canopycopa de árvore
canteencantil = a flask for carrying liquids (as on a hike)
carnationcravo (flor) (Dianthus caryophyllus)
cartoncaixa de papelão = cardboard box
cashew caju
caskbarril, tonel = a container like a barrel, for holding alcoholic drinks
cassavamandioca, aipim = manioc (Manihot esculenta)
catchycativante, apelativo = pleasing and easily remembered; likely to attract interest or attention; "catchy tune"
caveatadvertência = warning, caution; "a quick caveat: be sure of the reliability of your data"
chant (n) / chant (to)canto, cântico = a short, simple melody or song, such as a religious song // / entoar, cantar
chaplaincapelão = member of the clergy who serves with a military unit, or who works with the chapel of a college or hospital.
charcoalcarvão de lenha; carvão vegetal
chariotbiga, carro de combate = a light, horse-drawn vehicle, usually two-wheeled and having room for two standing riders, used in battle, races; "chariots of fire"
chaste [cheist] / chastitycasto / castidade
chayotechuchu = choko (Australia), christophene [Sechium edule]
checkered; chequeredquadriculado; "a checkered fabric"
checkersjogo de damas
chevrongalão, divisa, insígnia em formato de V = a shape, pattern, or object in the form of a V or an upside-down V
chivescebolinha (Allium fistulosum)
chokochuchu = chayote, christophene [Sechium edule]
chores [tchór]tarefa, trabalho doméstico = a small routine task, especially a domestic one / household chores = tarefas domésticas
christophenechuchu = chayote, choko [Sechium edule]
churn (to)1) bater leite, fazer manteiga = to shake, beat, or stir vigorously to make into butter; "to churn butter" // 2) agitar (mar; líquido)
cider [saidâr]sidra; bebida de maçãa = the juice pressed from apples.
cipher [saifâr]cifra = any of the Arabic numerals or figures
circumferencecircunferência = the length of a line that that makes a circle; "the circumference of a circle is equal to ? times the diameter"
clad in (to clothe, clad, clad)vestido de
claimantreclamante, requerente
clammarisco, molusco
cleave (to); cleft or cleaved; cleft or cleaved partir, fender, dividir = to split; "he cleaved the wood in two pieces"
cleave (to); cleaved; cleaved1) aderir, apegar-se = to stick closely to; to cling; "his tongue cleaved to the roof of his mouth" / 2) ser fiel = to remain faithful; "to cleave to one's principles"
cleftrachadura, fenda, fissura
clench (to)1) apertar, cerrar / 2) trincar (dentes)
cling (to); clung; clung1) aderir, apegar-se = to hold fast or adhere closely; to stay very close to someone for emotional support; to cleave; "he clung to his friends for support" // 2) grudar = to stick to; "the odor clung to the room for hours"
cobble; cobblestonepedra arredondada para pavimentação = a rounded stone used for paving; "a sidewalk paved with cobblestones"
cocoon (n) / cocoon (to)casulo / fechar-se num casulo = to wrap in a cocoon
cogroda dentada; cremalheira / cog locomotive = locomotiva de cremalheira; cog railway = ferrovia de cremalheira; cogwheel train = trem de cremalheira
coleslaw; slawsalada de repolho
collagecolagem; "collage is suitable for a children's art class"
collate (to)1) comparar, examinar, conferir = to compare carefully; "collate our findings and see what similarities there are" / 2) pôr em ordem, arrumar, organizar; "please collate these copies and staple them"
complexiontez, cútis = the natural color, texture, and appearance of the skin, especiallyof the face
con (to)enganar, tapear, fraudar, trapacear; "he conned elderly people out of thousands of dollars"
concurrenceconcorrência; ocorrência simultânea; simultaneidade = simultaneous occurrences; (obs.: concorrência nos negócios = competition)
condominiumcondomínio = complex; individual ownership of a unit in a multiunit structure (as an apartment building) or on land owned in common (as a town house complex);
conspícuo, visível, notável = outstanding; striking; remarkable
conundrumenigma, charada, adivinhação = a riddle whose answer involves a pun
