paddingenchimento de texto, discurso = unnecessary matter added to speech or writing
paddle (n) / paddle (to)1) remo = a short light oar with a flat blade used to propel a canoe or small boat // 2) pá de roda propulsora = a paddle wheel used to propel a boat / paddle steamer = vapor com roda propulsora // remar; "he paddled the canoe across the lake"
pagan [peigan]pagão = heathen; "pagan rituals have always taken place around the solstices"
pageantcortejo, desfile = parade, procession
pailbalde = bucket
pansyamor-perfeito (Viola spp.)
paperbackbrochura, livro de bolso de capa mole (obs.: hard cover book = livro de capa dura)
paradigmparadigma, modelo, padrão = an example serving as a model; "her course is a paradigm for how history should be taught" / paradigm shift = mudança de paradigma;
parameterparâmetro = standard or determining factor
parenthesis (pl.: parentheses)parêntese / in parentheses = entre parênteses
parch / parchedressecar = to make (something) too dry, as heat, sun, and wind do / ressecado
parchmentpergaminho = the skin of sheep, goats, etc., prepared so as to be written on; "scrolls of parchment"
parishparóquia = an area that has its own local church and priest or minister
paroleliberdade condicional; on parole = em liberdade condicinal
parsnipchirívia, pastinaca (Pastinaca sativa)
partisan1) partidário = follower / 2) guerrilheiro = member of a guerrilla group
PassoverPáscoa (judaica)
patron [peitran]1) cliente, freguês = customer, especially a regular one, of a store, etc.; "patrons must leave the hotel by 3:00 p.m." // 2) patrono = one who supports an artist, charity, etc., with money, etc. "a patron of the arts"
pawn (n) / pawn (to)1) peão (xadrez) // 2) penhor = something given or deposited as security, as for money borrowed / pawnshop = loja de penhores / pawn broker; pawnshop broker = dono de loja de penhor; penhorista // penhorar, empenhar, dar como garantia de empréstimo
paybackretorno de investimento = payback return; return of investment (ROI) / payback period = tempo de retorno investimento
payeebeneficiário, pessoa que será paga
payoffrecompensa; lucro = profit, reward
pebbleseixo, calhau, cascalho = a small, rounded stone, especially one worn down by the action of water; gravel; "pebble beach"
peck (to)1) bicar, dar bicadas (pássaro) / 2) dar beijinho / 3) beliscar (comida)
pedalpedal (piano, carro, etc) / accelerator pedal = gas pedal = accelerator / brake pedal
pee (n) / pee (to)xixi, urina / urinar, mijar
peek (to)espiar, espreitar, dar uma olhada = to peep, to peer
peep (to)espiar, espreitar, dar uma olhada = to peek, to peer
peer (n) / peer (to)colega, par = equal in rank or ability; "his peers voted him best actor" // 1) olhar com atenção, perscrutar = to look closely with or as if with difficulty; "to peer into the distance" / 2) espiar, espreitar; "a frightened child in the cinema sometimes peers between her fingers" / to peer at = examinar, observar / to peer out = olhar para fora
peg (n) / peg (to)pregador de roupa; "she uses pegs to hang his washing on the line" / coat peg = cabideiro de parede // prender (roupa no varal)
pen (to); pent; pentconfinar, manter preso, manter em galinheiro; "at night the farmer pens the sheep in a small enclosure" / pent-up = reprimido = restrained / pent-up demand = demanda reprimida / pent-up emotions = emoções reprimidas
penthouseapartamento do último andar; cobertura = an apartment on the roof of a building.
perch n) / perch (to)poleiro = a pole or rod for birds to rest upon; roost / empoleirar
perceive (to)perceber = to become aware through the senses; to realize
peril / perilousperigo, risco = danger, jeopardy, risk, hazard, peril / perigoso, arriscado
perish (to)1) morrer = to die; "two people perished in the fire" / 2) deteriorar, apodrecer
perksprivilégio, benefícios, mordomias, regalias = a privilege, gain or profit incidental to regular salary or wages (especially one expected or promised) / (obs.: short for perquisite)
perpendicularperpendicular; perpendicular line
persimmoncaqui (Diospyros kaki)
pervade (to) / pervasiveimpregnar, penetrar / penetrante, que se infiltra, dominante, pervasivo, que se espalha por toda parte; all-pervasive = onipresente
petticoatcombinação, anágua = slip worn under skirt
petuniapetunia (Petunia axillaris)
pewbanco de igreja
pewter1) liga de estanho = a kind of metal in which tin is the chief constituent / 2) objetos de estanho = utensils and vessels made of pewter.
