gadgetdispositivo, aparelho, engenhoca = an often small mechanical or electronic device with a practical use
gag / gag (to)1) mordaça = something put into a person's mouth to prevent speech, shouting, etc / 2) censura = any forced suppression of free speech; "a gag on war reporting" // 1) amordaçar / 2) censurar
galley1) cozinha de navio ou de avião = the kitchen and cooking apparatus especially of a ship or airplane // 2) galera (navio antigo)
gallowsforca = a wooden structure used for hanging criminals
galore à beça, em abundância (obs.: colocado após o substantivo); "food galore at the party"; "cards galore"; "there were daffodils galore in the park = havia narcisos em abundância no parque"
garlandcoroa de flores; guirlanda, grinalda = wreath
garmentroupa, vestuário = clothes, apparel, attire, outfit
garnishguarnição (comida) = something placed around or on a food or in a beverage to add flavor, decorative color, etc.
gasp (to)arfar, arquejar, suspirar
gaunt1) magro, esquelético, abatido; "he looked extremely gaunt and said he hadn't been feeling well" / 2) árido, desolado; "the gaunt, windy hillside seemed like an awful place to live"
gauntlet1) luva industrial = any of various protective gloves used especially in industry / 2) luva medieval, manopla
gauze gaze
geek gênio da computação, nerd = an enthusiast or expert especially in a technological field or activity; "computer geek"
Geometry / geometricGeometria / geométrico; geometric progression = progressão geométrica
geraniumgerânio [Geranium spp. / Pelargonium spp.]
ghastlyhorrível, horroroso, pavoroso, apavorante, fantasmagórico, macabro = very bad, frightful, dreadful, terrifying, grim; "a ghastly murder"
glandglândula / sweat glans
glare / glare (to)brilho, clarão, fulgor / ofuscar, brilhar
glassyvidrado, vítreo; "the surface of the lake that morning was smooth and glassy"
gleam / gleam (to) / gleamingbrilho / brilhar, reluzir "a light gleamed in the distance" / brilhante, reluzente
glee / gleefulalegria, satisfação, contentamento = joy, mirth, gaiety, cheerfulness, gladness / alegre = glad, cheerful, jolly, merry, joyful, joyous, mirthful
glide (to) / gliderdeslizar = to slide // planador = aircraft without motor
glimmer / glimmer (to)luz trêmula, luzinha, lampejo / tremeluzir, bruxulear
glint (to)brilhar, reluzir, cintilar, lampejar
glitter / glitter (to) / glitteringpurpurina = tiny pieces of shiny decorative material used for ornamentation, as on the skin // reluzir, brilhar, cintilar // brilhante, resplandecente
glossaryglossário = an alphabetical list of terms peculiar to a field of knowledge with definitions or explanations
glossy (adj) / glossy (n)brilhante; lustroso, polido, acetinado; "glossy paper"; "glossy hair" // revista = a magazine printed on glossy paper, expensively produced with many color photographs; "we leafed through the glossies at the newsstand, admiring the women in fancy dresses"
glow-wormvagalume, pirilampo = firefly
gnaw (to)roer = to bite or chew on, especially for a long time without stopping; "the dog gnawed the bone"
gobletcálice, taça = a drinking glass with a base and stem
goblinduende, elfo = an ugly and sometimes evil creature that likes to cause trouble; elf, sprite
gogglesóculos de proteção; óculos de mergulho
godfather1) padrinho (criança) = a man who serves as sponsor for a child, such as at a baptism / 2) padrinho (Máfia) = the head of a Mafia family
goofgafe, rata, mancada = silly mistake; blunder
go-betweenintermediário = intermediary; middleman; jobber
gorgedesfiladeiro, garganta; "there is a deep gorge a few miles north of town"
grapefruittoranja, toronja
gratuitygorjeta = tip
gravel cascalho = pebble
gravymolho de carne
graze (to)pastar = to feed on growing herbage, to browse
grease / grease (to) / greasygordura; graxa // lubrificar; engraxar // gorduroso
grill / grill (to) / grilledgrelha // grelhar = to broil // grelhado
grimace / grimace (to)careta // fazer careta = to make faces
grin / grin (to)1) sorriso largo; broad grin = sorriso amplo / 2) riso forçado // 1) sorrir abertamente = to smile widely; "she grined at her guest" / 2) sorrir forçadamente, arreganhar os dentes
grosslydemasiadamente, excessivamente
grottogruta, caverna
growl (to) / growl
rosnar, rugir / rosnado, rugido
grubbysujo, encardido, imundo
grudgeantipatia, rancor, má-vontade, ressentimento = ill-will, dislike / to hold a grudge against = guardar rancor de
grueling; gruellingcansativo, exaustivo, penoso, extenuante
gruesomeabominável, horrível, medonho; "a gruesome murder"
grumble (to)resmungar = to mutter; to mumble
grumpyranzinza, rabugento, resmungão = having a bad temper or complaining often
gullyrego, valeta = small valley, ditch
gum1) gengiva = gums // 2) goma de mascar = chewing gum / bubble gum = chiclete de bola // 3) goma de árvore, látex // 4) eucalipto = gum tree (Eucalyptus spp.)
gut1) intestino, tripa = bowels // 2) coragem // 3) parte essencial; "the guts of a problem"
gymnastics; gym ginástica = physical exercise; workout
gypsy cigano