yacht iate
yard1) pátio, quintal = court; "the children were playing in the yard at the front of the school" / back yard = quintal // 2) jardim (US) = garden // 3) jarda = unidade de medida de comprimento do sistema inglês, que equivale a 3 pés ou 91,44cm
yarn1) fio de tecido = thread made of natural or artificial fibers and used for knitting and weaving; "ball of yarn = novelo de lã" / 2) história inverossímil, lorota = a story that is so surprising or unusual that it is difficult to believe
yawn (to) / yawn (n)
bocejar / bocejo
year / yearlyano; leap year = ano bissexto; school year = ano letivo; New Year = Ano Novo // anual = annual
yell (to) / yell (n)gritar, berrar = to cry, to shout, to scream / grito, berro = cry, shout, scream
yield (n) / yield (to)1) produção (quantidade produzida), rendimento / crop yield = rendimento da colheita; "the yield this year was outstanding for corn farmers" // 2) ganhos (finanças) "the yield on these bonds is 3%" /// 1) ceder a vez (trânsito), dar preferência = to give way / 2) ceder = to surrender / 3) produzir (agricultura) "the farm yielded a good crop of potatoes" / 4) render (finanças); "the investment yielded a strong return"
yoke1) jugo, canga = a bar or frame that is attached to the heads or necks of two work animals (such as oxen) / 2) opressão; "under the yoke of a tyrant"