dab (to) / dab (n)
bater levemente; dar batidinhas = to pat or tap gently; "I dabbed my eyes with a handkerchief"; "he dabbed his mouth with his napkin" // um punhado; um pouquinho; pincelada, pitada = a quick or light pat, as with something soft; "I don't want a lot of whipped cream; just give me a dab"
dabble (to)interessar-se por; to dabble in ...
dangle (to) / dangling1) balançar, oscilar; "she sat on the edge of the pool, dangling her feet in the water" / 2) atrair, seduzir; "they refused to accept the money that was dangled before their eyes" // pendente, balançando; "a pair of dangling earrings"; "; "there was an electrical cord dangling from the wall"
daub (to)borrar, emplastar
daunt (to) / dauntingdesalentar, desencorajar, amedrontar = to frighten; to scare; to dishearten / desanimador, desalentador, desencorajador / daunting task = tarefa dificil
dawdle (to)demorar, tardar = to spend time idly
daze (to) / daze (n)
atordoar, aturdir, ficar atordoado; "she was dazed by his revelations" // espanto, assombro, atordoamento, torpor; "he went into a daze when they told him the news"
dazzle (to) / dazzling
ofuscar; deslumbrar / ofuscante, deslumbrante
decadent1) decadente = relating to or marked by decadence; decaying / 2) characterized by or appealing to self-indulgence "a rich and decadent dessert"; "the hotel's decadent luxury"
decease (arc; formal)
morte, óbito = the act of dying; death; demise; "at his decease"
deciduouscujas folhas caem; decíduo, caducifólio; "deciduous tree"
decimate (to) / decimation
dizimar, aniquilar / dizimação, aniquilamento
chamariz, isca, armadilha = a person, thing, or action that lures another into danger or a trap; "the hunters used a decoy to lure the ducks"
deface (to)desfigurar, deformar = to spoil or mar the surface, legibility, or appearance of;
defer (to)adiar; protelar = to delay, to postpone, to put off
deflate (to)
murchar, esvaziar; "he deflated one of the tires"
defthábil, destro, esperto = brisk, nimble
defuse (to)
desarmar, desativar; "explosives specialists tried to defuse the grenade"
deign dignar-se a fazer = to do something that you think you should not have to do because you are too important; "she would not even deign to talk to him = ela nem sequer se dignou a falar com ele"
deleteriousdeletério, danoso, nocivo = harmful; "the deleterious effects of the drug"
delineate (to)delinear, traçar = to sketch, to outline, to depict
delve (to)
1) procurar, pesquisar em busca de informação; "we delved into the files to find out when the event happened" // 2) escavar (animal) = to dig
demeanor; demeanourconduta, atitude, comportamento
demiurgo, divindade, criador = a being responsible for the creation of the universe, in particular
habitante, ocupante, frequentador = inhabitant, resident; "the denizens of the inner cities"
dependableconfiável, digno de confiança = reliable, trustworthy
deplete (to) / depletionesvaziar, esgotar, exaurir / esvaziamento, esgotamento
deprecate (to)depreciar, menosprezar, subestimar = to disparage; to belittle; to underrate; to underestimate
1) abandonado = in a very poor condition as a result of disuse and neglect; "a derelict ship"; "the cities were derelict and dying" / 2) desamparado = a person without a home, job, or property; a homeless person; "the church offered food and shelter to derelicts"
deride (to) / derision
zombar, caçoar, ridicularizar = to mock, to scoff, to sneer / zombaria, escárnio, deboche
derisoryirrisório = laughably small "a derisory sum"
derogatorypejorativo, depreciativo = disparaging; "a derogatory remark"
guindaste = a crane for lifting cargo, such as on a ship.
despondentdesesperançado, deprimido, melancólico
deterrent (n) / deterrent (adj)
meio de impedir; impedimento // dissuasivo
detract (to)diminuir, depreciar
detrimentdetrimento, prejuízo, perda
devious1) malandro, esperto (pessoa) / 2) desonesto, tortuoso (plano)
devoto, religioso; "she was a devout Catholic"
diffidentdesconfiado, acanhado, reservado = shy
dinbarulho, ruído, estrondo, estampido, estrépito = a loud, confused, continued noise; "the fans made an awful din"
dint1) pancada, golpe / 2) meio, força // by dint of = por causa de; "to achieve success by dint of hard work"
despenteado, desgrenhado; "a man with long, disheveled hair"
dismaltriste, sombrio, lúgubre, deprimente = causing gloom or depression
disparage (to) / disparaging
depreciar; menosprezar = to underrate; to undervalue; to belittle / depreciativo, pejorativo = derogatory
dispel (to)dissipar
inquietação, intranquilidade = lack of calm; anxiety
disreputablemal-afamado, baixo, reles = lacking of good reputation
dissolutedissoluto; devasso
aflito, angustiado, agoniado = deeply agitated; bewildered; "the distraught mother waited for news of her child"
distressingangustiante = causing anxiety, sorrow or pain; upsettin; "distressing news"; "the lack of news from the village is distressing for everyone"
divest (to)1) desfazer-se, despojar, privar de algo = to rid, to free; "we may have to divest assets to raise capital" / 2) despir-se = to strip (of clothes)
divulge (to)divulgar, revelar = to make known, to reveal
dob (to)trair, delatar, dedurar, denunciar
docketrecibo de entrega; súmula, sumário, boleto, pauta = a brief written summary of a document
dodge (to)
esquivar, evitar, fugir, sonegar = to avoid, evade, or elude, especially by dishonest or unlawful means; "they accused him of dodging his taxes"
doldrumsabatimento, estagnação, calmaria / to be in the doldrums = estar abatido (person); estar estagnado, parado (business)
don (to)vestir = to put on clothes; "to don one's gloves"
dormantinativo, dormente, sonolento = inactive, such as in sleep; "dormant seeds"; "dormant volcano"
dour1) severo, austero = grim, severe, stern, harsh "she gave us a dour look" / 2) triste, melancólico, sorumbático = gloomy
douse (to)embeber, ensopar = to plunge or be plunged into water or some other liquid
dovetail (n) / dovetail (to)
cauda de andorinha (carpintaria); "the antique piece of furniture has beautiful dovetails" / encaixar = to join or fit together harmoniously
felpudo, penugento = covered with soft fine hair or feathers
doze (to)cochilar, dormitar, tirar um cochilo = to sleep lightly, to take a nap, to slumber, to snooze
drab1) sombrio, triste, opaco, apagado, sem-graça = lacking brightness or interest; not colorful, dreary, cheerless; "the landscape was drab and gray"; "the young girl was wearing drab clothes" / 2) monótono = boring; "a drab life"
fala ou sotaque arrastado = a slow, lazy way of speaking; "a Texas drawl"
drench (to)
encharcar, ensopar, embeber = to soak
driftervagabundo, andarilho
droop (to) / drooping
1) inclinar, pender, murchar (flor) = to fade, to wither, to wilt; "the flowers drooped in the heat" / 2) esmorecer, desfalecer // pendurado, pendente; "the flowers were drooping because of the hot weather"
dud (n) / dud (adj)
1) fracasso, fiasco; "the movie turned out to be a dud" / 2) defeituoso, enguiçado; "a dud phone"
excremento animal, estrume, esterco = manure
masmorra, calabouço
dupe (n) / dupe (to)otário, trouxa, ingênuo / enganar = to deceive, to trick
dwindle (to)
diminuir, degenerar, definhar, perder importância; "our food supply began to dwindle"