idiomsexpressões idiomáticas
immaterialirrelevante, pouco importante = unimportant
imp1) menino travesso, diabinho, pestinha / 2) demônio, espírito mau = a small demon or devil; mischievous sprite
impair (to) / impairedprejudicar, enfraquecer, debilitar = to make (something) weaker or worse; to damage, to injure, to mar, to spoil; "his hearing was impaired by an accident"; "smoking can impair your health" / deficiente, debilitado = handicapped
inceptioncomeço, origem = beginning ; "since its inception, the business has expanded"
incumbent1) ocupante, titular = a person who holds a particular office or position / 2) to be incumbent on = ser obrigatório, caber a ...; competir a ... ; "it's incumbent on him ... = cabe a ele ..."; "it's incumbent on us to take action = cabe a nós tomar uma ação"
indecentindecente, obsceno, sujo = nasty, filthy, obscene, lewd
indict (to) / indictmentacusar = to accuse, to charge with a crime / acusação, denúncia
indulge (to) / indulgent1) fazer a vontade; mimar = to yield to the wishes of (someone); "her parents indulge her too much"; "she just wants your attention; don't indulge her" / 2) satisfazer-se; permitir-se = to allow (oneself) to follow one's will, wishes, or desires; "as it was a special occasion, I decided to indulge my desire for a glass of champagne" // indulgente, tolerante, complacente
infamousinfame = deserving of or causing an evil reputation; "the infamous crime boss was finally sent to prison"
infatuation / infatuatedpaixão desenfreada / infatuated with = apaixonado por
infer (to) / inferenceinferir; deduzir; concluir = to conclude by reasoning from premises or evidence / inferência
influenzagripe = flu
ingeniousengenhoso, inventivo; "an ingenious mechanic"
inlaidincrustado = set into the surface of something:
installment; instalmentprestação; parcela / on installment = a prestação; monthly installment
integernúmero inteiro = whole number, not a fraction
intentionalintencional; propositado
inter (to)enterrar, sepultar = to place (a dead body) in a grave or tomb; to bury
interlace (to)entrelaçar = intertwine; "they interlaced their hands together"
interminableinterminável = endless
intern / internship
estagiário = trainee; a student or recent graduate who works for a period of time at a job in order to get experience / estágio = traineeship
intoxicatedbêbado, alcoolizado = drunk
irisíris (flor)
irk (to) / irksomeirritar, aborrecer = to annoy, to bother, to irritate, to vex / cansativo, aborrecido
irritate (to)irritar, aborrecer = to annoy, to bother, to irk, to vex
itch (n) / itch (to)coceira, comichão; "he had an itch where the mosquito bit him" // 1) coçar = to have or feel a tingling irritation of the skin that causes a desire to scratch the part affected; "my skin itches"; "this shirt itches me" / 2) estar louco para; ansiar; "I'm itching for the summer holidays to start!"
itineraryitinerário; roteiro = travel plan; route