vacancy / vacant (adj)1) vaga, lugar vago = a job or position that is available to be taken, opening "we have a vacancy in the accounting department" / 2) vaga (hotel, etc) = a room in a hotel, motel, etc., that is available for use; "there were no vacancies at the hotel" // vago, vazio, desocupado, não ocupado, disponível = unoccupied, void, empty "the apartment (room, restroom, house, etc) is vacant"; "he sat in the only vacant chair"; "a vacant seat on the bus"; "he was pleased to find he had a vacant hour without any meetings"; "the throne is vacant"
vacation (n) / vacation (to)férias (US) = holidays (UK) / to be on vacation = estar de férias // tirar férias; "they vacationed for two weeks = eles tiraram férias de duas semanas"
vacuumvácuo, lacuna / vacuum bottle = garrafa térmica = thermos bottle / vacuum cleaner = aspirador de pó / vacuum packed = embalado a vácuo
vainvão, inútil, infrutífero / in vain = em vão; "her efforts were all in vain"
valid (adj) / validity / validate (to)
válido = legally acceptable; not expired; effective; "a valid licence" / validade; validity check = controle de validade / validar; confirmar = to make valid, to confirm /
value / valuable (adj)valor = worth / face value = valor nominal / forecasted value = valor previsto / value added = valor agregado / value chain = cadeia de valor / to create value for customers // valioso, precioso = worth a great deal of money; "a valuable painting"; "valuable information"; "a valuable crop"; "most valuable to the customers"
valveválvula / escape valve = válvula de escape / safety valve = válvula de seguranca
vanfurgão, van
vapor (US); vapour (UK)vapor = steam
variousvários = several, different
vasevaso (flores) = flower pot
vendor / vend (to)
vendedor = a person or agency that sells // 1) vender (mascate; caixeiro-viajante) = to sell especially as a hawker or peddler / 2) vender em máquina automática = to sell by means of vending machines // vending machine = maquina de vender = a coin-operated machine for selling small articles, beverages, etc
ventureempreendimento / business venture = empreendimento comercial / joint venture = empreendimento conjunto / venture capital = capital de risco
venue local, local de evento, ponto de encontro = meeting place
vergemargem, beira = edge, rim, brink, brim, margin / on the verge of = à beira de, no ponto de; "this economy is on the verge of collapse!" / on the verge of doing = a ponto de fazer
verseverso, versículo
version1) versão (variante alguma coisa) = release / 2) tradução (especialmente da Bíblia)
vessel1) navio, barco = a ship or boat / 2) vasilha = a container (as a bottle, kettle, cup, or bowl) for holding something
1) veterano = a person who has had long service or experience in an occupation, office, or the like / 2) veterano de guerra = a person who has served in a military force, especially during a war / Veterans Day = feriado em homenagem aos veteranos das guerras (November 11 - fim da Primeira Guerra Mundial)
viable viável = feasible
victory / victoriousvitória, triunfo = triumph // vitorioso = winning
viewvista, panorama = scene; panorama; outlook; sights; "the sights of the city"
vintage1) antigo, clássico = representing the high quality of a past time; dating from the past; "vintage cars"; "vintage movies" // 2) vindima; colheita de uvas = grape harvest; "a 1978 vintage wine"
violet1) violeta (flor) (Viola spp.) // 2) violeta (cor)
violinviolino = fiddle
visa (n) / visa (to)visto (passaporte) = official endorsement on a passport giving the bearer permission to enter a country // visar (passaporte), referendar
vision1) vista, visão = sight, view / 2) imaginação, fantasia, fantasma
vocabularyvocabulário / vocabulary entry = verbete / to have a wide range of vocabulary = ter um vasto vocabulário
voicevoz / voice recognition = reconhecimento de voz
void (adj) / void (to)1) nulo; vão = without effect, useless; "the contract was declared void by the judge = o contrato foi considerado nulo pelo juiz" // 2) vazio; "the street was void of people" /// anular, invalidar = to render of no effect or validity; "he voided the tickets when we got on the bus = ele invalidou as passagens quando entramos no ônibus"
volume1) massa; quantidade = bulk; amount; "volume of exports should grow" // 2) volume (livro) = any of several books either bound in an identical format or part of a series
vote (to) / vote (n) / votervotar // voto; votação // eleitor
voyageviagem (geralmente por mar) = a long journey to a distant or unknown place especially over water or through outer space / maiden voyage = viagem inaugural