tally / tally (to)contagem, conta, registro de conta, cálculo = reckoning, account, score; "to keep a daily tally of accidents" // contar, registrar = to count, to record, to reckon; to tally with = conferir com
tantalize (to) (tantalise) / tantalizingtentar, atormentar, provocar = to torment (someone) with, or as if with, the sight of something desirable but out of reach; "tantalized her with dreams of a promotion" / tentador
tardy1) vagaroso, moroso = slow, sluggish / 2) atrasado, tardio = late
tavernbar, taberna = a place where alcoholic drinks are sold
teamstercaminhoneiro = truck driver
tease (to) / tease
1) caçoar, gozar, zoar; "the other children teased her because she was wearing braces" / 2) provocar, implicar, importunar; "stop teasing your little sister!" // provocação; "she's such a tease, wearing clothes like that"
tempesttempestade = storm
tenuremandato, posse, estabilidade = the holding of anything, as of property, a political job, etc; "the tenure of an office"; "tenure means having job security for life" / tenure of job = estabilidade (emprego) = the amount of time that a person holds a job; job tenure / to have tenure = ter estabilidade / to get tenure = obter estabilidade
thaw (to)1) derreter = to melt / 2) degelar, descongelar (comida)
thicketmoita; mato cerrado; bosque cerrado
thoroughfare1) estrada principal = main road / 2) passagem, via pública = a way or place for passage; "one of the city's main thoroughfares"; no thoroughfare = trânsito proibido
thrash (to)derrotar, bater, surrar (jogo)
thrift / thriftyeconomia; poupança; parcimônia = careful use of money so that it is not wasted; "through hard work and thrift they sent all of their children to college" / econômico; frugal = sparing; scanty
throttle (to) / throttle1) estrangular, sufocar = to choke, to strangle; "he throttled her in a fit of jealous rage" / 2) controlar o fluxo de combustível = to control or restrict (a flow of fluid) by means of a throttle valve // afogador (carro), válvula reguladora de combustível = throttle valve
tier1) fileira, fila / 2) camada, nível = layer, level; "a three-tier cake"
tildetil (~)
tinge / tinge (to)
tom, coloração, matiz = a slight tint or colouring; "the jam had a strange green tinge, so I didn't eat any" / colorir, tingir; "walls tinged with brown "
toddle (to) / toddlerandar com passos vacilantes (como criança iniciando a andar) = to walk with short tottering steps in the manner of a young child / criança pequena que começa a andar
toggle (to)comutar, alternar, chavear (entre dois estados) / to toggle on = ligar / to toggle off = desligar / to toggle back and forth = alternar entre duas opções, apertando uma tecla ou clicando em um botão (computador)
toil / toil (to)trabalho; lida; labuta / trabalhar muito, labutar
tortoisetartaruga = turtle
tradeoffcompensação (numa troca); an exchange, especially as a compromise; "a tradeoff between inflation and unemployment"
trading / trademarkcomércio; trading company / marca registrada
traittraço, característica herdada = feature, characteristic; "honesty is one of her main traits"
tramp / tramp (to)1) vagabundo, andarilho = a person who travels from place to place and does not have a home or much money / 2) prostituta = a woman who has sex with many different men // caminhar pesadamente = to walk or step heavily; "he tramped loudly on the stairs"
treachery / treacheroustraição, deslealdade = treason, betrayal / traiçoeiro, falso = unreliable
treasontraição = betrayal, treachery; high treason = alta traição
trek (to) / trek (n)
1) caminhar, marchar, peregrinar = to walk usually for a long distance / 2) fazer excursões a pé = to travel by walking through an area with many mountains, rivers, etc., for pleasure and adventure // jornada, caminhada, excursão a pé
trespass (to)entrar sem autorização = enter the owner's land or property without permission / "no trespassing = entrada proibida"
trickery / trickstertrapaça, velhacaria, ardil; "he obtained the money by trickery" // trapaceiro, vigarista, charlatão = a person who deceives or plays tricks; conman, crook
tripod [traipad]tripé = a support or stand for a camera, telescope, etc., that has three legs
trovecoleção valiosa; acervo / treasure-trove = tesouro achado cujo dono é ignorado
truce [trus]trégua, armistício
trump / trump (to)trunfo (jogo de cartas) / levar a melhor sobre, ultrapassar, exceder = to get the better of, to outdo
tuck (to)inserir, enfiar, prender, pôr para dentro (roupa) = to push the end of (something, such as a piece of cloth or paper) into or behind something in order to hold it in place, make it look neat, etc.; "she hadn't sealed the envelope, but had simply tucked in the flap"; to tuck away = comer, engolir, devorar
tumble / tumble (to) / tumblertombo, queda, cambalhota // 1) cair, tombar / 2) dar saltos acrobáticos, fazer malabarismos // 1) acrobata, malabarista = acrobat / 2) copo = a glass used for drinking that has a flat bottom and no stem or handle
turf1) relva, gramado / 2) prado, local para corrida de cavalos
tuskpresa (elefante)
tuxedosmoking (roupa)
twirl (to) [twôrál]girar, rodopiar = to whirl, to spin
tycoonmagnata = a businessman of exceptional wealth and power; magnate, mogul