babble (to)balbuciar
backerpatrocinador = a person who supports or aids a cause or activity; sponsor
backgammonjogo de gamão
backlogfila de pendências (IT) = a large number of jobs that are waiting to be finished
backofficeretaguarda, setor administrativo (obs.: contrário é front-office); backoffice staff; backoffice system
backwoodsroça; campo; zona rural; sertão = a remote or culturally backward area
bagel [bêgâl]rosca, rosquinha
ban (to)proibir, interditar
banditbandito = robber, outlaw
banquetbanquete = a ceremonial meal for many people; feast
barb / barbedfarpa / farpado; barbed wire = arame farpado
bargebarcaça, chata = a large boat that has a flat bottom and that is used to carry goods in harbors and on rivers and canals
barrenárido, inculto (terra), estéril = having very few plants / barren land = região deserta / barren soil = solo árido
barristeradvogado = a lawyer who may speak in the higher courts
barrow1) carrinho de mão = wheelbarrow; " use a barrow to haul that pile of bricks over here" // 2) morro, monte, colina (UK) // 3) túmulo
barter (n) / barter (to)troca, permuta / trocar, permutar, negociar através de trocas = to trade, to swap
batter (to)bater, espancar = to hit (someone or something) repeatedly; to beat heavily; to smash; "the waves battered against the shoreline"
beacon (n) / beacon (to)farol = lighthouse / iluminar
bead [bid]conta de colar, rosário, etc
beckon (to)1) acenar, fazer gestos, chamar por sinais / 2) atrair
bedrockalicerce, fundamento; "he said that democracy was the bedrock of the country"
beechfaia (Fagus spp.)
behold (to); beheld; beheld (lit.)ver, contemplar, observar
belch (to) / belch (n)arrotar = burp (to) / arroto = burp
belfrycampanário = steeple, church tower
belittle (to)diminuir, depreciar = to underrate, underestimate, to disparage
benchmark; benchmarkingtécnica de comparação e avaliação de empresas, sistemas, produtos ou equipamentos
benefactorbenfeitor = helper
bequeath (to)deixar (em testamento), legar, transmitir (herança); "the king bequeathed the throne to his son"
berth (n) / berth (to)1) beliche = a fixed bed or bunk on a ship, train, or other means of transport / 2) ancoradouro = a ship's allotted place at a wharf or dock; "this port does not provide berths for commercial vessels" // atracar = to moor (a ship) in its allotted place; "the captain berthed the ship"
bestow (to)dar, conceder = to give, to grant
bight [bait]baía, golfo = curve in a coastline
bigot [bigât] / bigotryfanático, preconceituoso = a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices // fanatismo, intolerância
birchbétula (Betula spp.)
bleak1) ermo, desolado, sem vida // 2) desanimador, sombrio; "a bleak outlook = perspectiva sombria"; "dark and bleak winter day = dia escuro e sombrio de inverno"
blemish (to) / blemish (n)manchar; "his reputation was blemished by the scandal" / defeito, mancha = defect, flaw, stain; "it is not unusual for organic fruits to have some blemishes"
bliss / blissfulfelicidade extrema = great happiness / feliz, bem-aventurado = happy, merry
blizzardnevasca = a severe snowstorm that goes on for a long time
blot (n) / blot (to)mancha, borrão (de tinta de escrever), nódoa = spot, stain // 1) manchar = to make a blot; "blotted the paper with a spot of ink" / 2) remover (excesso de tinta, etc) = to soak up (excess ink, etc) by using blotting paper or some other absorbent material
blueprintesquema, planta detalhada = a detailed plan of how to do something
bluff (n) / bluff (to)blefe / blefar
blundererro crasso, gafe, rata, tolice, mancada = stupid mistake; goof
blur (n) / blur (to) / bluryborrão, mancha // embaçar, borrar, tornar indistinto, obscurecer, manchar, enevoar, turvar = to dim, to make indistinct; "the fog blurred the outline of the car" // embaçado (visão); tremido, desfocado (foto)
boardwalkcalçadão, passadiço; "the boardwalk along the seafront is currently being repaired"
boast (to)gabar-se de, vangloriar-se de, jactar-se, contar vantagem, alardear = to brag; "he liked to boast that he was the richest man in town"
bog (n) / bog (to)pântano, brejo, atoleiro, lamaçal = swamp, marsh, mire / atolar
boisterousruidoso, escandaloso, turbulento; "boisterous laughter"
bonfirefogueira = a large fire built in the open air; campfire
boo (n) / boo (to)vaia = hiss // vaiar = to hiss, to hoot
bookish1) estudioso, teórico = greatly enjoying reading or studying; more acquainted with books than with real life; "the bookish life of a university professor" / 2) excessivamente formal = overly formal; "a bookish way of speaking"
boozebebida alcoolica = alcoholic drinks
bottleneckengarrafamento, gargalo = a narrow stretch of road or a junction at which traffic is or may be held up = traffic jam; "the bottleneck on the bridge where tolls are collected"
bountiful1) abundante, farto, copioso = given or existing in large amounts; "a bountiful supply of water" // 2) generoso, liberal = generous
bounty1) generosidade, benevolência, liberalidade // 2) subvenção; subsídio = a reward offered by a government
bourgeoisburguês; classe média = middle class
boycott (n) / boycott (to)boicote // boicotar = to refuse to buy, use, or participate in (something) as a way of protesting
braces1) aparelho de dente (US) = dental appliances used to exert pressure to straighten misaligned teeth / 2) suspensórios (UK) = suspenders (US)
bracket1) colchete = one of two marks, [ or ], used in writing or printing / 2) faixa, intervalo = age bracket = faixa etária = age range; "she is taller than average for her age bracket"
brag (to)gabar-se, contar vantagem = to boast; "he bragged that he had shot a lion"
braidtrança = plat (obs.: ponytail = rabo de cavalo / pigtail= maria-chiquinha)
brainstormingcérebro // brainstorming; sessão de ideias = technique of solving problems and developing ideas
breakevenequilíbrio (entre receitas e despesas) / breakeven point = ponto de equilíbrio
breakthroughavanço significativo em tecnologia; importante descoberta; grande avanço = a sudden increase in knowledge, understanding, etc / breakthrough event = evento revolucionário; "a major breakthrough occurred = ocorreu um grande avanço"; "researchers say they have made a major breakthrough in cancer treatment"
breechescalça curta
brethren (pl. especial de brother)irmãos (sociedade, igreja, etc) = used chiefly in formal or solemn address or in referring to the members of a profession, society, or sect
bribe (n) / bribe (to) / briberysuborno (algo dado como pagamento ilicito) = anything given as illicit payment " to give a bribe to ... " / subornar / ato de subornar; suborno
briefinginstruções, informações = a meeting in which people are given instructions or information; "a press briefing"; "the captain gave his men a full briefing"; "on the basis of this briefing = com base nessas informações!
