wade (to)andar dentro d'água, vadear, atravessar a vau; to wade through = avançar com dificuldade
wail (to)lamentar, chorar depressivamente / Wailing Wall = Muro das Lamentações
waive (to) / waiverrenunciar a, desistir de, abrir mão de = to yield, to surrender; to waive one's right to something / desistência, renúncia, isenção; fee waiver = isenção de taxa
wandvarinha de condão = a slender rod, especially one used by a magician; magic wand
wander (to)1) vagar, vaguear, perambular, andar sem rumo = to go from place to place without purpose or direction; to ramble, to roam, to rove, to stroll; "I wandered through the narrow streets"; "he wandered away from the trail and got lost" / 2) divagar = to stray in though; "his mind wandered"
wane (to)diminuir, minguar (lua); waning moon = lua minguante (obs.: lua crescente = waxing moon)
waremercadorias, gêneros = manufactured articles, products of art or craft, or farm produce; goods (obs.: frequentemente usado em combinação; exemplos: chinaware, glassware, hardware, tinware, etc)
warp (to)
empenar, entortar
terra inculta; terreno baldio = barren land
docas, zona portuária
wedge / wedge (to)
cunha, calço; wedge issue = questão polêmica / pôr calço em, calçar
weld (to) / weld (n)
soldar, fundir; welded tubes = tubos soldados / solda
por onde? "whereabouts are you? = por onde você anda?" / 2) paradeiro; "nobody knows his whereabouts"
sopro, cheiro, odor = a slight smell of something; an odor that is weak
whim / whimsicalcapricho, veneta = a sudden idea, thought, or wish to do something without a good reason / imprevisível, de veneta
whirl (to) rodar, rodopiar, girar = to twirl, to spin
whirpoolredemoinho = an area of water in a river, stream, etc., that moves very fast in a circle; vortex
widgetobjeto hipotético qualquer, dispositivo = gadget
wield (to)
1) exercer = to have and use (power, control, influence, etc.); "he wields a great deal of influence over his students" / 2) manejar, empunhar, brandir = to handle or use (a weapon, tool, etc); "the knight wielded his sword"
astuto, malandro, malicioso, esperto = tricky; sly; cunning; crafty; artful
wimpyfracote, molengão, banana = a feeble ineffective person
moinho de vento; "the miller ground the wheat into flour in his windmill"
wistfulmelancólico, pensativo, saudoso, triste = having or showing sad thoughts and feelings; "he had a wistful look on his face"
wither (to) murchar, secar, definhar, mirrar (planta) = to fade, to wilt, to droop
withhold (to)1) deter, reter / 2) reter na fonte (imposto); withholding income tax = imposto de renda retido na fonte
withstand (to)resistir, aguentar = to resist, to endure
woedor, mágoa, tristeza, desgosto = sorrow, grief
woo (to)1) cortejar, namorar = to sue for the affection of a, to court / 2) atrair (ex.: audiência) = to seek to gain or bring about
workableviável = feasible, viable
workmanshipartesanato, trabalho manual = handicraft, handiwork, craftwork
wow (to)
impressionar, ganhar admiração
wrathira, indignação = anger / "Steinbeck wrote the roman called The Grapes of Wrath"
wreathcoroa de flores, guirlanda = garland
wrenchchave inglesa (US) = spanner (UK)
wrestle (to) / wrestling / wrestlerlutar (esporte) = to compete (with) in the sport of wrestling // luta livre (esporte) // lutador
wriggle (to) / wriggle (n)
torcer, contorcer, retorcer / contorção, zigue-zaque, movimento sinuoso
wrinkle (to) / wrinkled / wrinkle (n)
franzir, enrugar / enrugado / ruga = crease
forjado; wrought iron = ferro forjado
wuther (to)uivar = to blow with a dull roaring sound "The Wuthering Heights = Morros Uivantes"