campfirefogueira = bonfire
cant (to) / canted
inclinar, pender = to tilt or turn with a sudden jerk / inclinado; "he canted his head to look at the screen"
capsize (to)virar, emborcar; "the wind capsized their boat"
captivate (to)cativar, encantar, fascinar = to charm, to fascinate, to enchant
captorcapturador, sequestrador = a person who has captured a person or thing
careen (to)
virar, tombar, adernar; "the car careened around the corner"
carnationcravo (flor) (Dianthus caryophyllus)
carom (to)
ricochetear, carambolar (jogo de bilhar)
carveryrestaurante tipo "buffet"
catchycativante, apelativo = pleasing and easily remembered; likely to attract interest or attention; "catchy tune"
cattailtaboa (planta)
cavort (to)1) pular, saltar = to jump; "the children were cavorting on the playground" / 2) brincar, folgar = to make merry; "she was cavorting at a party on New Year's Eve"
chaff1) palha, resíduo, joio; "to sift the wheat from the chaff = separar o joio do trigo" / 2) coisa sem valor = something worthless; refuse
chaperoneaia, dama de companhia = a person in the past who went with a young unmarried woman to social events in order to make sure that the woman behaved properly
chastise (to)castigar (batendo)
chasublecasula = a sleeveless outer vestment worn by the celebrant at Mass
chattel (s)bens móveis (jur), posses, haveres
chevrongalão, divisa, insígnia em formato de V = a shape, pattern, or object in the form of a V or an upside-down V
chicanerytrapaça, fraude = trick, deception
chide (to)dar bronca; ralhar, admoestar
chime (to) / chimesrepicar (sinos), soar, tocar, bater // repique; som de sinos
chirp (to)piar, gorjear, trinar
chirpyalegre, animado; "chirpy birds"
chivescebolinha (Allium fistulosum)
chowdersopa cremosa = a thick soup or stew made of seafood or corn; clam chowder = sopa de mariscos; corn chowder = sopa de fubá
churlishrude, grosseiro, tosco
cinza = ashes; "a burned piece of coal, wood, etc."
clench (to)1) apertar, cerrar / 2) trincar (dentes)
atrapalhado, desajeitado = awkward, clumsy
coalesce (to)
unir, fundir, aderir; "the various groups coalesced into one party"
cochleacaracol da orelha
arca, cofre = a box or chest, especially one for valuables; "dozens of heavy coffers were retrieved from the sunken ship"
cogroda dentada; cremalheira / cog locomotive = locomotiva de cremalheira; cog railway = ferrovia de cremalheira; cogwheel train = trem de cremalheira
collate (to)1) comparar, examinar, conferir = to compare carefully; "collate our findings and see what similarities there are" / 2) pôr em ordem, arrumar, organizar; "please collate these copies and staple them"
collude (to)
tramar, conspirar = to conspire
con mantrapaceiro, vigarista, velhaco, caloteiro = a person who tricks other people in order to get their money
concoct (to) / concoction
1) fabricar, preparar = to prepare (food) by combining ingredientes / 2) inventar (excuse) / 3) tramar (plot) = to devise, to make up // preparação, mistura, beberagem = a mixture of various ingredients or elements
condolencecondolências / accept my condolences / to present condolences = dar os pêsames
conflate (to)
unir, fundir = to fuse into one entity; merge:
connive (to) at / connivedser conivente com / conivente
constrict (to)contrair, comprimir, apertar
conundrumenigma, charada, adivinhação = a riddle whose answer involves a pun
coop / coop (to)gaiola, galinheiro = a cage or small enclosure for poultry or small animals / confinar, engaiolar
coronerinvestigador de casos de morte; médico-legista = an officer in a county whose function is to investigate any death not clearly resulting from natural causes
cote (to) / cotecotar = quote (to) / cota = quote
cougar1) puma, onça / 2) mulher com parceiros mais jovens = woman in her 30s or 40s who actively pursues casual sexual relationships with young men
covet (to)cobiçar, desejar
cower (to)
agachar, encolher; "the timid dog cowered in the corner"
crankyirritado, mal-humorado = ill-tempered
crannygreta, fenda = a small, narrow space or opening; nook; every nook and cranny = todo canto e recanto; em todo canto
cringe (to)agachar-se, contrair-se, encolher-se
crock / crockerypanela de barro, jarro ou pote de cerâmica / louça
crumple (to) amassar, amarrotar, enrugar
cull (to)abater animais
curmudgeonvelho ranheta, miserável = a crusty, ill-tempered, and usually old man
curtsey / curtsey (to)mesura, reverência / fazer reverência
cushyconfortável, agradavél = easy, comfortable, pleasant; "his uncle got him a cushy job "
cuspponta, extremidade, cúspide