daffodilnarciso (flor) (Narcissus spp.)
dainty (n) / dainty (adj)guloseima, iguaria fina = something good to eat; a delicacy // 1) delicado, saboroso = tasting good, delicious, tasty; "dainty pastries"; "they served dainty sandwiches" / 2) elegante, gracioso = delicately small and pretty; elegant; "her hair was decorated with dainty pink flowers"; "a dainty lace handkerchief"; "the food was served in dainty portions = a comida foi servida em porções delicadas"
dandeliondente-de-leão (flor) (Taraxacum spp.)
dashboardpainel de instrumentos
dashingelegante, galante = marked by smartness especially in dress and manners; "she married a dashing young lawyer from the city"
daybreaknascer do sol, aurora, alvorada = sunrise, dawn
daydreamfantasia, devaneio = revery
deadlockimpasse, beco sem saída = a situation in which an agreement cannot be made
debatedebate; discussão = discussion
debit (to) / debitdebitar (obs.: to credit = creditar) / débito (obs.: credit = crédito); debit to assets ratio = índice de endividamento
debris escombros, destroços, detritos = the remains of something destroyed; ruins; "the rescue team searched the debris of the bombed building for survivors"
debug (to)localizar e corrigir erros = to detect and remove bugs from
deception / deceptiveengano; tapeação; fraude = act of deceiving; deceit; fraud; falsehood / enganoso; enganador
decline (to)1) diminuir = to become less in amount "prices declined" / 2) descer = to slope downward, descend / 3) recusar = to refuse especially courteously "to decline an invitation"
deduct (to) / deductiblededuzir; "how much of this expense can you deduct from your taxes? // dedutível
deem (to)considerar = to have as an opinion; to consider, to judge; "the council deemed him to be a traitor"
defect (to)desertar, fugir, abandonar / to defect to the enemy = passar para o lado do inimigo; "the spy defected to the West"
defendantréu acusado (obs.: culprit = réu declarado culpado)
defunctextinto = no longer in existence, dead; "defunct law"; "defunct companies"
defy (to) / defiancedesafiar = to challenge, to go against "to defy public opinion" // desafio = = a bold resistance to authority; challenge
delegate (to)delegar = to assign authority to another to act as agent
delugedilúvio, enxurrada, grande quantidade de; "a deluge from the skies"
demise1) morte, falecimento = a euphemistic or formal word for death; "the demise of former great stars"; "she had no property at the time of her demise" // 2) fim = the ending of something, such as by failure or ruin; fall, collapse; "the demise of the Roman Empire"
den1) caverna, covil, toca = the home or shelter of a wild animal; "the lion's den" // 2) cantinho, aposento privativo, refúgio
denounce (to)1) denunciar; "the Assembly denounced the use of violence" / 2) condenar, censurar; "he denounced the plan as a waste of money"
dentamassado, mossa, depressão = small hollow; "there was a dent in the door of the car"
depict (to)1) retratar, pintar = to portray; "the painter depicted Napoleon with his hand inside his shirt" // 2) representar, descrever = to represent, to describe
deploy (to) / deployment1) implementar, implantar, instalar (sistema); "to deploy a system" // 2) desdobrar, distribuir, dispor, disponibilizar // implantação, instalação
depot1) depósito, armazém = a place for storing goods; storehouse, warehouse // 2) garagem de ônibus ou trens (UK) // 3) estação ferroviária (US) = railway station
depreciate (to)depreciar = to lower the value of; to underrate; to undervalue
deprive (to)privar, não ter; deprive of = privar de = to take away from
derail (to) / derailmentdescarrilhar / descarrilhamento
despicabledesprezível = worthy of being despised; contemptible; mean; "despicable traitor" / "Despicable me" = filme "Meu Malvado Favorito"
despise (to)desprezar = to scorn, to disdain, to look down on with contempt or aversion; "I despised their actions"
detach (to) / detachableseparar, desconectar = to separate, to disconnect / destacável
detain (to)1) deter / 2) retardar = to delay
detest (to)detestar, abominar, odiar = to hate, to abominate, to abhor
devaluate (to) / devaluationdesvalorizar // desvalorização
devoiddevoid of = isento de, destituído de
digit / digitize (to)dígito; check-digit = dígito de controle // digitalizar
digress (to)divagar; desviar-se do assunto; sair do assunto = to leave the main theme of a speech or writing
diligentdiligente; aplicado; esforçado = hard-working
dim / dim (to)escuro, sombrio, indistinto, fraco (luz) = not bright; lacking light or strength of light; "dim light"; "a dim room" // diminuir (luz), obscurecer
