macabremacabro, lúgubre = ghastly, grim
macegás lacrimogêneo
makeshiftprovisório, temporário, paliativo
maidenmoça solteira / maiden name = nome de solteira / maiden voyage = viagem inaugural
malice / maliciousmalícia / malicioso; mal-intencionado
mallcentro de compras, "shopping center" = an urban shopping area featuring a variety of shops surrounding a usually open-air concourse reserved for pedestrian traffic
manecrina (cavalo), juba (leão)
mangomanga (fruta) (Mangifera indica)
manipulate (to)manipular, manejar = to operate, to handle, to work or manage skillfully
manormansão, solar = an estate owned by a king or nobleman
mantlemanto, capote = a cloak without sleeves
manure (n) / manure (to)esterco, estrume = dung; material that fertilizes land / adubar (terra), fertilizar
maplebordo, ácer (Acer spp.)
mar (to)estragar, danificar = to cause harm to; to spoil, to impair
margarine margarina; "spread some margarine on his toast"
maritime marítimo = of or relating to the sea / maritime law / maritime museum / maritime provinces
marmaladegeléia de laranja
mash (to)amassar; "mashed banana"; "mashed potatoes"
matcapacho (porta); esteira / bath mat; floor mat; gymnastics mat; prayer mat; welcome mat; yoga mat
maverickdissidente, rebelde, inconformista = one who thinks and acts independently; "a maverick politician"
mayonnaisemaionese / mayo = abrev. mayonnaise
maze / maze (to)labirinto = labyrinth // desorientar, confundir = to bewilder
meander (to)1) serpentear "the stream meandered through the valley" / 2) vaguear, vagar = to wander aimlessly.
measlessarampo; german measles = rubéola
meditate (to) / meditationmeditar / meditação
meekhumilde, manso = humble
mellow1) doce, maduro (fruta) = tender and sweet because of ripeness / 2) suave (clima, cor, som, vinho; "mellow light of a summer evening"; "this wine is very mellow"; "mellow sound"
melonmelão (Cucumis melo)
mementolembrança = souvenir, keepsake
memoirs memórias = a narrative composed from personal experience; autobiography
menace / menace (to)ameaça = threat / ameaçar = to threat
merchandise / merchandise (to)mercadoria = goods; wares // negociar, comprar e vender mercadorias
merryfeliz = happy, blissful / Merry Christmas
meshmalha, rede, teia
milestone1) marco de estrada = a stone that functions as a milepost; "the hiker took a break at a milestone on the trail" // 2) evento ou data importante = a significant point in development; "graduating from college was an important milestone in her life"
mimic (to)imitar
mince (to)moer, picar, cortar em pedaços = to grind / minced meat = carne moída = ground meat
mingle (to)misturar = to mix, to blend; to mingle with = misturar
mirepântano, brejo, atoleiro = marsh, bog, swamp
mirth / mirthfulalegria = joy, glee, gaiety, cheerfulness, gladness // alegre = glad, cheerful, jolly, merry, joyful, joyous, gleeful
miscellaneousdiverso, variado
mischievoustravesso = naughty; mischievous kid = criança travessa
mistakenlyerroneamente; por engano
misunderstand (to); misunderstood; misunderstood / misunderstandingequivocar-se, entender mal // mal-entendido, equívoco = a failure to understand properly
mitre, mitermitra = the official headdress of a bishop
misfortuneazar, infortúnio = bad luck, mishap
mishapcontratempo, desgraça, azar = an unfortunate accident; bad luck, misfortune
mittenmitene; meia luva = a hand covering that surrounds the four fingers together and the thumb separately
mixerliquidificador; batedeira / cement mixer = misturador de cimento
moatfosso = defensive ditch around a castle or fortress, usually containing water
mogulmagnata, manda-chuva = tycoon
monotonousmonótono = boring; dull; drab
moorishdelicioso, gostoso
moosealce (A. Norte) (obs.: elk na Europa e Ásia)
moot (to) / moot (adj)levantar para discussão = to propose for discussion // discutível = debatable; moot point = ponto discutível
morselpedaço, bocado = a small piece or amount of anything, especially food; "to eat a few morsels"
mothmariposa; (obs.: clothes-moth = traça)
motleyvariado, heterogêneo
mottledmanchado, malhado, sarapintado = marked with blotches of different colors
mound (n) / mound (to)pilha, monte = an elevation of earth / amontoar
mourning / mourn (to) / mournfulluto; in mourning = de luto / chorar, lamentar / desolado, triste
mow (to) / mowercortar grama = to cut grass // cortador de grama = lawnmower
muddle (n) / muddle (to)confusão, bagunça, trapalhada = a confused or disordered state of affairs / confundir, misturar = to mix up in a confused manner:
mulberryamora (Morus spp.) / (obs.: existe outro tipo de amora que é a amora-silvestre - blackberry do gênero Rubus)
mulemula = an animal produced by a female horse and a male donkey; "a mule is sterile and cannot produce offspring"
mull (to) (over)meditar, refletir, matutar = to think about, to meditate, to ponder
multiply (to) / multiplicationmultiplicar; "4 times 7 equals 28" / multiplicação
mundanemundano, banal
muse (to)meditar, matutar = to think about or ponder quietly:
mushroom (n) / mushroom (tocogumelo / espalhar-se, crescer como praga
mute1) mudo = incapable of speech; dumb; "mute from birth" / 2) mudo, não pronunciado (letra); mute letter = letra muda; "the letter B in the word plumb is mute"
mutinymotim = open rebellion against constituted authority, especially by seamen or soldiers against their officers
mutter (to)murmurar, resmungar = to grumble, to mumble
muttoncarne de carneiro = the flesh of a mature sheep, used as food
muzzle1) focinho / 2) focinheira