = to seek justice by legal process; to file suit / to sue for damages = processar por perdas e danos
sugar / sugaryaçúcar / sugar mill = engenho de açúcar // açucarado, adocicado
suit (n)1) terno (roupa) / 2) processo judicial, ação judicial; to file suit = iniciar processo judicial / 3) naipe de cartas = all the playing cards in a pack bearing the same symbol: clubs = paus; diamonds = ouros; spades = espadas; hearts = copas; "you need to match three cards of the same suit"
suit (to)1) servir; convir = to fit; to adapt / 2) atender; satisfazer = to satisfy, to meet, to fulfill
suitableadequado, apropriado, conveniente = fit; appropriate; adequate; "Is she suitable for this mission?"; "this movie is not suitable for young children"; "be sure to wear shoes suitable for dancing"
suitcasemala, valise
sum (n) / sum (to)1) soma; adição = addition; "the sum of 3 and 5" / 2) quantia = amount / in sum = em resumo = in summary, in short // 1) totalizar / 2) resumir = to sum up = to summarize
summary / summarize (to)resumo = digest / in summary = em resumo = in short / executive summary = resumo executivo / summary report = relatório resumido // resumir = to sum up
summit1) cume, pico; "the summit of the mountain" / 2) cúpula; summit meeting = reunião de cúpula; summit conference = conferência de cúpula / 3) auge = the highest possible degree or state; peak or climax; the summit of ambition
sunsol; sun screen = protetor solar; sun spot = mancha solar
sunrisenascer do sol; aurora, alvorada = dawn, daybreak
pôr-do-sol, crepúsculo = twilight, dusk
supervise (to) / supervision / supervisorsupervisionar = to oversee // supervisão // supervisor
supply (to) / supply / suppliesfornecer, prover, abastecer, suprir = to provide // oferta / to be in short supply = estar em falta (estoque) // víveres, suprimentos
support (to) / support (n)apoiar; suportar / apoio; suporte
supporter / supporterspartidário, torcedor = a person who backs a sports team, politician, etc // torcida
suppose (to) / supposition / supposedlysupor; "I suppose you know this word" / to be supposed to = dever; "the train is supposed to arrive a bit later" // suposição, hipótese = assumption // supostamente
surfacesuperfície / on the surface = por cima, não profundamente
surgery / surgical / surgeoncirurgia // cirúrgico; "surgical procedure"; "surgical needle" // cirurgião
surplusexcedente, excesso, superávit = an amount, quantity, etc., greater than needed
surprise / suprise (to) / surprising
surpresa / surpreender / surpreendente; "a surprising number of students showed up for the lecture"
surrender (to) / surrenderrender-se; entregar-se = to give up; to yield; "over 140 rebels surrendered to the authorities" // rendição, capitulação; "the surrender of the fort came after a long battle"
surround (to) / surrounding / surroundingscercar; circundar; rodear // em volta; circundante "the surrounding land belongs to the state" // arredores; cercanias = neighborhood, outskirts
survey (n) / survey (to) 1) levantamento, pesquisa = customer survey; industry survey; market survey; quality survey; public survey = recenseamento, plebiscito / 2) inspeção, exame, vistoria // 1) fazer levantamento; pesquisar / 2) examinar; inspecionar
survive (to) / survivalsobreviver // sobrevivência; "the struggle for survival has no end"
suspensionsuspensão; "the suspension of the cable cars is checked regularly" // suspension points = reticências "..."
suspicioussuspeito, desconfiado = distrustful; "a suspicious person"
swallow (to) / swallow (n)engolir; "I have difficulty to swallow meat" // andorinha (ave); "I like to watch the swallows flying over our garden"
swamppântano, brejo, atoleiro, lamaçal = marsh, bog, mire
swap (to) / swap (n)trocar; permutar = to change, to trade, to switch, to barter, to make an exchange; "you like my cookies and I like yours; let's swap"; "I'll swap my orange for your apple"; "they sat on the bench, swapping lies about the good old days" // troca; permuta = exchange; trade; barter
sway (to) / sway (n)1) balançar, oscilar = to swing; to rock; "there was a strong wind and the trees were swaying" / 2) influenciar; "the lawyer tried to sway the jury" // 1) balanço, oscilação; "the sway of the ship" / 2) influência
swear (to); swore; sworn1) jurar = to utter or take solemnly (an oath) (obs.: oath = juramento) / 2) xingar, praguejar = to use profane or obscene language, to curse
sweet / sweetenerbala (doce) = candy / sweet potato = batata doce // adoçante
swell (to); swelled; swollen / swollen / swelling inchar // inchado // inchaço
swiftrápido = fast, quick, speedy, rapid; "a swift boat"; "the president was swift to respond to the new crisis"
swim (to); swam; swum / swimming nadar // natação / swimming-pool = piscina
swing (to); swung; swung / swing (n)balançar; oscilar (pêndulo) = to move back and forward; to rock, to sway, to wave; "she sat on the edge of the pool, swinging her legs"; "the monkeys were swinging in the branches of the trees"; // balanço, gangorra; "he pushed his child in the swing"
switch (to) / switch (n)1) trocar, alternar, comutar, chavear = to change; to shift / to switch on = ligar = to turn on, to connect / to switch off = desligar = to turn off, to disconnect // 2) açoitar, bater com chicote = to whip /// 1) interruptor, comutador, chave / switch board = painel de controle // 2) mudança = change; shift "the switch caused problems because nobody else was informed" // 3) vara, chicote = whip
symbol / symbolicsímbolo = something that represents or stands for something else // simbólico
synchronize (to) / syncronizationsincronizar // sincronização
syrupcalda = any of various preparations consisting of fruit juices, water, etc., boiled with sugar
systemsistema (IT) / back-office system = sistema de retaguarda x front-office system = sistema da ponta / operating system = sistema operacional / existing system = legacy systems = sistemas existentes, sistemas legados / management information system = sistema de informações gerenciais / the system is down = o sistema está fora do ar