raftbalsa, jangada
ragtrapo, farrapo = a piece of cloth, especially one that is torn or worn / in rags = em farrapos
ram / ram (to)1) carneiro = a male sheep / 2) bate-estacas // cravar, bater, golpear; "to ram a post into the ground"
ramble (to) / rambler / ramblingvagar, perambular, errar = to stroll, to wander, to roam // andarilho, caminhante = rover // 1) tortuoso; "a long, rambling answer" / 2) desconexo, incoerente (discurso)
ransack (to)saquear, pilhar, despojar = to search through so as to rob; to plunder; to loot; "the burglars ransacked the house"
ravencorvo = crow
ravish (to) / ravishingarrebatar, encantar, cativar = to charm, to enchant / arrebator, encantador = extremely beautiful or attractive; "a ravishing woman"
ream; reamsresma; grande quantidade = a number of sheets of paper (normally, 500); "to go through reams of reports"
rebatedesconto, abatimento = a refund of a fraction of the amount payable or paid, as for goods purchased in quantity; discount / devolução (on tax) = return of a part of a payment
reelcarretel, bobina = a rounded object or cylinder or other device that spins and is used to wind up or let out wire, rope, film, etc; spool
rein1) rédea (cavalo) / 2) controle
reinforce (to) / reinforcementreforçar = to strenghten; reinforced concrete = concreto armado / reforço
relay / relay (to)revezamento / relay race = corrida de revezamento / relay team = equipe de revezamento // retransmitir (mensagem) = to retransmit (a signal)
relent (to) / relentlessceder, abrandar = to soften; to become less severe; to slacken; "the hurricane finally relented" // inflexível, rígido, implacável, inexorável; "relentless pressure" "a relentless campaign"
relinquish (to)abandonar, desistir, renunciar a
relish (n) / relish (to)1) tempero, condimento = spice, seasoning, flavouring / 2) prazer, gosto, satisfação; "eat with great relish" // 1) saborear (comida) / 2) apreciar = to take pleasure in; "I don't relish the long drive home"
remittanceremessa de dinheiro
reproach / reproach (to)censura, repreensão / censurar, repreender = to censure; to scold; to find fault with; to criticize
requisite [réquiszite] (adj) / requisite (n)1) required, necessary; "the requisite skills for a job" / 2) requisito = requirement
requisitionrequisição, pedido = a formal or official written request for something, such as supplies; request / material requisition
resent (to) / resentmentressentir-se, melindrar-se, ofender-se // ressentimento, má -vontade, antipatia = ill will, grudge
resilient / resilienceresistente (pessoa, material), flexível = having or showing power of recovery / elasticidade (material); resistência (pessoa), flexibilidade
responsive / responsivenessque responde, corresponde, responsivo, reativo / capacidade de resposta
restful / restlessrepousante, sossegado, tranqüilo = calm, quiet, peaceful, restful "a restful place" / inquieto, agitado, irrequieto, impaciente, preocupado "a restless night"
restrain / restrain (to) / restrictiverestrição; repressão = constraint; restriction; to show restrain // 1) restringir, refrear, reprimir, conter; to restrain demand = conter demanda / 2) impedir, coibir // restritivo
revenanta person who returns as spirit after death
rig / rig (to)1) equipamento; drill rig = equipamento perfuração poço petróleo / 2) jamanta (caminhão grande) / 3) cordame (barco) // 1) armar (bombas) / 2) equipar (navio, barco) / 3) especular (preços)
ripple / ripple (to)ondulação, onda, propagação / ondular, propagar
roam (to)vaguear, andar sem rumo = to ramble, to rove, to wander
roguetrapaceiro, vigarista, patife, velhaco = tramp
rolloutintrodução, lançamento (novo produto)
rosterlista, relação, rol = list, roll
rove (to) / rovervagar, perambular, errar = to ramble, to roam, to wander / andarilho = rambler
rump1) anca, traseira = the hind part of the body of an animal / 2) alcatra = a cut of beef from this part of the animal
rumpusconfusão, balbúrdia = a noisy or violent disturbance; "there was a terrible rumpus going on upstairs" // rumpus room = sala destinada a jogos e festas
rusticrústico = of or relating to the country; simple, unsophisticated
rut1) cio = an annual period of sexual activity in some male animals; "a moose in rut"; "stags often fight during the rut" / 2) sulco = a long deep track made by the repeated passage of the wheels of vehicles/ 2) rotina, ramerrão = a monotonous routine ; "to fall into a rut with his job"
ruthlessimpiedoso, implacável, cruel, desumano = cruel, merciless