sag (to)1) cair (breast); afundar (roof); vergar = to sink downward by or as if by weight; "his body sagged under the weight of carrying her" / 2) declinar, baixar, cair, decair; "the stock market sagged today"
salient1) notável = noticeable, outsatnding / 2) saliente = projecting beyond a line, surface, or level
sap / sap (to)seiva de árvore // 1) extrair a seiva / enfraquecer, extenuar = to weaken or destroy in a gradual way; "over time the disease sapped his strength"
sapling [séplin]muda = young tree; seedling
scaffold1) cadafalso = a raised platform on which a criminal is executed by hanging; "the condemned man mounted the steps to the scaffold" / 2) andaime = a raised platform for workers and materials; "the builders erected a scaffold before beginning work"
scalpelbisturi = a small straight thin-bladed knife used especially in surgery
scant; scantyinsuficiente, escasso; raro = scarce, rare
scapegoatbode expiratorio
scold (to)ralhar, censurar = to find fault with; to reproach
scout1) escoteiro / 2) explorador, batedor
screech / screech (to)grito, berro, guincho / gritar, berrar, guinchar
scriptenredo (para atores); film script = roteiro (filme)
scythe [said]foice
secludedafastado, retirado (lugar)
sectseita religiosa = dissenting or schismatic religious body
seedlingmuda = a young plant that is grown from seed; sapling
serendipitycapacidade de fazer descobertas importantes por acaso = the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident (etymology: Persian fairy tale "The Three Princes of Serendip")
shabbygasto, usado "shabby old overcoat"
shallotcebolinha-branca; chalota, échalote
shatter (to)despedaçar, estilhaçar, esmigalhar
shears / shear (to)tesoura grande para podar, tosquiar, etc; tesoura de jardim // tosquiar
shepherdpastor de ovelhas = a person who tends and rears sheep / shepherd's pie = empadão de carne e batata; "the shepherd's pie was served in a warm bowl"
shiver (to)tremer, tiritar, ter calafrios = to tremble (as from cold or fright), to quiver; to quake
shove (to) / shoveempurrar; impelir = to push along; to thrust // empurrão, impulso
shovelpá (para retirar lixo) / (obs.: pá para cavar = spade)
shred / shred (to)pedaço; "there was a shred of fabric caught on the barbed wire" / rasgar, rasgar em tiras; picar, retalhar; "she shredded the letter from her ex-boyfriend"; "shred the carrots and put them in a bowl "
shrinesantuário = a place, as a church or an altar, devoted to some saint or deity
shroud / shroud (to)sudário, mortalha / encobrir, ocultar, velar, cobrir a visão, envolver "the whole thing is shrouded in mystery"
shrug (to)encolher os ombros, dar de ombros, menosprezar
siblingirmão, irmã = a person's brother or sister
skewerespeto = a long pin for inserting through meat or other food to hold it while it is cooking; "prawn skewer"
skim (to)1) desnatar; skim milk = leite desnatado / 2) to skim through = folhear, passar os olhos, ler rapidamente = to browse
skippercapitão (navio) = the master of a ship
skunkgambá, cangambá
slant / slanting1) inclinação, declive, ladeira = slope; "the slant of a roof" / 2) ponto de vista, opinião = way of looking, opinion; viewpoint // oblíquo = oblique; skew
slate / slate (to)1) lista de candidatos / 2) lousa, quadro para escrever / 3) ardósia // candidatar-se
slay (to); slew; slainmatar, assassinar
sleek1) macio, polido, lustroso (hair, fur) ; "sleek dark hair" / 2) aerodinâmico, elegante, moderno "the sleek lines of a sports car"
sleetchuva com neve; granizo = frozen or partly frozen rain
sleuth [sluth]detetive, investigador = someone who looks for information to solve crimes
slidersanduiche pequeno = a very small meat sandwich typically served on a bun; especially a small hamburger
slingatiradeira, estilingue
sloppy1) descuidado, desleixado; "a sloppy work = trabalho mal-feito" ; "this work is sloppy; it's full of errors"/ 2) relaxado (appearance)
sloth1) indolência, preguiça / 2) bicho-preguiça
sluglesma, caracol = snail
sluggishvagaroso; moroso = slow
slumber (to) / slumber (n)cochilar, dormitar, tirar um cochilo = to take a nap, to doze, to snooze / cochilo, repouso, descanso
slur (to) / slur1) balbuciar, falar enrolado / 2) insultar, difamar // 1) balbucio / 2) insulto, difamação
slushneve semiderretida = partly melted or watery snow; "be careful - all the roads are covered in slush"
slutprostituta, puta, piranha = whore, hooker, bitch, call-girl, harlot
smokestackchaminé = chimney; chaminé de fábrica = stovepipe
snarearmadilha; arapuca = trap
snatch / snatch (to)1) fragmentos, partes; snatches of = pedacinhos de; snatches of conversation / 2) buceta, xoxota // agarrar, arrebatar = to seize, to grasp, "he snatched the woman's purse"
sneer (to) at / sneer1) rir ou sorrir com desprezo = to smile or laugh at someone or something with an expression on your face that shows dislike and a lack of respect; " "Is that the best you can do?" he sneered" / 2) zombar de; caçoar = to mock at, to scoff at, to jest at // 1) riso ou sorriso de desprezo / 2) escárnio
snipe (to) / sniperemboscar, tocaiar / franco-atirador, atirador emboscado
snooze (to) / snoozetirar uma soneca = to take a nap; to slumber, to doze // soneca, cochilo = nap
soar (to)1) voar a grande altura, voar muito alto = to rise to a higher level / 2) elevar-se, subir muito (obs.: oposto é to plummet); "prices are soaring"
