backerpatrocinador = a person who supports or aids a cause or activity; sponsor
baffle (to)
deixar desconcertado; deixar perplexo; confundir, desconcertar, desnortear = to puzzle; "the language barrier baffled everyone and discouraged us from attempting another teleconference"
balk / balk (to)tropeço, obstáculo, impedimento // 1) empacar, recusar a fazer / 2) impedir
ballsycorajoso = tough and courageous
bamboozle (to)enganar, iludir, embromar = to trick or confuse (someone); "Tom Sawyer bamboozled the neighborhood boys into doing it for him"
baneruína, perdição, desgraça, maldição; "gambling was the bane of his life"
banistercorrimão = handrail
bashfultímido = shy
bask (to)1) tomar sol, deitar-se ao sol = to lie or relax happily in a bright and warm place; "we sat basking in the sun" / 2) deleitar-se, regozijar-se = to enjoy the attention and good feelings expressed by others; "he stood before the audience, basking in their applause"
bawdyindecente, imoral, desbocado = lewd, nasty, indecent
bedazzle (to)deslumbrar, ofuscar
bedriddenacamado = confined to bed by sickness or old age
beget (to)gerar = to become the father of; to procreate; "in the Bible, Isaac begat Jacob"
beguile (to)1) encantar, seduzir = to charm; "there are numerous small shops to beguile the tourist" / 2) iludir, enganar = to cheat, to deceive
cheio de jóias = adorned with jewels
belay / belay (to)ponto de amarração, segurança // amarrar = to attach (a rope) to something so that it is secure; "the climber belayed the rope"
belch (to) / belch
arrotar = to burp // arroto = burp
belie (to)desmentir, contradizer
belittle (to)
diminuir, depreciar = to underrate, underestimate, to disparage
bemoan (to)1) lamentar, deplorar / 2) queixar, reclamar
bequeath (to)deixar (em testamento), legar, transmitir (herança); "the king bequeathed the throne to his son"
berate, to
censurar, repreender
beseech, to
implorar, suplicar
betrothal / betroth (to)noivado, contrato de casamento / contratar casamento
bevyvários, bando, rebanho = a large group or collection "a bevy of scientists"; "a bevy of girls"
baía, golfo = curve in a coastline
bigot / bigotry
fanático, preconceituoso = a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices // fanatismo, intolerância
billow, to
crescer, inchar
1) alvejar, branquear / 2) empalidecer
blare, to / blaring
retumbar, retinir / estridente; "blaring traffic"
blemish (to) / blemish (n)
manchar; "his reputation was blemished by the scandal" / defeito, mancha = defect, flaw, stain; "it is not unusual for organic fruits to have some blemishes"
mancha na pele; "an allergic reaction left my face covered in pink blotches"
blurt (to)deixar escapar; falar sem pensar = say (something) suddenly and without careful consideration; "he blurted (out) the secret"
1) tormenta, violência de tempestade / 2) bravata, fanfarrice
bob (to)vir à tona; flutuar = to move (something) quickly down and up
boggleespantar, surpreender
botch / botch (to)estrago, remendo, serviço malfeito / estragar, fazer malfeito = to spoil, to repair badly
bountiful1) abundante, farto, copioso = given or existing in large amounts; "a bountiful supply of water" // 2) generoso, liberal = generous
bowdlerize (to)censurar livros, filmes, etc = to remove passages or words regarded as indecent from (a play, novel, etc); expurgate
brag (to)
gabar-se, contar vantagem = to boast; "he bragged that he had shot a lion"
descaradamente, indecentemente
calça curta
brocado (tecido de seda com bordados a ouro e/ou prata)
broodypensativo, taciturno, melancólico
megafone = a high-powered, electrical loudspeaker; megaphone
bungle / bungle (to)erro, asneira / estragar, escangalhar
burp / burp (to)arroto = belch / arrotar = to belch
observador, espectador = a person who is standing near but not taking part in what is happening