phantomfantasma = ghost
picketpiquete = a person or group of people standing outside a place of work protesting something or trying to persuade others not to enter during a strike.
pierpier, cais, doca, ancoradouro = dock, quay, wharf
pierce (to) / piercingfurar; penetrar = to bore, to drill, to make a hole with a drill / penetrante, perfurante
pigeonpombo, pomba = dove
pillpílula; comprimido / bitter pill = coisa desagradável
pinch (to) / pinchbeliscar, dar beliscão // beliscão
pineappleabacaxi (Ananas comosus)
ping (to)1) zunir / 2) testar remotamente = to send a test message to (a computer or server) in order to check whether it is responding or how long it takes it to respond
pinpoint (to)localizar com precisão = to locate precisely
piouspio, devoto; "a pious Catholic who attended Mass every day"
piss (n) / piss (to)xixi, mijo, urina = pee, urine // fazer xixi, mijar, urinar = to pee, to urinate
pitcherjarro, cântaro = a large container, typically earthenware, glass, or plastic, with a handle and a lip, used for holding and pouring liquids; jug; "he fills the pitcher with water"
pitfallarmadilha, arapuca, perigo = trap, snare
plague [pleig]praga, peste = a widespread disease that causes a great number of deaths
plaintiffdemandante, pleiteante, requerente = a person who brings a legal action # defendant; "the plaintiff accused his neighbour of assaulting him"
plaintivequeixoso, lamurioso = expressing sorrow or sadness
plane treeplátano (Platanus spp.)
planktábua = board; long flat piece of timber thicker than a board
plantationplantação = large area of land especially in a hot part of the world where crops are grown / banana plantation = bananal / coffee plantation = cafezal / cotton plantation = algodoal / rubber plantation = seringal / sugar cane plantation = canavial
platoonpelotão = military unit; squad; "the platoon entered enemy territory on foot"
platter1) travessa = a large flat dish or plate, typically oval or circular in shape, used for serving food / 2) prato (comida) = the food that is served on a platter; "cheese platter"; "he ordered the seafood platter"
plethoraexcesso, grande quantidade, ampla gama = excess, profusion, abundance
plightsituação difícil, apuros, dificuldade = unfavorable situation; "sorry plight"
ployestratégia, estratagema, recurso, manobra = a maneuver, usually a trick, to gain an advantage;
plummet (to)cair rapidamente (bird, plane); baixar rapidamente (prices, despencar) = to plunge vertically, to drop sharply (obs.: contrário é to soar)
plunder (to)devastar, pilhar, saquear = to rob, to loot, to ravage, to ransack
plush1) luxuoso = expensive and luxurious; "we went to a plush restaurant and ordered caviar" / 2) pelúcia; "a plush red sofa"
poach (to) / poacher1) escaldar = to cook (eggs, fish, etc.) in a hot liquid just below the boiling point; poached eggs = ovos poché // 2) caçar ilegalmente = to enter into (someone else's land) in order to hunt animals illegally // caçador ilegal; caçador furtivo
poignantcomovente, pungente = affecting the emotions; "a poignant scene in the movie"
poke (to) / pokercutucar / to poke something into = enfiar, meter em algo // atiçador de brasas = a metal rod for poking or stirring a fire
pomegranateromã (Punica granatum)
ponder (to)ponderar, meditar, refletir = to think about, to consider carefully, to examine; "she pondered for a while, then came to a decision"
poplarálamo (Populus spp.)
poppypapoula (Papaver spp.)
