halesão, saudável = free from defect, disease, or infirmity , soun / hale and hearty = saudável e feliz; "a hale and hearty old man"
half-bakedmal concebido, mal planejado
harlotprostituta, meretriz, puta = prostitute, whore, bitch, hooker, slut
harmonicagaita de boca
harrowingdoloroso, pungente, angustiante
hatch; hatchway
escotilha = a covered opening in a ship's deck, through which cargo can be lowered or entrance made to a lower deck
heave (to)
levantar, erguer = to raise or lift with effort
heckdroga!, puxa! = a mild exclamation of surprise, irritation, etc; used as a more polite form of hell; "what's the heck! = o que quer dizer isso?"; "what the heck is wrong with you? = qual é o seu problema?"
hecticagitado, febril (muita ação, muito movimento) = very busy and filled with activity; "we both had hectic days at work"; "she maintains a hectic schedule"
hefty1) grande, forte, robusto, pesado = heavy, strong ; "he was a tall, hefty man"; "her boss gave her a hefty raise" / 2) poderoso
heifervaca nova; bezerra, novilha, vitela = a young cow
hillockmorrinho, pequena elevação, outeiro = a small hill
hoard (to)acumular, guardar para o futuro
hobble (to)mancar, coxear, claudicar = to walk lamely; "after the accident I hobbled back to the lodge"
hodgepodge mistura, confusão = a disorganized mixture of very different things; "the essay is a hodgepodge of unrelated and unconnected ideas"
homily1) homilia = a sermon, usually on a Biblical topic and usually of a nondoctrinal nature // 2) chavão, lugar-comum
hoot (to)1) piar; "in the night an owl hooted from a distance" / 2) vaiar = to hiss, to boo; "the audience hooted the terrible singer off the stage"
hover (to)
pairar no ar, flutuar no ar = to hang fluttering or suspended in the air; "the helicopter hovered above the stadium"; "a kite hovering over the yard"'
hubbubrebuliço = a loud, confused noise, as of many voices
hubrisarrogância, presunção
huddle (n) / huddle (to)
multidão = a closely gathered group; crowd / agrupar-se, reunir-se = to meet together and discuss
hump / humpback
1) corcova, corcunda (protuberância nas costas) = curved spine / 2) montículo / road hump = quebra-molas = speed bump // pessoa corcunda = hunchback
hunch (1) / hunchback / hunched
corcunda; "the old man had a big hunch" / pessoa corcunda = humpback; "The Hunchback of Notre-Dame" // curvado, arqueado; "he was hunched at his desk all day"
hunch (n) (2) / hunch (to)suspeita, palpite = slight idea; to have a hunch = ter um palpite / curvar, arquear
barreira, obstáculo = barrier; obstacle; hindrance; "to overcome hurdles"
hurl (to)
arremessar, lançar = to throw, to cast, to launch, to fling
hurtle (to)colidir, chocar-se com
huskcasca, palha = a usually thin, dry layer that covers some seeds and fruits
hutch1) gaiola, coelheira = an enclosed area or cage for an animal / 2) baú, caixa