sobersóbrio = not drunk
solicitoradvogado, procurador = a British lawyer who advises clients and represents them before the lower courts; lawyer, attorney
solitudesolidão = loneliness
sootfuligem = a black substance produced during incomplete burning of coal
soothe (to)acalmar, abrandar, aliviar (dor) = to calm down
spaciousespaçoso, amplo, vasto; "a spacious old home with high ceilings"
spadepá (para cavar); "the gardener thrust the spade into the soil" / (obs.: pá de lixo = shovel)
spannerchave inglesa (UK) = wrench (US)
spearlança // spearhead = ponta de lança
speckmancha, pinta, pontinho = small spot; stain, blot
spellbound / spellbindingencantado, fascinado = bewitched, enchanted ; "the children were spellbound by the puppet show" // encantador = fascinating, holding the attention; "a spellbinding story"
spirepináculo, campanário, agulha de igreja = steeple
splash (to)salpicar, borrifar, espirrar (água, líquido)
spleen1) baço // 2) implicância, mau humor
sprawl (to)alastrar, espalhar, esparramar
spreefarra, bebedeira
sprint / sprint (to)1) corrida de velocidade = a short race run at top speed / 2) reta final, arrancada final = a fast finishing speed at the end of a longer race // correr a toda velocidade = to go at top speed, as in running, cycling, etc; to run or go very fast for a short distance
spriteduende, elfo = a small creature that has magical powers; goblin, elf
sprout / sprout (to)broto (planta) = shoot of a plant; "the gardener was pleased to see new sprouts appearing in the springtime" / brussels sprout = couve-de-bruxelas (Brassica oleracea ) // brotar, germinar
spruce (n) / spruce (adj)abeto (Abies spp.) // bonito, bem-cuidado (casa, jardim) = trim or smart in appearance; neat
stagcervo macho (obs.: doe = cervo fêmea)
stagger (to)1) vacilar, cambalear, hesitar, titubear // 2) escalonar horários de trabalho; "to stagger working hours to prevent crowding"
stalk (n) / stalk (to)talo, haste, pecíolo = stem // caçar de tocaia, perseguir caça silenciosamente; "hunters stalking a deer" / to stalk in, to stalk out = entrar, sair silenciosamente
stalliongaranhão, cavalo macho = stud
standpointopinião, ponto de vista = point of view, outlook
stark1) inflexivel, duro, rígido; "stark discipline" / 2) desolado, inóspito; "stark landscape" / 3) austero, sóbrio (cor, decoração); "stark white room" / 4) cru; "stark reality"; "stark truth"; "stark naked = completamente nu"
stave / stave (to) off1) pauta musical / 2) tábua curva de barris e toneis; aduela = narrow strips of wood that form the sides of a barrel / 3) cajado, bordão = stick, rod, or pole; "the shepherd used his staff to guide his sheep" // prevenir, evitar; "if you take extra vitamins, you may be able to stave off the flu"
stealth (adj) / stealth (n)furtivo, secreto = intended not to attract attention (used to describe military aircraft that are designed so that they cannot be easily seen by radar) // ação furtiva, sigilosa
steeplecampanário = church tower; spire
stifle (to)sufocar, abafar, reprimir, conter; "to stifle a rebellion"; "I tried to stifle my laughter"; "the maniac stifled his victims with a pillow"
stovepipechaminé, tubo de chaminé = chimney, smokestack
stow (to) / stowageguardar = to store; to put away for future use; "the sailors stowed their gear below"; "the bathhouse offers baskets in which to stow your clothes" / armazenagem, estocagem, acondicionamento; "the new ship is large and has plenty of room for stowage"
strangle (to)estrangular, esganar = to choke, to suffocate, to throttle
stray (to) / stray (adj)extraviar-se, perder-se // 1) extraviado (animal), "a stray cat" / 2) perdido (bala), stray bullet = bala perdida = random shot
streaklistra, rastro = stripe; a line or mark of a different color or texture from the ground
streamline (to) / streamlinedtornar aerodinâmico, modernizar, simplificar, racionalizar / aerodinâmico, simplificado, moderno
stride (to); strode; stridden / stride andar a passos largos = to walk with very long steps; "a gang of armed men strode into the bank and approached the teller" // 1) passo largo = a long step / 2) progresso, avanço = a stage of progress, advance; "he made great strides toward their goal"
strongholdforte, fortaleza = fortress
stud1) botão (punho, colarinho); "a collar stud" / 2) garanhão (cavalo) = a stallion used for breeding / 3) homem atraente = a sexually attractive man
stuntdublê (cinema)
stutter (to) / stutter (n) / stutterergaguejar = to stammer / gagueira / gago
summon (to)convocar, chamar
surrogatesubstituto, suplente
swarmenxame (insetos)
swineporco, suíno = pig, hog
swipe / swipe (to)pancada violenta // 1) golpear, dar uma pancada violenta / 2) passar cartão magnético em máquina leitora / 3) roubar
swirl (to)rodopiar, girar = twirl (to)
swivel (n) / swivel (to) / swivel (adj)articulação giratória; suporte giratório; pião = a coupling between two parts enabling one to revolve without turning the other / // girar, rodar // rotatório, rotativo; swivel chair = cadeira giratória
swoop / swoop (to)1) ataque súbito ou repentino / 2) batida policial // 1) mergulhar no ar (aves), precipitar-se / 2) atacar repentinamente "the police swooped in and captured the criminals"