galetempestade de vento; vendaval
gall / gall (to)1) fel, bílis / 2) amargor, rancor // irritar = to bother, to irritate, to annoy, to vex
galleongaleão (navio)
gammonpresunto curado ou defumado = a smoked or cured ham
gamut1) gama, leque = entire range or scope; "the gamut of emotions, from grief to joy" / 2) escala musical = the whole series of recognized musical notes
ganglygrandalhão, desengonçado
gape (to)1) escancarar, alargar = to become wide open / 2) ficar boquiaberto
garbtraje, roupas = dress, clothing, apparel, attire
garble (to)adulterar, deturpar, distorcer
garretsótão = loft, attic
gauchedesajeitado, canhestro
gentrificationremodelação de áreas urbanas degradadas; valorização = when a poorer area is converted into a richer one; the buying and renovation of houses and stores in deteriorated urban neighborhoods by upper- or middle-income families or individuals, thus improving property values but often displacing low-income families and small businesses.
gerrymanderinfluenciar, manipular (eleições)
gibberishalgaravia, linguagem confusa e incompreensível = meaningless or unintelligible talk or writing; nonsense
giddy1) tonto / 2) vertiginoso; to be or feel giddy = estar com vertigem
giggle / giggle (to)risadinha / dar risadinhas tolas = to laugh nervously or foolishly
gild (to) / gildeddourar, cobrir com ouro / dourado, folheado a ouro
gimmick1) dispositivo, engenhoca = gadget / 2) truque, artifício = any clever device, gadget, or stratagem, especially one used to deceive
gingerlycuidadosamente, cautelosamente = with great care or caution; "I stepped gingerly over the broken glass"
girth (n) / girth (to)1) circunferência = the measure around a body or object; circumference; "the girth of that huge tree was several yards"
gistponto principal, essência, âmago do assunto; "the gist of a story"
glean (to)catar, colher, coletar, compilar = to gather or find out, usually bit by bit and with hard work; "to glean information"
glisten (to)brilhar, cintilar
glitchfalha técnica, anomalia = a minor defect or malfunction; "a computer glitch forced the spaceflight cancellation"
gloamingcrepúsculo = dusk, twilight
gnarl / gnarl (to)nó (madeira) = a knotty protuberance on a tree; knot / torcer = to twist into a knotted or distorted form
gnatmosquito, pernilongo = a small fly that bites people and animals
gnomonthe pin of a sundial
gooseberrygroselha = black currant; red currant [Ribes spp.]
gophermamífero roedor norte-americano
gourdabóbora = pumpkin, squash
grapple (to)combater, pelejar, estar às voltas com = to try to solve a problem; to deal with a problem; "he's still grappling with French irregular verbs"
gridirongrelha = a metal grid for cooking food over a fire; grate
grime / grimysujeira, imundicie, fuligem= dirt or soot clinging to or embedded in a surface / sujo, encardido = dirty, covered with grime
grislyhorrendo, medonho = causing horror or fear; very shocking; "the jurors saw grisly photos of the crime scene"
grit / gritty1) brita, areia / 2) força, coragem, firmeza de caráter = spirit // seco, arenoso
grizzly (subst) / grizzly (adj)urso-pardo = a large North American brown bear // grisalho (cabelo, barba); "an old man with a grizzly beard"
groove / groovy1) sulco, ranhura, entalhe / 2) balanço, ritmo (música) // bacana, legal = extremely attractive (old)
grungybagunçado, desarrumado
grunt (to)grunhir, roncar = to utter the deep, guttural sound characteristic of a hog; to grumble
guavagoiaba (Psidium guajava)
guffaw / guffaw (to)gargalhada / dar gargalhada
guildclube, grêmio, associação, sociedade, confraria
gush (to) / gush (n)jorrar, esguichar = to spurt, to squirt / jorro, esquicho