fadmania, modismo = something (such as an interest or fashion) that is very popular for a short time
fag1) bicha, gay = faggot / 2) cigarro (UK)
fallbackreserva, situação de emergência, plano alternativo = an alternative plan that may be used in an emergency
falsehoodmentira, falsidade = lie; "the line between truth and falsehood"
famine [fâmin]fome, inanição, penúria = food shortage; hunger
fart / fart (to)peido / peidar
fathom (to) / fathom1) entender, compreender / 2) sondar; "the ship was on a mission to fathom some of the deepest parts of the ocean" // braça (medida náutica)
fennelerva-doce; funcho
feud [fiud]1) inimizade, disputa, rixa = quarrel, a lasting state of hostilities between families or clans marked by violent attacks for revenge // 2) feudo = fee, fief / feudal system, feudalism
fiancé / fiancéenoivo = a man engaged to be married; engaged / noiva = a woman engaged to be married; engaged
fiber [faiber]fibra = a slender filament; fiber optics = fibra ótica; fiber-optic cable = cabo de fibra ótica
fiddle / fiddlerviolino = violin // violinista
fidelityfidelidade, lealdade = loyalty; "dogs are known for their fidelity to their masters"
fieryardente, fogoso, impetuoso
fir; fir treeabeto (Abies spp.)
fireflyvagalume, pirilampo = glow-worm; lightning bug
flankflanco, lado
flap / flap (to)aba, borda = an extended part forming the closure (as of an envelope or carton); "he folded down the flap and sealed the envelope" // bater as asas; "the bat flapped its wings"
flare (n) / flare (to)1) clarão; "there was a bright flare in the distance"// 2) sinal luminoso; sinalizador; "the lost hiker shot a flare into the sky" // fazer clarão = to shine or burn suddenly and briefly
flaskfrasco = a broad flattened necked vessel used especially to carry alcoholic beverages on the person; vacuum flask = garrafa térmica = thermos
flatter (to) / flatteringelogiar demasiado; adular, puxar o saco / lisonjeiro
flaxlinho (planta) (Linum usitatissimum)
flee (to); fled; fledfugir = to run away
flicker (to) / flicker (n)cintilar, tremeluzir / centelha; "the flicker of a candle flame caught our eyes"
fling (to); flung; flung / fling (n)lançar, arremessar = to throw, to hurl, to toss; "they flung their hats into the air" // caso amoroso = love affair
flip (to)lançar, atirar ao ar = to throw, to toss; "to flip a coin"
flip-flopsandalia de dedo, sandalia rasteirinha = thong
flippernadadeira, pé-de-pato
flop (n) / flop (to)fracasso; malogro = a total failure // 1) deixar cair; "he flopped down onto the bed" / 2) fracassar = to fail completely; "all of their attempts have flopped miserably"
floppymole; macio, flexível = being both soft and flexible
fluffyfofo, macio, felpudo, peludo // fluffy toy = brinquedo de pelúcia
flunk (to)1) falhar; ser reprovado (exame); levar bomba = to fail in an examination; "if I flunk this class, I have to take it over again"; to flunk out = ser reprovado, abandonar estudos / 2) reprovar "the teacher had to flunk two students"
fodderforragem; comida para gado = coarse food for livestock
foeinimigo = ennemy
foil / foil (to)papel de alumínio; folha metálica; "she wrapped the potatoes in foil and roasted them on the fire" / aluminum foil = papel alumínio = kitchen foil // frustrar, estragar; "the bad weather foiled his plans"
folder1) pasta de papéis / 2) folheto; prospecto = leaflet
footagecomprimento em pés
ford / ford (to)vau = a place where a river can be crossed by wading / vadear, atravessar a vau
foregoingprecedente, anterior
foregroundprimeiro plano; (obs.: oposto é background)
foreman1) chefe de turma; mestre de obra; capataz; feitor = a person in charge of a group of workers
foremostprimeiro; proeminente = superior; principal
foresee (to) / foreseen / foresightprever, predizer = to forecast / previsto = anticipated, expected, forecasted, predicted / previsão = forecast
forge (to) / forgery / forgedforjar, falsificar = to change a document / falsificação / falsificado = fake, counterfeit
forthcomingpróximo, vindouro, que está para aparecer = upcoming, approaching
fortressforte, fortaleza = stronghold
foster (to)1) alimentar; nutrir = to feed, to nourish, to nurture // 2) apoiar, encorajar / 3) promover (atividade)
fowl [faul]ave doméstica = a domestic hen or rooster; chicken, turkey, pheasant
foyervestíbulo, saguão
freak (adj) / freak (n) / freak (to)1) esquisito, excêntrico / 2) anormal, monstro; freak show = show de horror // 1) aberração, anomalia / 2) esquisitão, fanático // pirar, surtar
free lance; freelancer trabalhador autônomo = self-employed
frenzyfrenesi, agitação
friarfrei, frade
frogrã; (obs.: toad = sapo)
frown (to) / frown (n)franzir as sobrancelhas; franzir o rosto; fazer cara feia; "she frowned as she tried to work out the difficult equation" / carranca, cara feia; "a frown of disapproval"
fruitlessinfrutífero, em vão; "his fruitless attempts to publish poetry"
fulfill (to) / fulfillmentcumprir, satisfazer, atender; to fulfill a promise = cumprir uma promessa; to fulfill a word = cumprir palavra; to fulfill requirements = cumprir requisitos, cumprir exigências = to meet requirements // cumprimento, atendimento; order fulfillment = atendimento de pedido
funnel1) funil // 2) chaminé de navio = a smokestack (steamship)
furnish (to)1) fornecer = to provide; to supply; to furnish information // 2) mobiliar; furnished house = casa mobiliada
fuzzyindistinto (foto) = lacking in clarity or definition "moving the camera causes fuzzy photos"