kernel1) núcleo, cerne = nucleus of anything, core // 2) caroço de fruta = seed, pit
kinparentes = a group of persons of common ancestry, clan; = relatives
jardim de infância
kinky1) excêntrico, pervertido, depravado (sexo) = marked by unconventional sexual preferences or behavior, as fetishism, sadomasochism, etc / 3) encaracolado, encarapinhado, pixaim, crespo (cabelo)
quiosque = a small building or structure open on one or more sides, used as a newsstand, refreshment stand,
kittengatinho = pussy
kiwi; kiwifruitkiwi
jeito, "jeitinho", habilidade = an ability to do a thing easily and well; "this door can be difficult to unlock if you don't know the knack" / to have the knack of doing something; "it´s a matter of knack = é uma questão de jeito"