half-bakedmal concebido, mal planejado
hallow (to) [hélou]santificar, consagrar; "to hallow the name of the Lord"
harlotprostituta, meretriz, puta = prostitute, whore, bitch, hooker, slut
harmonicagaita de boca
harrowingdoloroso, pungente, angustiante
hazelnutavelã (Corylus avellana)
heifervaca nova; bezerra, novilha, vitela = a young cow
hijack (to) / hijackersequestrar (avião) / sequestrador (avião)
hillockmorrinho, pequena elevação, outeiro = a small hill
hoard (to)acumular, guardar para o futuro
hobble (to)mancar, coxear, claudicar = to walk lamely; "after the accident I hobbled back to the lodge"
hodgepodge mistura, confusão = a disorganized mixture of very different things; "the essay is a hodgepodge of unrelated and unconnected ideas"
homily1) homilia = a sermon, usually on a Biblical topic and usually of a nondoctrinal nature // 2) chavão, lugar-comum
honk / honk (to)buzina = horn / buzinar = to blow the horn; to sound the horn
hoot (to)1) piar; "in the night an owl hooted from a distance" / 2) vaiar = to hiss, to boo; "the audience hooted the terrible singer off the stage"
hubbubrebuliço = a loud, confused noise, as of many voices
hubrisarrogância, presunção
hunch / hunch (to)suspeita, palpite = slight idea; to have a hunch = ter um palpite / curvar, arquear
hurtle (to)colidir, chocar-se com
huskcasca, palha = a usually thin, dry layer that covers some seeds and fruits
hutch1) gaiola, coelheira = an enclosed area or cage for an animal / 2) baú, caixa