brimbeira, borda (bowl, cup); aba (hat) = edge, rim, brink; to the brim = até a borda
brinkbeira, borda = edge, brim, rim; on the brink of = à beira de
brisk / brisklyativo, enérgico, vigoroso, rápido = active, nimble, lively, busy, deft; "she walks with a brisk pace" // rapidamente, abruptamente
bristle (n) / bristle (to)1) cerda (escova) / 2) pelos (barba) // atiçar, eriçar
brittlefrágil, quebradiço = fragile, breakable
broil (to)grelhar, assar = to cook directly over a fire; to grill
brood (n) / brood (to)ninhada, prole = a group of young birds (such as chickens) that were all born at the same time // cismar, matutar = to think a lot about something in an unhappy way
brothcaldo = liquid in which meat, fish, cereal grains, or vegetables have been cooked; "chicken broth"; "a delicious broth of onion and fish"
browse (to) / browser1) navegar (Internet) // 2) folhear (livro, etc) = to skim through a book reading passages that catch the eye // 3) olhar sem comprar; dar uma olhada (loja, etc) = to glance goods // 4) pastar = to graze; "the deer were browsing in the meadows" // navegador (Internet)
bruise (to) / bruise (n)machucar, contundir = to wound, to injure / contusão, hematoma, machucado
brunchbrunch = a meal that serves as both breakfast and lunch
buck1) animal macho = a male animal (obs.: doe = fêmea) // 2) dólar; "can't you lend me a few bucks till Saturday?"
bufferqualquer coisa que serve para absorver choques; amortecedor; para-choque; área intermediária = any device that serves to absorb shock
bug1) inseto, besouro, escaravelho // 2) erro, defeito; falha = an error or fault esp in a computer or computer program // 3) grampo (aparelho de escuta) = a concealed microphone used for recording conversations, as in spying
buggycarrinho de bebê = baby carriage; pram (UK)
bulge (n) / bulge (to)inchaço, saliência / inchar
bully (n) / bully (to) / bullyingvalentão // intimidar, ameaçar = to hurt, intimidate, or persecute (a weaker or smaller person) // assédio moral, provocação
bump (n) / bump (to) / bumpy1) choque, baque / 2) inchaço, galo (cabeça) / 3) speed bump = quebra-molas = road hump /// 1) bater em, colidir com, chocar; "I have a bruise from where I bumped my head" / 2) topar com, dar de cara com; "you'll never guess who I bumped into today!" /// esburacado, cheio de buracos; "bumpy road"
bun1) pãozinho, pão doce = roll // 2) bunda, nádegas = buttocks, butt
bungalowbangalô, pequena casa`de campo = a small house or summer cottage
bureaucracy / bureaucraticburocracia = red tape // burocrático; formal = formal; stiff
burglar / burglaryladrão, assaltante, arrombador / assalto, arrombamento
burrowtoca, buraco, cova = a hole or tunnel in the ground that an animal (such as a rabbit or fox) makes to live in or for safe / rabbit's burrow = toca de coelho
bust (n) / bust (to)1) explosão / 2) busto (escultura) / 3) boom and bust cycles = altos e baixos; ciclos de crescimento e queda // 1) explodir = to burst / 2) falir = to go bankrupt, to become bankrupt, to ruin financially = to go bust
bustleanimação, movimento, correria, azáfama / hustle and bustle = grande movimento; confusão e agitação; azáfama; "the hustle and bustle of the big city"
butlermordomo = the chief male servant of a household; "the butler met us at the door"
butt1) bunda = buttocks, bun / 2) toco de cigarro, guimba / 3) coronha (revólver)
buttocksbunda = butt
buzz (to) / buzz (n)1) zumbir / 2) sussurrar // 1) zumbido / 2) sussurro
buzzwordclichê, jargão, termo em voga
bypass (n) / bypass (to)desvio = detour // 1) desviar, dar a volta = to detour around; "a road that bypasses a city" / 2) ignorar regulamentos
byproductsubproduto = spin-off