poshelegante, luxuoso = elegant, fashionable; "they live in a posh neighborhood"
pouchsacola, bolsa = a bag, sack, or small container, especially one for small articles or quantities; "a tobacco pouch"
poultry1) aves domésticas = birds raised for their meat and eggs, as chickens, turkeys, ducks, etc; "the poultry were scattered all over the farm" // 2) carne destas aves; "poultry is as expensive as beef"
poxdoença com pústulas ou erupções; chicken pox = catapora; small pox = varíola
prawncamarão grande = a large shrimp (Australia)
preamblepreâmbulo = an introductory statement; preface
precinctdistrito, zona, recinto = a part of a territory with definite bounds or functions often established for administrative purposes , district / election precinct = zona eleitoral / pedestrian precinct = zona de pedestres / police precinct = distrito policial, a division of a city for police control / shopping precinct = zona comercial
predicamentapuros, dilema, aperto = an unpleasantly difficult situation
premisepremissa = a statement that is assumed to be true for the purpose of an argument; "I was operating on the premise that I had your support"
premisespropriedade, terreno, edificio = an area of land including its buildings; "the company leases part of the premises to smaller businesses"
preoccupationpreocupação = worry, concern
prerequisite [pri-réquizit]pre-requisito = something required beforehand
preservesconserva, compota = fruit prepared by cooking with sugar; fruit in syrup
presuppose (to)pressupor
prevail (to) / prevailingprevalecer, predominar = to prevail over / predominante, dominante = generally accepted; widespread; "the prevailing opinion"
prevalence / prevalentpredominância, predomínio / predominante, comum = widespread, prevailing
pricey; pricycaro = expensive, costly; "those pricey cars"
prickle / pricklyespinho = thorn / espinhento = thorny
primalprimário, primitivo = first, original
primercartilha = a small book for teaching children to read
pristinepuro, limpo, original, imaculado = not changed by people; left in its natural state; "the pristine beauty of the ancient forest"
privya par, informado
procure (to) / procurementobter, conseguir = to get, to achieve, to obtain, to gain, to earn / obtenção, aquisição; procurement department = departamento de compras
proficient / proficiencyproficiente; hábil; habilidoso = skillful; skilled; expert // proficiência; perícia; habilidade
prohibit (to) / prohibitionproibir = to forbid / proibição
proneinclinado, propenso; prone to = propenso a, predisposto a; error prone = propenso a erros
prop (to)apoiar, amparar, escorar = to prop up; "she propped up her book to keep her hands free for knitting"
pros and consprós e contras = positive and negative aspects
prosper (to)prosperar = to thrive, to flourish
prototype (to) / prototype / prototypingprototipar / protótipo / prototipação
prowl (n) / prowl (to)espreita / rondar, andar à espreita = to move quietly through an area while hunting; "the police were prowling the streets in their patrol cars"
proxy1) procurador // 2) procuração = an authorization granting a person to act for another
prune (n) / prune (to)ameixa seca // podar (árvores) = to cut or chop off extra or unwanted twigs, branches, or roots from; "to prune trees"
pry (to)espiar, espreitar / to pry into = intrometer-se em, bisbilhotar, mexericar
puddlepoça = a very small pool of usually dirty or muddy water
puff (n) / puff (to)sopro, baforada (cigarro), lufada (ar, fumaça) // soltar baforadas (ex.: cachimbo)
puffyinchado = swollen
puncture (to) / puncture (n)furar, perfurar = to pierce with or as if with a pointed instrument or object // furo = a hole, wound, or perforation made by puncturing
pundit1) conhecedor, sábio, especialista / 2) pessoa sábia; guru; a learned person, expert, or authority
puppetmarionete, fantoche
purge (to)purificar; purgar
pursue (to) / pursuit1) buscar, procurar = to seek; to pursue business objectives // 2) perseguir = to chase, to follow in order to overtake, capture or defeat // 3) seguir (carreira); "she wants to pursue a legal career" // 4) dedicar-se a (interest, plan) /// 1) busca, procura = quest, search / in pursuit of = in search of = em busca de / pursuit of happiness = busca da felicidade / 2) profissão, carreira, ocupação = occupation, an activity that one engages in as a vocation or profession
purvey (to) / purveyorfornecer = to provide, to furnish, to supply (especially food or provisions) usually as a business or service; "they purvey food to ships in the harbor" / fornecedor; "a purveyor of large luxury vehicles"
pussy1) gatinho= kitten (UK) // 2) buceta, xoxota
pyramid pirâmide