nag (to)encher o saco de (alguém); dar bronca em, atazanar, resmungar, reclamar = to find fault; to complain; "my parents are always nagging me to clean my room"
napsoneca, cochilo / to take a nap = tirar um cochilo = to slumber; to doze; to snooze
nappyfralda (UK) = diaper (US)
necklacecolar; (obs.: bead = conta de colar)
necklinedecote = cleavage
nerd1) gênio, pessoa apaixonada por computadores, etc = geek, a person who is very interested in technical subjects, computers, etc. / 2) pessoa esquisita; anti-social
netherbaixo, inferior; = lying beneath the earth's surface; lower, under; "Netherlands"; "the nether regions"; "his nether lip"
newsstandbanca de jornal = a stall or other place at which newspapers, often magazines, and sometimes candy and other items are sold
niche nicho = a distinct segment of a market / market niche = nicho de mercado; niche marketing = marketing de nicho (obs.: contrário é mass marketing = marketing de massa) / industry niche = nicho
niggardavarento, sovina, mesquinho, pão-duro = mean, stingy, miser
nilzero = another word for nothing (obs.: used esp in the scoring of certain games)
nimbleágil, ligeiro, esperto = active, brisk, deft
nipple1) mamilo = the dark part of the breast where, in the female, milk is sucked by a baby / 2) bico de mamadeira
nominate (to) / nomination / nomineenomear, alocar, designarr = to appoint; to assign; to allocate // nomeação, alocação // pessoa nomeada, pessoa alocada
noodlemacarrão, talharim = pasta
nopenão (informal); "have you finished the book yet? nope"
notationnotação = system of signs or symbols
notify (to)notificar; informar = to inform; to give notice to; to let know
notch / notch (to)1) entalhe, corte em V = a V-shaped cut or indentation / 2) passagem entre montanhas = a narrow passage between mountains // // entalhar, chanfrar
nourish (to) / nourishmentalimentar, nutrir = to feed, to foster, to nurture // alimentação, nutrição
noviceprincipiante, novato = beginner
nudge (n) / nudge (to)cotovelada, cutucada / cutucar
numb / numbnessentorpecido, paralisado / entorpecimento, torpor
nurture (to)1) alimentar; nutrir = to feed, to foster, to nourish // 2) criar; educar = to rear; to educate
nutmegnoz-moscada (Myristica fragrans)