hackerpirata (computador) = a person who secretly gets access to a computer system in order to get information, cause damage, etc.
hallow (to) santificar, consagrar; "to hallow the name of the Lord"
hallmark1) selo de qualidade, chancela = a mark or device placed or stamped on an article of trade to indicate origin, purity, or genuineness / 2) característica própria, marca exclusiva = a quality, ability, etc., that is typical of a particular person or thing; "the murder bore all the hallmarks of a serial killer's work"
hallwaycorredor = a corridor, as in a building.
hamletaldeia, lugarejo
hammockrede (de deitar) = a bed of canvas or cord that hangs between two supports
hamper (to)dificultar, impedir, prejudicar = to block; to bar; to hinder, to impede, to prevent, to set back
handlebarguidom (bicicleta, moto)
handout1) doação (money, food), donativo, contribuição // 2) folheto, documento (distribuído aos participantes de curso, palestra, conferência, etc) = a document that is given to people; meeting handout
harass (to) / harassmentassediar, importunar = to annoy persistently / assédio, hostilização; sexual harassment = assédio sexual
harness (n) / harness (to)arreio (animal) // 1) arrear, colocar arreios / 2) utilizar, aproveitar = to use (something) for a particular purpose; "the boy who harnessed the wind"
hash (n) / hash (to)1) picadinho, guisado / hash house = pé-sujo = cheap restaurant; "I ate dinner in a hash house near the station" // 2) simbolo de "número" = the character (#) used to precede a number // picar, cortar carne = to chop into small pieces
hassle (n) / hassle (to)problema, transtorno, chateação = irritating inconvenience; "getting through airport security is always a hassle"; "flight delays and other hassles of holiday travel" // chatear, incomodar
haunt (to) / haunted1) assombrar (fantasma) / 2) perseguir (problem, memory); "he was haunted by the fear of insanity" // mal-assombrado; "haunted house"; "the old hotel was scary and probably haunted"
havocestrago, destruição = ravages, ruin
hawk (n) / hawk (to) / hawkerfalcão, gavião // vender mercadorias na rua // vendedor ambulante; mascate = a person who offers goods for sale by shouting his or her wares in the street or going from door to door; peddler
haze / hazynévoa, neblina, nevoeiro, bruma, cerração = fog, mist; "the mountain was barely visible through the haze" // nebuloso, nublado
hazelnutavelã (Corylus avellana)
hearsayboato, rumor = rumor; "I don't believe it, it's merely hearsay"
hearth1) lareira = the floor in front of or inside a fireplace; "they swept the ashes from the hearth" / 2) lar (fig.) = home
heathen1) pagão = pagan / 2) bárbaro, selvagem
helmleme, timão = a wheel by which a ship is steered
hemp1) maconha / 2) cânhamo = plant widely grown for its fiber and for the drugs that can be made from it.
herb erva
hermit / hermitageeremita / eremitério, monastério
heydayépoca áurea
hiccup (n) / hiccup (to)soluço (espasmo do diafragma) // soluçar (obs.: to sob = soluçar - choro)
hijack (to) / hijacker
sequestrar (avião) / sequestrador (avião)
hike (to) / hike (n) / hikercaminhar, fazer trilha / caminhada / caminhante; "the hikers rested next to the stream"
hind 1) traseiro = situated in the rear or at the back; "the hind legs of an animal" // 2) corça = the female of the deer
hinder (to) / hindranceimpedir, obstruir, pôr obstáculos, atrapalhar, estorvar, dificultar,prejudicar = to block, to bar, to hamper, to impede, to prevent, to set back // obstáculo, embaraço, estorvo = obstacle, difficulty, barrier, hurdle
hiss (to) / hiss (n)1) assobiar, sibilar = to whistle / 2) vaiar = to boo, to hoot // 1) assobio, sibilo / 2) vaia = boo, hoot //
hitchhike (to) // hitchhike (n)pedir carona, pegar carona, viajar de carona = to travel by obtaining free lifts in motor vehicles // carona = to travel by securing free rides from passing vehicles
hoarse / hoarsenessrouco / rouquidão
hoax (n) / hoax (to)trote, brincadeira = an act intended to trick; "the bomb threat was just a hoax" / dar trote
hogporco = a pig or a swine, especially. one grown for eating
hoist (to)içar = to raise, to lift
honk (n) / honk (to)
buzina = horn / buzinar = to blow the horn; to sound the horn
hoof (n) / hoof (to)pata, casco de animal (boi, cavalo, etc) // andar a pé = to walk, to go on foot; "our car ran out of gas so we had to hoof it to the gas station
hookerprostituta, puta = whore, slut, call-girl
hooligandesordeiro, delinqüente
hop (to) / hop (n)pular, saltar = to leap, to jump / to hop on = entrar ônibus, etc; to hop off = sair ônibus, etc / hop-on hop-off bus // 1) pulo, salto / 2) lúpulo (Humulus lupulus)
hosemangueira de regar = garden hose
hostelalbergue, abrigo, pensão
houndcão de caça, sabujo = a breed of dog used in hunting
howdyei, oi, olá = hello
howl (to) / howl (n) uivar, ganir / uivo, ganido
hubcapcalota (roda)
huematiz, tom, nuance de cor = gradation of color; tint; "pale hues"
hum (n) / hum (to)zumbido / zumbir
hush (n) / hush (to)1) silêncio, quietude = silence; stillness / 2) Hush! = Silêncio! Psiu! (interj) // 1) calar a boca; fazer silêncio = to cause to become silent or quiet; "the teacher said: hush everyone, I'm trying to explain" // 2) acalmar, aquietar = to make calm
hustle (n) / hustle (to)agitação, atividade febril / hustle and bustle = grande movimento; confusão e agitação; azáfama; "the hustle and bustle of the big city" // empurrar; apressar = to shove; to hurry
hymn hino de igreja = a song of praise to God