oarremo = paddle
oathjuramento / to swear an oath = prestar juramento / to take oath = fazer juramento / (obs.: jurar = to swear)
oatsaveia (Avena sativa)
oblivion / obliviousesquecimento = the state of something that is not remembered, used, or thought about any more; "the names of the people who lived here long ago have faded into oblivion" // esquecido; oblivious of = esquecido de, inconsciente de
obnoxiousinsolente, detestável = unpleasant in a way that makes people feel offended, annoyed, or disgusted; hateful; offensive; "some teenagers were being loud and obnoxious"
obsceneobsceno, indecente = dirty, nasty, filthy, indecent
ocher; ochreocre (cor)
omelet; omeletteomelete
omen / ominousagouro, presságio; "evil omen" / agourento, nefasto, preocupante, de mau agouro = suggesting that something bad is going to happen in the future; "an ominous threat of war"
onslaughtataque violento; investida = an especially fierce attack; something resembling such an attack; "an onslaught of technological changes"
oracleoráculo, profecia
orborbe, globo, esfera
orchardpomar; "beyond the vegetable garden is an orchard with a variety of fruit trees"
orchidorquídea (fam: Orchidaceae)
ordealexperiência difícil; provaçâo, suplicio = any very severe, difficult, or trying test, experience, or trial; "the hikers were finally rescued after a three-day ordeal in the wilderness"
oreminério / iron ore = minério de ferro / to dig ore = extrair minério
ounce (abrev.: oz)onça (peso) = aprox. 31 g
oust (to)expulsar, remover, exonerar = to expel, remove, or force (someone) from a place or position occupied
outburstexplosão (raiva, choro, etc) = a sudden and often violent release, outpouring, or eruption:
outcastrejeitado, excomungado, pária = a person who is rejected or cast out, as from home or society
outlet1) tomada (eletricidade) (fêmea) = socket; "the plug must be inserted fully into the power outlet or the appliance will not work" // 2) loja de varejo; loja de venda de ponta de estoque; posto de venda = retail outlet
outsource (to) / outsourcingterceirizar // terceirização, trabalho feito por outra empresa, normalmente fora da empresa-cliente; "the company outsources everything except core competencies" / (obs: contractor = empresa que fornece recursos para trabalhar como terceiros na empresa-cliente)
ovationaclamação, ovação
overdraftsaque a descoberto; overdrafting checking = cheque especial
overduevencido e não pago (conta; título); em atraso = unpaid when due
overflow (to) / overflow (n)inundar, transbordar; "books and papers overflowed his desk" // 1) excesso, abundância // 2) inundação; alagamento = flood, inundation; "the river overflowed its banks"
overhaul / overhaul (to)revisão completa (mecânica) = thorough repair // revisar, reparar
overlay / overlay (to)camada, revestimento, cobertura = something laid or applied over something else / pôr camada; cobrir; revestir
overload (to) / overload (n)sobrecarregar; abarrotar // sobrecarga / information overload = excesso de informações
overlook (to) / overlook (n)1) ver do alto = to look down upon from above // 2) passar por alto, não ver, não fazer caso, ignorar; "the opportunity should not be overlooked"; "the detective overlooked an important clue" // mirante, belvedere = a high place with a good view; "there's a great overlook where you can get a panoramic view of the valley below"
overlyexcessivamente; "overly curious"; "overly formal"
overrate (to)exagerar o valor; superestimar = overestimate
override (to)1) cancelar, anular, ignorar = to give a command that cancels the effect of something; "press that button to override the system" // 2) sobrepor // 3) passar por cima = to prevail over
overrun (to)transpor; ultrapassar = to run beyond, to overflow
oversee (to)inspecionar, supervisionar = to direct workers as a supervisor; to supervise
overtake (to)ultrapassar = to move past (another vehicle or person) travelling in the same direction
overtnão oculto, aberto, público, evidente, manifesto = open to view; observable
owing todevido a; por causa de = because of; "they were late, owing to the traffic"