dimple1) covinha (rosto) / 2) depressão (terreno) = any slight depression in a surface
direhorrível, terrível, medonho, calamitoso / dire straits = apuro, aperto, perrengue = desperate situation
discern (to) / discernment / discerningperceber, discernir // discernimento; perspicácia = clearness in judgement; sharpness; insight // sagaz, perspicaz = keen of mind, perceptive, having good judgement; "she has a discerning eye for good art"
disclose (to) / disclosurerevelar, divulgar = to uncover, to reveal, to announce // revelação;divulgação, liberação / non-disclosure agreement = acordo de não divulgação
disconnect (to)desligar; desconectar
discreetdiscreto = prudent; careful in speech and conduct
discreteseparado; descontínuo = separate; detached; discontinuous; "the college was reorganized into six discrete departments"
disdain / disdain (to)desprezo, desdém = scorn, contempt; "they treat all their servants with complete disdain" / desdenhar, desprezar = to scorn
disentangle (to)1) desembaraçar (wool, wire) / 2) desvencilhar (from wreckage) / 3) descomplicar
dismay (n) / dismay (to)desânimo, desalento = sudden or complete loss of courage / / desanimar; "the child's grades dismayed his parents"
disparatedíspar, diferente "seemingly disparate elements"
dispatch (n) / dispatch (to)despacho; expedição; remessa = dispatching / despachar (mensagem; noticias); mandar
disperse (to) / dispersal1) espalhar (objetos) / 2) dispersar (multidão) // dispersão
disposabledescartável = discardable / disposable diaper = fralda descartável
disrupt (to) / disruptioninterromper; "our meeting was disrupted by the phone ringing"; "the weather disrupted our travel plans" // interrupção de serviços; interrompimento; "the company apologized for the disruption to the services due to maintenance works"
distort (to) / distortion / distorteddistorcer / distorção / distorcido; deturpado
distractiondistração (falta de concentração); "it's hard to write in a café, with so many distractions"
distrust / distrust (to)desconfiança = lack of trust / desconfiar de
diversion 1) diversão = amusement, pastime "movies are his favorite diversion"// 2) desvio = a detour on a highway or road
divert (to) desviar = to turn aside; to turn from the road; to deviate
dividenddividendo (ações) = sum paid to stockholders; dividends on preferred shares
dodgysuspeito, perigoso, arriscado, não seguro = suspicious, risky, dangerous, not reliable; "dodgy place"; "dodgy situation"
doefêmea de vários animais (veado, coelho, canguru); (obs.: buck = macho)
donut; doughnutrosquinha de massa frita
doodle (to) / doodle (n)rabiscar = to draw or scribble idly / rabisco
doom (n) / doom (to)destino, julgamento final = fate; destiny / doomsday = Juízo Final // condenar / to be doomed to = estar destinado a, estar fadado a
dope (n) / dope (to) / doping
1) droga, maconha = a narcotic or illegal drug, marijuana // 2) dica, macete = information; "what's the latest dope?" // dopar, drogar = to drug // doping = illegal drug-taking (sports); "one of the cyclists was disqualified for doping"
dough massa de farinha; massa para cozinhar; "the baker shaped the dough and left it to rise"
dowry dote = the money, goods, etc., that a wife brings to her husband at marriage
drawback1) obstáculo; empecilho; desvantagem / 2) reembolso de direitos alfandegários
dread (n) / dread (to) / dreadfulpavor, horror = terror // temer, recear // 1) pavoroso, terrível = causing great and oppressive fear; awful; "dreadful storm"; "a dreadful accident" / 2) horroroso, horrível = extremely bad, distasteful, unpleasant, shocking; "dreadful idea"; "dreadful behavior"; "dreadful scandal"; "a dreadful hat"
dreary1) sombrio, triste, melancólico = gloomy, drab; "dreary day"; "it was a gray, dreary morning" / 2) monótono, chato = boring; "dreary work"
drizzle (n) / drizzle (to)garoa, chuvisco / garoar, chuviscar
dub (to)1) dublar = to provide (a motion-picture film) with a new sound track and especially dialogue in a different language "a dubbed film" // 2) apelidar
dudecara = man, guy, fellow; "he's a cool dude = ele é um cara legal"; "ask that dude over there"
dummy (n) / dummy (adj)1) imbecil, idiota = a stupid person; fool // 2) manequim; "there were three dummies in the shop window" // 3) chupeta (criança) = pacefier // simulado, fictício; dummy data = dados simulados; "the researchers used dummy statistics to run the model"
duskcrepúsculo, anoitecer = sunset, twilight
dwell (to) / dwelling / dwellermorar, habitar = to live as a resident // moradia; habitação // morador, habitante = inhabitant
dye (n) / dye (to)tinta, corante, tintura (cabelo) / tingir (cabelo)