easelcavalete (suporte para telas) = a frame for supporting an artist's painting
eaterylanchonete = snack bar; cafeteria, diner
ebb1) maré baixa = ebb tide; low tide / (obs.: maré alta = high tide; full tide ) // 2) declínio = decline, decay
ediblecomestível = eatable; "some mushrooms are edible, others are poisonous; it's important to know the difference"
eerie / eerily
misterioso, estranho = weird; "an eerie feeling in the graveyard"; "the sound of the church bells seemed eerie" // misteriosamente, estranhamente, sinistramente; "the aisles in the dark library were eerily quiet"
eggplantberinjela / (obs.: aubergine - UK)
elapse (to)
decorrer ; passar (tempo)/ elapsed days = dias decorridos/ elapsed time = tempo decorrido
elfduende = goblin, sprite
elmolmo, ulmeiro (Ulmus spp.)
embargoembargo, interdição
embody (to)incorporar, personificar = to incorporate
empower (to)dar força a; capacitar, emponderar
enact (to)1) pôr em vigor, promulgar, decretar (leis) / 2) representar (teatro); fazer um papel (role)
enclosure1) anexo / 2) cercado = an enclosed area, esp. a piece of land surrounded by a fence
encode (to)
encompass (to)abranger; incluir = to contain, to include, to cover
encrypt (to) / encryption
criptografar (obs.: decriptografar = to decrypt) / criptografia
endorse (to) / endorsementendossar = to write a signature on the back of a check or document / endosso
enlighten (to) / enlightment
iluminar / iluminação
entail (to)
acarretar, ocasionar; "this project will entail a lot of work"
equity1) equidade; igualdade; justiça = fairness and justice // 2) patrimônio; stockholders' equity = patrimônio líquido / equity share = participação patrimonial, participação acionária / return on equity = retorno sobre patrimônio; "to build equity = construir patrimônio"
erect (to)erigir, levantar = to raise to an upright position
erode (to)corroer, causar erosão
errandincumbência, recado, mensagem = a short trip to accomplish a certain purpose; "I have to do a few errands for my mother" / to run errands = levar recado / errand boy = mensageiro
erroneouserrado = wrong, incorrect
escort / escort (to)
escolta, acompanhante, séquito = a person or group accompanying another for protection, guidance, or courtesy / escoltar, acompanhar
evade (to) / evasion1) evadir, escapar, evitar / 2) sonegar (imposto) = to dodge // evasão, sonegação / income tax evasion = sonegação de IR
excel (to)superar, ser superior a = to surpass, to be superior to; "she excels everyone else in sports"
exempt (to) / exemption / exemptisentar / isenção / isento
expel (to)expulsar, expelir
exquisiterequintado = fine, elegant, refined
extantsubsistente, sobrevivente, ainda existente = still in existence; surviving; "there are three extant copies of the document"
extinguish (to)
extinguir = to put out (a light, flames, etc); to cause the end or death of (something)