facade; façadefachada
facetiousjocoso, espirituoso, chistoso = lacking seriousness; "the essay is a facetious commentary on the absurdity of war as a solution for international disputes"
faggotbicha, gay = a male homosexual; fag, queer (disparaging and offensive)
fallacy falácia, ilusão, engano
falloutprecipitação; chuva radioativa
fallowinativo, ocioso
falter (to)fraquejar, hesitar, vacilar
far-fetchedimprovável, forçado = improbable in nature; unlikely; "a far–fetched story"
feckless1) ineficaz / 2) irresponsável, displicente (person)
feign (to)fingir, simular, dissimular = to pretend; "I would never feign illness just to get out of a test"
felony / feloncrime grave, felonia = a serious crime (such as murder or rape) // criminoso = a person who has committed a felony
fescuefescue grass = ma planta do gênero Festuca
fester (to)infestar, apodrecer, estragar, envenenar = to putrefy; "a festering wound = uma ferida purulenta"
fief1) feudo = a large area of land that was ruled over by a lord in medieval times; a feudal estate / 2) área de influência ou de domínio de alguém; "a politician's fief"
filch (to)surrupiar = to steal (something that is small or that has little value)
flintlasca de pedra; pederneira
fineryenfeite, adorno, ornamento, elegância
fizzle (to)1) sibilar, silvar = to make a hissing or sputtering sound / 2) fracassar, diminuir o interesse; "the enthusiasm soon fizzled"
flail (to) / fail (n)debater-se, agitar-se = to beat or swing as if with a flail // debulhadora; "a wooden flail is still used to harvest wild rice in Minnesota"
flairtalento, habilidade, dom = a natural ability to do something; "she is a person with a flair for making friends quickly"
flamboyantexibido, exibicionista; "the flamboyant gestures of the conductor"
flaunt (to)alardear, ostentar, exibir; "he loves to flaunt his money"
flinch (to)recuar, retroceder, vacilar, hesitar; "the dog flinched at the noise"
floozypiranha, puta
flub (to)cometer uma gafe = to blunder or make an embarrassing mistake
flurrypancada, rajada, enxurrada; "a flurry of snow"
fluster (to)confundir, perturbar, aturdir
flutter (to)1) agitar, tremer, tremular / 2) bater asas; "the bird fluttered its wings in an attempt to fly away"
foiblefraqueza, ponto fraco
forage (n) / forage (to)forragem = fodder // procurar comida
forayincursão, expedição de pilhagem
forkliftempiladeira = forklift truck
forlorn1) desesperado, desesperançado = not having much chance of success; nearly hopeless; "a forlorn attempt " / 2) abandonado, desolado; "a forlorn little cabin in the mountains"
fracasdesordem, rixa, tumulto, balbúrdia = a noisy disturbance
franticfrenético, com frenesi, desvairado
frayrixa, briga, discussão, tumulto = quarrel, fight, riot
fraughtpreocupado, atormentado, tenso
fret (to)1) irritar = to vex, to annoy / 2) afligir-se
frock1) vestido (mulher); "as for the little girls, they were allowed to wear different coloured frocks" / 2) hábito (monge, freira) = an outer garment worn by monks and friars; "clad in his brown frock, the monk appeared before the congregation"
frolic / frolic (to)brincadeira, divertimento = an enjoyable time or activity / brincar = to amuse, to make merry
frothespuma; colarinho (cerveja) = a mass of bubbles, such as on a liquid that has been shaken hard = a mass of bubbles, such as on a liquid that has been shaken hard; foam
fumble (to)manusear desajeitadamente; fuçar; "she fumbled in her bag for her car keys"
fume (n) / fume (to)fumaça, gases; "fumes from the spill forced the evacuation of nearby residents" // 1) exalar vapores / 2) encolerizar-se, estar furioso; " the headmaster was fuming when he came into the classroom"
funnel (n) / funnel (to)funil, chaminé, tubo de ventilação; "he poured the oil into the engine through a funnel" / afunilar, direcionar; "they funneled their profits into research"
furloughlicença militar = military leave of absence
furrow / furrowedsulco, rego = a long and narrow cut in the ground / enrugado, sulcado, rugoso, estriado; "a furrowed tree trunk"; "furrowed bark"