Valentine's Day
Dia dos Namorados (February 14)
valet1) manobrista = an attendant who parks cars for guests at a hotel, restaurant, etc / 2 criado pessoal; pajem, camareiro (arc.) = a male servant who attends to the personal needs of his employer
valuablesobjetos de valor = a valuable article of personal property, especially jewellery
vanish (to)desaparecer = to disappear, to fade away
vault / vaulted
1) abóbada (teto) = an arched structure, usually of stones, concrete, or bricks, that forms a ceiling or roof / 2) cofre, caixa-forte = a room or compartment for the safekeeping of valuables, usually with a locked door and thick walls; "the bank manager unlocked the vault" / 3) câmara mortuária; catacumba = a burial chamber // abobadado = constructed or covered with a vault, as a building or chamber
vealvitela (carne)
vengeancevingança = revenge
venom1) veneno de cobras ou escorpiões, peçonha = poison // 2) maldade
vent (n) / vent (to)abertura, respiradouro // 1) expelir, dar saída a, exalar (ar, gases) / 2) desabafar, descarregar (emoção, ira, frustração); "he vents his anger on his wife = ele desabafa sua raiva na esposa"
verandavaranda, alpendre = porch
vestcolete = a garment worn by men on the upper part of the body, over a shirt and under a jacket; waistcoat
vibe; vibes
animação, vibração = vibration
vibrantvibrante = alive with vigor and energy; lively; "the vibrant life of a large city"
viciousmau, cruel, violento; "a cruel, vicious dictator" / maldoso, malicioso; "vicious remarks"
vie (to) competir, concorrer, disputar,rivalizar / to vie for = competir por; to contend for superiority
vineyardvinha, vinhedo = a planting of grapevines
vixen1) raposa fêmea = a female fox / 2) megera = ill-tempered woman
vortexvórtice = something that resembles a whirlpool
vouchervoucher; comprovante = a document, receipt, stamp, etc., that gives evidence of money spent or received; "gift voucher"; "payment voucher"
vow (n) / vow (to)voto, promessa, juramento = solemn promise or pledge; "he made a vow to lead a better life from now on" // prometer solenemente, fazer votos = to make a solemn promise