jabmurro, golpe
janitorzelador = caretaker
jeopardy / jeopardize (to)perigo, risco = danger, risk, hazard, peril; "his health was in jeopardy" / arriscar
jerk (1) / jerk (to) / jerky (adj)
1) solavanco, sacudida, puxão; "the train started with a jerk" / 2) idiota, babaca = a foolish, stupid person // knee jerk = reflexo do joelho // sacudir, dar solavanco, puxar rapidamente / to jerk off = masturbar // agitado, convulsivo, espasmódico = having or moving with jerks or sudden starts; "jerky movements"

jerk (2) ; jerky (2)
carne seca, charque = meat, especially beef, that has been cut in strips and preserved by drying in the sun
jingle( to) / jingle (n)
tinir, retinir, ressoar // 1) tinido / 2) jingle; curta mensagem; "that new toothpaste jingle is awfully catchy"
jog (to) / jog; (n); jogging
fazer cooper; fazer jogging // corrida leve; caminhada a passos rápidos (exercício);cooper = running at a slow regular pace usually over a long distance as part of an exercise routine
jot (to)
rabiscar, anotar = to write briefly or hurriedly; "he paused to jot a few notes on a slip of paper" / to jot down = anotar = to write down
joyousalegre, feliz, jubiloso = glad, cheerfel,jolly; "the joyous sounds of children at play"
juggle (to) / jugglerfazer malabarismos // malabarista
colete, blusa sem mangas, suéter = a pullover sweater