abbreviate (to) / abbreviationabreviar; resumir = to abridge / abreviatura, abreviação = short for; "the name "Betty" is sometimes short for "Elizabeth"
abduct (to) / abductionsequestrar = to kidnap / sequestro = kidnapping
abide (to); abode; abidden / abode1) aguentar, suportar = to bear, to tolerate; "to abide such bigots" / 2) seguir, obedecer (lei); "I said I would abide by their decision" / 3) morar, residir (arcaico) = to live, to dwell // moradia, residência (literário) = home, residence; "welcome to my humble abode"
abjectmiserável; desprezível = extremely bad or sever; "they live in abject misery"
abound (to)abundar = to exist in abundance, to be plentiful, to teem with
absent-minded; absentmindeddistraído, desatento, aéreo; "her absentminded husband forgot their anniversary"
acceleratoracelerador (veículo)
accolade [akâleid]prêmio, louvor, elogio = any award, honor, or laudatory notice; "the director won a special accolade for his achievements in film"; "the play received accolades from the press"
accomplish (to) / accomplishment1) realizar; executar; efetuar = to do, to execute, to perform, to carry out = to accomplish a task, to accomplish a project / 2) alcançar = to achieve; to accomplish a goal; to accomplish corporate objectives // realização; feito = achievement
accrue (to)aumentar, acumular = to accumulate; accrued interests = juros acumulados; "interest accrues on a daily basis"
ache / ache (to)dor = pain / doer
acornfruto do carvalho; bolota
acquaint (to) / acquaintedconhecer, inteirar-se // conhecido / to be acquainted with = conhecer (alguém) / to become acquainted with = to get acquianted with = familiarizar-se; "you'd better get acquainted with new computers if you want to keep your job"
actuaryatuário = a person trained in the technical aspects of pensions and insurance
acumensagacidade, perspicácia = sharp or keen insight
adamant (n) / adamant (adj) [adâment]pedra, diamante ou qualquer coisa de extrema dureza = a legendary stone of impenetrable hardness, formerly sometimes identified with the diamond / duro, inflexível, determinado; "I tried to change her mind, but she was adamant"
adhesiveadesivo, aderente / adhesive plaster = esparadrapo, band-aid = sticking plaster
adjourn (to) / adjournment1) adiar = to postpone, to put off / 2) suspender (sessão / reunião) // adiamento = postponement
adoestardalhaço, confusão, barulho = fuss "much ado for nothing"
adriftà deriva; sem rumo; desorientado = without aim, direction, or stability:
affidavit [afideivid]declaração juramentada, depoimento juramentado = a written declaration upon oath made before an authorized official; "the judge questioned the validity of the affidavit"
ail (to) / ailingafligir, doer = to cause pain or trouble; "this medicine is good for what ails you" // 1) enfermo, doente = unhealthy; "ailing Pope" / 2) em dificuldades; "ailing company"; "ailing business"
airborneno ar; em vôo; aerotransportado
aisle1) corredor (avião, teatro) / 2) aleia (jardim) / 3) nave (igreja)
akinsemelhante, parecido = similar
albeit [ólbiât]embora, mesmo assim = although, even if; even though; "he was making progress, albeit rather slowly"
align (to) / alignmentalinhar; "to align IT with business processes is the biggest issue on the CEO agenda" // alinhamento
allot (to) / allotment1) distribuir; repartir / 2) alocar = to allocate; to assign // distribuição, alocação
alloyliga de metal
allure / allure (to) / alluringatração, sedução // atrair, seduzir // atraente, sedutor, tentador
almond [almend]amêndoa [Prunus dulcis]
alphabet / alphabeticalalfabeto / alfabético
amiableamigável, amável, afável
anchorâncora / to cast anchor = lançar âncora / to weigh anchor = levantar âncoras; zarpar
ancillary (adj)auxiliar, subordinado = auxiliary, subordinate
annoy (to) / annoying / annoyanceincomodar, aborrecer, chatear = to bother / irritante / incômodo, aborrecimento = bother
annuityprevidência; renda vitalícia = a contract that provides an income for a specified number of years
antformiga / ant hill = formigueiro
anthemhino = a song of loyalty or devotion / national anthem = hino nacional (obs.: hino religioso = hymn; religious chant)
anticspalhaçadas, travessuras, comportamento tolo = a playful or silly trick; "his antics make the whole family laugh"; "the antics of our political parties"
apemacaco primata, macaco (hominídeo)
apologize (to); apologise (to)
pedir desculpas; desculpar-se
apothecary (arc.)botica = pharmacy / boticário = pharmacist
applianceaparelho doméstico, utensílio = device or apparatus for use in the home, instrument, device; house appliance = eletrodoméstico = household appliance
apprentice [aprentis]aprendiz
arcanearcano, secreto, misterioso, enigmático
Arithmetic / arithmetic; arithmeticalAritmética / aritmética (adj); arithmetic progression
arouse (to)provocar; despertar = to excite; to awaken; to encourage, to stir
arugularúcula = rocket
assail (to) / assailantassaltar, atacar / assaltante, atacante
assassinate (to) / assassination / assassinassassinar = to kill (someone) for hire or from fanaticism / assassinato = murder / assassino = murderer
atlasatlas = book of maps
atonement1) reparação, compensação, reconciliação / 2) redenção, expiação = the reconciliation of God and humankind through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ
attain (to)alcançar; atingir (com esforço) = to achieve; to accomplish; to reach (especially by effort); "to attain the organization goals"
attireroupas, vestimenta, vestuário, traje = clothes, clothing, garment, apparel
augment (to)aumentar = to increase, to enlarge
avail (to)aproveitar = use or take advantage of (an opportunity or available resource); "my daughter did not avail herself of my advice"
avert (to)desviar, evitar
awetemor (respeitoso), reverência = solemn fear
awesome1) apavorante, terrível, impressionante = inspiring or displaying awe, frightening; "the awesome sight of an erupting volcano" // 2) excelente, fantástico, muito legal, = extremely good, terrific; "we had an awesome time" // 3) que barato!, que legal! = great! (coloq.)
awry 1) errado, torto, desarrumado (clothes); despenteado; "his tie was awry = sua gravata estava torta" / 2) incorretamente