contend (to)lutar, competir = to contest, to struggle
contentious1) contencioso, litigioso; "contentious issues" / 2) argumentador, briguento
convene (to)convocar, reunir
convolutedcomplicado, enrolado (estilo), intrincado, confuso = difficult to comprehend; very complicated and difficult to understand; "convoluted answers to simple questions"
convoycomboio, escolta = a group of vehicles traveling together, especially for protection
copydeskseção de revisão (jornal)
copywriterredator de publicidade = a person who writes the text of advertisements or publicity material
coriandercoentro (Coriandrum sativum)
cornerstonepedra fundamental, base, fundamento; "the speed of light as a constant is the cornerstone of Einstein's theories"
cotcama de campanha
cougar1) puma, onça / 2) mulher com parceiros mais jovens = woman in her 30s or 40s who actively pursues casual sexual relationships with young men
counterfeit (n) / counterfeit (to) / counterfeit (adj)
falsificação, imitação // falsificar = to make imitations of coins, bills, pictures, etc / to counterfeit money = to reproduce money // falsificado, falso = false; untrue; fake
1) contrapartida // 2) correspondente (em função) // 3) cópia de contrato // 4) sósia = a person or thing identical to or closely resembling another
courgetteabobrinha (UK) (obs.: zucchini - US)
covenantacordo, pacto, convênio, contrato = formal agreement
coytímido = shy; "she gave the prince a coy little smile"
crackle (to)estalar, crepitar = to make slight, sudden, sharp noises; "the campfire crackled in the night"
craftworkartesanato = handicraft, workmanship
craftyastuto, malandro, esperto = skillful in dishonest schemes; artful, cunning, sly, tricky, wily
cranberry, oxicoco, arando (Vaccinium oxycoccos)
crap (n) / crap (to) / crappy
1) bosta, merda = excrement / 2) droga, porcaria = something of extremely poor quality; nonsense, rubbish; "I cleaned my room and threw away a bunch of crap" // cagar, defecar; "my dog crapped on the street, but I cleaned it all up" // de baixa qualidade; ruim, porcaria; "crappy software; crappy wine"
crave (to)to crave for = desejar, almejar, ansiar por = to long for; to desire eagerl; "like many celebrities, he craves attention"
crèche1) presépio (US) = a representation of Mary, Joseph, and others around the crib of Jesus in the stable at Bethlehem / 2) creche (UK) = day nursery
creepyassustador, arrepiante, horripilante = causing people to feel nervous and afraid; scary; frightful; frightening; spooky; eerie; "creepy movies"; "creepy ghost story"
crestcrista, pico, cume = the highest point or level
crib1) berço = cradle // 2) presépio (UK) = a representation of the manger in which the infant Jesus was laid at birth; crèche (US)
crimsoncarmim, carmesim, rubro
crouch (to)agachar = to squat
crumb (n) / crumble (to)migalha // 1) esfarelar, esmigalhar / 2) desmoronar, desintegrar-se, esfacelar (stocks, shares)
crunch (to) / crunch (n) / crunchymastigar; esmagar = to scrunch // aperto, situação difícil / crocante = crisp, crispy
cubfilhote = a young carnivorous mammal (as a bear, fox, or lion)
cuddle (n) / cuddle (to)abraço, afago = hug, embrace / abraçar, afagar = to hug tenderly
cue (n) / cue (to)
deixa (teatro) = a signal (as a word, phrase) to a performer to begin a specific speech or action; a hint; "the gunshot is your cue to enter" / dar deixa; preparar
culpritculpado (réu declarado culpado); criminoso / (obs.: defendant = réu acusado)
cumbersomepesado, desajeitado, incômodo = ackward
curb; kerb (n) / curb (to)1) meio-fio; "they sat on the curb eating their ice cream" / 2) freio, restrição = anything that restrains or controls // frear, desacelerar
curd / curdle (to)coalhada = coagulated milk / coalhar, azedar, talhar (leite)
curl (n) / curl (to) / curling
cacho (cabelo) = a coil or small ring of hair / enrolar, enroscar, encaracolar / enrolado, encaracolado
currantgroselha = gooseberry (Ribes spp.)
cutbackredução = reduction (preços; despesas; produção)
cutletcosteleta = a slice of meat, especially of veal, for broiling or frying; chop